create a map make a bar chart draw a picture fill in a grid skimming scanning contextual guessing cloze exercises

outlining paraphrasing jumbled stories making inferences intensive reading extensive reading passage completion Grids information transfer Frames Product Process Listening Reading Speaking Writing

3. Guided Reading

Flow diagrams Tree diagrams Bar charts Pie charts Maps Routes Plans

1. Visuals

Illustrations Notes

Instruments Organs, tissues, cells

listen + label picture/diagram/graph/map/ chart listen + fill in a table listen + make notes listen + rearrange information listen + label the stages of a process listen + gap fill

Systems Time-lines

2. Listening

Formulae Instructions Structures Cross sections Photographs Outlines Sentence starters Text sequencers

sequence of pictures notes sentence starters completed tables labeled illustrations question + answers question loops trivia search information gap dictations pair speaking whole class discussion guessing games presentations speaking tasks


4. Semi-scripted Speaking

CLIL - an overview

9. Assessment

Language MT/FL

language development content development

8. Task design

content and language development language support visuals phrases

contextualise personalise activate/practice repeat group/order synonym antonym superordinates/hyponym sounds syllable/stress homophones/homonyms mindmapping ideational frameworks organise specific language teacher/learner identify the structure and language underline the verbs stages of growth

7. Vocabulary/memory

describing cells living/non-living things sequenced/process thinking - flow diagrams characterisation - tabular diagrams classification - tree diagrams combinations

6. Language awareness

FACTWorld EuroCLIC ELTeCS ASE/SYCD Science Across the World e-twinning Global Gateway BBC Learning INEBI/BHINEBI

frames for narrative text frames for discursive text frames for descriptive text lab report presenting a project verbs/adverbs sheets language support provision substitution tables specific phrase sheets

10. Networks/resources

5. Supported writing

specific text structures

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