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As a student looking into the lessons and not just at them, in the Lost- Found Mu

slim Lesson No.2 as it states This Lesson is ANswered very near Correct and All
the students should READ AND STUDY it until he or she can RECITE it By Heart.
Recite meaning to quote as evidence for or justification of an argument or state
ment, esp. in a scholarly work. the prefix Re meaning again and the root word ci
te as a verb meaning to Quote, or to reproduce, I science this as to not only to
quote in words or able to reproduce by being able to speak it as it was spoken
by those before us in words, but to Study the Lessons and Live them in our deeds
and actions, recite by Heart, we the 5% know and understand that the heart it i
s speaking of is not the physical heart that is the 10 ounce or 300 gram organ i
n the radius of God (Hu-man) which pumps 11/2 a cup of Life fluid or blood at ea
ch single beat. a single contraction lasting cipher point thirty-five of a secon
d, and the length of relaxation is equal to cipher point four of a said second,
but it refers to the brain power, when it was stated to Read and Study until we
could recite it all by Heart it Means MEMORY or Active Mind Power, this is deali
ng with us gaining Mental Power, it produces within each student the ability to
connect Mentally with Students before them, and those who are among them today,
why? because each Student will operate nearly correct on the same Mental level,
which causes us to think and live as One collective whole and to not see each ot
her as separate but as a unit, in Question number one, when asked who made the H
oly Koran or Bible? How long ago? Will You Tell us why does Islam re-new her Hi
story every twenty-five thousand years? I won't place the whole answer here, but
I do want to make my point, in the answer it states The Holy Koran or Bible is
made by the Original People, who is Allah, the supreme being, or ( Black Man) of
Asia. This shows and proves the collective who made Holy Koran or Bible, it sta
tes The original people, who is Allah, the Supreme Being, or Black Man of Asia,
in my understanding when it states Original people it does not leave out the fem
ale (woman) Man in my understanding refer not only to the male but as Human bein
gs in general, regardless of sex, So when we As Students come together there sho
uld be more of agreement than disagreement, because as a collective whole we sho
uld be of Like Minds, and where we disagree this where our ability to Build each
other up rather than try to destroy each other trying to prove who is wrong or
right, It states that The Holy Koran or Bible was Made by the Original People, I
am sure in the Making of them there were some form of disagreement, but the Ori
ginal people of that Time had the Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding to see Eac
h other As One and that the Mission was greater than the Disagreement... Peace t
o The Gods and Goddesses/Earths