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Civil Air Patrol

Southwest Region Headquarters
Office of Public Affairs
P. O. Box 4773
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-0773

Lt Col Lawrence Mattiello

Larry Mattiello received his pilots license at the age of 17 after
attending the flight school at LaGuardia airport in New York City. He
continued with his passion of flying by joining the Air Force ROTC in
College and entered the USAF in 1977 with the hopes of continuing
his pilot training and experience. With the end of the Vietnam War
and reduction in force taking place compounded by an eye medical
problem Larry was discharged one year later and decided to establish
a career in the Aviation Insurance industry. Since then he has had a
successful corneal transplant and holds a current class 2 medical
with FAA Commercial license with Instrument Ratings and over 3,000
hours of flight time.
Larry has continued in the Aviation Insurance industry for over 30
years as an Underwriter and Broker and is now President of the
largest aviation Insurance brokerage firm in the U.S.; AirSure Limited,
LLc. Located in Plano, Texas. During his career Larry has managed many different forms of aviation risk
management, safety programs and design, as well as aircraft accident review and investigations. He worked with
international aviation risk and developed relationships with insurance markets in the U.S. and Europe.
In his professional capacity in the aviation industry Larry has served on the Board of Directors of the Helicopter
Association International for over 14 years and is Past Chairman of the HAI Insurance Committee. He is also
serving on the HAI Safety Committee over 12 years and is a member of the safety team responsible for the
Helicopter Platinum Program for Safety. He writes safety articles for a variety of aviation trade organizations and
has held safety workshops around the Country. Larry also works with members of Flight Safety International to
develop and promote a variety of aviation safety programs and has advised developing a Safety Management
System program for the CAP. Larry is certified from the University of North Dakota in Aircraft Accident
Investigation and his currently earning his certification in Aviation Safety. He has also been recognized by the
Eastern Region Helicopter Council for his white paper that was used as the basis for the new Skyline Transition
route over NYCs Hudson River corridor by the NTSB, FAA and the Hudson River River Task Force.
Larry first joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1974 and was a member of the Southern Dutchess County Squadron in
Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1987 he became a member of the Catskill Mountain Group as the Safety Officer and
served in that capacity until he moved to Texas in 2001. There he transferred into the Nighthawk Squadron and
moved up to Wing as the Texas Safety Director and in 2005 was asked to serve on the National Staff as the
Assistant National Safety Officer for Air Ops. He was also tasked to become the Editor for the Sentinel and write
many of its articles on safety and serve as the SWR Safety Officer. He has also been requested to serve as the
SWR Chief of Staff and has received his Level V achievement. In 2005 Larry was recognized for his efforts in the
CAP safety programs by being awarded the Safety Officer of the Year at National, Region, and Texas Wing.

Larry maintains his Mission Pilot, Observer and Scanner status, as well as Mission Safety Officer and Counter
Drug; and has flown some high profile missions such as the John Kennedy Jr. search for NY Wing and the Space
Shuttle Recovery for the Texas Wing. His passion for flying and dedication to safety has made him committed to
the success of the countless CAP volunteers to conduct their missions for America and to do so safely.