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Cng Phu Hnh Tr Khi Va Thc Gic

Vic u Tin [Cn Lm] Vo Bui Sng

When you first wake in the morning, visualize in the sky in front of you your most gracious Root Lama surrounded by all the Dakas and
Dakinis. All are playing bells and damarus and with great compassion are entreating you to arise and do your practice. The sky is filled
with rainbow lights in all directions; beautiful flowers are raining down; and all space is permeated with the sweet smell of incense. With
this clearly in mind, listen to your Root Lama and the Dakas and Dakinis reminding you why you must practice and entreating you to get
up now.
Khi va thc gic vo bui sng, hy qun tng v o S Gc y t bi lng trong khng gian ngay trc mt bn, c
ch v Khng Hnh Nam v Khng Hnh N ang vy quanh ngi. Tt c cc ngi u ang thnh chung v trng nh
(damaru), v vi lng i bi, cc ngi ang khuyn tn bn hy thc dy v tu tp hnh tr. nh sng cu vng trn ngp
khng gian khp mi phng. Nhng bng hoa tuyt trn tun ri xung [t h khng] v ton b h khng lan ta mi
hng trm ngo ngt. Vi hnh nh [qun tng] hin r trong tm, hy lng nghe v o S Gc v ch v Khng Hnh
Nam v Khng Hnh N nhc nh bn v sao phi tu tp v khuyn tn bn hy mau thc dy vo ngay lc ny.

(Weeping sound) You fortunate noble one, dont be lazy, put forth effort and get up.
(m thanh ting khc) Hi k may mn y cao c, ng li bing gii i. Hy dng cng tinh tn, v thc dy.

From beginning less time until now you have slept in ignorance. Dont sleep now but use your body, speech, and mind
virtuously. Dont you know the sorrows of birth,
T v thy n nay, con ng su trong v minh. Gi y ng say ng na m hy dng thn, khu v thanh tnh.
Chng l con khng bit c ni thng kh ca sinh,

old age, illness and death? You are impermanent, today is the time for you to put forth effort. This is the only time to
lo, bnh, t? Con [vn] v thng. Hm nay l lc phi dng cng tinh tn. Gi y l thi im duy nht

attain the perfect happiness; this is not the time to be idle. Think of death and complete your meditation. Your life is
t n an lc trn vn; y khng phi lc ngi yn bing nhc. Hy ngh tng v ci cht v hon tt cng phu thin
nh ca con. Cuc i v thng

and filled with obstacles. When your time (to die) comes and you feel recalcitrant what is the benefit of leaving (your
body)? All dharmas are empty
v y chng ngi. Khi thi im ca ci cht n v con cm thy [mun] cng li th c li lc g trong vic t b
(xc thn)? Vn php [vn] l khng,

and uncreated like a magic show, a mirage, and a dream; like the smell-eaters village and an echo from the rocks; like
the moon reflected in water; bubbles in winter; illusions; and bodily transformations.
v v to tc nh mt mn o thut, o vng, gic m; nh x s ca cc Hng thn Cn tht b v nh ting vng t
[vch] ; nh mt trng in bng nc, nh bt nc ma ng, nh o tng; v nhng chuyn ho ca xc thn,

all manifestations are like these examples; all of samsara you should understand in this way. The nature of all dharmas is
mi ho hin u d nh nhng iu y; con nn hiu v ton b lun hi theo cch ny. T tnh ca vn php [vn] v

They do not reside; they do not cease; they do not come and go; they are beyond speech, beyond thoughts, beyond all
seeings; beying all definition. Now is the time for you to understand this.
Chng khng tr, khng dng; khng n, khng i. Chng siu vt li ni, siu vt t duy, siu vt tt c ci thy,
siu vt mi nh ngha. By gi l lc con phi hiu iu ny.

Namo gurubhya/ Namo dhevabhya/ Namo akkibhya. All dharmas of samsara are impermanent. Long have you
remained in the ocean of non-liberation.
Knh l o s. Knh l ch Thin. Knh l ch v Khng Hnh. Vn php th gian u v thng. T lu cc con vn
chm m trong bin lun hi, cha gii thot.

For you who suffer from negative karma, I have great compassion. May the oceans of samsara be dried/ Through
ignorance you create your own suffering
Ta c lng i bi dnh cho cc con, nhng k ang au kh v c nghip. Nguyn bin c lun hi kh kit. Bi v minh,
cc con to ra au kh cho chnh mnh

even though you all want happiness. For you who are ignorant (of the way), I have compassion. May all your defilements
be purified!
cho d tt c cc con u mun hnh phc. Ta c lng i bi dnh cho cc con, nhng k v minh [khng thy c]
(ng tu). Nguyn tt c nhng nhim ca cc con u c tnh ho.

You are bound in the prisons of your desires like a wild animal who again (and again) gets caught. For you who are
suffering in this prison (of ignorance), I have compassion.
Cc con b tri buc trong ngc t tham i, nh mt con th hoang nhiu ln b tm bt ti lui. Ta c lng i bi dnh cho
cc con, nhng k ang kh au trong ngc t (v minh).

May the suffering of samsara be cleared. The karma of the six realms of samsara is like the ripples in water going from
one to another.
Nguyn tt c kh au trong lun hi u c ty sch. Nghip qu ca su ci lun hi nh gn sng trn mt nc, gn
ny ni tip gn kia.

For you who are suffering in samsara, I feel compassion. May the door to birth in the six lower realms be closed! You
ignore the sorrows of birth, old age, illness and death
Ta c lng i bi dnh cho cc con, nhng k ang chu au kh trong lun hi. Nguyn cnh ca ti sinh vo su ci thp
ng li! Cc con lm ng trc sinh, lo, bnh, t

no matter how much you see. You waste your life in idleness. May you please realize impermanence and death.
d chng kin cnh tng bao ln. Cc con ph phm i mnh trong li bing gii i. Nguyn cc con nhn ra v
thng v ci cht.

All is impermanent, there is nothing to depend on yet you still have attachment to samsara. In grasping after happiness
you waste your life - Please turn
Mi s u v thng, chng c g c th da vo, m cc con vn bm luyn lun hi. Bu vu vo hnh phc, con ph
phm cuc i mnh. Hy bung b

away from samsara. The world is impermanent and will be destroyed by fire and water; sentient beings are impermanent
and will be separated mind and body;
lun hi. Th gii v thng v s b hy dit bi nn la v nc; chng sinh cng v thng, thn v tm ri s phi
tch ri;

summer, winter, spring and fall are all impermanent. May you be blessed to realize the suffering of impermanence. Last
year, this year, the beginning and ending of months are all impermanent.
xun, h, thu, ng u v thng. Nguyn cc con c gia tr nhn ra ni thng kh ca v thng. Nm ngoi, nm
nay, u thng, cui thng, tt c u v thng.

Night, day and this very moment is impermanent. Understand that your death is imminent. May all your efforts to meditate
be blessed!
m, ngy v chnh khonh khc ny cng v thng. Hy hiu rng ci cht ca cc con ang n rt gn. Nguyn mi
n lc thin nh ca cc con u c gia tr!

It is very difficult to attain this life of leisure and endowments. For you who are caught by death, empty-handed without
having practiced the dharma, I feel great compassion. You must realize
Tht kh t c kip sng ny vi cc thun duyn v iu kin ph bm. Ta c lng i bi dnh cho cc con, nhng
k b sinh t tri buc, li trng tay do cha tng thc hnh Php. Cc con phi nhn ra rng

there is nothing to enjoy because all is impermanent and death is inevitable. KYE-MA KYI-HU! You the triple gem of great
compassion; the victorious one of love and compassion
chng c g ng th hng bi tt c u v thng v ci cht l iu khng th trnh. KYE-MA KYI-HU! Bch Thy,
Tam bo ca lng i bi; ng chin thng ca tnh yu thng v lng bi mn

bless all sentient beings in the six realms of samsara to be liberated in this very moment.
xin hy gia h cho tt c chng hu tnh trong su ci lun hi c gii thot ngay trong khc giy ny.

This practice for increasing ones motivation to practice was translated by Ani Wangmo of Bhutan and Ani Tsering Chodron of the
United States at the Central Drikung Kagyu Society in Almora UP, India in the month of September 1987.
By the blessings received from doing this work and the blessing of our most gracious Root Lama, may all sentient beings be led to the
Perfect Enlightenment State of Buddhahood.
Php hnh tr ny c chuyn [t Tng ng qua Anh ng] bi Ni S Wangmo thuc vng quc Bhutan v Ni S Tsering
Chodron thuc Hoa K ti trung tm Central Drikung Kagyu Society Almora UP, n vo thng 9 nm 1987.
Nng vo nng lc gia tr n nhn c t cng phu hnh tr ny v nng vo s gia tr ca v o S Gc t bi cao tt
ca chng ta, nguyn tt c chng sinh u c dn dt n Pht Qu Ton Gic.
Ratnasiddhrthadhyna v Tm Bo n chuyn Vit ng (1/2015)