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Reports from Divisions and Other Committees

For instance, a well-respected expert from Oxford, Dr Richard Todd, was invited
to give a talk on Nanocompsite in a seminar jointly held with the City University
of Hong Kong.
The Division is also keen on fostering future leaders in Materials Science for
Hong Kong. A generous scholarship scheme has been set up for students
intending to study Materials Science at first-rate overseas institutions.
Whilst the Division will keep on widening its contacts with fellow engineers in
Hong Kong, it will also continue to maintain its links with other overseas


engineering profession. In order to foster the working relationship with our

local professional counterparts and to ensure effective budgeting with
allocated funds, some of these activities were jointly organised with the
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) (Hong Kong Branch), the
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (Hong Kong Section),
Hong Kong Joint Branch of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, the Institute
of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Institute
of Marine Technology.
To facilitate registration of the activities, we launched the on-line activities
application on the Divisions homepage in Januar y. To enhance
communication with our members and to keep them informed of upcoming
activities, we launched the MMNC Newsletter in April 2006.
During this Session, the Division organised overseas technical visits to Qingdao
in September 2005 and to Japan in November 2005 respectively. These
trips provided members with opportunities to meet their Chinese and Japanese
counterparts and to exchange views on engineering development.
To arouse the interest of youngsters in engineering and to encourage them to
use their imagination and creativity in solving problems, a young inventor
competition, jointly organised with IMechE (Hong Kong Branch), ASME (Hong
Kong Section) and the Mechanical Engineering Society of the University of
Hong Kong, was held in January. The event was filmed by Radio Television
Hong Kong and broadcasted by Asia Television Ltd in February 2006.

Seminar on Routes to Materials Discipline

Technical Meetings/Technical Visits




22 Jul 2005

Lightweight Concrete

Various speakers

29 Aug 2005

Route to Materials Discipline

Various speakers
Jointly organised with AMC &

10 Sep 2005

Yue Xiu Cement Plant

16 Sep 2005

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Johnny AU
Jointly organised with I0M3 &
Institute of Quarrying
(HK Branch)

13 Feb 2006

The In-situ Determination of Strain of



25 Apr 2006

Annual General Meeting

26 Apr 2006

Precious Materials Authentification:

Jewellery, Diamond & Jade


22 Jun 2006

Wear Resistant Alumina/SiC

The Importance of Plastic Deformation
in Ceramics

Richard TODD

In addition to seminars and technical visits, the Division also organised

many social functions, such as Wine Tasting and Dragon Boat Racing,
during the Session.
In April this year, the Division signed the Co-operation Memorandum with the
Guangdong Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the
Guangdong Mechanical Engineers Society to establish a mutual exchange of
information on activities, including details of research and development,
technical applications and business developments.
Special thanks is hereby given to all Committee members and those who
contributed their valuable time and effort to enable the Division to organise
so many eventful activities and to have another successful year.

Jointly organised with CityU

Mechanical, Marine, Naval

Architecture &
Chemical Division

Ir Leung Hou Kin


The 2005/2006 Session had been an eventful

and fruitful year for the Division. The Division
organised over 35 activities, which were mainly
technical seminars, technical visits (local and
overseas) and career talks, to help members
enhance their professional capabilities and to
encourage engineering students to join the

Overseas Delegation to Japan

Report of Activities 2005/2006

Nuclear Division

Technical Meetings/Seminars



18 Aug 2005

Wine Tasting (Italian Wine) cum

Social Gathering

Jointly organised with

ASME (HK Section) &
IMechE (HK Branch)

20 & 27 Aug,
3 & 10 Sep

Four-day Continuing Professional

Development Program on Professional
Training in Product Analysis and Testing

Jointly organised with

PolyU-Dept of ME &
ANSYS (China) Ltd

15 Oct 2005

Introduction of P2E2 Performance

Contract Model


Young Engineering Forum

Jointly organised with

ASME (HK Section) &
IMechE (HK Branch)

24 Oct 2005

The Hong Kong Product Life Cycle

Management (PLM): Integration
through Partnership 2005

Jointly organised with

PolyU-Dept of ME

4 Nov 2005

Zheng Hes Voyages E

14 Nov 2005

Survey System for Local Vessels under

the New Ordinance & the Engineer
& the Shrinking World of Globalisation

CHAN Ming Yau


5-8 Dec 2005

Marintec China 2005

The All China Maritime Conference
& Exhibition

9 Dec 2005

Cost Management & Contract

Procurement System for Hotels

Johnson SO

13 Dec 2005

Guidance Notes on Road Traffic Noise


NG Ping Sum

21 Jan 2006

Young Inventor Competition

Jointly organised with

IMechE (HK Branch),
ASME (HK Section) &
Mechanical Engineering
Society of HKU

6 Mar 2006

Marine Parks & Marine Ecological

Resources & Their Values

Janice LUN

27 Apr 2006

Annual General Meeting & Annual Dinner

Asset Management
Wins & Challenges in MTRC


8 May 2006


Road Traffic Noise Problem in Kong Kong C M MAK & others

Jointly organised with
EV Division, HKIA, PolyU &

20 May 2006

Dragon Boat Race

9 Jun 2006

Preemptive Diagnostics

Jeremy HO

15 Jun 2006

Wine Tasting (Chilean Wine) cum

Social Gathering

16 Jun 2006

Planning, Engineering, Construction &

Operation of Hong Kongs First Grid
Connected Wind Turbine Pilot Project


19 Jun 2006

MPF Market Review & Financial Planning Bob PANG

Christina FUNG

The 2005/2006 Session was an eventful and

fruitful year for the Nuclear (NE) Division. On
1 to 2 December 2005, we co-organised with
the Hong Kong Association of Risk Management
and Safety a very successful 2005 Asia Pacific
Conference on Risk Management and Safety
which was well received by experts and
professionals in the field both from Hong Kong
and overseas. We also supported the World
Ir Dr Herman Y W Tsui
Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2006 Conference
organised by the World Nuclear Association and Nuclear Energy Institute,
which was held in Hong Kong for the 1st time from 4 to 6 April 2006. The
Conference was a very successful forum for the participating experts and
professionals around the world.
In this Session, we organised five seminars with distinguished speakers from
Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. We also organised quality technical
visits to Guangdong and Lingao Nuclear Power Stations, the Electrical and
Mechanical Services Department new headquarters and the Hong Kong
Observatory. Well-received by participants, these popular visits were oversubscribed. Lastly, we had successfully organised a technical visit to the
Qinshan Nuclear Power Station and nuclear institutions in Shanghai between
17 and 20 May 2006. The visit had further promoted our technical exchange
and relationship with Mainland institutions. In particular it deepened our
understanding of Chinas promising nuclear power development based on
the self-reliance and localisation policy.
Regarding the proposed amalgamation with the Gas & Energy (EG) Division,
the Special General Meetings of the EG Division and NE Division held on
10 and 11 January 2006 respectively had approved the amalgamation of
the two Divisions to form the Gas, Energy and Nuclear Division. Subsequently,
on the recommendation of the Learned Society Board (LSB), the Council
approved the proposal for continuing the status of the NE Division without a
representative in the Council. The LSB would keep monitoring the development
of this matter.
The Division is committed to continuing with the service to its members amidst
the global nuclear renaissance in the coming years.

Technical Visits


9 Jul 2005

Ocean Park

8-11 Sep 2005

China Delegation to Qingdao

10-14 Nov 2005

Overseas Delegation to Japan

19 Nov 2005

In-flight Catering Facility

26 Nov 2005

EMSD New Headquarters

4 Mar 2006

EMSD Headquarters Technical Visit

11 Mar 2006

Tung Chung Cable Car

8 Apr 2006

South China University of Science & Technology &

the Guangzhou Maritime Technical College

29 Apr 2006

Western Harbour Tunnel Company Ltd

13 May 2006

Hong Kong Science Park

Group Photo at Qinshan Nuclear Power Station Phase Two


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