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The Lessons of Napi Mephisto

Ideation translated from AmerInd to Western

Copyright 2015 by Ronald Thomas West:

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Napi Mephisto is an idea/persona/invention based in a social phenomena

little explored by either civilization in the conflict between Red & White.
That is, the possibilities of discovering a higher order Mtis mentality in a
sort of reversed experience; where Native American ideation corrupts the
Western culture as opposed to past history of almost exclusively the other
direction being the case.
Napis persona is, however, more than conjured from imagination; his
lessons are based in a close work of many years observing and exploring
ideas within the Native nations and then taking those ideas into the exterior
world, to see how they might be functionally integrated to the DNA of the
aggressive society which had sought to destroy those very ideas. Lets call
Napi a scientist exploring social GMO. Except his social engineering sets
out to co-opt the destructive mentality of a culture whose science is too
stupid to understand it is stupid. Western science cannot grasp is it
culturally shaped by, and mimics, the religion of the civilization that it is
born of; essentially a hierarchy with a dogma and narrow rut of inquiry.
All that is required of appreciating the persona Napi is to understand the
dominant culture of this world is failing life -for all of us- and to expect the
leadership of the culture destroying us ALL (not just the indigenous these
days) is capable of saving us, is the greatest of oxymoron. Its not working.

A Native Mephistopheles
Napi Mephisto inherited his surname from the Jesuits who knew his
ancestor, did not like him, and assigned this shamans denigrating
sobriquet to his progeny in perpetuity: when called upon by the government
to create an official membership enrollment list as the several conquered
tribes were reorganized into legal entities
The Mephisto line then fell to the policy foisted upon Indians by the
government that a minimum of his tribes established bloodline would be
required to have membership and lacking that, the Mephistos were native
blood of several tribes without blood of any, this native family was
persistently persecuted or harassed and jailed by the Indian Police, for
being Indians without membership on the reservation
Banished by Native America, they settled in an area adjacent to, but off of
the reservation. Now persistently persecuted for fact of being Indian off the
reservation, they were still frequently arrested and jailed despite the fact
there WAS no reservation that would take in the Mephistos
Fate further assimilated each subsequent generation into the White blood
surrounding them, and finally the Mephisto line had settled down to
become what at least appeared to be White
With this ancestral history behind him, Napi Mephisto grew up Indian,
nonetheless. How could this happen? Habit.
Napi, as his father and forefathers before him, was raised to be open to the
mysteries of the natural world and its manifestations, to be sensitive,
aware of the manifold possibilities of seeing the world, to be free and
unhampered in ones thinking, to be generous and kind in regard to others,
to let everything have its own voice
In effect, a perfect absurdity to the Whiteman. To Napi, accordingly, as well
as to the many other now invisible Indians grown up in the surrounding
forest with near identical backgrounds, his surrounding world of the Whites,
which actually seemed to believe he was one of them, was actually beheld
as absurd in turn

Rather than open to the mysteries of the natural world surrounding them,
these real Whites beat the shit of the environment, just like they beat their
kids, desensitizing them, beat them for freethinking, were selfish as hell in
regards to their children by banishing them from their presence to do adult
things and constantly made promises that were broken almost as quickly
as stated, and by god as for the everything having its own voice thing,
these people would cut off your head if you lifted it up to speak as quick as
they were to smack a childs fingers with a ruler
In this off the reservation White world, it was the kids who were the Indians.
And the amazing thing was the Whites not realizing what the kids know.
Because the kids fear the adults, they conceal their world from the adults.
That is exactly why the Shaman learned to conceal his world from the
Christian. Fear of these peoples violence. And that had everything to do
with the new dilemma in Napi Mephistos life. It was his own native raised
kid, Stone Child

On teaching Children 1
Grandpa, tell me a story! The nine year old drew his legs up to his chest,
arms folded across just below the knees, and leaned against the side of the
old native sun priest while feeing secure, equal. The old man smiled ever
so softly at Stone Child, a rare young one raised as he had been, in the old
ways. The Eagle, the old mans name, enjoyed visiting the boys father as
much for the chance to spend time with this young one, as for any
ostensible reason for this frequent trip a few miles west of the reservation:
whether to visit with Stone Childs father concerning his considerable
knowledge of the mysteries, gather sacred or medicinal herbs with him in
this pristine wilderness location or just to say hello to one of his most
valued friends and swap stories.
The old man asked Stone Child What is the season? Stone Child did not
hesitate It is the Moon of the Earth Spirits Determined Journey of Return.
The old man was pleased. So now, tell me which kind of story you are
allowed to hear from me. Stone Child thought for a moment and then

stated How Life Happens. The old man began Ok, one time it happened
like this
In the long ago, Man was at a great disadvantage to Woman. She could
drop Man dead just by giving him a mean look. Stone Childs eyes went
wide. So things werent too good for us. And it wasnt good for Woman
either because she depends on Man, and Man was getting kind of scarce.
So Woman gathered herself and discussed what could be done about
Mans stupid stuff, this is what had kept getting us dropped dead. So
Woman had her discussion with herself and she figured some things out..
First Woman had to look at Man as different. Because Man is only half
Man. Stone Child looked puzzled, something the old man noticed. What
makes Man different is his father Sun. Woman has always been only
Earth the look of puzzlement began to go out of Stone Childs face and
she always knew how to live here in the correct way. Now, if Man would
discover this, there would be no more stupid stuff and Woman would stop
giving Man the mean looks. So here is what Woman figured out for Man.
Stone Child listened intently to what followed.
The Sweat Lodge is the gift of the Holy Woman to Man. In the long ago
when Man became the guest of the feminine on this planet that is a Sacred
Woman, he was given the Sweat Lodge to cleanse his body because he
has no natural cycle as a child of the Sun. Also the Sweat Lodge gave him
the Womans calendar from the Suns sacred sister (or wife), the Moon, to
observe the cycle of the seasons. The primary law most importantly related
to this is to always remember that for a man to harm a woman is to violate
the sacred life giving hospitality that is holy, we can only harm our human
spirit this way and that is why we, as men, are never to be abusive to
women or nature, and because we live our lives that way, the women gift
us with the love and respect that is due to this sacred service we are here
to perform.
Our cycle of life is reflected in the sacred gifts we give to the holy
relationship between the Sun and the Moon, it represents the responsible
respect shown between brother and sister for the unmarried, and between
husband and wife it is for those who love in that way. The yellow cloth is
given to the southeast for the golden light that is the innocence of youth,

always to be treated with only kindness, the red cloth is given to the
southwest for the holy life-giving maturity of the sacred women that bear
us, these are the people we protect, the blue cloth is given to the northwest
that prepares us to be received by the sacred night sky that takes us in
holiness at our end, because we have lived right, and the white cloth given
to the Northeast is the clean environment of the souls received by the
ancestors because we lived our lives responsibly according to these sacred
teachings. In the old times these gifts of cloth would have been the four
colors of the sacred paints and they also represent the colors of Man and
the Seasons. The Red and the Blue, separately taken together, also are the
Earth and the Sky, Woman, Man, and Marriage.
The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, also the other Planets,
Comets and Meteors are the Gods in the sense of a metaphor that only
states: we are a part of everything that is, and everything that is, is
embodied in us no differently than other animal forms, even the trees
and the living stones are essentially people, no different than you or I, all
are sacred expressions of the mystery of creation that manifests in
everything, all reality is in some sense seen as a part of this dream of our
existing. This dream is meant to be beautiful for us as the human people
and we are to meant to live our lives in such a way that strives for a clean
reality, to become all that is the best possible expression of the creation
dreaming us: We are meant to manifest as a Beautiful People
On teaching children 2
Stone Child had lost grandpa to the vagaries of age, but now was
instructed by his uncle Na Too Auts, also a Priest of the Sun
Before Stone Childs birth, his father had returned from Vietnam and
disappeared deep into Indian Country for years, returning to his paternal
Subsequently, the boy had all his life known Grandpa, the old Native
Priest that had also taught his father, and after Grandpa had died, Stone
Childs adoptive uncle, Na Too Auts, had taken over the boys Native

The boy was home schooled in the simplest basics, the alphabet, phonetic
spelling with no rote memory or proper spelling drills, simple addition,
subtraction, multiplication, division, and basic fractions and percentages
and other than this, the main focus, the real focus, was discovery in the
natural world of the wilderness surrounding him, to age ten
Always, he had been told that at this age, ten years, everything having to
do with his education would change, and it would get serious
Age ten had arrived, Grandpa had been gone for nearly a year, and Na Too
Auts came to visit Stone Child
Na too Auts spoke to Stone Child: Little brother, for the next four years you
will be making the journey to Manhood. Today I will give to you one of the
great mysteries of life you must understand to make this journey. But first
you must tell me the rule attending the sacred teaching
Stone Child began: Everything is ceremony, everything that you will show
me. And none of it can be repeated outside of ceremony
Na Too Auts: Where is ceremony?
Stone Child: Ceremony lives in the hearts and minds of the real people. It is
Na Too Auts: Name the real people closest to you.
Stone Child: For me, the Real People are the living Stones. They are the
Aspen that surrounds the Stones. Real People are the grasses that cover
the open space inside the circle of the aspen grove. It is the Raven who
gathers herself on the meadow around the stone inside this aspen circle
every fall. These are my real people
Na Too Auts: And who are you?
Stone Child: I am all of these
Na Too Auts, quietly: Very good

Na Too Auts then asked Stone Child: Who is Niitssitapi?

The boy replied: We are Niitssitapi
Na Too Auts: Yes, this is true. And just what is the precise meaning of
Stone Child: Human Dignity
Again the Sun Priest quietly acknowledged the answer with a soft, matter of
fact: Very good
The theory of differentiation and the androgynous birth of consciousness in
native America.. first ever translation to western terms, the creation of the
Trickster, the native Mephisto, knowledge previously only observed by
western science as simplistic anthropomorphisms
Na Too Auts began the lesson:
Thunder abducted the wife of the Half Being, Man, her name is Niitssitapi.
Man was crying and the other beings noticed. They gathered among
themselves and asked why is Man so pitiful? The sound of his weeping
was very disturbing
When Bear explained the cause of Mans grief, everyone seemed to
become afraid. There was no question Niitssitapi had to be rescued,
because until she was returned to Man, everyones life was hanging in the
balance. But who would go against Thunder?
This question was put to another Half Being, Eagle, who knew the road to,
and sometimes shared Thunders realm in the sky. These two had
consulted together in the past
Eagle said: It cannot be me, for I am Thunders relation. Let it be Raven
who corrects my cousins wrong

Raven knew the trail to Thunders realm as well, however she would not go
there. But Raven stated to Eagle: I will do it. First you must pass along a
message, from me to Thunder, you will be my Runner
Eagle agreed This, I am allowed to do
Raven then stated: I must go to my lodge, I will not be prepared until the
afternoon of the fifth Man Day. Eagle, you must find me then, alone, on the
prairie between the meeting place of the Old Man and Lakes Inside Rivers
These Peoples then dispersed and Raven went home to make ceremony
and paint a glyph on a bit of Aspen bark
Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan stood alone on the prairie with her back to the
rivers place of coming together. Eagle arrived at the appointed time and
circled above, calling out five times EeKiii: Have you seen Raven?
The Woman Warrior, her Black, Black hair turned loose in the wind, called
back to Eagle: Look at the feather tied upon the left side of my glory in this
wind, for I AM Raven!
Eagle then landed at the womans feet. He said: Your ceremony is strong.
But I will not warn my cousin Thunder
Raven then gave the painted glyph to Eagle with the warning: Do not look
at this, it would destroy you. When you have delivered it to Thunder, quickly
move to the side, before he can have the chance to clearly see it. That is all
Eagle said nothing, but took off into the sky with the glyph grasped in his
talons, his great wings working hard into the climbing circle, until a thermal
updraft lifted him high, soaring to a speck and then finally, out of sight
Soon, very soon after Eagle had gone out of view, a great Black Boiling
Cloud began forming before Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan: The Woman Who
Stood Alone and Challenged the Enemy
Thunders great rage of wind at this Woman was terrifying to behold, but
Raven stood her ground against it. When he came into range, Thunder

drew arrows from his quiver and shot them from his bow, the arrows strikes
against the ground were deafening and each one missed!
Raven, now a woman, now a bird, woman-bird, woman-bird, enraged
Thunder as never before, Thunder repeatedly fired at a woman, but only to
see his strikes evaded by a bird that hopped!
Raven, facing Thunder, had hopped forward one hop, to the south, with
each arrow Thunder had sent at her. As she hopped farther and farther
away from the place where the rivers joined, she felt Ichs Stui approaching
from behind her, and Thunder, whose rage was so great, did not notice
Ichs Stuis icy hand took the remaining arrows from Thunders quiver and
the fight was over. Raven had won. Now they had to sit together, Sak Wo
Ma Oui Aki Kwan, Ichs Stui, and Thunder, where the Old Man and Lakes
Inside rivers meet, and make the Peace
Terms of the peace
Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan sat in the west, looking into the east, Ichs Stui
sat in the north, looking into the south and Thunder sat in the east, looking
into the west. The south stood open to this lodge they created with their
The protocol called for Sak Wo Ma Oui Aki Kwan to speak, Thunder did not
like it but he had no choice, for the Woman Warrior was victor. She first
placed a tanned Elk skin bag on the prairie grass before Ichs Stui and then
the Woman Warrior spoke to Thunder: I have brought this Ceremonial
Stone, a gift to you from Raven handed through my Ceremony and Vision,
those things preparing me for this fight, now, to make this peace. It is in the
shape of the Man Being when he is a Creator. This is to remind you,
Thunder, Niitssitapi is forever free to make her own choice of her mate
With these words, the Woman Warrior changed in her body and became
pregnant. Her beauty softened. The anger went out of Thunders face. He
felt compassion and a brothers love for Niitssitapi as he gazed at her
sitting across from him

Now, as Niitssitapi, she continued: I give this Stone into the keeping of Ichs
Stui, on your behalf, my half brother, he will keep it safely for you in his
winter home
Each Moon of the Willows Return, Ichs Stui will bring out this Stone and
you will use it in ceremony, to commemorate this meeting, and my right to
live in Human Dignity, and you will commemorate all of my future childrens
right to live in Human Dignity, whether my Woman children or my Half Man
Being children. Each Moon of the Ripened Cherries, Ichs Stui, whom you
cannot stand against, will come and collect this Ceremonial Stone for safe
keeping and I will thank Raven who will gather herself again and hop south
to remind you
Stone Child: What was the Glyph?
Na Too Auts smiled and said: If you havent figured it out by then, you can
ask me you are fourteen
Niitssitapi, pregnant from her abduction and rape by Thunder, and her
subsequent consensual relationship to Man with the gift of peace, gave
birth to Ego and Self-Awareness, the twins Napi Au Pee Cee and Napi Na
Too Auts. Each of the same mind and power, Napi Au Pee Cee spends
eternity terrorizing the native world, whereas Napi Na Too Auts protects the
Native World. Napi Na Too Auts is the First Man to live in Human Dignity,
the first Man Half Being or child of the Light, whereas Napi Au Pee Cee is
the Outcast, the Trickster, the Native American Fuck-Up God, the Divine
Rapist, the evil Thunder was forced to abandon at the making of the peace.
Napi Na Too Auts is everything a Native man should hope to become, Napi
Au Pee Cee is everything a Native man is taught never to be and would be
banished for becoming. Napi Na Too Auts is Beauty and Truth. Napi Au Pee
Cee is the male Mono-Sexual Erection of the Ego which underlies all form
of Rape, this was the glyph Raven had painted on the bit of Aspen bark, the
symbolic truth which had put Thunder, the Logos, the Bachelor Mind, into
blind fury

On teaching children 3
Napi called Stone Child over and said Stone Child, lets take a few
minutes, Im asking for just a bit of your time, because we have to prepare
for the change in your home schooling I have long told you would one day
The boy sat beside his father with an attentive look
Napi continued: Do you recall our Big Adventure?
The boys expression was an immediate warm smile: Of course!
Napi was referring to the time when Stone Child was three years of age
and they had packed the VW camper van and taken off to see the world
together. Each night after a day of travel and stops to see things, Napi
would ask Stone Child if he was ready to go home or wanted another
adventure. On each occasion the boy had opted for another days travel
and sightseeing. Napi would bring out the road map, explain what was in
reach the next day and ask Stone Child which direction to take
Their course took them throughout the Pacific Northwest, across the Puget
Sound on the ferry, to the Oregon Coast for walks on the deserted beach
where the surf met the forest and to the Aquarium, to the Sea Lion Caves in
California, and then back inland to the Modoc Caves of Captain Jacks
stronghold, over to Crater Lake, north again to Seattle to Pike Street
Market, on the Ferry again to Whidbey Island, back to the Olympic National
Park, off to the Columbia Gorge until one evening Napi was still driving
and Stone Child had fallen asleep and Napi drove most of the night
Stone Child woke up in his bed at home: as though from a wonderful dream
Napi said I have given to you your childhood, I never took it away. I have
never broken a promise to you. I did not make many promises, but when I
had, I kept them. Your life to now has belonged to you, it has been a
journey of discovery, whether on our big adventure and travels since, our
stays in Indian Country or here in the forest at home. But I have told you
many times this freedom would one day change

Stone Child had a serious, but not unfriendly or disappointed look

Napi then said: Tomorrow that freedom mostly goes away, and the little bit
of study we have worked on is going to be the main thing we pay attention
to for quite a long time
Stone Child answered with a single word: Ok
On teaching children 4
His father had told Stone Child he would begin his education the next
morning. When Stone Child was roused from his sleep at 6:AM and told to
shower, he did so. Then Stone Child was told to run the property boundary
with his soccer ball on his left foot only, five laps, he did that. After breakfast
at 7:00, Napi brought out Websters Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English
Language and the 800 page Washington Irving historical fiction Astoria
Goldsmith in the original 1857 edition and set them together on the kitchen
table with a ruled notebook and pencils
Napi told Stone Child: This is a great and wonderful book, but you will not
understand most of it right away. Understanding what you read just now is
not the point. The point is learning vocabulary. It has many, many short
chapters. At the end of each chapter you must choose five words you did
not know and look those words up in this dictionary. I want you to write
what each of those five words mean in this notebook together with the
chapter number. You will be doing this for two hours of each weekday
morning except Mondays and Fridays, for the next few years. Monday
mornings you will study with the monks at the Buddhist temple in town and
in the afternoon you will be doing community service work I have arranged
for you, caring for injured animals. I have found you a math tutor for Friday
mornings. Friday afternoons you will have scientific field trips. Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, depending on the lesson plans I will
devise, you will study either History, Civilization, Culture, and the Physical
or the Social Sciences
It had actually been Stone Child who had chosen Buddhism. Not long
before Napi had said to Stone Child: I have raised you Indian, you have

grown up in the wild with Grandpa explaining the many Indian

understandings of our life. But now we must devise you a mask. Because
Indians are never really accepted out there in the bigger world, people have
always either been afraid of us, or cannot understand us. Anyway, we dont
even look like Indians if you had ever stopped and thought about it. So
sometimes we need to be able to be something people are not afraid of,
because the people beyond the forest are often afraid of what does not fit
their ideas. So we have to make ourselves fit
Napi had then explained to Stone Child the tenants of the major religions
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. Stone Child, as Napi had
expected, did not hesitate for a moment and stated: I am Buddhist. It was
an unequivocal statement. But then Buddhism, as Napis friend and action
anthropologist Karl had once stated, only differed from the Native Indian
perception of our existence in the reincarnation ideas of the transmigration
of the soul and the Buddhist prohibition for lay people the more general
Indian practice of external meditation. Strip away some of the various
superficial cultural influences of the societies in which they were immersed
and the Blackfeet and Cheyenne tribes of Indians and a high form of
Theravada Buddhism would practically see many of the principle ideas of
our existence in identical terms
Napi had then brought out a newspaper article about the new Buddhist
temple in town and Stone Child had picked up the phone, called the temple
abbot and made an appointment to meet. A few days later Napi had driven
Stone Child to the temple to meet the abbot
Red Indian, White Indian
Napi recalled the time in Vietnam he had wandered around the small
mountain with Buddhist monuments and come upon a blind beggar whose
face had been burned away by napalm. Without thinking, he took the only
coin in his pocket, his lucky I will see home again USA quarter, and
dropped it into the tin cup and instantly regretted the thoughtless act when
he heard the sound of joy coming from the face without nose, eyes or lips
as the beggar fingered what must have indeed seemed like gold but in fact
was worthless in the foreign war zone

That act bothered Napi for years, the beggar would believe for the rest of
his life (if his could be called a life) he had been cheated when the hard,
heavy (compared to the zinc Vietnamese) coin was collected and nothing
had come of it. Although Napi did survive to return to the USA, his lucky
quarter did not help him survive to see home: which had become a living
cartoon he no longer believed in
Napi had tried work, in the sawmills of the pacific northwest, he had tried
college, he had tried religion, but Napi had become a restless soul that
could not shake the violence of man on man he had witnessed in the war.
Everything was cynical, animated living cynicism had become his life
experience. People were animated cartoons, institutions all became
amoebas of hypocrisies with gelatinous tentacles that attempted to ensnare
him. Napi gave up. He went to stay in the forest where he had grown up, to
live in poverty
One day a short but powerfully built Indian knocked on Napis door.
Grandpa wanted to collect medicines from nature and Napis was a perfect
location to park his car and search out the sacred healing plants. Napi was
hospitable, he invited Grandpa in for coffee and they visited
Like the other Indians Napi had met, Grandpa was open and honest and
soon they were discussing everything imaginable, and not long after, Napi
was learning about the traditional Indian medicines, because Napi and
Grandpa had become friends
Napi learned many things from simply observing and asking questions later
on, such as the times Grandpa only marked certain plants locations and
returned later on with a woman who would actually harvest the medicines.
This was always the case when the root was to be used rather than the
above the ground herb
Grandpa explained the plants had male and female roles in nature and it
was a matter of respect. If the plant was respected, it would surrender the
healing qualities, but always in the case of the roots, the plants only
responded to a woman who lived a clean life, a woman who had a certain
mentality from living in the proper way. Only women could prepare these

Napi did not question any explanation after an initial inquiry, he understood
Grandpa always gave answers and explanations that eventually made
sense as Napi saw larger pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place over
Napi began to see everything is related, in the sense of relationships in
Quantum Mechanics, as the Native principle underlying many things
Grandpa had showed him
Once two particles are associated, they become forever associated, no
matter if they are separated by a universe in time and space. It appeared
this was an important principle in the pre-Columbian knowledge of native
Grandpa was a Ghost Medewiwin and explained how that worked in a way
that seemed to relate to the alternate dimensions in String Theory
But it was Grandpas further explanation of this, Mans relationship to time,
that made the most sense. This was uncharted territory in Western
Science. Yet Grandpa explained it in such a way that the simple sensibility
of what he was saying had to be credible. It explained so many things one
witnessed in ones surrounding experience, by simply observing the world,
nature and people
This is why the old Indian people kept trying to say archaeology was wrong,
dangerous, that the Whiteman should stop digging things up. The teaching
had returned in a circle to common object association in the sense of
Quantum Mechanics particle association and the idea that everything has
And then was Grandpas showing Napi how we can exist in Parallel
Universe, the pre-Columbian Shamans state of power. And Grandpa did
draw the pre-Columbian distinction, only he explained this in the context of
before the Whiteman

Grandpa explained how the Whitemans schools had taken away this
understanding from the native children. Grandpa, who was fluent in seven
native languages, but had never been to school, said:
First they taught the Indian kids they can only believe in God, but damn,
they were mean, the Whitemans god is mean. They beat the Holy out of
our kids, and beat their God into them. They burned the kids fingers with
matches or put their hands on hot stoves and told them they would all burn
forever if they did not go to church the rest of their lives. Those were the
schools run by nuns
They changed their minds when the state schools came along. Now
science was their new god. But the kids still went to church because their
parents were afraid of them getting burned. So science and god are
arguing in the kids heads and lives, and dammit, they made the kids stupid
like the Whiteman. That argument defines the Whitemans world and our
kids have nearly all become White thinkers, they live with this argument in
their heads and have become completely hopeless. Now they cant see the
most simple things. They cant learn anything useful because of the
argument. They grow up dumb as hell..
Napi had begun to apply ideas he had learned from years of immersion in
the Native Language world to his surroundings as a matter of habit,
because in his process of reverse assimilation he was thinking more and
more like the old time Indians
Napi was becoming a paradox of experience and normal expectation which
in the real world would expect the old Native ways would become extinct
together with the native language speakers, and yet here was Napi,
discarding modern thought and worldview, abandoning civilized thinking
and mentality for what civilized thinking and mentality was in fact putting to
death as a matter of unspoken habit: Indian ways
Napi disavowed his knowledge of, interactions with, and what would be
considered intelligence in the White world quite easily, because of his
familys biographical circumstance. White ways had never really become
set deeply in his family which had preserved many social habits from its
seeming now distant native ancestry, generation to generation. The liberal

child-raising habits had stayed with these families. Napi could easily see
this in retrospect
The Native world he was becoming fluid in made so much more sense to
Napi, an innate or natural sense, he began to look at the idea there were
two kinds of Whites in his world
Invisible Indians like himself and the children of other families in the forest
who had been liberal raising their kids, and the White/Whites, the
regimented, strict disciplinarians who raised the kids that had been
thoughtless, violent assholes. The kids that tortured animals for
entertainment. These were the kids that had been practically tortured by
their parents and acted out in turn. The kids that had been beaten. The
mean kids. The bullies. The Racist kids not allowed to play with the children
of families who were the friends of Indians. There was a lot of that crap
going on, growing up in proximity to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Napi, who no longer believed in coincidence and accidents, began to look
more closely at the comparative languages in his thinking. Native language
where everything is a process in action, with very few noun-like words and
a sort of pre-verb rather than an adverb, the pre-verb did not modify as
much as it set up possibilities for the coming verb which would take a
direction, move the process along depending on the choice of the verb, and
it was the verb which carried the most important information in the absence
of nouns
Everything moved, flowed in this language, comparatively, the English
seemed difficult, clumsy and static. Napi thought about the English verb
Spell and its modified noun Spelling and how the kids were educated.
Indian memory was phenomenal compared to White memory and the
White education drilled the kids in Spelling. But Spell could be a noun as
well if you cast it with a verb. No accidents. A Spell was not called a
Spell without reason. What would applying Native intelligence conclude in
this case? It was simple. Literacy was some sort of magic spell cast on the
Whites that locked up their heads in a very peculiar sort of thinking. It made
everything linear, i.e. square or triangulated, in fact one could say
imprismed. This is how natural acumen and real memory was stolen from
the children, by drilling them in the Spelling from the earliest possible age

In a world where everything is a circle by nature, these people could only

draw circles from abstraction. The people with the spelling removed
themselves from a huge part of reality. They locked themselves out of most
expressions of reality as a matter of cultural habit. Napi had been stunned
at the thought
The Black Door Clan
My clan is the now extinct Black Door Clan. A clan becomes extinct when
there is no longer a community sustaining their traditions. I witnessed this
extinction in my lifetime with the dying out of the Blackfeet language and
the associated Oral Histories. According to linguistics, a language become
dead when the children no longer speak that language. I concur. In the
case of the Blackfeet language, the last widely fluent generation I had met
as a young man, the generation preceding my age group, is now gone or
leaving this world. Almost none of today's children speak the language
I am but a faint echo of the Black Door past but nonetheless I do know a
few things
The anthropologist would depict the ancient Black Door lineage as having
painted their lodge (tipi) doors black but they could not tell you why. Nor
would they know or be able to explain why people did not step in front of a
Black Door in motion, that is a man of this clan who was traveling or
moving with a purpose
The Black Doors were 'High Practitioners' of the Native American "Law of
The Rules for a Black Door practicing the Law of Non-Interference are:
1) No one can know what to expect
2) Never lie to yourself
3) Practice invisibility

4) No fear
5) Paradox is in everything
The paradox of the Black Door: The tremendous danger of psychically
assaulting a Black Door had been born from the Black Door's
psychologically androgynous practice of a hyper-rational kindness in chaos
(without fear) and to plot against or otherwise (such as an act of
ignorance) undermine the Black Door practice of kindness was to meet with
unspeakable involuntary consequence: for any Black Door foe or any
micro-cosmic world which arouses the greater cosmic realm's wrath by
forcefully polluting a Black Door's kindness with the projected violence of
Projecting the violence of ego underlie the Blackfoot proverb "Everyone
knows the Whiteman is crazy"
Children can see monsters. Black Doors could see monsters in one of the
dimensions of the Spirit World. Here is vision of a cosmic monster you will
meet in my essays, and in fact most people meet in everyday life in the
western world, one of the monsters ruling western civilization:
'Napi opened a circle from top down and listened through the apature he
had created, into a dark grotto with only torch light, and, where it seemed
only men gathered. He heard a voice in monotone with the soft echos such
as might be heard in the acoustically constructed cathedrals with a person
talking to one's self and otherwise empty. Turning his head, ear away from
the opening, so he could peer inside, Napi recognized the personality from
the school, Ego Priapism, and was mesmerized at the sight of this monster,
his lingam fully erect stemming from the place his nose should have been,
scrotum encased testicles moving against his mouth as he spoke, having to
pause to catch his breath while breathing through his mouth in a soft pant,
with fecal-like, elongated tongue pushing aside his balls, allowing air to
pass the rectal lips, herpes sores showing, beginning where the pubic
beard thinned at the base of his perpetually erect shaft, his eyes peering
out from either side. Shifting his gaze, Napi subsequently beheld Priapism
separate into the 'Trinity' of alpha male teachers: Vance, Jack and Marcus

in their normal appearance seated together at lunch in the school's

'staph' lounge'
The above described monster, translated to western ideation, is a negative
photographic portrait, or one could say a sort of mental kirlian image of an
energy behavior or meme perpetrated in the western world's education,
whether at home or in school, it is the unseen ego-self behaviors of a
mono-sexual mentality in men, whether straight or gay
This energy is seen by children and in order not to be frightened in western
culture, because this monster is a cultural or ruling energy (meme) who is
ever present in the child's surroundings, the child must learn denial of this
aspect of reality
Children don't like violence. Black Doors don't like violence and practiced
protecting themselves against it and taught children how to make bad
dreams go away
In the modern western world ruled by monsters (memes or unrestrained
mentalities) however, the children do not culturally learn effective
immunities to negative energies and life itself has become the bad dream in
which they must participate. In one way or another, too often these kids
who were victims became the victimizer. Learning denial breeds the future
monsters. This is the consequence or side effect of a cultural norm
necessary to the creation and perpetration of ego
Children have invisible friends. Most Indians had positive 'invisible friends'
translated (into moralizing western concept) as 'Spirits.' But in the modern
world, when denial is learned to avoid seeing the monsters, the child also
loses the ability to access friendly, positive and protective, healing and
loving energies
These kids consequently do not possess an important avenue to safety,
because they had learned denial based in fear. Therefore when the
monster incarnates in a sense of human behaviors in their experience, the
children easily become victims, they fall prey to threats and injuries of ego
associated with guilt or shame. As their life journey becomes more and
more a walled in world of self-reflections in glass, with the artificially

inculcated ego through praise and punishment rather than, or more so

than, adults modeling ethics which are not fear based, the kids learn to see
themselves more and the reality surrounding them less
Children learn living in denial from adults. Just as Indians have become
involuntarily assimilated to the ego of the Western world, forcefully
educated out of their language and associated cultural concepts
Going to Rule 2 of the Black Door Law of Non-Interference, the greater the
consequence delivered to the westerner for violating the rule never lie to
yourself (by living in denial) in relation to the violence of projecting ego, the
greater the fear the westerners engender in themselves- resulting in
projecting greater violence of ego still, only to see greater consequence yet
again to the point of witnessing their self-world image as a collective
consequence in destruction surrounding them
The Black Door law of non-interference should require practice
invisibility (Rule 3) wherein a warrior witness without succor people
suffering the violence of projected ego, which can only finally consume the
world on behalf of those who will not abandon their violence, but then there
can be an exception to any rule (rule 5)
The Secret of The Black Door
Why and how disaster surrounds the lives of everyone who projects the
violence of ego onto a Black Door shaman: The Black Door refers to a
mentality of parallel universe access via shamanic androgynous modality
(access to both brains as fluent in reality, lucid dreaming would be example
given to how westerners might more typically glimpse it from this side.) So
what happens in the other universe is just as real, the Black Door shaman
is just as real there as here, but in that reality, when justice is served, the
laws of reality step away from compassion and give no quarter
Napi explains: The Black Door refers to something like the gate in Star
Gate 1, if the Indians would have written something like science fiction,
except in the old, now nearly extinct world of the native training

In the Oral Shamanic reality (the racially Red Indians are nearly all literate,
western educated, and mentally White- these days, nothing like this) it was
not fiction. Not fiction at all
The gate to the realm of the gods is between the parallel universe of the
mind, it is the purposely developed power of dreaming
The greatest of the Black Doors would sometimes create reality from
dream state: as reality on this side of the door, as in the corporeal illusion,
and were hugely feared
People did not dare to cross the gaze of these shamans for fear of having a
careless and subsequently surely fatal thought. Napi recalled from his
The paradox of the Black Door to the westerner is: how the tremendous
danger of psychically (or mentally) assaulting a Black Door had been born
from the Black Doors androgynous practice of kindness in a place of no
fear and the unspeakable involuntary consequence for any Black Door
foe or any micro-cosmic or even a macro-cosmic world which arouses the
greater cosmic realms wrath by forcefully polluting a Black Doors kindness
with the projected violence of ego for the greater the consequence
delivered to the westerner, the greater the fear the westerners engender in
themselves- resulting in projecting greater violence still, only to see greater
consequence yet again to the point of witnessing their world destroyed
around themselves before their own inevitable end and the Black Doors
law of non-interference require he witness without succor the violence
which can only finally consume those who will not abandon it
You must learn to live our law of non-interference to survive the collective
disasters of the Strangled People (a Black Door term for Western
Napi explains:
The Rules for a Black Door practicing the Law of Non-Interference are:

I dont know anything (No one can know what to expect)

Never lie to yourself
Practice invisibility
No fear
Paradox is in everything (There can be an exception to any rule)
Each of these rules has a subset of teachings. When you have understood
these initial ideas, we can move on to the more advanced teachings. But
first you must learn the timing, the concept there is no such thing as an
accident or coincidence, there is no such thing as right and wrong, there is
only what works and what does not work.
If you align yourself in the timing, you are with it, you are in with what
works. If you cannot align yourself with the timing, nothing works. Things
only can go wrong. This is what the Whitemans civilization is discovering in
a very big way. The farther you take your reality out of times alignment,
things will go wrong for you in bigger and more spectacular ways. You have
to stay aligned with time to know a sensible existence. The Law of NonInterference practiced as approach to life will bring you into the Alignment.
The Alignment with Time
Napi explains how ego based fear mechanisms destroy reality
Our Universe is a great living clockwork and we are meant to be working
parts which move intelligently together with the other parts in the
coordination of all things. How do we see this? If we use the idea of handeye coordination, and extrapolate this to mind-ear coordination, you will
begin to have some idea. But it could also be mind-eye coordination, it
could be mind-smell coordination that is where the Whiteman went
wrong, he lost the mind as in minding what you are doing. So when you
have thought of hand-eye coordination it was always a self centered
intention that forgot the greater mind aspect, if this is lost, in some sense
you are unconscious of what it is you are doing

The birds are the messengers. So when I say mind-ear coordination, you
need to listen. Listen to the timing. How do you do that? It is as simple as
matching your thoughts to the sounds of the birds. If you are aligned, the
sounds of the birds will not be cacophony, they will show you what will be
sensible timing. The sound to the thought. When these match, you have
good information. Thoughts you can depend on. But you cannot make this
work as intention, it requires stepping out of ego. It is something that can
only be observed
So you must discover an affinity with some kind of bird that you can relate
to. This is an ego killer when you think about this in terms of the birds can
impart veracity to your thinking and without this timing you are lost in
your thinking. And Im not talking about the lost in daydreaming, actually if
you are able to get into daydreaming, you are more likely to discover timing
I am rather pointing to the dangers of becoming lost in egotistical thought,
this is the imprisment of the White mind, the hall of mirrors, the mirror self
of ego wanders here and never knows 90% of the intelligence we are a part
of, because for ego to exist, it has to be seperated out from the timing. The
ego is nothing more than a self-deception, a trick, a trap. Ego was not
meant to be, but is a possible side effect of the birth of self-awareness.
Awareness, self-awareness and ego are all distinct things
Awareness is the great expression of creation, what we know as the great
mystery. Self-awareness is inclusive individuation that does not suffer fear,
anger, embarrassment or shame. These are all things which can only exist
in ego. Ego is isolated individuation, this is the source of fear, being alone.
Ego is frustrated at its isolation, this is the source of anger. Embarrassment
and shame are the children of anger and frustration, you could call these
the children of the paradox of evil
Evil can only exist in ego. In fact it could be said evil is nothing more than
the violence of projecting ego. So this imprisment of ego creates a
damaging illusion of the holographic expression of our knowing self
awareness. This is on account of becoming trapped in the illusion of
creation, because we think we can die. And there is great fear in the idea of
dying, this is the fear of being alone, but this fear stems from the paradox of

the truth of the aloneness of the false image of ego, which is the only
mortal being. The ego senses its mortality, because in fact the ego is not
Self awareness is a Quantum inter-dimensional entity, it has place after
place to retreat to, to reincorporate and re-express the memory of its
incarnation. Ego is merely three dimensional and cannot see beyond
corporeal imprisment. This takes away the sight of being within the
The ego is an artificial entity concocted up by the moronic behaviors of the
adult Whitemen when raising the children, when they force the kids to be
alone and isolated as a punishment I dont mean that only in a strict
literal sense but as well in a greater social sense of excluding the children
from the adult world. The children have to learn denial of 90% of their
innate abilities in mental function and discover ego and live in ego as the
primary expression of themselves to survive. This is what brings them into
the Whitemans adult world. So they become isolated from the great
intelligence to know a false and mortal inclusiveness, the source of all fear.
And it is from this place of fear all violence, as we know the term violence in
the Human social sense, springs. This is the projection of the Human ego.
In fact, the acquiring of ego was diagnosed and treated as a disease by our
medicine men
To know shamanic awareness, that is the pre-Columbian intelligence in the
Americas, is to become self aware without becoming trapped in ego. This is
individuation aligned with the timing, the idea that we are inclusive, part and
parcel of all that exists in the greater awareness. This goes to the heart of
the law of non-interference because we do not tinker with the expression of
the great living clockwork. Interfering creates a micro-cosmic out of sync
world that centers around an ego-self entity and brings on negative
experiences. We are not supposed to do that. And when we made that
mistake, steps were taken to correct our mistake and get back into the
alignment. This was the only time we knew fear, the times we made this
mistake of interfering, because when we interfere we cause consequences
We did have people who practiced evil, but this was the exception rather
than the rule of the evil you see governing the Whitemans existence

All shamanic death, a rarity, was revealed to people through the

phenomena of fear, the fear of having made a mental mistake. If you knew
someone had made a mistake which had been concealed rather than
corrected, you could kill that person by exploiting their fear of that mistake.
The consequence of knowing fear in the shamanic reality was the collapse
of the immune, people wasted away and died. But the equal consequence
of mistakenly exploiting fear was the same. So to be a sorcerer was a
dangerous business. Because if you made a mistake attempting to exploit
someones fear, it would quite naturally blow up in your face, it would be
your consequence rather than theirs. So we were all taught this was
unwise, not to participate in this sort of exploitation. But there is always the
paradox in all things. Simple fear of knowing can kill. And so when fear of
knowing meets a truth that must be expressed, the consequence is equally
deadly. It is the equivalent of mental self-immolation. The fear in the mind
burns the body up. It was rare
But this is a tragedy that happens everyday in White civilization and they
are afraid to put their finger on the source, the simple fear. Fear fears fear.
Their world is ruled by fear more and more each day, as they take their
world farther and farther out of times alignment. Fear grows exponentially
and body wasting diseases do too. Fear and disease are both out of control
So now they fear epidemics and they will see that too. Because, they do
not understand causal principles of reality. This is a problem of being
trapped in ego. They cant see through to the simple. So the fear that only
lives in ego kills the expression of the self and they can physically die on
account of that. We have remedies to heal these people but the fear is so
pervasive in these people they are afraid to try them. It is not much more
than an issue of trust, but their fear is so pervasive and deep, we had to let
go of telling them about anything because they historically killed us simply
for offering to help
They still would try to put us in jail for extrapolating some of our old healing
practices, such as restarting or boosting adult immune systems with
colostrums, simply on account of ego and fear. So it has been historically
difficult to help these people, because they fear our ways and would prefer

their fear to our healing. Its difficult, they would rather keep their egos alive
and die of fear than to be healed. How can you help that?
This is a consequence of falling out of alignment. They call it The fall from
Grace. But then they put it in the hands of Ego (capital E) to correct
themselves, they put in Gods hands. But their idea of God is most often
expressed as the violence of projecting the collective ego and fear in the
Whiteman, and that isnt going to help. What helps is the loss of ego. And
knowing people in the alignment. That is the community you want to know.
The gentle, kind and caring people
The Inter-Dimensional Hemorrhage of Time
Napis lessons continue with Spotted Buffalo, his White German student of
Everything you see surrounding you is an interpretation. It is nothing more
than that. The paradox is, it is simultaneously an expression. And nothing
more than that. This is the paradox of the two universe. Where people go
wrong is messing around with the interpretation, because that alters the
expression. And altering the expression has consequences that spill over
into the interpretation. You cannot mess around with the one, without
knowing consequence from the other. So, as in the case of the Whiteman,
if you are only aware of the one side of it, the interpretation, and you jack
that around, the expression nails you and then you wonder why. So then
the Whiteman tries to fix it, altering the new interpretation because that is
the only side he can see, and the expression hits him again, but this time
even harder. Damn
Archaeology is the most easily explained example. The interpretation is
the passage of time covers things up. Close, but no cigar. In actuality, the
dirt he is piling out of the holes he digs is the time itsself. That is where he
alters the expression. Because time is spilling out of those holes in the
Quantum reality sense of particle memory association. The more he digs
into the past, the more the past bleeds into the present. The Whiteman is
collapsing time on us by digging things up. Poke so many holes in the
membrane of time and the membrane tears wide open at some point and
then comes the tidal wave. We are getting pretty close to that

You see it in everything. He has dug up all of the violence and the dead of
the past and what do you see around you? Immense violence and death.
He has dug up the time of the dinosaurs going after oil and we have the
climate of the dinosaurs coming down on us. Not to mention the spirits of
those times, the metal creatures that run on the associated memory of
those times. So the past is collapsing into its future, our present, and their
future, our present time, is simultaneously collapsing into the time of our
ancestors and that is going to be pretty interesting. Now the Whiteman is all
proud he has dug up the first mass plague graves from the middle ages
and the same month his World Health Organization warns we are at the
highest risk ever for a planetwide epidemic. Now there is a case of timing
and no coincidence he should pay attention to. It is all coming about from
digging things up. Like dead people and oil. What is the consequence?
Lots more of the dead people. Oil drives his wars. Its all related. Everything
is related. Damn, his anthropologists thought that only meant kinship or
something retarded like that. This would be true in the Whitemans microcosmic vision of things but everything is related is a way bigger idea than
this simple kinship. Like everything is related in Quantum reality. HELLO!! It
has been five hundred years we have been saying everything is related
and you havent taken your recent baby steps in Quantum Mechanics out
of the laboratory yet. Whats an Indian to supposed to do? Spell it out for
you? Napi and Spotted Buffalo both laughed at the joke. Both of them
knew it was not funny. The paradox
Ego Diagnosed As Mental Illness
Red Tomahawk on western science: The knowledge and use of any or all
the powers of the objects on Earth around us is as liable to lead a man
wrong as to lead him right. It is merely power, with no way of knowing how
to use it correctly unless Woniya [Spirit] is with a mans spirit for the
The ancient native world diagnosed ego as a mental illness and it is safe
to say the ancient native mentality was an ethical persona as opposed to a
modern western ego based personality. To tell a lie was a concept that
could not be grasped in the western sense. Compare this to the modern
people who often do not even realize when they are lying to someone or

being lied to, or most frightening, are not aware of when they might be lying
to themselves, in a culture based on the self deceit of ego [individual self
We can throw all the self deceit of egos love in western psychology at evil
[in a morals based system] and get nowhere without practical principles or
Ethics is the avenue to a real or tangible love, ethical relationships with our
surroundings in nature [precluding greed] to start, and applied ethics with
our fellow man and our neighbors is the only avenue to peace
Heads in the sand allow western social stupidities to go on and is why we
are sinking as a society, generating the terror we are subjected to,
whether the terror of radicalized people resulting from policy of sustained
economic development or the state terror of the policy enforcement
mechanisms such as renditions [chicken or egg, which came first?]
The new age quantum mechanics love and light crowd who think we can
love our way into a new reality (never gonna happen) with a simple change
in our heads short of taking real action against evil, are deluded. In fact all
the love and light people on the planet are just accountable as Dick Cheney
[and in a way just as self deceived or living a lie and consequently in a
sense as spiritually ugly] for our doom in a sense of string theory [karma]
when they dont put their lives on the line for our future in a sense of ethics
or busting their butts in some way to make the stupid stuff stop from this
When the western people figure out anthro-centric [western science which
is a religion in its own right, or the capital 'I' in English, examples given] is
by far the greater self-deceit than any native anthropomorphism, we might
get on track and begin to understand stupid is as stupid does in the big
Our plundering other societies is just now a case of the chickens coming
home to roost that every man woman and child in the USA is being held
accountable [never mind 'responsibility', they ARE different words and
might as well be different worlds] for in a native sense of string theory, if

you have enjoyed the elevated wealth tied to the plunder, you are
accountable to the consequence, personal responsibility notwithstanding.
You pump gas? String theory in quantum mechanics has you in its grip, and
there is no escape except to make personal sacrifice towards us all working
together untying from that particular web governed by string theorys rule
as postulated by Jesus: as you sow, so shall you reap
It is as simple as a medicine man or Jesus saying You must be like
children in your understanding which does not serve the purpose of any
scientist, politician or any Thomas Aquinus or St Augustine who are ethical
midgets by comparison to the truly simple and humble people known as
primitives in anthropology
Female intelligence particularly, psychological androgyny generally, and
integrated spiritual concept [related to the preceding] -all relate to original
ethical concept in Native American thought and philosophy which has been
both: metaphorically and literally destroyed [in translation] by western
civilizations science and education which are social-morals based in
monotheism [something the ancient native culture is not]
In the 1920s it was noted by scientists the native languages easily
described processes in the new quantum mechanics, something western
languages were struggling with. Native American languages have many
hundreds of gender which are actually varying degrees of androgyny, a
reality inconceivable to nearly all western thinkers with their he, she and
gender neutral in the paternal hierarchal order whose reality is shaped by
language of I and trapped in its western mentality as postulated by
Benjamin Whorf
The ancient native mentality is perfectly suited to know the phenomena of
quantum mechanics with its language foundation in observing processes in
nature. Native spiritual concept is a mistranslation of a high ethics [not
morals] system, free of fear, guilt or shame- all based on principled ethical
relationships with our natural surroundings. It is not at all about right and
wrong, rather it is about what works and what does not work. It really is as
simple as that, what works as opposed to what does not work is the Native
ethics in a nutshell, versus the fear, guilt and shame motivated western

morality with its false forgiveness excusing accountability which has not,
does not and never will make the necessary corrections for survival
Quantum mechanics does not care about the individual by its very nature.
Native America has attempted to tell the western world this most simple of
seminal facts for 500 years: Its all related -a thing simple and beautiful
persons like Pat Kennedy or Chief Joseph or Heavy Runner or Tecumseh
did not know how to explain to complicated, unhappy and self centered
people, i.e. Whitemen
Yet these primitives are the people who produced brilliant tacticians like
Joseph and medicine men like Wolf Robe, men who performed miracles
equal to some of those ascribed to Jesus, with native ethics based training
in quantum theory demonstrating intelligence in a manner any lab or
particle smasher will never come close to replicating. People who would not
harm a stem of a single blade of grass if it could be avoided, let alone
smash atoms, people who look at the technology induced malignancy of
todays planet and see the source of that malignancy in the western
mentality of I
Chippewa leader Rising Sun on western science: The scientific view is
inadequate to explain how man is to find and know a road along which
he wishes and chooses to make this said progress unless Manitoo by his
spirit guides the mind of man, keeping human beings just and generous
and hospitable
Rising Sun, speaking as an elderly man in 1918, WAS NOT speaking solely
or even primarily of human relationships with fellow humans, and as a
western I thinker, that would not have even occurred to you, were one to
be perfectly honest with oneself.
The Old Native Circle
Napi explains to Spotted Buffalo what it had meant for a man to be in a
matriarchal culture
Before the Christians, all of the male children were educated by the
grandmothers to age ten. These were the women who inculcated the

cultural values to everyone, it was the entire culture in the hands of these
women. By this time of age ten the male children were exiled from womens
society but already they were armed with lethal weapons and would lay
down their lives for these women without hesitation. In fact they were the
last line of defense between any attacking enemy and the women who
were the seed stock of the nation, the repository of knowledge that
determined everything it meant to be a Blackfoot. And it was not only the
Blackfoot, but this was the case for most of the North American peoples.
You see this clearly in the Oral History. When the Blackfeet had effectively
destroyed the Sarcee as a tribe, right down to wiping out the Mosquitos,
the child warriors, all of the male Sarcee beings had been killed. They
became afraid of what they had done because no one has the right to
destroy any expression of the Creation altogether. Our wise people
counseled among themselves. If the Sarcee went extinct, this could be the
Blackfeet fate as well. What had been done was of the most serious of
wrongs. So the Sarcee women were given both protection and Blackfoot
husbands, to reconstitute that tribe. And today the Sarcee people speak
their own Athbascan language rather than Blackfoot. They still have their
own Oral History and creation story. This is the result of the Women
educating the male children. But they did have to adopt the Blackfeet
Okan ceremony to protect their new men, because these Blackfoot men
had come from a different world, distinct from the Sarcee world, and that
had to be recognized. And so the Sarcee nation went on and had survived.
The old Blackfoot world was divided between the women, the men, and the
androgyny. What I mean by that is everything was ordered around the
natural process observed in the world surrounding them. This order was
and is, first and primarily feminine. This is reflected in the social order and
the language. The oldest term for the highest possible chief is a Ninawaki.
A Ninawaki is only a woman, never a man. In todays Blackfoot language
the word is the shorter Ninaki and means both Boss and Wife. This is the
primary authority of the ancient Blackfoot world. And this idea goes to the
cultural attitude of women as the disciplinarians: as in the very old
Blackfoot proverb The grandmothers carry the switch. The earth is a
woman and women are the hosts. Men are the guests. This is reflected in
todays Blackfoot world when a man has been thrown out of his house by
his wife and that is it. It is divorce. The man can do nothing more than state

the fact of the matter as in the modern Blackfoot expression She gave me
the boot. By cultural law, that act of eviction must be honored. So the men
had to be careful not to disrespect their wives. They had to live honorably in
relation to the governing female principles. The feminine aspect of the
androgyny is reflected in the customs of marriage, the social organization
and the language. And not least, in the men themselves.
The language is key to this understanding. There is what has been
misunderstood by the western linguists as multiple genders but in fact this
is nothing more than varying degrees of androgyny. Primary male gender is
rare. You see this in the Trickster, a male clown or a man who behaves like
an idiot, in the Sun, some of the sky gods, the Eagle perhaps on occasion,
not much more. Primary female gender is more common than primary male
gender but none the less, is the exception rather than the rule. Women
themselves when single, or alone for instance out digging roots, the
mothers with cubs, the woman chief Ninawaki, the wife Ninaki. However it
is the androgyny which, in varying degrees, is the most common
expression. Men are in nearly all cases androgynous, this is the vehicle for
them to know what it means to live in Human Dignity. As warriors, you
might expect the reverse to be true, but in this case they are actually more
female than male, especially with the ritual paint as expressions of the
matriarchal world they represent in war. All war is made on behalf of the
women who nursed them for this role the first ten years of their lives. They
were literally trained to think by and to think like, the women. The evidence
is striking. What the Whiteman could never see, and it was jumping out at
him in the many photos of history, is in the feminine appearance of the
men. Just take another look. These were not effeminate men, not at all in
the western sense, yet they were very feminine men in personal expression
that by and large were not in any sense gay. These native men were truly
psychologically androgynous beings, a missed point altogether in
Anthropology. It was simply a phenomena of Human culture that was
beyond the framework of the western mentality. The Whites missed it
These were most typically heterosexual men of a feminine persona, high
honor and a sense of feminine dignity that reflects in the frontier wisdom of
the Whites: that it was by far smarter to simply kill an Indian, outright, rather
than insult him. These people did not mess around, life is not a game.

Rather life is an important opportunity to live a personal evolution of service

to all that is holy, beginning with ones relationship to the Earth, the great
Because the Whites could not see the source of the fundamental values
inculcated in these people, that matriarchal principles underpinned a
psychology with mental structures differing altogether from their own, they
never saw how the Native government functioned. Rather they projected
their own masculine psychological images on the native proceedings and
came up with an utterly perverted interpretation.
The womens secret societies were in fact the crucible and drive in the
Native evolutionary experience. They posed to the men the problems they
wanted solved and told them to get it done. When the men met and
compared notes, it could not be missed when every son, husband and
father with status and voice in the mens council had heard the identical
message, individually, from the women. Having been devolved upon to take
action to seek a means to an end the women had specified, the men
discussed. The women had already had their say, they now only need
witness what they had demanded be resolved, in actuality resolved. This
was the primary means of problem solving in these cultures. The women
identified what they wanted. The men were entrusted with bringing that
desire to fruition. These women raised their men to be demigods, to be
mental, ethical and physical Titans without fear. They did a good job of it.
That the women gave unselfishly, totally caring for these men, in return
service to these amazing beings trained from infancy to lay their lives down
without question for these women says everything. It was a circle,
This event was in fact totally invisible to the White men who could only see
the superficial aspect of the mens public meeting and counseling and draw
incorrect conclusions from this surface event, unaware of the inner
dynamics these women had provided to devise and implement a brilliant
system. But one only need look again at the photos of history, in the case
of the Blackfoot, you see the men in the circle of ceremony seated beside
their higher chiefs, their Sits Besides Them Wives, the Ninawaki. How is
it the wives are suddenly the highest form of chief, a Ninawaki, rather than

the mere boss of a man in family, a Ninaki? Because it had become the
formal, proper word, a greater context, in ceremony. Look at the photos.
She is wearing a chiefs bonnet. She sits beside him as a matter of her
place and privilege is granted by women, not men. He does not have much
to say about that. And by gosh, he had better do right by her. Because her
peers, all of the Ninawaki, determine his status among the men, just as
much as these women had decided her right to be seated beside him. Now
she has stepped up and cares for the Nation in the macro-cosmic sense of
family. He is there because it is the men who are entrusted with carrying
out that care and responsibility.
First, all life is meant to be ceremony. This is the formal circle of council. It
is a macro-inclusive circle of the Blackfoot world, it is an expression of
world view. The world is constantly in a state of flux, a kind of fluidity that
must be coordinated with, in order to know a stable existence in
community. In this original sense, all ceremony is calibration and
recalibration. The so-called opening prayers are the inclusive
acknowledgment and employment of the quantum reality energy strings
that tie everything, ourselves inclusive, essentially all the expression of our
integrated surrounding existence and reality, together.
We are not to become separated in our own sight and intelligence from the
greater intelligence of the mystery, the larger intelligent expression we
know as reality. So this opening prayer is not a macro-cosmic
communication in a local or finite sense, but a communication with a
Gestalt expression in the Blackfoot world, one world of many intelligently
expressed worlds which make up a greater cosmos. The Blackfoot family is
a nucleus, that bands council, a cell, the Blackfoot branch or division is an
organ, the confederacy an organism. The mystery of our existing is a
clockwork environment in which all must remain coordinated/calibrated to
know a safe and intelligent experience. In this sense, the council is the
Blackfoot worlds great expression of what it means to know survival. And
all survival depends on, from the beginning, what it means to live in Human
Dignity for the individual males: to be Niitssitapi, which is a female rooted
Without this sense of dignity which is actually an approach to life in relation
to our surroundings, from the beginning, none of the expressions

surrounding us will coordinate or make sense. Because all is related, all,

everything, must be approached by these men in council with the greatest
respect for this original law laid down for men to serve the women who
represent the gift of our very lives. You must have LIVED this law, as in
living personal ceremony, this will have in fact determined your seat
determining law and status.
The Beautiful Blue Planet
The 'Beautiful Blue Planet' is an apt name for where we live and it is
nothing short of tragic wonder more people don't appreciate our beauty of
existence in an undisturbed sense- particularly the western science which
avoids honest math going to the equation of damage inflicted through
exploitation of nature necessary to build civilization to a point of Space
Exploration. This brings to mind Einstein's stating the intelligence which
creates a problem is inadequate to solve that problem- i.e. asking the
science which is destroying the planet to get us out of this mess (as if we
can create a 'space ark' to move on) is nothing short of planetary suicide
based on current economic model of 'sustained development'
Sustained development is precisely the principle of cancer and a macrocosmic cancerous mentality of the collective western world is devouring us,
lock, stock and ecosystem on the pyramid scheme necessary to place
satellites in orbit, including the Hubble. In shamanic ethics, which are a
quantum based reality, there is no escape from responsibility and insofar as
any good coming of the destruction required to 'advance' knowledge in
western culture, it is not going to happen except in a possible sense of
learning what does NOT work and that learning will be trauma based, and
simply reflects the entirety of collective responsibility
Prior to 10,000 years ago, most of the planet lived in a high state of
awareness by comparison to our present time. In the past, prior to
projecting reality or the externalizing ideation which came with the birth of
ego, there were traditions of inter-stellar experience via a concept of
'awake dreaming' or what only now is being rediscovered in western culture
as the concept of lucid dreaming

Time travel was known and my position would be the whole idea of the
Anunnaki is nothing more than the ancients looking forward to us and now,
in a sense of where ideas come from in different areas of the brain
The Plains Ojibwa had a shamanic tradition which survived into my lifetime
that could see through time and space using nothing more than the mind,
upon which the history of their world was based
Insofar as projecting into other locales in space-time, the [ancient] Native
understanding is our brain is a model of the universe, and we are always
located in the present area of consciousness. Other areas of implied
consciousness simply reflect alternative collective organization of
consciousness in the brain at different times in history
Looking for 'it' out there is barking up the wrong tree, because it is when we
get it 'here', we are going to be able to find it, 'there'
Going to that thought, transposed onto western ideation, I propose the
archetypes in western mythology represent nothing more than battles of
ideas, for instance the titans overthrow marking past new world order or
change [drop] in consciousness so to speak
Like the medicine man Jesus had said, the 'kingdom of heaven is within
you' and 'in my father's house there are many mansions.' Everything you
imagine to be out there, is already here. Evidence of Nibiru indicates
upcoming shift in the locale of consciousness, which points to a
fundamental change of reality and, no one can know what to expect
Our brain has a sort of inter-stellar GPS built in and it is where the majority
are locked in [or out] of consciousness, is where we find ourselves. Again
and again in the [Oral] history of Native civilization, the Navaho tradition is
very clear in this, we have changed locales, and lived on different planets.
None of it required spaceships
Living correctly
Translated to eastern philosophy terminology, I would sum up the ancient
Blackfoot approach to life like this every impact, down to so much as a

bruised blade of grass, in the course of going about anything, whether daily
sustenance or whatever, generates karma. This in turn demands a dharma
or life of right action in relation to all things, as ones foundation, to keep
balance. It is within the living clock this principle was observed and
followed in such a way as to discover what would be gifted to sustain the
people. Jung observed this principle as synchronicity but I will the note the
Red Indians knew how to read the clock or nature, that is ones
surroundings, in all of this. Because the clock was the foundation all had
been based on, the order of priority in caring for things was as follows:

The great community or cosmos (interpreted as territory)

The environment (within the cosmos)
The nation (within the environment)
The clan/band (within the nation)
The family (within the band)
The self (within the family)

All of the preceding demanded an integrated approach that precluded ego

in the western sense .. it was never about me but about sustaining a
system of perpetual motion which depended on all; right down to
awareness of impact to the single blade of grass and the right action or
lived awareness demanded of this fact. Development of the individual was
integrated to the whole of it, precluding any practical sense of separation.
As this system of perpetual motion moves through the seasons, it could be
interpreted as a Native American Tao. Everyone in the ancient way could
read this movement until the Europeans arrived. And we know the
consequence of the new education has been.
The ancient AmerInd concept that could translate as 'karma' was more
considered a fact of life as opposed to a negative per se. Certainly there
would be negative consequence of taking no care or thought of one's every
impact in the course of events across any spectrum of life, no matter how
small. But karma 'just is' and how this is dealt with had been through a life
of right action. In other words, all acts of sustaining our place within the
cosmos generate karma, this is immutable law founded in quantum
mechanics. Discharging karma -as opposed to allowing karma to
accumulate- is the purpose of Dharma or a life of right action in the preColumbian world view. This is a world view necessary to survival.