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War: What is it Good For?

War delivers us from this state of limbo, toward the rebirth of sound money and economics.
Sadly, war may be the ultimate distraction that finally breaks the political landscape wide open
and shatters these broken institutions and power centers once and for all.
It isnt right but its almost inevitable. War will be the final political justification for the financial
elite to go full-retard in trying to save their system.
Most people will gladly let them do it.
War can be personal in a way that differs from other crises; because it feeds off the insatiable
need for a collective persona or the national identity.
Natural disasters are the least personal because they are indiscriminate. The broken glass fallacy
of the mainstream (Keynesian) philosophy can trump the pain and help rationalize the
rebuild. (Even when it becomes evident that significant damage could have been avoided before
calamity. Hurricane Katrina comes to mind as one case in point).
The series of financial crises that all generations alive today have experienced have thus far not
been as personal - on an acute, collective basis.
While ultimately shared by all the boiled frog effect of consumer price inflation over years,
for example keeps the pain largely unconscious or chronic. Bailouts, and social welfare have
evolved to further buffer the full effect of financial mayhem.
Really a mutant form of helplessness, our collective willingness to give up freedom in support of
the effort will continue to be the flavor of patriotism.
But war is frightening. And fear aligns with efficiently. Enough to keep the effort alive
Until we reach the tipping point.
Ron Holland of the recently highlighted 10 Reasons why Washington has war
10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever
1. Wars can provide a crisis and justification to continue sovereign debt issuance and currency
expansion for the duration of the conflict.
2. War would allow the politicians to blame Russia and China for the coming end to the dollar
as the world reserve currency as well as the looming dollar and debt crisis.

3. The Federal Reserve and its global central banking cartel have really destroyed the economy
of the West through excessive debt issuance, money creation and borrowing. A war would allow
the blame to be transferred to the enemy nations for public consumption.
4. War would allow the U.S. to regain control over the European Union, individual European
nations, and NATO. Today, Germany, France and other nations are wavering in the lockstep
support for U.S. policies and war plans in the Ukraine.
5. War would stifle secession movements in Spain and Scotland, Greece and Italy threats to
withdraw from the EU, and the common euro currency.
6. A war would provide the excuse for the U.S. to reestablish elite control over news and opinion
from foreign news organizations and alternative Internet news competition.
7. A war against Russia and Iran would safeguard competition from Russian and Iranian oil and
gas delivery pipelines. Additionally, it will allow us to control Middle East production and
continue the Petrodollar system for years to come.
8. As in both world wars, a major war would allow the government to terminate all domestic
political movements and adversaries except for "approved" controlled opposition candidates
from the two major parties.
9. A successful war against allies of China would delay the global power challenge from a
resurgent China for a few years.
10. Finally, during a wartime crisis situation, politicians can always get away with attacks on
civil liberties, freedom of the press and wealth confiscation to a degree never possible during
peacetime. Here lies the ultimate war threat to the majority of the American people; the much
hyped and often undercover agent-driven fake terror plots designed to keep the citizens living in
fear and willing to give up liberties for safety simply does not work any longer - now 14 years
after 9/11.
I would add #11: That war gives full green light for doing whatever it takes however it will be.
While theyve got us distracted by fear, theyll take and legislate as much away from us as they
can and most will do nothing about it until it all gone. They will go after the low hanging fruit the electronic (paper) assets - first.
At first, we will be told that its for own good - it supports the effort. We will believe them and
they will continue to believe themselves. We will be encouraged to give ourselves over
voluntarily. And when we dont, theyll take the money (along with other freedoms and privacy)
- even as they print its value to nothing.
At that point the circle from citizen to criminal is complete; social unrest brings war internal to
protect us from ourselves.

War allows this to happen as a distraction. War provides the excuse to continue the game
whether for profit, for the currency, or for the industry. War will provide the room to print - the
excuse to spend.
What will spark the velocity in money in which the effect of deficit monetization leaks into the
bond market and paves the last mile toward currency collapse?

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