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Viswanath Das


Multiple choice questions

1. Presence of sulphur in gasoline

a) Leads to corrosion
b) Increases lead susceptibility
c) Decrease gum formation
d) Helps during stabilisation

7. Smoke point of a kerosene is

a) Time after which smoking starts on burning
b) Temperature at which smoking starts
c) Maximum height of flame (in mm) without
causing smoking when burnt in a standard
d) None of these

2. Flash point of an oil is determined by

a) Pensky Martens apparatus
b) Ramsbottom apparatus
c) Saybolt apparatus
d) Conradson apparatus

8. Higher vapour pressure of gasoline indicates

a) Low flash point
b) High breathing loss
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

3. Which of the following is easiest to crack?

a) paraffins
b) olefins
c) napthenes
d) aromatics

9. Hydrofining is the most recent and effective

method for
a) Removal of sulphur
b) Improvement of smoke point
c) Reduction of breathing loss
d) None of the above

4. The most widely used topping column in

refineries is_____ column.
a) Bubble cap
b) Packed bed
c) Fluidised bed
d) Perforated plate

5. For what fuel is the freeze point is a critical




Jet fuel
Diesel fuel
Home heating oil

What is drilling mud used for?

a) Ballast on Drillship
b) Stabilise the drilling rig to prevent shifting
and listing
c) Control downhole pressure and remove
d) Prevent natural gas from sweeping back to
the formation

10. Which of the following method is used for the

production of petroleum coke?
a) Stabilisation
b) Vis-breaking
c) Cracking
d) Reforming

11. Solvents used for dewaxing of petroleum

products are
a) Furfural
b) Methyl ethyl ketone(MEK)
c) Propane
d) Both (b) and (c)

12. Products drawn from the top to bottom of

the crude oil distillation column has
progressively increasing
a) Boiling points
b) Molecular weight
c) C/H ratio
d) All of the above

13. Which is the most ideal feed stock for the

coking process used for the manufacture of
the petroleum coke?
a) Naptha
b) Vacuum residue
c) Light gas oil
d) Diesel

14. Crude oils produced by the Indian oil fields are

predominantly ______ in nature.
a) Paraffinic
b) Napthenic
c) Asphaltic
d) Mixed base

15. Crude oil is pumped by ______ pump.

a) Gear
b) Centrifugal
c) Screw
d) Reciprocating

16. Which of the following contains maximum

a) Diesel
b) Petrol
c) Kerosene
d) Fuel oil

17. Crude oil is subjected to vacuum distillation in

the last stage because
a) High boiling products like heavy fuel oil
and lubricating oils are heat sensitive and
may decompose
b) Low boiling products are prone to thermal
c) High purity products can be obtained
d) None of the above

18. Glycol added to petrol acts as an ____ agent

a) Anti-knocking
b) Anti-icing
c) Anti-gum forming
d) Dewaxing

19. Name the endothermic reaction out of the

a) Catalytic cracking
b) Hydrocracking
c) Dehydrogenation of napthene to produce
d) Catalytic polymerisation

20. Cetane no. of diesel used in trucks maybe

a) 5
b) 15
c) 55
d) 85