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Editor: Laura Clinton
01332 520 387
Co-Editor: Tasha Gill
Photographer: Josh Cunningham
Designer: Ben Coleman
Advertising: Laura Clinton
Hey folks!
Welcome to the frst edition of Stuffed
2008! This exciting issue is busting with
information brought to you by the DCSU.
We have all been working hard to put this
together and it wouldn’t have been possible
without your contributions, feedback and
guidance, so thank you to all who got
This issue includes all the latest SU updates
from Elections to Enrichment trips, and
topical articles written by students and SU
staff. As always our regular features include
Ask SAC, U.G.L.Y, and ‘Your Space’.
Please email me any feedback, ideas or
changes you want made, or pop a comment
into your nearest Voice Box. Happy Stuffng!
Laura x
Stuffed Issue 10, March 2008
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Clubs & Societies
Welcome to SU Clubs and Societies, if you are interested in setting up your very own club or
society at Derby College then please let us know. We can offer you all the help and support
you will need to get your group off the ground; why not email us at enrichment@derby-college. or drop into your nearest SU offce for more details.
Go French in May
This year we are running a second foreign trip
to France and will be staying at the two star
Misterbed Bangolet hotel in the centre of Paris.
The trip costs just £135.00 plus £25.00, if you
wish to go to the award winning Disney Land,
We will need your £50.00 deposit and booking
form returned to us by Thursday 20th March to
secure your place.
Mark Rugman Memberships Manager
01332 520 387
Don’t Worry - Be HAPPY
Just a small shout from the newly formed HAPPY group. We are a
gay transgendered, bisexual and straight friendly group that have
been quietly forming since September.
We are based at Broomfeld’s site at Derby College, and have big
plans for the future! We currently meet on a Wednesday lunch time
in the SU, but the management team also get together through the
week, working hard to build up the foundations of a group that we
hope will be here for a long time after we’ve moved on. We have
plans for trips, support sessions, but mostly socialising and fun!
The door is open to anyone who is gay friendly, and wants to join in
with all the fun (or all the hard work of course, lol).
Keep your eyes out for our posters, events and a questionnaire that we soon hope to be circulating. We
are also planning to set up an email account for the group so that you will be able to contact us in the
near future.
We’ve also had our frst trip to the ice skating rink that was in Derby over Xmas. Much fun and many
bruises were had by all!
Thanx to everyone who has supported us so far, and let’s all look forward to an absolutely great year!
Sarah Monie, Chair person for HAPPY
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Dear SAC,
After seeing the posters and
receiving some freebies the
Students’ Union was giving out
during the GI Jonny Campaign, it
has made me aware of how easy
it is to catch a STI!
Where can I go for a test?
If you are worried about having a
STI, you can contact your own GP
or you can have a test done at the
local GUM Clinic which is located
at the Derbyshire Royal Infrmary.

You will need to make an appointed
by calling 01332 254681. If you are
worried come into the Student
Advice Centre for a chat.
Please remember condoms are
one of the best ways to protect you
from STIs… which are free from
the Students’ Union anytime.
Dear SAC,
Over the Christmas holidays all
I have been doing is eating lots
and doing no exercise at all, I’m
worried I might put on weight
because of it. The thought of this
is making me feel really down.
I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling
down at the moment. It’s quite
common though; a lot of people
have the same feelings during this
time of year.
Exercise is the best way to get you
ft and make you happier! If the gym
isn’t something you’re into, don’t
worry there are alternatives!
Start by making exercise part of
your daily routine, by walking or
cycling to college, using the stairs
rather than the lift, and going for
a walk during lunch. It’s really
important to do at least 30 minutes
of exercise a day if you can!
Dear SAC,
I’m fnding my coursework is
getting on top of me.
Have you got any ideas which
would help me?
Start by having a timetable, with
all your deadlines on and brief
details about the coursework so
you know where you stand with
your work.
Some people fnd it helpful to
break each piece of coursework
down into more manageable tasks.
Put these tasks on your timetable
but be realistic and give yourself
plenty of time for each one.
During your work, make sure
you have lots of short breaks and
drink plenty of water this will help
to simulate your brain!
If you fnd it diffcult talking to someone personally check out the SAC leafet racks around all
college sites for more information.
Each student and their issue are individual and would be treated as such, if you are experiencing
similar problems please come and talk to us.
Your Problems Answered
Please remember the Student Advice Centre is a confdential service and this problem page is fctional.
If you have any concerns or worries, please remember that the Student Advice Centre is here to offer you confdential
support and guidance.
Fresh Start 01332 224019
NHS smoking helpline: 0800 169 0169
Student Services: next to the main reception.
College Counselling: 01332 520360
Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline: 0870 167 1677
Student Advice Centre: 01332 520387
Advice Page
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Derby College Students Fight For Road Safety
Following the tragic accident which left four dead and two injured on the A608 Morley, last month, Derby College
Students’ Union decided to take action and fght for the national speed limit stretch to be reduced to 40mph, with
their ‘Make it safe, make it 40!’ campaign.
The accident took place just 300 metres from Derby College Broomfeld Hall which raised concerns regarding
the risks posed when entering/exiting the site. The Students’ Union is asking students, staff and local residents
to show their support by signing the offcial petition, and posting their objection letter and postcard to the
Derbyshire County Council.
The College and Students’ Union have been informed that the Derbyshire County Council proposes to change
the speed limit by an Order under the Road Traffc Regulations Act 1984, to reduce the speed limit to 50mph,
but Nick Billinge, General Manager of the Students’ Union and spokesperson for the campaign, states that “this
is just unacceptable, the road limit needs to be reduced to 40mph and traffc calming measures need to be put
into place, in order to reduce the chances of any accidents happening again!”
Under the Colleges general duty of care, Derby College needs to ensure that the safety of their students and
staff is made priority, and are very grateful that the Students’ Union have come together to fght for such a
cause. David Croll, Principal of the Derby College, supports the campaign: “The safety of our students is
of utmost importance and I would encourage staff, students and local residents to support the campaign by
signing the petition.”
On Friday 15th February 2008 members of the Students’ Union travelled to the Derbyshire County Council
Offces in Matlock to present their campaign to Mike Ashworth, Deputy Strategic Director, and Brian Lucas,
Community Safety Committee member.
Mike and Brian explained that this will not be an overnight solution to and will require careful consideration
to fnd the most appropriate solutions that meet all the regulatory requirements, and provide realistic ways
to improve the safety of this stretch of road. A full investigation will now take place by Derby County Council
offcials to consider the points raised by the College, students and local residents; and look into the logistics of
reducing the speed limit to 40mph and traffc calming measures.
Further meetings between the College, Students’ Union, local residents and County Council representatives will
take place in the near future.
If you would like to keep up to date on this campaign and other activities of Derby College Students’ Union,
please visit the Derby College Students’ Union website
SU Bytes
24 Hour Pool Comp
Congratulations to the Masons Place students
and staff that raised a fantastic £860 for Cancer
Research UK.
The students and staff battled it out during the
24 hour pool competition, for the title of “The
Champions”! The scores were neck and neck
until the bitter end…until the early hours of
Sunday morning when the staff took the title!
Well done to all the students and staff for being
great sports and raising a fantastic amount for
the charity!
G.I. Jonny vs H.I.V.
G.I. Jonny: his mission? To inform and protect!
He wants us to get educated, get practising
safe sex and spread the word. November saw
the NUS’ national Sexual Health and Guidance
week, where the SU welfare team promoted
safe sex at stalls around college!
Thank you to Simon and Drew who gave out
hundreds of condoms, sweets, postcards and
t-shirts and informed students about safe sex
and HIV! The Union collected £35 for the national
HIV charity, The Terrence Higgins Trust. Thank
you to all the people who donated!
New Arrivals
The Students’ Union would like to welcome
two new members of staff to the team. Katie
Gregory our Support Worker is responsible for
supervising the Blue Block social space and
will provide you with all of our up-to-date news
on trips, campaigns and representation.
James Rugman is the new Broomfeld Hall
Supervisor and will be in charge of the Students’
Union building. He will be working with you to
improve our services at BH, so let him know of
new ideas and changes you feel would improve
your student life at BH.
Pat On The Back
Thank you to everyone who donated money to
the charity boxes in the food courts and cafes
around college.
Over the last year your contributions have
helped raise over £300 for McMillan Cancer
Your fundraising efforts are always
appreciated, and as a Union we are really
helping to make a difference where it counts.
Well done all!
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12 13 12 13 All photographs were produced by Josh Cunningham (SU
Photographer), you can request your photo in print by emailing him
To see more U.G.L.Y photos from this issue and past issues, sign up
to the Social Network and join the Enrichment group today.
Unbelievably Good Looking Youth
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To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
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14 15
Music & Bands
Alien Angels have found January to be a very busy
time indeed due to unfnished business from 2007.
There were several set backs that prevented the
band from the required amount of progression.
The band had big gig cancellations such as Lords Cricket Ground and Queens Hall due to band member
alterations. After the sad departure of Drew, Alien Angels changed their ways. They now play totally original
songs, written by the band and are much heavier than previously.
The writing of outstanding songs doesn’t come quickly and with a target of 30 songs to write and record, the
band was once again on a gig stand still, plus there were also technical diffculties within the studio. It just
wasn’t their year. Although the band has a very busy period ahead, they are well on course to the completion
of the 30 songs to be written and recorded. By day they record, by night, they drink!
Mike, Oli, Chris and Steph are working together as a band, more than ever to achieve success and we should
be hearing a lot more of Alien Angels this year. Check out the Alien Angel Myspace page for the latest band
news and gig dates:
Sport: Kop’ped It!
The knives were clearly out for Liverpool owners George Gillette and Tom Hicks as Peter Crouch grabbed a last
gasp equaliser against Aston Villa to spare the club further blushes.
The Kop were, as expected, vocal. The drama on the pitch as Villa turned the game with a spectacular Harewood
volley was nothing compared to what was going on off it. Before the game Kevin Sampson, from campaign
group Reclaim the Kop, had promised vociferous support. He summed up the fans’ general feelings; “That’s it.
They are fnished here. The fans despise them as passionately as we have any rival”. However, the whisperings
of a protest march an hour before kick off never materialised, and things looked even rosier from the two
Americans when not a note was sounded despite promised vocal opposition that was supposed to take place
45 minutes before kick-off. This was where the smiles stopped for the duo though; the chants began almost
simultaneously with the whistle.
They ranged from the inventive “They don’t care about Rafa, they don’t care about the fans, Liverpool Football
Club is in the wrong hands” to the concise “Get out of our club, get out of our club, get out of our club you lying
b******s, get out of our club”, and, after failing to secure the loan they require to pay back the original £350
million loan that they used to buy the club, it looks like they might just have to listen to the chants and get out.
Dubai International Capital (DIC), who are run by ardent Liverpool fan Sameer Al-Ansari, are purported to have
offered a sizeable fee for the club but Hicks is defant and is standing his ground, but once the Liverpool fans
begin to make their voice heard the rumble can be deafening. It might just be a good idea to get out while they
still can, after all, as one banner put it, ‘One DIC is better than two’. Chris Tivey
Music: What A Locomotion
The frst time I heard this new offering from Kylie I have to admit, and don’t hate
me for this, but I cringed ever so slightly: yey just what we need more cheesy
music from our little pop princess. But then I listened to it again, and again,
and again. It’s actually a really good album, with lots of really well produced
tunes; catchy little numbers such as ‘In My Arms’, ‘Sensitized’, and ‘2Hearts’,
which reached number 4 in the UK singles chart, Kylies 30th top ten single. In
fact, listening to it as I’m sat here typing, I don’t think there’s one song I don’t
like. Some have distinctive whiffs of her 2001 album ‘Fever’, where as ‘All I
See’ and ‘Nudity’ have a defnite RnB kick. Altogether the album has a much
lighter, more uplifting feel than 2003’s ‘Body Language’, which is surprising
considering recent events in her life. As Kylie’s 11th album I think this is
possibly one of her strongest yet, and well worth a listen. 4/5. Julie Yates
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16 17
The Students’ Choice Shop at
Broomfeld Hall offers a wide
range of goods from Stationery
to Cold Drinks, Art Materials to
Snacks, I.T. Equipment to Coffee,
Mobile Phone E-Top-ups… the list
is endless!
If you can’t see what you’re after
our friendly staff will be more
than willing to help.
For the other Derby College sites
we run an ordering service for your
IT, Art and Stationery supplies.
These discounted supplies can be
ordered and delivered within two
Order forms are available from
your Students’ Union Offce,
Student Services and the shop at
PCA. We accept Cash, Cheques
and the college’s ‘Access Fund
Voucher’ for all orders. All orders
must be placed at a Students’
Union Offce.
Make your money go further – pay
us a visit!
arch O
ff ers!
ROIG Period 5 off ers
(18th February – 14th March 08)
Buy any 2 Oasis 500ml for £1.20:
Oasis Summer Fruits 500ml
Oasis Citrus Punch 500ml
Oasis Blackcurrant & Apple 500ml
RSP: 95p
Buy 2 475ml bottles of Yazoo for £1.25:
Yazoo Banana Milk 475ml
Yazoo Chocolate Milk 475ml
Yazoo Strawberry Milk 475ml
RSP: 85p
Buy 2 Red Bull 250ml for £2.00:
Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml
RSP: £1.15
Any 2 McCoys Tortillas/Specials 70p:
Nacho Cheese & Sour Cream 40g
Jalapeno Chilli & Cheese 40g
Specials Thai Sweet Chicken 50g
Specials Oriental Ribs 50g
RSP: 45p
2 packs Walkers standard crisps 50p:
Ready Salted 34.5g
Cheese & Onion 34.5g
Salt n Vinegar 34.5g
Prawn Cocktail 34.5g
RSP: 35p
You are What You Eat Pack 40p:
Nuts Fruits and Seeds 40g
Fruit and Nuts 40g
Seeded Mix 40g
Natural Nut Mix NEW
RSP: 50p
2 Twirl/Crunchie/Flake/D. Decker 79p:
RSP:Twirl 50p Crunchie/Flake/D.D 45p
Buy 3 Cadbury Crème Eggs for 99p:
RSP: 40p
2 Standard Starburst or Skittles 60p:
Starburst Strawberry
Starburst Original
Skittles Fruit
Any 2 Starmix & Tangfastics £1.79:
Starmix 175g
Tangfastics 175g
RSP: £1.05
Fresh Start
We all know the impact smoking can have on our health, our appearance and our bank
balance. So if you’re one of the three in every four smokers who wants to kick the habit
once and for all, then why not pay Fresh Start a visit.
Students and staff who want to quit can get friendly and helpful advice from Fresh Start,
plus vouchers for 8 weeks’ worth of nicotine patches or gum at the Joseph Wright Centre,
Derby College. Drop in anytime between 12 noon and 2pm in room S19 every Monday
from the 21st January 2008. Look out for the posters around college or call / text Louise
on 07795265043 for more information or visit
National No Smoking Day is coming up on
Wednesday 12th March; why not join the UK’s
biggest group quit. Whether you’re ready to
quit for good, or you just want the challenge of
a smoke-free week to raise money for a good
cause. Register to the offcial No Smoking Day
website for more
details and a free information pack.
Exclusion Zones
Smoking within JWC is strictly forbidden. Smoking is allowed outside JWC but only on
the Council land. The steps and path that lead directly from the JWC entrance are strictly
No Smoking areas. As you leave JWC and descend the steps there is a thoroughfare with
street lighting that leads to the town centre past Willows Sports Centre. This is a Council
owned path and therefore can be used as a smoking area. Students and staff are kindly
asked to smoke near the Willows Sports Centre wall.
In a previous Student Forum questions were asked about smoking shelters and bins.
The Students’ Union has found out that smoking shelters cannot be provided because
of planning permission rules that state no other structures can be built on the land. But
smoking bins have now been put in place.
The college’s campus principle with regards to no smoking is that persons should be no
less than 6 metres away from any building and these limits are set by bins at strategic
places across all College sites.
To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
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To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
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18 19
We are currently looking for new UV’s to join our expanding band of merry students, who help out and run the
union during their spare time.
Would you like to: Organise a big college party? Write for Stuffed? Run our fun SU stall at college open days?
Organise charity events? Update our website? Run welfare campaigns at your site? Design posters? Sub-edit
Stuffed magazine?
We offer you a wide range of exciting voluntary roles which will do wonders for your CV and UCAS applications,
so why not gain experience in a feld of work that appeals to you, and watch your confdence grow and your
friendships expand!
Email to fnd out how you can join our fun and friendly team or visit our
website for more information .
Going Green Tips
Don’t leave appliances on standby
People leaving appliances on standby waste almost a billion pounds of electricity in the UK every year.
Only boil as much water as you need
If we all did this we’d save enough electricity to power two thirds of street lighting in the UK.
Reduce, reuse & recycle
Find out where your closest recycling point is and make a habit of using it. Why not try Sainsburys (Kingsway)?
Stop using the car
That means walking, cycling or taking the bus whenever you are able to. The college shuttle bus is totally free
so why not take advantage of it?
Wash your laundry at 30
Washing at 30
C rather than normal temperatures means that you use 40% less electricity.
Cut down on those steaks!
If people ate less meat and more vegetables we could reduce C02 emissions dramatically.
Turn your thermostat down by 10
This could cut your heating bills by up to 10% and save you around £40 per year.
Recycle your plastic bags
While you’re in the supermarket take a look at the stacks of plastic carrier bags at the checkout and imagine
the the number of checkouts in the average supermarket, the number of supermarkets in the country and the
number of shopping days per year!
Don’t run the tap whilst brushing
You can waste up to 4.5 litres of water if you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth - instead, use a
glass of water for rinsing, or short bursts from the tap, and you’ll only need a fraction of this amount.
Share books
If you’re a bookworm, instead of buying new books, start a book-sharing club with friends. Sharing books is
good for resources, money and socialising! Ask the SU for advice on setting up a book-sharing society.
For more green tips visit or to calculate your carbon footprint visit
To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
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To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
send an email to for a media pack
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20 21
Balanced Choices At Derby College
Today we are seeing Generation Y grow into Generation XL, and this weight gain has serious
long-term health consequences.
Did You Know
• In this country the number of obese people has tripled over the last 20 years
• Two thirds of men are now obese, compared to only one in ten in France
• More than half of women are now overweight
• Clinically obese people are twice as likely to die from heart disease
• Obese women are 27 times more at risk of developing diabetes
• Obese men are 33% more likely to die from cancer
• Obese women are 50% more at risk of dying from breast cancer
• 10% of children are now obese
Healthy Balanced Diet
A healthy diet will provide the body with essential nutrients it needs, these include Carbohydrates, Protein,
Fat, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals & Water. Although we are all different as individuals, the following is a guide
to the 5 essential food groups and how they should be in the course of a day:
Food Group Split of total daily intake
Bread & Starchy foods 1/3
Fruit & Vegetables 1/3
Meat, Fish, Pulses, Nuts 2/15
Milk & Dairy Foods 2/15
Fatty & Sugary Foods 1/15
Balanced Choices
Scolarest Foodservices have now introduced their Balanced Choices programme here at Derby College,
since September. The main aspect to this daily offer will be a complete meal that is both calorie & fat
counted, being available over the three main sites of the college. This Balanced Choice meal will be less
than or equal to 350 Calories and contain less than or equal to 12 grams of Fat. The Balanced Choice daily
offer is currently available at PCA Blue Block refectory, the Joseph Wright Centre refectory aswell as at
Broomfeld Hall.
This offer is supported by A1 sized information board, called the Master Campaign Board, located on the
wall of the outlet explaining in more detail the concept of Balanced Choices. Within this information board
there leaflets for customers to take away & read explaining more about Superfoods, nutrients etc.
As part of this campaign, Scolarest Foodservices will be incorporating the use of Superfoods within its
Balanced Choice & main offer menu’s on a daily basis. A Superfood is a basic everyday food that provides
health benefts above & beyond basic nutrients and appear to have extra powerful weapons to help fght
diseases such as cancer, alzheimers & heart disease. Hence the name ‘Superfoods’.
your space
daunting, endless blue eternity
rolls on, on, on gauzy wheels
hung in the sky
to mesmerise.
a childhood habit of mine, by the sea
to stand timid at the nibbling edge of waves
and try to see the line where water fades to air.
the far away
another childhood habit: obsessed with the
my focus skates over so much water
running beneath my feet.
By Rebecca Shore
Falling In Love With Cupid’s Friend
Cupid I know you have been helping a lot lately
To fnd that one special lady
But I think that journey ends,
Cupid please don’t be alarmed but my heart belongs to
one of your friends.
Her hair is purple with a beautiful touch of blonde
My heart wants to know her name because it’s her my
heart very fond
She has the gorgeous smile and stunning eyes,
Right now she is the reason for all my soulful sighs.
It would make my day for just one conversation
Please cupid give me the courage to talk to her with out
My heart can be like a rubrics cube one of the hardest
things to solve
But with just one look at her all my problems and stresses
The best type of love is love at frst sight
When I think of her my confdence reaches to an incredible
This special lady is oh so very divine
Right now I am hoping she my valentine
By Matthew James Fowler
A blank canvas for all of you wanting to share your talents to Derby College, submit anything
you wish and we will try our best to publish your work in our upcoming issues.
If you have any great ideas then email a sample to
All Imagery Submitted By
Mira Graham
To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
send an email to for a media pack
To advertise your business here contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or
send an email to for a media pack
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