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EBL Info At a Glance


Started in 1992
Listing in DSE 1993
Offshore Banking Unit- 2004
Listing in CSE- 2004
SME Banking Division 2006
Investment banking operations- 2009
Registration of EBL 1st Mutual Fund with Securities and Exchange
Commission- 2009
8. Launched Priority Banking for premium customer segment- April 26, 2009.
9. No. of Branches- 73- last in Barisal
10.No. of ATMs- 158
11.No. of billspay- 42
12.1st online Bank of Bangladesh- 2003
13.1st bank to provide green loan for solar panel manufacturing plant.
14.Highest productivity per employee for last 6 years.
15.Launched 1st ever bank-sponsored mutual fund
16.Management committee 15 members
17.Managing director and CEO Ali Reza Iftekhar
18.Functional Departments- 7
Consumer & SME Banking
Corporate Banking
19.Awards- 2nd prize in
12th ICAB national award for best annual report
presentation in 2009,
Certificate Information
of Merit' Technology
in the Best Presented Annual Report Awards 2011
by South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA)
Operations Brand Award at World HR Congress in Singapore
Asia's Best Employer
Human Resources Division is also the first Bangladeshi bank to achieve
ISO certification for its commitment to quality HR Practice in People
Best Financial Institution 2010, the most coveted award of the country
at the DHL-Daily Star Bangladesh Business Awards 2010.
EBL last year was the CEO of the Year award to our CEO Mr. Ali Reza
Iftekhar by Asian HR Leadership Award held in Dubai 2012
Best Structured SME Bank of the Year -2014

20.Logo introduced in 2003- tri-colour mnemonic signifying the colours of the

sun, sky and mother earth.
21.Slogan - Simple Math.
22.The HR motto of EBL is: We do not offer jobs, we offer career.
23.3 subsidiaries 1. EBL securities Ltd- 2012 ( Renaming LRK Securities Ltd.)
2. EBL Investments Ltd. 2009, MB lincense in January 2011

3. EBL Asset Management ltd. - 2011

24.2 Remittance Subsidiaries- EBL exchange in Malaysia and United Kingdom.
25.Core Banking Solution- Universal Banking System- 1 st bank in Asia to adopt
this solution- 2010
26. EBL Finance (HK) Limited', the fully owned first foreign subsidiary of EBL2011
27.EBL launch "Utkorsho" a collateral free loan for high end SME customers2014
28.5 desks In Treasury Department
The Money Market Desk
Fixed Income and Investment Desk
Asset Liability Management Desk
Foreign Exchange Desk
Corporate Sales Desk
29.Credit Cards
i. Classic Credit Card
ii. Gold Credit Card
iii. Platinum
iv. Signature
v. EBL corporate cards
30.Debit Cards
i. Cool Card
ii. Debit Card
iii. Global Debit Card
iv. NRB Debit Card
v. Signature Debit
vi. EBL Visa Business debit card
31.EBL Prepaid Cards
i. EBL Hajj Card
ii. EBL smart Remit
iii. Life Style prepaid card
iv. Travel Card
v. Express Prepaid
vi. Payroll Prepaid