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Board of Directors Meeting
January 23, 2007 7:30pm

Roll Call: Kim Blair De Vargas, President; Michael Golk, Vice President; Tom Witter,
Treasurer; Mary Beth Crockett, Secretary; Bill Tarpley, Director; Roger King, Director;
and the following community members, Donna Tarpley, Rev. William Green, Carlos
LaVergne, Linda Witter, Rick Battaglia, Marty Albritton

Proof Of Due Notice of Meeting – Sign posted at Fox Run Rd. entrance on Tuesday 16
January 2007

Minutes from previous December 12, 2006 meeting read & accepted.
Motion to accept by Bill Tarpley and 2nd by Michael Golk

Treasurer’s Report: Read & accepted at $24,361.00 with all bills paid up to date
Moved to accept report by Mary Beth Crockett 2nd by Linda Witter

Old Business:
• Painting and cleaning of the walls finished.
• Resignation of Board Members. Need to solicit for new members for this year.
• Pond Maintenance – Kim advised us that she will submit it monthly as received.
• Shopping signage. We will consider new signage for our entrances to go with new
landscape on medians. Possible future grant.
• Michael discussed a “green idea” to install gutters on the back of the front wall to
guide rainwater into rain barrels for collection. This was suggested as an idea to
provide water for some possible plantings along the front pond area. Low cost.
We have agreed to discuss this at a later time for a possible future grant.

New Business:
• Package inserts for Annual Handout discussed in depth. Tom will complete. Kim
will submit a Questionnaire to be included in handout.
• Annual Meeting Date set for March 27, 2007
• We have agreed that annual dues must increase to $300. But since we need a 51%
vote this cannot be done until 2008. We will vote in the March 2007 handout.
Extra funds of $150. would be kept separate for use towards road improvement in
the future. Moved by Linda Witter and 2nd by Mary Beth Crockett.
• Need to encourage new people to get interested in participating and attending
• Boring work completed and hoping that landscape will be completed by next
• Roger King volunteered to put concrete edging between grass & mulch on
• Westlake Estate Blog looking good. Thanks Michael!

the meeting was adjourned at approx 8:55pm Motion to adjourn by Linda Witter. Also. • Lighting on Lakehouse West side along Fox Run discussed. Obviously price will go up. Dana Paving had quoted us $48k in 2005 for a complete redo. past damage to fixtures was discussed as well. • Next meeting date is set for 21 February 2007 7:30pm at Lakehouse West. We figured we will need something in about 5 years time. Spotlights not possible due to lack of electricity at this time. Respectfully submitted. Mary Beth Crockett / Secretary . Rick Battaglia was involved in depth as he has recent experience working with paving companies. There being no further business. 2nd by Tom Witter. • The Road was discussed at length.

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