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"MultiDiag® for DiagBox"
- Preparing DiagBox
- Updating the DiagBox software version
- Activating the Bluetooth (X200/X201 only)
- Updating the DiagBox profile

- Installing the software
- Starting Multi-Diag®
- Configuring the language of Multi-Diag®
- Configuring the Multi-Diag® VCI

- Updating Multi-Diag®
- Configuring the link to the technical documentation
- Multi-Diag® user manual



11 or later . If it does not appear. .A DOS screen indicating that the installation is in progress is displayed.On the task bar.If not.Switch off then restart the tool fully .Close DiagBox ► Activating the Bluetooth for X200 / X201 only For X200 or X201 computers only.     PRELIMINARY STAGE Preparing DiagBox for the installation of «Multi-Diag® for DiagBox» ► Updating the DiagBox software version .Open DiagBox . a crossed out Bluetooth icon appears in the Windows notification zone.   . check that you have update V06.In the upper banner. you must activate the Bluetooth as follows: .The computer restarts automatically on completion of the configuration of the Bluetooth patch. it may be hidden. update the software . .Start the Bluetooth patch from the menu: Start\All programmes\PSA Bluetooth Configuration\start’ .

the user must confirm the steps displayed by the Windows configuration pop-ups (Found new hardware wizard).     . This process takes place in two stages: Stage 1: installing BCM2033… En 1 2 3   .Once the computer has restarted.

Finished (The Bluetooth card is now installed with the Microsoft stack and is ready to use) Note: exceptions   Machine already patched Incompatible machine If the machine has already been configured with the Bluetooth patch.     Stage 2: installing Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator… 1 2 . X61T. the installation process stops and the following message appears . Dell. A pop-up message appears indicating to the operator that the computer is up to date If the machine is not compatible with the Bluetooth patch. installation of this patch stops. HP... for example X220.

Confirm Activation/ Deactivation .Confirm Deactivation   En .In the menu Home.     ► Updating the DiagBox profile Open DiagBox . select Configuration .

Select Automatic Deactivation .Move on to the Activation stage: select Automatic activation   .The information relating to the deactivation appears .     .

    En . • Multi-Diag® • Citroën data • in Multi-Diag® • or Peugeot data • in Multi-Diag® • ….   .Select the correct profile. The following data must be entered: • Authorised Repairer • ….Check the customer code then wait .

Place the Multi-Diag® for DiagBox installation DVD in the drive . . You reach the home page of the chosen marque.Accept the terms of the licence contract   .Once the correct profile has been selected. then the "Multi-Diag®" icon appears.     . Close the application Installing "Multi-Diag® for DiagBox" ► Installing the software .The installation starts automatically. confirm and wait.

  En . .Multi-Diag® carries out the online registration of the communication interface. .     . made up of 6 digits.The installation of Multi-Diag® continues. Make sure that you have an internet connection.Enter the serial number of the MultiDiag® communication interface indicated on the label on the back ofthe card.

Click on "install the software automatically (recommended)".     . . then on "next". this time only". then on "next".   .Click on "yes.

When the computer restarts. I want to restart my computer now". then on "Finish". start Diagbox   .     .Click on "yes.Wait En . Eject the DVD.Click on "Finish" .

  Note: .The Multi-Diag® newsletter also appears at the first start-up in the lower banner. ► Configuring the language of Multi-Diag® .Click on “choose of language”   .Start Diagbox . In this case. The application starts.     ► Starting Multi-Diag® .Click on "Multi-Diag®".The application sometimes starts in the background. click in the lower banner of Windows to make the application appear. .Click on the tab "applications configuration" .

Click on the tab "applications configuration"   . En ► Configuring the Multi-Diag® VCI .     .Select your country.Connect the Multi-Diag® communication interface to a USB port and to the OBD socket of a vehicle (to supply the interface with power). Note: the communication interface of DiagBox PSA XS must remain connected to the USB port. .

Click on the tab "configuration of Multi-Diag® ".Click on the icon.   .     . .Enter the 6-digit serial number of the communication interface .

remember to pair each interface. Note: Each Multi-Diag® communication interface is paired with a single tool. You can now disconnect the USB cable connecting the tool to the interface.   .     . If you have several Multi-Diag® tools. En . The installation of Multi-Diag® is complete.Cliquer sur l’onglet « configuration Bluetooth ». the Bluetooth pairing is complete.When the screen above appears.

Confirm to start the download   .) .Click on "confirm". . . (Frequency of one per month on average.Click on "software". Internet updates are also available between each DVD.The list of remote updates appears.     Additional information ► Updating Multi-Diag® You will receive 3 major updates per year in DVD format.Click on the "internet update" button. .

Untick the link then confirm. you can delete the link.   . the link to the "VIVID" technical documentation is activated.Click on "configuration of technical documentation" .     ► Configuring the link to the technical documentation By default. If you do not wish to subscribe to this catalogue. En .

    ► Multi-Diag® user manual .The list of documentation relating to Multi-Diag® appears.Click on the "Documentation" icon. .   .