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3,definition of women empowerment
4,Dimensions of women empowerment
(a)economic dimension
(b)social dimension
(c)political dimension
(d)personal dimension
5,Women empowerment in Islam:
(a)the western abortive attempt to malign Islam
(b)equality doesn't mean similarity
(c)status of women in Islam:
(d)women empowerment in early Islam
(e)women empowerment in Islamic golden age
(f)women empowerment in modern Muslim world
(g)women empowerment during freedom movement of Pakistan
(h)women empowerment in present Pakistan
6,Contrast/comparison of Pakistan's political women empowerment with that of the other
"No nation could rise to the hight of glory,unless your women are side by side with you;we
are victims of evil customs.It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within
the four walls of the houses as prisoners."QUID-E-AZAM MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH(1942)
"There is no chance for the welfare of the huminity unless the condition of women is
improved:it is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing,"said Sami Vivekanada,an
advocate of women empoerment.accordingly,the state is considered as a bird along with two
wings;man and woman to fly in the air.But through the centuries,societies in the world over
have been trying to fly on only and wing,denying women their rightful place.
The human society is a component of males and females-men and women.Both the species
are complementary to each other;one can not survive oneself without the other.Despite a
slight physical and nominal psychological differences between the two,the ALMIGHTY GOD
has bestowed them with some wonderful attractive and emotional elements that have

ultimately made them interdependent and interactive.Moreover,both of them were created

simultaneously from the same clay,as ALMIGHTY GOD says in the first verse of surah anNisa(the women):
:O' mankind,be dutiful to your LORD,WHO created from a single person(Adam)and from
him(Adam)He created his wife(Eve),and from them both HE created many men and
But with the passage of time,Satan(Iblees)-the worst creature of the universe,(being
himself male I think)induced man to dominate woman and exploit his physical strength
which the ALMIGHTY GOD has gifted to the former,not to dominate but to protect and
safeguard the latter.As a result ,a male dominated society based on gender
discriminations.inequality and patriarchy,prevailed in the world.Furthermore,the religious
lords,who were entitled to protect and promulgate the DIVINE LAW,began to misinterpret
it.Man was empowered in every sphere of life and woman was made his servant and
subordinate.She was not given the equal rights in the society.But with the evolution of
modern civilization,liberal education and true religious knowledge,a campaign in form of
organization followed by many sub struggles,was launched in international platform of the
United Nations-The UN WOMEN.This body urged the member coutries to resolve the issue of
women empowerment which has also tremendously affected the economy of the
world,especially that of the third world.
Women empowerment refers to the ability of women to transform economic and social
development when empowered to fully participate in the decisions that affect their lives
through leadership,training,coaching consulting and the provision of enabling tools for
women to lead within their communities,religions and countries.
Women empowerment generally has three components.firstly,women's sense of self
worth.secondly,their rights to have a power of control their own lives ,both within and
outside home.lastly,their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a just
social and economic order nationally,internationally and universally.
Empowerment has multiple,interrelated and interdependent
dimensions:economic,social,personal and political dimensions.Economic empowerment
means to empower women economically by giving her rights of properties.lands,financial
responsibilities,adequate shares in jobs,business opportunities etc.In social dimensions,it
means women's social status should be equal to that of man by avoiding all discriminations
based on injustice and inequality.accordingly the women are required to have respectable
status in society,importunity to raise voice,struggle etc.Politically,women should be
empowered by reserving their seats in national as well as provincial assemblies and
providing their independent right of one woman one vote.Personally,they should be given
equal liberty and freedom in their personal affairs,such as ,in case of marriage,vocational
pursuit etc.As a whole,women empowerment aims at providing women with their
social,economic,political and personal rights.