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hybris Developer Training Part II – Commerce

Advanced Personalization


6/3/2013 Advanced Personalization Module Advanced Personalization 3 How hybris enables your Commerce Segment Customers into different groups Use segmentation for personalizing the content Extensions: btg btgcockpit 3 Problem: Unfocused mass communication strategy Advanced Personalization 4 2 .

6/3/2013 Solution: Advanced Personalization  Age  Order History  Gender  Country … Advanced Personalization Pers.  Various hybris commerce actions which can be triggered. This segmentation can be used for further marketing actions. 3 .  Various types of data which is saved with a customer. Content 5 Pre-Segmentation (via user groups) Customer Profile Personalized Pages Targeting Rules Session Profile  Cart  Viewed Pages  Referral URL  Affiliate Link … Definition of Advanced Personalization Product Recommendations ? … Advanced Personalization 6 Also known as Behavioral Targeting Groups (BTG) The behavior or characteristics of a customer in an online shop can be used to classify him/her into different groups or segments. Customer Behavior Customer Characteristics Marketing Actions  Various actions which can be performed on a website.

active until Specifies the period the segment is active is active Flag to determine if segment is active 8 4 .6/3/2013 Customer Segments Advanced Personalization User: demo Buys many products User: demo Puts Laptop in cart 7 User: demo Segment = User/usergroup + Age > 21 years Age > 21 years Age > 21 years Total Order Volume > 1000 € Total Order Volume > 1000 € Total Order Volume > 1000 € Laptop In Cart Laptop In Cart Laptop In Cart Rules + Free Laptop Insurance Output actions Free Laptop Insurance Free Laptop Insurance 7 Customer Segment Attributes Attribute Advanced Personalization 8 Contains id Unique Identifier – created automatically name Name of the customer segment catalog version Catalog version the segment is valid for default result scope Session scope or permanent scope default evaluation method Optimized (lazy) or full (eager) sites List of CMS websites for the segment active from.

6/3/2013 Customer Segment Rules Advanced Personalization 9 Customers must fulfill each rule in order to trigger the actions that provide some personalization feature A rule contains expressions of the following form: LEFT OPERAND OPERATOR RIGHT OPERAND Rule Types: Cart Rule Customer Rule Website Rule Order Rule 9 Output Actions Advanced Personalization 10 Action which is performed when a customer fulfills all rules of the segment All output actions extend AbstractAction Standard actions as part of btg extension extend BTGOutputActionDefinition Subtype of AbstractAction Catalog aware to fit the staging capability of the segment 10 5 .

6/3/2013 Predefined Output Actions Advanced Personalization 11 Action Assign User to Group Only for authenticated customers CMS Restriction Action Select a WCMS page or component which should be shown 11 Frontend Integration Advanced Personalization 12 BTGSegmentFilter 2. Invalidation 4. (Preview)Context 3. Evaluation 12 6 .

6/3/2013 Advanced Personalization 13 Report View Statistics of the selected segment and its rules Success rate Rule success rate Segment success over time Known/Unknown users rate User information to a certain segment Advanced Personalization 14 7 .

6/3/2013 15 8 .