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My family serves as my everything, especially my mom and dad

because without them I am nothing. My family were the best
thing that Ive ever had in my life and they were the most
precious gift that God gave to me and I am so lucky and so lucky
and so blessed that they come into my life and they are my life.
They complete me. They completed every piece that is broken,
every part that is gone and every single thing that fades.
My mom and my dad, I consider there reflection as Values
Education subject. Why? They teach me day by day every second,
minute and hour to be a good dauther, friend, and ciizen. They
never fail to show me how to be a good one. They make sure that
every mistakes that Ive made I should learn from it and that
lesson would serve as my guide to do the right thing and avoid
the wrong ones. They taught me to believe, have faith, and fear
God, follow his commandments, trust His words, spread his words
and read the Bible. My mom never forget to remind me, advice
me, and tell me everyday to be a Brave and stronger woman. To
face all the problems, obstacles and challenges that I will
encounter and to maintain my good manners and right conduct
untill the clock stops ticking. While my dad taught me to be a
good fighter/ a fighter that will do whatever it takes as long as
shes right just to fight for her righ. A fighter that will never let
others to bring her feelings and knees down just to make fun of
her. And a fighter that would save and rescue her family no
matter what happens. And last but not the least a fighter that no
matter how tough and rough she is her faith and fear of God will
always remain in her heart and mind forever.
Everything matters to me. I know that my parents do these things
because this is all for me and for the future. And I wanna tham
them for being me and making me a better and a productive
person. Their reflections will forver serve as my inspiration

because my familys reflection is one of Gods host powerful

Mans life consists in seeking for the truth.
A life of a man is not an easy one. Though they have jthe hardest
task there life is still meaningful because God gave it to them .
Mans life consists in seeking for the truth, which is what more
mysterious truths would they discover and encounter, a truth of
what is their purpose in living, fighting, encounter troubles, pains,
problems, and obstacles. Truths that they need to know and
figure out. Seeking for the truth on what is their real mission and
what is the real purpose why they were created.
These truths will have its own answers and reasons, for I know
God will make a way or sign to explain it. Man I created in the
image and lightness of God.
God created man using his own image, image which is his great
attitude and personality. He created man according to his
lightness which is like him though it differs because recreated
man with a mysterious mission and he created it with a purpose.
Look how lucky a man is, God

created them according to his

lightness he created them like Him, good man, wonderful server,

and a great follower.

Your bestfriend is someone that you can lean on at times when
you are alone, sad, youre not okay, you need some advices and
helps, comforts, and when youn need someone that will
understand and support.
Yes I know that we have our own bestfriend, like me,. You know
what are the best thing about us? Is that we have the same or we
have similarities and for me it is special. We are both funny,
happy and positive person. We both like to dance and sing, have
fun enjoy our high school life and teeange life and enjoy freedom.
We are like down we loved to make fun of each other, we are like
crazy people we just wan to be happy but when we get hurt and
mad we are like telenovelas and dramas we cry and cry, emo and
emo, shout and shout, till we feel no pain. I am so lucky that Ive
met her, get the chance to spend my time and my life with her,
and so lucky that Im his bestfriend. We roll up. Whenever is need
her, shes there, whenever she is whatever time she doesnt
bother and it doesnt matterto her bacause she said that Thats
what bestfriends oo they are like lovers and they would never
ever end up nothing.

He is our teacher, hero, father, friend, bestfriends, boyfriend,
prince, love of our life and on of out everthing. He is my dearest,
sweetest, bravest, strongest, coolest and almost perfect Sir Jose
A. Vargas. And no wonder why I am one of the luckiest student
and dauther because he is such a wonderful and a gifted man.
He reflects as my star thou heve gone so far get he still gives the
brightest light to as a light that guide us in the key of success.
Hes my son, my biggest fan and my biggest teacher that pushes
me to dream big and a im high because he believes on me and he
trusts me that I can do it.
Hes my dentist, he treats my feelings everytime Im in pain and
Iam dmown. He makes sure that before he leaves me. Im back
being good and everything flows normally. Hes my bodyguard, he
makes sure that he keeps me safer and secured and last, he is my
lawyer which defens me in every corner whenhe knows I am right
and I need to claim my rights.
My Sir Jose A. Vargas though weve met a short period of time he
never let me experienced that I am alone out of place and I dont
belong. Instead from the day weve me he already made me one
of them and welcomed me to my new family. I am so proud and
so honored that Ive met an awesome man like him and I will
treasure him forever.

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