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the essence of natural beauty

Plants and herbs have extraordinary
beautifying properties and have been
empirically utilized to treat mankind for
thousands of years. At the advanced
Neoderma Research Laboratories we select
the finest and most effective herbal extracts
to formulate exceptional beauty products,
unifying the highest scientific practices along
with traditional knowledge.
As the skin is fragile and sensitive, disclosing
our inner beauty, our philosophy is to care
for it with natural, skin-friendly products.
Therefore it is a primary concern for us
to introduce safe, pure beauty products.
Neoderma is free of GMO (Genetically
Modified Organisms), mineral oil and
parabens. Animal testing free.
We firmly believe that the best place to treat
your skin is the beauty salon. The trained,
experienced beauty specialist will take time
to diagnose your skin and suggest the best
treatment and products based on the nature
of your skin, your personal sensitivities and
beauty objectives.
Accordingly, Neoderma is first and foremost
a Professional brand. It is based on a series
of exclusive salon treatments, for the face
and body. These treatments are supported
by a full range of retail products for at-home,
after treatment use.

Face Care
Exclusive Cellular Treatment













Intelligence Prevent


Intelligence Rejuvenate


Intensive Anti-wrinkle Treatment



Sun Care


For Men


Body Care
Slimming & Firming


Hydration & Comfort


Exfoliation & Freshness


Hair Care


Beauty Cabin Facial Treatments


Spa Body Treatments


Cellular Treatment
Exclusive products with highly
sophisticated active ingredients
for intense cellular treatment.
Ideal for oxygenation and
rejuvenation of the skin.


Blue Blood Gel

Oxygen Active Serum

Cellular Treatment

Energizing - Rejuvenating

all skin types

all skin types

This unique cellular treatment,

improves cell metabolism,
activates collagen and elastin
synthesis and prevents
premature skin ageing.
Applied prior to other skin
care products, it intensifies
the penetration of active
ingredients into the skin.

A highly intensive cellular

treatment based on a
unique oxygen carrier;
Perfluorocarbon. The high
percentage of this active
ingredient in the serum
improves oxygen absorption.
Rejuvenates skin tissue by
decreasing the production
of keratin whilst activating
collagen and elastin synthesis.


Blue Blood Sun Cream

SPF 30
all skin types
A strong, protective tinted sun cream enriched with
powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active
ingredients that soothe and protect the skin against
environmental aggressions.
Available in 4 colours (white, natural, beige and dark).



A complete range of cleansers,
based on plant extracts and
herbs, targeted to the skins
specific needs. An essential
step in daily treatment to
remove impurities and dead
cells which dull the complexion.
They prepare the skin for all
skin care products to follow
and optimize their action.




Dual Phase

Cleansing Milk

Liquid Soap

Twin Lotion

Eye Make-Up Remover


Deep Cleansing

Instant Cleansing

ideal for waterproof mascara

all skin types

oily & combination skin

all skin types

A soothing two phase lotion

that gently removes even
the most resistant make-up
and waterproof mascara.
Prevents dryness and irritation,
maintains the skins elasticity
as well as strengthening the

A gentle milk enriched with

natural plant oils. Soothes and
cleanses the skin from makeup and pore-clogging debris.

Deeply cleanses the skin from

impurities, while maintaining
the pH balance.

A two in-one cleansing

product, specially developed
for the individual with a
demanding, busy schedule.
Cleanses and tones the skin in
one easy step.
Perfect for late nights!



Tonic Lotion

Herbal Lotion

Cleansing Cream



Moisturizing - Refreshing

all skin types

oily & problem skin

all skin types

A refreshing lotion, enriched

with plant and herbal extracts,
revitalizes and tones the skin.

A refreshing lotion with active

herbal extracts, helps purify
the skin, minimizes pores and
refines skin texture.

A rinse-off foaming cream that

gently and thoroughly cleanses the
skin in depth. Cares for the natural
protective film of the epidermis and
leaves a fresh glowing complexion.


An essential step in purifying
the skin, with natural exfoliating
granules, which enhance the
efficacy of daily skin care
products. Instantly reveal skin
brightness and revive dull




Apricot & Almond Scrub

Face Luster

Deep Cleansing

Radiant Complexion

all skin types

all skin types

A gentle scrub enriched with

natural exfoliating granules.
Stimulates cell renewal,
revitalizes and brightens the
complexion. Leaves the skin
deeply cleansed and purified.

An ideal exfoliating cream. Its

rich yet non greasy texture
helps remove the upper corny
layer of the epidermis to reveal
the natural glow of the face.


All skin types tend to dehydrate
especially if not sufficiently
protected from external
environmental aggressions;
weather changes, extreme heat
or cold, wind and sun are all
causes of dehydration, create
a feeling of tightness and fine
lines on the skin. Therefore the
daily use of hydrating products
becomes essential.





Hydration Plus

Hydration Plus Special


Light Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing Cream

Rich Moisturizing Cream

all skin types

normal / dehydrated skin

dry / dehydrated skin

Intensive Moisturizing

A light textured 24 hour

cream with Grape Seed oil to
perfectly moisturize all skin
types. The herbal Hydration
Cocktail helps recover skin
suppleness. Vegetal collagen
smoothes skin surface and
prevents dehydration.

A light textured 24 hour

moisturizing cream, enriched
with pure plant oils.
Helps prevent dehydration
whilst moisturizing and
protecting the skin.

A nourishing 24 hour
moisturizing cream enriched
with pure plant oils. Helps
prevent essential water loss,
moisturizes and restores
comfort to dry skin.

all skin types

An intensive hydration
treatment serum formulated
with Jojoba and Grape Seed oil
for a perfect moisturization of
all skin types. The Neoderma
Hydration Cocktail brings all
the benefits from plants to your
skin to prevent dehydration
and preserve its suppleness.


Moist & Lift

Silky Eye Mask


Hydration Gold

Wrinkle Corrector Serum

Moisturizing Smoothing - Relaxing

Moisturizing Mask

Nourishing Cream Mask

all skin types

normal & dry skin

A silky gentle gel type mask

formulated for the delicate eye
contour. Smoothes fine lines
and wrinkles, hydrates and
relaxes signs of fatigue.

This soft mask soothes and

moisturizes the skin.
It restores skins comfort and
regenerates its softness
and radiance.

A nourishing, soothing
mask which helps restore
moisture, vitality and radiance
to the skin.

all skin types

A highly concentrated
anti-wrinkle serum for
topical application. Through
circular micromassage
movements, the roll-on
applicator effectively provokes
hyperemia, thereby improving
blood circulation and
stimulating fibroblast activity.



Oily skin is characterized by
an oily and shiny appearance.
Excess sebum can clog pores
and trap bacteria, resulting
in blackheads, pimples and
dehydration. Dryness may
also be experienced due to
the use of improper harsh
cosmetic products. Neoderma
uses natural ingredients that
rebalance overactive sebaceous
glands and fight the bacteria
leaving the skin clear,
matt and healthy.







Matifying Cream

Intensive Matifying Serum

Matifying Cream Mask

oily / combination skin

oily / combination skin

oily / combination skin

A balancing 24 hour cream

enriched with plant extracts.
Reduces sebum production
and restores the balance of
oily and acne prone skin.

An intensive treatment serum

enriched with plant extracts.
Acts intensively on the causes
of skin imbalance, bacteria,
oiliness, free radicals, spots
and comedos.

This creamy mask has been

specially formulated with
natural clay and plant extracts
to absorb and eliminate
excess secretions. Minimizes
the appearance of pores and
imperfections, leaving the skin
soothed and soft.



Clear Solution

Clear Solution

Perfecting Topical Gel

Purifying Mask

all skin types

oily & problem skin

A strong anti- inflammatory,

antimicrobial serum for use
locally on acne and pustules.
Its anti-bacterial complex has
a triple action: drying, healing,
soothing. It acts directly on
imperfections and has an
instant action to help control
bacteria growth.

A soft clay mask with purifying

properties, which deeply
cleanses the skin and absorbs
excess sebum leaving the
complexion instantly radiant
and healthy.


Sensitive and fragile skin is
fine, usually dry and mottled by
visible capillaries. Little veins
appear on the cheeks, nose
and chin. The skin is often
characterized by temporary or
chronic redness.
These delicate skin conditions
require special care.
The skin should be treated
very gently, using light creamy
textures and gels that penetrate
rapidly. Avoid over stimulating
the skin.
Neoderma has designed a
specific cosmetic line for
sensitive reactive skin.








Daily Confidence Cream

Night Defender Cream

Intensive Soothing Serum

Instant Soothing Mask

sensitive skin & couperose

sensitive skin & couperose

sensitive skin & couperose

sensitive skin & couperose

A light creamy texture

day cream, which forms a
protective film, shielding the
skin from the harmful effects
of environmental aggressions.
Helps restore comfort and
suppleness to the skin.

A nourishing and hydrating

night cream enriched with
plant extracts and oils.
Helps restore elasticity and
suppleness to sensitive,
reactive skin. Soothes, heals
and promotes cell renewal
whilst smoothing fine lines
and wrinkles.

An intensive treatment
serum enriched with soothing
and restructuring active
ingredients. Increases
microcirculation while
soothing and relieving

Moisturizes, soothes and

calms sensitive, fragile skin.
Leaves skin looking healthy,
soft, radiant and relaxed.


Skin hyperpigmentation can
appear no matter your skin type
or age. Skin can be affected
during pregnancy, hormonic
imbalance problems and from
environmental aggressions for
example oxygen free radicals.
The Neoderma Whitening
product line helps combat
these problems; enhanced with
a highly active natural whitening
complex that slows down the
synthesis of melanin in the skin.






Brightening Cream

Intensive Brightening

Brightening Mask

all skin types

A 24 hour moisturizing,
brightening cream enriched
with pure plant oils. Helps
decrease hyperpigmentation
and age spots while at the
same time lightens and
brightens the appearance of
the skin. For optimum results
use in combination with the
Intensive Brightening Serum.


all skin types

An intensive treatment
serum enriched with
active brightening plant
extracts. Helps decrease
hyperpigmentation and age
spots, lightens and brightens
the appearance of the skin.

all skin types

Enhances the brightness
and appearance of the
complexion, reduces skin
pigmentation marks and age
spots. Helps lighten the skin
tone, reduces inflammation,
calms and soothes the skin.
With regular use the skin
glows, is lighter and looks
more radiant.



Intelligence Prevent diminishes

fine lines, prevents the
appearance of wrinkles and
helps fight the first signs of skin
ageing. A sophisticated line,
enriched with natural actives,
protects against environmental
aggressions, prevents skin
dehydration, increases cell
renewal and stimulates
the skins natural defence
mechanism. Formulated to
prevent premature skin ageing,
it restores skin youthfulness
whilst moisturizes and
nourishes the skin.
Use from the age of thirty
onwards or from the first signs
of skin vitality loss.







Vitalizing Cream

Vitalizing Cream

Smoothing Eye Cream

normal / combination skin

dry skin

This fresh, light textured cream

enriched with natural actives
protects against environmental
aggressions, prevents skin
dehydration, increases cell
renewal and stimulates
the skins natural defence
mechanism. Formulated
to prevent and restore skin

This fresh, light textured cream

enriched with natural actives
protects against environmental
aggressions, prevents skin
dehydration, increases cell
renewal and stimulates
the skins natural defence
mechanism. Formulated to
prevent premature skin ageing,
it restores skin youthfulness
whilst moisturizing and
nourishing the skin.

A light velvety cream

formulated with anti-wrinkle
and moisturizing actives for
the sensitive eye contour.
The Smoothing Eye Cream
prevents skin ageing whilst
reducing dark circles and
puffiness. The delicate eye
contour is moisturized and
fine lines and wrinkles are



As we age, the skins functions

and cellular renewal slow down,
the elastin fibers weaken,
gradually causing sagging and
wrinkles to appear.
The skin becomes less effective
in holding in moisture, its
defence mechanism slows
down and is easily affected by
environmental aggressions.
Neoderma has developed
an effective and specific line
of Anti-Wrinkle products
that help reinforce the skins
natural defences against
ageing. Intelligence Rejuvenate
stimulates and reinvigorates
the skin infusing it with much
needed vitality.







Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

Intense Nourishing Serum

Rich Nourishing Mask

all skin types

all skin types

Nourishing Eye Neck
Decollete Cream

Specially formulated with

powerful and exclusive natural
ingredients including a key antiwrinkle active compound based
on a semi-synthetic Tripeptide,
the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
dramatically diminishes the signs
of skin ageing by increasing
firmness and reducing fine lines
and wrinkles. The skin looks
youthful and luminous.


An intensive treatment serum for

maximum anti-ageing effects,
enriched with exclusive natural
ingredients including a key antiwrinkle active compound based on
a semi-synthetic Tripeptide. Used
in combination with your skin care
cream, the Intense Nourishing Serum
reinforces the skins natural defence
mechanism against skin ageing. The
skin becomes firmer and smoother.

all skin types

A 24 hour soft textured cream
with anti-ageing properties,
formulated for the vulnerable
eye, neck and decollete area.
Smoothes fine lines and
wrinkles leaving the skin firm
and radiant.

all skin types

A refreshing rich textured
mask with instant revitalizing
effects. In just 10 minutes
this deep penetrating mask fills
out wrinkles, eliminates signs
of fatigue and restores skin


Natural - Safe - Gentle
Wrinkles are the major visible
signs of skin ageing. Even
seemingly innocent facial
expressions such as smiling
and frowning leave their mark
and are some of the most
significant causes of expression
lines and wrinkles. Expression
lines appear due to repeated
facial muscle movements.
Rytidox is the scientific,
non-invasive approach
from Neoderma in treating
expression lines and wrinkles
by relaxing the muscles.
Rytidox is an effective, safe
and easy to use daily product.
Used locally on target areas
and only after 28 days of use, it
results up to 49% reduction of
wrinkle area and depth whilst
significantly improving the
skins texture.



Anti-Wrinkle Vials
Intensive Treatment
A new scientific breakthrough
solution for the treatment of
expression lines and wrinkles.
Includes highly concentrated
actives in a cosmetic
formulation that is completely
safe and easy to use.
A peptide, the main active
ingredient in Rytidox, is as
active as Botulinum neurotoxin
Type A.
It inhibits contractility by
blocking the Acetylcholine
Receptors allowing the
muscles to relax. Rytidox is a
natural alternative to muscle
relaxing injections.



Sun overexposure is associated
with an increased risk of skin
cancer and skin ageing. Free
radicals are directly involved
in skin alteration during sun
exposure, thus causing damage
to collagen and elastin.
Enjoy the sun while benefiting
from the advance protection
expertise of the Neoderma
Mesogios Sun Care line. The
Mesogios line products protect,
hydrate and safeguard your skin.
This line is customized to the
three vital steps for healthy skin:
Prepare the skin before sun
Protect the skin during sun
Soothe the skin after sun



Mesogios Ultimate Protection

Mesogios Easy Tanning

Mesogios Deep Tanning

Anti-ageing Face & Body Cream

Body Lotion

Body & Hair Oil

High Protection SPF 30

High Protection SPF 20
UVA-UVB & DNA protection

Low Protection SPF 10

UVA-UVB & DNA protection

Low Protection SPF 5

UVA-UVB protection

A protective lotion for the body specially

formulated with high efficacy UV filters
that absorb, scatter and reflect light.
It helps promote a golden tan whilst
providing protection from the harmful
UVA and UVB rays and DNA damage.

A low protection tanning oil formulated

for the body and hair. It protects from
UVA and UVB rays and from the harsh
effects of sea water and chlorine of
swimming pools. Nourishes dry skin and
intensifies the tan on already tanned skin.

These two highly protective sun creams shield the

skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays which are
responsible for sunburn and irritation. They help
prevent skin ageing, keep the skin moist whilst
providing efficient protection of DNA damage.





Natural Look

After Sun

self tanning face cream

self tanning body lotion

repairing body emulsion

These two light self tanning formulations give

a beautiful, immediate natural looking tan
without sun exposure. They prevent dryness
and protect the skin against free radicals.


A calming and nourishing

after sun body emulsion,
that combats dehydration
and replenishes moisture.
It prolongs and preserves
your tan and slows down the
process of hair regrowth.


for men
Neoderma has created
a product line specially
formulated for mens skin
care needs. A unique range
of products with exceptional
results in skin regeneration,
oxygenation and hydration.
Skin feels and looks soothed,
refreshed and comfortable.



For Men

For Men

For Men

For Men

Energizing Exfoliating

Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Daily Renewing Cream

Active Eye Serum

all skin types

all skin types

This fresh, foamy cleanser

thoroughly cleanses the
skin, whilst caring for the
natural protective film of the
epidermis, giving you a fresh
and glowing complexion.

An ultra light, oil free cream

specially designed to soothe
the sensation of razor burn.
It smoothes fine lines and
wrinkles whilst also preventing
other signs of skin ageing.
It provides moisture and
comfort to the skin.

all skin types

A refreshing, exfoliating
cream that gently eliminates
and cleanses the skin from
impurities, dead skin cells and
excess sebum. Leaves the
skin smooth and soft.


A non - greasy serum which

helps eliminate signs of
fatigue, diminishes puffiness
and dark circles. Smoothes
fine lines and wrinkles and
helps to prevent other signs
of skin ageing.


Slimming & Firming

The restructuring program for
slack skin. Firm skin naturally
slackens over the years.
Appearing during pregnancy,
hormonal changes and
overweight women, stretch
marks and cellulite are physical
processes and exclusive major
concerns for most women.
Neoderma has developed
Slimming and Firming
products to help your skin
regain its firmness and sculpt
a youthful figure.



Body Sculpting Cream

Anti-cellulite Slimming - Firming
This multi-active cream targets
the three major problems
associated with the unpleasant
aesthetic appearance of
cellulite; the lipid synthesis,
the lipid accumulation
and the appearance of
orange-peel skin.


Body Restructuring
Fades Stretch Marks
A rich, deep penetrating
bio-active stretch mark repair
product. Formulated for the
prevention and reduction of
stretch marks by slowing down
the degradation of the skin and
by promoting regeneration of
the extra-cellular matrix.


Hydration & Comfort

Skin dehydration causes feelings
of tightness and discomfort.
Hydration is vital for vibrant and
young looking skin. Like the
face, the body needs protection,
hydration and nutrition.
Neoderma, by using gifts from
nature extracted from herbs,
oils and aromatic plants, has
developed the Hydration and
Comfort line. Products that
work in harmony with the body
promoting velvety soft and
revitalized skin, enriching it with
moisture whilst offering a wellbeing feeling day after day.




Rich Body Cream

Body Lotion

Comfort Gel

Healing & Soothing Gel

Hydrating - Nourishing - Repairing

Refreshing - Softening - Revitalizing

Relieves Heavy Legs

Calming - Refreshing

A nourishing rich body cream

formulated with Shea butter and
Sweet Almond oil to prevent skin
dehydration. It helps to fight free
radicals and skin ageing thanks to the
Aloe Vera extract. The texture of the
skin is smoothed and softened thanks
to the Balm Mint extract.

Pamper your skin with this fine, creamy

lotion. It is rapidly absorbed by the
skin, forming a protective occlusive
barrier. Prevents water evaporation and
promotes long lasting moisturization.

A cooling, soothing gel to relieve

and refresh tired feeling, heavy legs.
Improves blood circulation, relaxes
and decongests. Instant action with
immediate results.

all skin types

Specially formulated for calming rashes
and heat sensation. Upon application,
it instantly restores skins hydro-lipidic
film and eliminates redness.


Sterilizing Gel

Hand Cream

Foot Cream

all skin types

Moisturizing Softening - Anti-ageing

Softening Healing - Relaxing

A rich textured cream that

provides oil-free moisturization
and a conditioned skin afterfeel. Absorbed instantly by the
skin, it creates an occlusive
protective barrier from the
potentially harmful sun effects.

Softness the thickened

keratin of the soles of the feet,
prevents dryness and relieves
tired, burning feet. Heals
rough and chapped skin and
keeps the feet comfortable
and relaxed.

An antibacterial clear
moisturizing gel for swift,
effective action. Kills more
than 99.9% of germs
without soap and water.



Exfoliation &
During the skins constant
regeneration a layer of dead
cells is being deposited on
the surface of the epidermis.
This layer is the result of the
natural skin exfoliation, as well
as the effect of pollution, sun
exposure and natural ageing
process. As a result the skin
becomes dull, peels and
loses its tone. It is therefore
essential to use an exfoliator
for cleansing and purifying the
skin, thus revealing its natural
radiance. Neodermas unique
blend of natural ingredients
offers freshness, suppleness
and smoothes the skin while
invigorating your senses.




Body Scrub

Shower Gel

Slimming Massage Soap

Refines Skin Texture

Hydrating - Soothing - Toning

Enjoy the benefits of this enzymatic

body peeling, rich in plant extracts
and oils, that exfoliates, smoothes
and revitalizes the skin. Helps
improve the performance of the body
care products applied afterwards.

Gently cleanses the skin and

respects the delicate equilibrium
of the epidermis. Its soft, smooth
fragrance, promotes a feeling
of freshness and well-being
all day long.

Exfoliating - Detoxifying Stimulating

Used during slimming and
exfoliating treatments to stimulate
the skin. Eliminates dead cells,
improves blood circulation
and prepares the skin for the
application of slimming and
firming products.


Hair Care
Healthy, shiny hair compliments
our look, adding charm
and expression to the face.
Neodermas Shampoo and Hair
Tonic are specially formulated
with high biological value in
microelements acting against
hair loss, itching scalp, oiliness
and dandruff. Hair and scalp
are cleaned, treated and
protected, revealing the hairs
natural softness and shine.





Hair Tonic

Against Hair Loss Oiliness - Dandruff

Against Hair Loss Oiliness - Dandruff

all hair types

all hair types

Enriched with minerals and

herbal extracts, which act
against hair loss, itching
scalp, oiliness and dandruff.
Improves the texture and
condition of hair.

An intensive hair treatment.

Its unique formula provides
hair with active ingredients
that balance excess oiliness,
strengthen and enhance the
hairs texture, body
and volume.


Beauty Cabin
Being, but above all feeling
beautiful, takes consistent, daily
care. Daily beauty care should
be complimented by specific
and specialized treatments
at a beauty salon. Pamper
yourself at the expert hands of
an experienced beautician and
indulge in a world of beauty and
relaxation. The expertise and
know-how of the beautician
will help you enjoy and benefit
from the advantages of our
treatments. Neoderma, having
in mind your own beauty needs
has created a series of unique,
customized treatments. Treat
any skin problem, indulge and
relax, rejuvenate and revitalize
your self at a Neoderma
Exclusive Beauty Salon.



problem skin & rejuvenation
After years of scientific research,
Neoderma has revolutionized
dermatology by developing the
Neoderma Bio-Peeling Treatment. A
professional in-salon treatment based
exclusively on Algae, Peppermint
oil, Melissa and Calendula extracts.
Improves blood circulation, stimulates
cellular renewal and rejuvenates the
skin. This intense treatment helps to
balance oily skin, reduces acne, acne
scars, acne rosacea, dilated pores,
hyperpigmentation and age spots. It
also helps remove dead surface cells
and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
The double action Bio-Peeling works
mechanically and biologically with
visible results from the first application.

sensitive skin, rejuvenation,

skin problems
A professional treatment based
exclusively on Algae, Kaolin, Cornflower,
Melissa, Echinacea, Watercress and
Yarrow extracts. Improves blood
circulation, stimulates cellular renewal
and rejuvenates the skin. This intense
treatment helps to balance oily skin,
reduce acne, acne scars, acne rosacea,
dilated pores, hyperpigmentation and
age spots. It also helps remove dead
surface cells and minimizes fine lines
and wrinkles. The double action
Bio-Peeling Light works mechanically
and biologically with visible results from
the first application.



pigmentation & age spots

oily & combination skin

Neoderma has created a

specialized lightening treatment for
hyperpigmentation and age spots.
Enriched with quality active
ingredients: Algae, Vitamin C and
plant extracts of Watercress, Yarrow,
Liquorice, Bearberry, Grape and
Mulberry, this treatment stimulates
cellular renewal and inhibits tyrosinase
enzyme activity, thus minimizing
hyperpigmentation and age spots.
The skin is left bright and luminous.



A professional beauty treatment

based on marine and plant extracts.
Algae and Spirulina, the main
active ingredients, contain a high
concentration of minerals, vitamins
and trace elements.
These ingredients work in synergy
with Neodermas Rebalancing
Herbal Cocktail, to help balance the
sebaceous glands, minimize oiliness,
fight bacteria and soothe inflammation,
leaving the skin clear and matt.

lifting, firming face & bust

dehydrated skin, fine lines & wrinkles

A revolutionary treatment specifically

developed to boost oxygen levels of
the skin, minimizing fine lines
and wrinkles.
The Bio-Lifting is based on Blue
Blood (Perfluorocarbon) and Aloe
Vera. Blue Blood is a unique oxygen
transport system that penetrates the
skin releasing oxygen into the tissues,
while intensifying the penetration of
other active ingredients deep into
the cells.
In combination with Aloe Vera the
treatment tones, firms and hydrates
the skin.

A specific treatment for the face

and neck area, enriched with active
ingredients extracted from Seaweed,
Marine Polysaccharides and Marine
These marine ingredients combined
with herbal extracts and vitamins
capture moisture from the air and
release it gradually deep into the
skin, softening and rejuvenating the
The Neo-Marine Spa Treatment
improves the skins blood circulation,
minimizes fine lines and wrinkles,
strengthens and protects the skin.



for the delicate eye area

sensitive skin & couperose

The slow blood circulation around

the eye contour can easily develop
dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
Active ingredients extracted from
Seaweed combined with herbal
extracts and vitamins can lead
to a youthful eye contour free of
wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles
and puffiness. Youthfulness and
luminosity is restored.

A treatment mask based on marine

and plant extracts. Specially designed
for sensitive skin and couperose, this
treatment stimulates peripheral blood
circulation. It helps reduce redness
after deep cleansing, moisturizes
and repairs sensitive skin, reduces
wrinkles and protects against damage
from free radicals. Leaves the skin
soft and relaxed.


Spa Body Treatments

Invigorate and rejuvenate your body by
indulging into the sensual world of Neoderma
Spa. Enhance your senses by pampering
yourself with tailor-made Spa treatments.
Whether you desire a slimmer body, a firm
silhouette, a youthful appearance or long for a
relaxing treatment, simply surrender into the
Neoderma Spa philosophy.
Relax in the expert hands of your beauty
therapist who can embrace and treat your
body with our complete Spa range of 100%
natural products. Starting with a cleansing and
stimulating exfoliation, your skin is prepared to
receive the appropriate treatment according to
your needs. Immerse into the sensual world of
essential oils through a therapeutic, relaxing
and detoxifying massage.
Re-mineralize, distress and drain your body
enveloped in one of our masks, formulated by
specialized algae, natural herbs and minerals
that promote stimulation, healing, regeneration
and relaxation.






This treatment increases blood

circulation and revitalizes the
skins texture.
It activates cellular metabolism
and improves skin elasticity.
Activates the micro circulation,
eliminates toxins, decongests
and drains the tissues.

Focusing on the well-being and

relaxation of the skin, makes the
body feel soothed and relaxed.
Complete and total relaxation
of body, mind and soul. Gives
a wonderful sense of relaxation
and relieves tension, balancing
body, mind and spirit.



It acts directly on adipose cells,

improves circulation, eliminates
excess fat deposits and reduces
It stimulates circulation, combats
cellulite, improves skin elasticity
and stimulates lipolysis and fat

Helps regulate the blood

circulation. Relieves congestion
and reinforces the elimination of
excess water retention. It has a
profound effect on the blood and
lymphatic circulatory system,
facilitating both vein reflux
and circulation. Its the best
treatment for heavy, tired legs.



The most appropriate treatment

for toning, refining and
stimulating your body.
It relieves tension, soothes,
smoothes, regenerates and
repairs the skin.

It helps to restore, tone, firm

and reshape the figure.
It stimulates collagen and elastin
synthesis and improves firmness
and elasticity of the skin.
It also controls stretch marks
and reshapes the contour of
the body.


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