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system requirements
windows OS*
32 bit / 64 bit
.net framework 3.5 SP1**

note : you dont need to have office installed to use this app or to use ribbons.
* as of now, still havent tested on other windows os other than windows 7.
it is more likely to run on newer machines like xp or vista
but i recommend using it on windows 7 so that you can fully enjoy all features.
** i recommend you use the latest updates for .net framework 3.5 above.

whats new in Timepad 0.6.5?

Lets take a peek at the new features and improvements in this new version.
Project name and icon. obviously, the app was renamed because this will
suit all the new and upcoming features just
better. hope you like it too.
User interface. the UI is massively remastered
but still keeping the good compact feel.
Full superbar integration. the app itself uses the
new innovative features in windows 7, but still
keeping the compatibility for other windows OS.
Jumplist - you can now quickly perform system actions with jumplist
Progress meter - with just one glance youll
see how much approximate time is left.
Overlay icons - this gives you more the info
on the timer status or what system action is
active with just a peek at your taskbar.
Thumbnail toolbar is a great addition to
the superbar. which gives you full control on the timer without having
to restore the window. set up the timer from the taskbar.

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

Redesigned icons. another changes made are the metrofied version of

icons. i call them mini metro. ;)
Time & date tab. another good addition is the
analog clock found in the time & date tab. Isnt it
fancy? :)
Panels. the biggest update in this version is, of
course none other than, panels. panels are the one that contains all those
missing features you can think of
with the introduction of panels, youll see that this is not just your ordinary
timer application. it is made to be customizable and user defined.
i have nothing more to say about it, explore and see it for yourself. ;P

(see screenshots for settings panel & advanced timer panel below)

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

Settings reloaded. as you can see from the screenshots above. you will
notice the presence of settings as a panel. It is one of the main reasons
why panel is made. because with panels, you dont need to have
another window opened and it uses less window clutter in your desktop.
Timepad is your all-in-one
compact & fluent timer

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

Shortcut keys. We have included a set of shortcut keys on controls so

you can use the app with ease and mighty fast! ;)

select system action.


display about panel.


display settings panel.


toggle alert notifications.


turns off monitor display.


shortcut to open task manager.


toggle aero glass effect. (for aero compatible OS)


display keytips*.

[ctrl + up]

pin app on top.

[ctrl + down]

hides app.

[ctrl + a]

display advanced panel.

[ctrl + r]

select/toggle run items feature.

[ctrl + s]

start/stop countdown timer.

*keytips is a feature found in all office ribbons.

it is designed to quickly access every tabs, toolbars, buttons, etc.
with just a tip of your fingers. pressing the [alt] button will show
letters that are assigned to different controls.
press on the letter that corresponds to the control you wish to access.

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

Command line arguments. thats right! this new version now supports
command line args. Some of the first commands are listed below.
[ -s ]

shutdown the computer

[ -r ]

restart windows

[ -h ]


[ -sb ]


[ -lo ]

log off user

[ -l ]

lock PC

[ -min ]

start app minimized on taskbar.

[ -hide ]

start app minimized on system tray.

[ -new ]

feels like running the app for the first time, again

[ -def ]

start with default settings, it doesnt reset the

settings. only for the current session.
works like safe mode.

these commands are used without the [ ]

you can use either slash (/) or dash (-) on available commands.
well have more cmd args in the future releases.
single command per session only for now. ;)

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

New timers. in addition to our basic countdown timer. i have added

two advanced timer for monitoring inactivity time of either computer or
network connection.
overview of the new monitoring timers in action

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

(a) computer idle time monitoring timer

with this, you may now specify the idle time for your computer
to do automated task such as performing system actions (i.e. shutdown, hibernate, etc.),
starting a timer countdown or to run a specific program or file(s). isnt that handy?

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart

(b) network activity monitoring timer

and finally you wont need to worry about your

internet connection being inactive.
this feature gives the power in your hands to order your
computer to do an automatic task like those in the first timer. (see figure a)

well thats it for now.

explore all other features.
hope you enjoy the new Timepad! :)

Timepad Project

2011 Magnumheart