May I Enlighten You?

To my generous Lib friends , we know its just a matter of time until you catch a second wind and decide it’s time push for amnesty (again) for citizens of foreign countries that are trespassing (that means they’re here illegally) in our country. In my desire to be helpful in enlightening you on some basic facts, I would like to offer some advice (we all know how much you Libs love enlightenment).

1. Illegal aliens are not undocumented; their documents are safe at home in their own countries. 2. Those that owe them their dignity first and foremost are “their” elected representatives in Mexico and all South American countries, not ours. 3. When they work here and send non-taxed money to their homeland, they are guilty of tax evasion (oops, I forgot that taxes don’t apply if you are a Lib or a lib cause); sorry Libs. For honest taxpaying Americans, the reward for tax evasion is not cheap citizenship to a foreign country; it’s a letter in the mail from the IRS. 4. Their poverty is due mainly to the tremendous level of government corruption in their home countries, not capitalism. For some strange reason, opportunity always seems to follow capitalism and disappear in the presence of corruption (go figure). 5. Too many are here because they have been led to believe (by Libs) that there is a free lunch here with their name on it. 6. Anyone whose first American experience is to be rewarded with citizenship for defying our sovereignty already has the wrong idea as to what being an American is all about. 7. This is not how to enlist members into the Democratic Party after you have screwed things up the way you have and so many who once hung on your every word have been enlightened. More Enlightenment Exportation of the indigenous Mexicans (Indian-types) is an unwritten policy of the descendants of the Spanish and French occupiers who now comprise the ruling class in Mexico. They export the indigenous to alleviate the revolutionary pressures that disgruntled unemployed Mexicans would otherwise create (see note 4 above). They are encouraged by their government to “go north young man”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay to be native in Mexico, as in the U.S.; no casinos, no way. If all this sounds unbelievable, just check out a typical Mexican politician or any Mexican television news program or the Mexican novelas (soaps) and check out all the beautiful Euros. Not one 4-11 indigenous type is to be found in front of the cameras. Until I see a gorgeous novela superstar hurdleing some K-rail on I-5 near San Diego, I’ll hold to my position. Hopefully my Lib friends that are up for re-election will find this information helpful when the time comes to re-open the discussion…for those that are still around that is.