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Week 33

Learning Commons

place for you to learn.
Kaplan Medical
sign up and use the course (refer to email received from Kaplan for further details).
We have already received 2 books, one in D1 and one in D2 (Kaplan book NBDE1 and Med Essential).
As per Dr. Spielmans email instead of a class on NBDE preparation, do the following:
1. The presentation is in your Integrated Basic Science Clinical Case Seminars Course site
under Resources.
2. Watch the 25 minute presentation first. It will describe your summer schedule, the
structure and content, overview of the exam, do's and don'ts before, during and after
the exam, some statistics, how to sign up and prepare for the exam to succeed.
3. Sign up at ADA and pay the fee (after March 1, 2015)
4. My office will certify you in 2-3 days, to take the exam between August 18 - 30, 2015
(these are the strict dates)
5. Once we certify you, ADA will provide you with a registration number, usually 10 days
6. With that number call the Prometrics site where you will take the exam between
August 18-30. You can take it anywhere in the US or Canada at a Prometrics site.
7. This is a very difficult exam. The Standard for what constitutes 75, as a passing
grade was reset last October. This means the failure rate is bound to go up nationwide.
It happens every 7 years when it is reset.
8. Please use this presentation as a guide between now and August. Good luck with your
preparation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask
Study Group
If interested in signing up to form a study group with peers - respond to email from Student
Affairs with the requested information (as per the email)
Health Practitioners Society, also known as ACE
1st General Meeting will be Friday, March 20th at 4 pm
in room 612. Snacks will be provided.
New club at NYUCD which initiates a social and professional society for members from all health
professions by creating a close-knit network for health professionals. The club offers many outreach

opportunities with other professional schools, not limited to dentistry and lectures by DISTINGUISHED
DDS/DMD, MDs, ODs, DPM, Pharm.D, and RN.
Faculty Evaluations, Academic Affairs Certifications for Promotion and Graduation (for D4)
Reminder: To earn an A please go to
complete faculty evaluations for ALL course that are about to finish now.
It was recommended that we do not leave it to the last minute.
June 15, 2015
ePortfolio and Peer Assessment web sites update
As per Dr. Allens recent email - continue to update
your Personal Statement.
The recommendations for website use are:
1 - USE VPN even if at school. If you do not have VPN on your computer - stop by 8th floor
2 - If you are still having logon issues, change browsers.
Using a MAC, Firefox and Chrome work much better than Safari.

If you want to send in any announcements - just email them to
by Saturday at 2:00 pm.

Class Reminders - To Do List

Aesthetic Dentistry
***Attendance in Lecture
(not 17 number)
***LECTURE Schedule change:
The lecture of
Friday March 6th at 1pm
was cancelled.
The lecture has been rescheduled for:
For lab groups A1 and B2,
Monday March 16, 2:00-2:50 pm
in Nagle
For lab groups A2 and B1,
Tuesday March 17, 5:00-5:50 pm
in Nagle
Diastema Competency

March 16, 2015

Come in at least 10 min. prior to lab session to set up - exam will begin at 8am, 10:45am, 1pm, and
Diastema test teeth #8 and 9 will be provided.
Place virgin (new) teeth for #6, 7, 10, 11.
50-60 minutes
Refer to the competency grading sheet handed out in lab
If you receive a 3, you passed the competency but still need to do homework.
If you receive a 4, you must do the homework and retake the competency at a later date.
Typodonts with grading sheet can be picked up after they are graded that day.
Grading will be similar to GDS with two graders, one of them being Dr. Cheung.

March 18, 2015

Conventional tooth colored Inlay #29 (MOD Preparation, Impression and Provisional)
only one unexcused absence for the whole course
**As per Syllabus *Daily Care Form - Must be completed prior to and brought to each lab session
lab QUIZ
CR I - Sim: Fixed & Implant Pros
OSCE (objective simulated clinical exam)

March 17, 2015

This will count for bonus points if received 75 or better
ill be tested on what weve learned in CRI lab without having to pick up a drill!
2 parts total of 20 multiple choice (MC) questions on Scantrons (based on the work weve
performed in Sim Lab)
1 10 MC questions presented on computer screens on north side of room.

2 10 MC questions (same scantron) on opposite side of the room.

"hands-on" 10 stations with materials i.e. preparations, interim
restorations, etc. that can be handled and evaluated to answer the questions.

1. You must take it during your assigned lab time.
2. The first 15-20 students are brought in, take part I and rotate to the other side of the
3. The rest of the section is gradually rotated through.
4. Once you've completed the 20 questions, you leave the lab
the floor.
Lab 58

March 19, 2015

All Ceramic Restorations: Single and multiple units
Evaluate samples of multiple unit all ceramic bridges
View DVD of PROCERA process
"Partial Coverage" lecture from Thursday, March 5, 2015 has been uploaded to NYU Classes
Dr. Antonoff is in process of having Dental Informatics transfer the podcast from last year to iTunesU
Implant Competency
Written portion (if you did not get 100%)
Will be given in April with a scantron - date TBD
APRIL 2, 2015

First comprehensive review

Students who meet the necessary criteria (see below) will be allowed to perform fixed prosth in the
(head start in clinic and finish CR I early)
If all of the following criteria is
met, then you will begin the in-course remediation (additional
allotted course time -
Don't let the term "remediation" scare you, because this just means you won't get to start
prosth on your patients early in clinic and you won't get to finish CR I early. It'll be normal
continuation of CR I lab, where you will finish unfinished work (for partial credit), practice
for the competency, make-up implant competency.
(separate from passing the lab portion of the course):
a. pass Lecture portion (written exams) with 75 or better
b. each lab practical (3) passed at least once with final lab practical grade of at least 75 or
c. all competencies passed
d. all required lab work completed
**If you happen to have the first two, but with a grade of 70-75, you will also stay in CR I lab
("be in AACT") and get extra practice in and work done.
April 14, 2015

Last day to turn in all lab work for

partial credit
(1 to 3.5 points instead of 5 points).

April 23, 2015

Last day of lab

as well as second half of the
competency's third attempt
Criteria to pass the
a. pass with 70 or better on at least two of the three practicals
b. average grade of all three practicals (taking the best attempt's score) must be 70 or better
c. pass all competencies
March 19, 2015

2 sets of preparations and interim restorations #6-8

March 19, 2015

#9 & 10 dowel/core preparations; Prepare/Fit/Cement #9 & 10 prefabricated

dowels; #9 & 10 Core build-ups; #9 &10 MCR Prep/Int. Rest.
March 19, 2015

#29 preparation
#29 acrylic resin pattern for cast dowel/core
Fabrication of dowel/core provisional with metal reinforcement
Work authorization form for lab
March 26, 2015

Cementation #8 MCR; interim restorations

March 26, 2015

Prepare one tooth #9 for single unit APC crown; fabricate provisional; evaluate
fit/accuracy of APC on dies
March 26, 2015

Semesters lab work (for full credit)


HPII - Interprofessional Seminar

- be on lookout in your schedule (
May - June, 2015
Mandatory 2-hour session will appear in clinic schedule as Risk Assessment

Systems Pathology
Conference (BLOOD -- WBC)

this week
Make sure that you attend your session
ATTENDANCE recommended at lecture
CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE Must attend AT MINIMUM 9 of the 11 seminars in this course.
Late (15 minutes or more) -->
be considered as an absence/s.
Drug Interactions Project's
instructions posted on NYU classes under resources.

Dr. Esaian's Learning Objectives

Understanding the pain signaling pathway, mechanism of opioid on the receptor site, major
differences of the effects of the various receptors (that I stressed)
Major adverse effects of opioids in general, some unique adverse effects of the individual
agents (just with the u-agonist), and histamine release potency (based on the semisynthetic,
synthetic, or natural)
Potency differences of the meds (u-agonist), be familiar with naloxone use and adverse events


Major active metabolites that I stressed (especially the ones more potent than the opioid)
Implications to dentistry

Q/A doc
contains common questions that Dr. Duarte has received.
Please check before emailing Dr. Duarte to clarify a concept

Attendance randomly taken for bonus percentage to be added to grade.

March 19, 2015


March 20, 2015

Intro to Oral Surgery
Assigned flap and suture lab (bench lab)

March 24th.
Attend only your assigned session
Prepare by reviewing the video listed as section 3.7 on NYU Classes
prior to attending the bench lab
**Video DUE date extension
For those who started seminar series this week (with your first in-class live seminars on: February 23,
24, 25, 26), your first video project for the local anesthesia module is due no later than three weeks
from your first in-class live seminar (corresponding to March 16, 17, 18, 19). This extension is for the
intervening spring break recess.
Please note that your second video assignment (on non-surgical exodontia) is be due no later than
two weeks after the first assignment (March 30, 31, April 1, 2). The third and fourth assignments are
due no later than two weeks after the second.
You are strongly encouraged to complete all four video assignments by the time of your second
in-class live seminar. The second in-class live seminar will have a greater impact on your overall
learning of the material in this course if the four video assignments are completed before this
for those who have begun the seminars
Please be aware that each of the videos is graded out of a total of five points.
For every day that a video is late (beyond its due date), you will lose one point per day.
Videos that receive a grade of two or one will have to be redone and re-submitted for grading

Reminder for those who have started OMS complete the online seminars when you submit your video to
keep on track with the course
All D2 students are scheduled for the bench lab on March 24. This is not a seminar session. This is a hands-on
lab to practice topics related to flaps and sutures.

Intro to Peds
Final Exam

March 19, 2015

Mandatory Child Abuse and Neglect Course
Refer to email from
Lorena Conz
for detailed instructions
**MUST complete the course before
March 23, 2015
Final Grade breakdown:
Final Exam 50 %
4 Quizzes 40 % (10% per quiz)
Attendance 5 %
Online Pre/Post Survey 5%
Completion of Mandatory NYS Child Abuse Training Required
D2 Integrated Seminars Course
To avoid further technical difficulties:
Avoid the use of Safari (for Mac users)
Use your NYU account to log on.
Do not skip any parts of modules.
complete 10 of these modules by the end of the course in May
To Access the modules
User name: your nyu email
Password: changeme
Online Module to be completed by
May 31, 2015
Viral Hepatitis and HIV
March 17, Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
Leukemia and Lymphoma, Coronary Artery Disease
EXTENSION April 7, 2015 at 11:00
Infective Endocarditis and Congestive Heart Failure
(preferably by end of month)

Obesity and Anemia

May (preferably by end of month)
If you have any issues please email
Fundamentals of Behavior

March 20, 2015

Note the following in the Syllabus, as there will be quiz questions during each lecture:
"Attendance is mandatory for all lectures.
Students must bring their
Turning Technologies
to each lecture to take the quizzes. Failure to bring the clicker will preclude taking
the quiz and result in a 0 for that quiz."
Students can drop 1 quiz grade
GDS II Pediatric
1st class

March 16, 2015

Seminar # 5

March 20, 2015

Article for seminar and quiz is available under resources

Upcoming the end of the semester!




Diastema Closure - Teet #8 and #9




OSCE's (objective simulated clinical exam)


Competency Assessment 26C: Implants (2nd attempt)

written part - 100% correct
simulation part - no critical errors


Practice for Competency
Lab Work


Competency Assessment 26B: Fixed Partial Denture Part I #19-21 3-unit bridge preps (2nd attempt)
OR one practical exam to improve a practical previously passed


Competency Assessment 26B: Fixed Partial Denture Part II #19-21 Interim Restorations (2nd attempt)
(utilize preps from Part I)












Completion and sign-off lab work - partial credit




Challenge #1 - Tooth colored Onlay preparation & temp




Practice for Competency


Competency Assessment 26B: Fixed Partial Denture Part I #19-21 3-unit bridge preps (3rd attempt)
OR one practical exam to improve a practical previously passed






Competency Assessment 26B: Fixed Partial Denture Part II #19-21 Interim Restorations (3rd attempt)
(utilize preps from Part I)




Challenge #2 - Porcelain Veneer




Challenger #3 - Gold Onlay #31




Remedial Session for failed competency/challenges


must take all CR I Practicals TWICE, even if you receive 100 on the first

best score will be recorded.

Upcoming the end of the semester!

March 19, 2015

Intro to Pediatric Dentistry Final Exam

March 26, 2015

CR1 Written Final Exam

30, 2015

Fundamentals of Behaviour Exam

April 2, 2015

Pharmacology Exam 2
April 8, 2015

Systems Pathology Exam 2

May 6, 2015

Fundamentals of Behaviours Exam

May 8, 2015

Pharmacology Final Exam

May 15, 2015

Systems Pathology Final Exam

May 18, 2015

Fundamentals of Behaviour Exam

May 18, 2015

Aesthetics Wax-Up DUE

May 19, 2015

Aesthetic Final Exam

May 20, 2015

Intro to OMFS Exam

May 21, 2015

Advanced Prosthodontics Exam

Outreach Opportunities
View NEW Outreach opportunities here:

Lab Availability
View LIVE lab availability here:

Curriculum Updates/Reminders

Intro to Peds
As per Rolas email
Some complaints have been made by students who find themselves at a disadvantage when
they are the first group for the mandatory pediatric seminars. The department has tried to
overcome this issue by the following:
1.You were not always the first group. The groups have alternated in a way that
Section C could be first in one round but last in another round.
2.The quiz questions change for every group. That means group A did not have an
advantage over group B even if answers are shared.
3.The statistics at the end of each section are analyzed. If Group B which had the
first session averaged 46% on the quiz meanwhile Group C that went last got a 99.5%
then the numbers are adjusted accordingly. For the first group who didnt know they
should watch the video in the most recent module, this was taken into account as

As you can see, your scores at the end will reflect a fair effort. You are not at a disadvantage
regardless of which session you attend and the class will be equilibrated.
A (long) word about sharing answers on the quizzes after I spoke to the directors: when
you share answers you hurt yourself. After each quiz, the numbers are evaluated so that the
course directors could gauge how well the material was taught and how well students
retained it. Blended learning is a new concept and in order to determine whether or not its
an adequate tool for teaching, scores will be analyzed carefully after all sessions. If everyone
shares answers and the class gets 95% on all exams, naturally, it will be assumed that the
blended learning has been working great. In addition, the standard will be set at a 95 which
means you have to continue to do well to score well. If the class just tries their best and puts
in an honest effort, the directors can figure out if online learning is in fact working for us or
not without such a big skew. Even if you get a 60% on a quiz or the exam, it doesnt mean
youll fail the class because the numbers will be adjusted based on the average and other
factors like your improvements. Bottom line is, do your best but dont worry so much about
raw numbers. Again, its frustrating to be the first group in a trial period, but the advantage
is grades will be much much more lenient.
Finally, another review session will be schedule right when we get back so that you can ask
questions before the exam which is scheduled for Thursday March 19 from 3-4 pm.
For challenge statuses and updates check
Get Challenge Forms here:

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Tips from Upper Classmen

Make sure that there is no excess bulk on the lingual of the teeth when doing the Diastema Closure Competency!

Do you have tips from upperclassmen PLEASE share them with us al