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Annual Meeting
27 March 2007

Meeting officially called to order at 7:39pm

Roll Call: Kim Blair De Vargas, President; Michael Golk, Vice President; Tom Witter,
Treasurer; Mary Beth Crockett, Secretary; Bill Tarpley, Director; Roger King, Director;
and the following community members, Susan King, Lawrence and Adelaide Hardwick,
Rev. William Green, Linda Witter, Donna Tarpley, Ellen Vesely, Mr. & Mrs. Culkin,
Carlos LaVernge, Bob Walsh, Debbie Amon, Marty Albritton, Diane Ladny, Lee Ruggles

Proof Of Due Notice of Meeting – Sign posted at Fox Run Rd. entrance on Sunday 24
March 2007

Minutes from previous 21 February 2007 meeting read & accepted.

Motion to accept by Bill Tarpley and 2nd by Marty Albritton

Treasurer’s Report: Read & accepted at $20,421.32 - $5,606. to Jordan Landscaping +

future grant reimbursement funds
Moved to accept report by Kim DeVargus 2nd by Carlos LaVergne

Roll Call & Certification of Election Proxies

Proxies & presents announced and counted by Tom Witter
39 of the 73 proxies mailed were returned to accept the following new board:
2007-2008 Westlake Owner's Assn, Inc. Board Members
President: Bill Tarpley
Vice President: Michael Golk
Secretary: Mary Beth Crockett
Treasurer: Thomas Witter
Member At Large: Rick Battaglia
Marty Albritton moved to accept the new board and Bob Walsh seconded the motion.

26 of the 73 proxies were received to increase the annual dues to $300. Vote fails, dues will
remain at $150.

Proposal of the 2007 Budget

Summary of 2006 Activities:

• Neighborhood Blog maintained by Michael Golk
• Medians along Fox Run Road completed
• Various letters sent from the secretary regarding boats, vehicles with signs &
landscaping issues
• Neighborhood Garage sale and Holiday Party a big success
New Business:
• Sarasota County Grant – We spoke about the landscape installation in the 4
medians along Fox Run Road before our entrance. Must have Chris keep the
Jatrophas trimmed for good road view, reminder that the Crepe Myrtles will go
dormant in winter
• Review surveys received – Items of interest speed bumps painted, roads repaired,
lighting, new entrance signs, front gate
• Chris’ Lawn Care – priced at $175. 6mth slow season & $275. 6mth heavy season
• Pond Update from Michael Golk – Michael & Mary Beth met with Rob Wright
from Sarasota County regarding our back pond & it’s condition. Michael has met
with Beautiful Ponds and decided to contract service with him at $150. per month
for both retention ponds.
• Newsletter – Lee Ruggles has graciouls offered to write a newsletter if the board
will provide some updated topics & info to use
• Roads – How long will they last? – We discussed a committee to check out options
for repair / maintenance issues. Committee members: Rick, Bob, John
• Annual Taxes – We have filed our annual taxes with a new accountant. Mercurio &
• Next meeting date set for Tuesday 24 April 2007 7:30pm

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approx 8:35pm. The motion
to adjourn was made by Linda Witter and it was seconded by Bill Tarpley.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Crockett / Secretary