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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Choose In-Home Care

Sometimes, people need help in
order to live independently. Seniors
and even young people with
debilitating disease could live at
home with assistance.
Nursing homes are no longer the
only option. While many of them
provide compassionate care, the
move can prove to be expensive and
traumatic. It forces the patient to
leave their familiar environment and
In-home care is becoming more
common. Patients who need regular
attention can still live at home
surrounded by family and friends. It
is the perfect compromise.

After speaking to several in-home

care providers, you can compare
the range of services they offer.
Typically, they will fall into three

Providers vary greatly in terms
of the types of medical care they
provided. Some may be able to
offer 24-hour care while others
are better with simple tasks,
such as monitoring blood sugar
or reminding patients to take

Always inquire about the medical

qualifications of any in-home care
providers you are considering. All
Professionals visit the home of the
workers should have the proper
patient to provide services. Not only training, degrees and certifications.
is it convenient and comfortable, it
If you are unclear about the exact
is typically less expensive than the
level of medical care your loved
care offered at a full-time facility.
one will require, ask your physician.
Because it is growing in popularity,
The doctor will also be able to tell
many in-home care companies
you what qualifications in-home
often specialize in services ranging
care providers should have in your
from housekeeping and errand
running to daily medical assistance.
Talk to your loved ones primary
care physician to help you
understand your choices.
The doctor can help you select a
provider and help you determine
the level of care required. This
professional may even have referrals
to give you.


Caregivers can help with daily

grooming, mobility and any special
diet requirements. They can help
prepare meals or run simple


Homebound people often need

companionship. An in-home care
professional will provide a friendly
face and good conversation as well
as general care. It might be a matter
of reading aloud to your loved
one, discussing the daily news or
playing a game of cards. Quality
in-home care providers understand
that patients also need mental
stimulation and human contact in
order to stay well.

Sunday, March 29, 2015




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Delivering Care in the Comfort of your home

Accept Medicaid, VA, Private Pay & Long Term Care Insurance

Before entering a contract,

understand the services that will
be provided. You want to make
sure you are getting what you need
without paying for services that
are not required. If personal care is
needed, you should not have to pay
for medical care as well.
Everyone, including you, should be
comfortable with the people who
work for the company. In-home
caregivers will quickly become part
of your life, especially as they enter
and exit the house. Get referrals
from people who have been in a
similar situation.
The best in-home care provider is
about finding the right combination
of services. Once you have the right
company, the patient will receive
companionship, comfort and cost
savings that make in-home care
such a fantastic choice.



Serving The Unifour Area

Since 1986
Serving Burke, Catawba, Caldwell, McDowell Counties
All Employees
are Background Checked.
State Licensed & Insured
304 S. Main St.
Drexel, NC 28619

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kings Construction


Choose a Contractor
When it comes to successful
home renovation projects,
choosing the right contractor
for the job is an important
first step. Whether youre
remodeling a bathroom,
building a deck, laying a
wood floor or painting
your house, slow down
and do some research. If
you dont choose the right
contractor, you could end
up disappointed in the work,
feeling swindled and needing
someone else to finish the
Get a referral from someone
you know. People love
updating their homes so
you should have no trouble
coming up with a list of
contractors to call. Get at
least three references for
your contractor and call
them. The contractor will
likely give you references
who had positive
experiences, so be sure to
ask them specific questions
about workmanship that are

important to you. You might

be concerned about whether
the contractor cleaned up
his work area and kept to his
time line or whether the final
invoice matched the estimate.
Hire a contractor who
specializes in the type
of work you need done.
Someone you hire to install
wood flooring or to build a
deck should be a carpentry
contractor, while someone
you hire to install recessed
lighting in your kitchen
should be an electrician.
There are many different
trade certifications, so be
sure to check the title on
your contractors certification
to make sure he or she is a

status and Liability Insurance

certificate. A reputable
contractor will have no
problem providing copies of
these documents.
Check with the Better
Business Bureau to find out
if complaints have ever been
filed or are outstanding
against the contractor.
Request a written estimate.
Any contractor who does not
provide you with a written
estimate should be crossed
off your list immediately. Get
at least three estimates and
then compare prices with
what is included. Remember
the lowest bidder is not
always the best.

Sign a written contract.

The contract should clearly
Check licenses and insurance
spell out all the steps the
with your citys Contractors
contractor will take from
Licensing Board. Ask the
beginning to end of your job,
tradesman for copies of
what supplies are included,
the following documents:
the payment schedule and
Contractors Certification,
the time line for the project.
Workers Compensation


Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Finding the right pediatric
dentist can seem
overwhelming, but dont
despair. All it requires is
research and patience.

pediatric dentist.

Also, look for a list of

pediatric dentists on the
Internet, telephone book or
newspaper. The American
A pediatric dentist will make Dental Association will have
a list of qualified pediatric
a positive impression on
kids. He/She will teach them dentists in your area.
Professionals who belong
a lifetime of good dental
to this association are
habits. Appointments can
committed to the publics
be fun and educational.
oral health.
When you are looking for a
As well, the American
pediatric dentist, here are
Academy of Pediatric
some things to consider.
Dentistry is another
excellent resource.
As you begin your search,
it is important to start
Contact the pediatric
gathering names and
dentists on your list to ask
contact information.
questions. Be sure to take
Check with parents in your
notes during the call.
neighborhood. They should
Inquire about the hours of
be able to tell you where
they take their children for operation. See if you can
dental care. Ask them about schedule an appointment
so your child can meet the
their experiences.
Your own dentist might give
you a referral to a

McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 3


Your childs comfort level
will have a big part in
whether a dentist is the
right one. Take him or her
to meet his prospective
The visit will help you
understand the dentists
personal skills and patience
A friendly attitude and
tolerance is essential when
working with children. This
person must be able to
defuse tantrums and do the
right things to make your
child comfortable. The only
real way to see if you have
selected the right person is
to watch him or her interact
with children.
Visit several dentists before
making a choice. When
your child is excited to visit
his dental friend, you know
that you have selected the
best one for your child.

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Total Family Care

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Complete, Professional Dental Services for Adults and Children.

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Pediatric Dentists
Michael T. Holt, D.D.S
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General Dentistry

341 E. Parker | Morganton, NC | 828-433-1223

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

WHAT IS Hospice Care

Hospice helps individuals navigate
the care transitions from curative
care to comfort care with exceptional
attention to the management of pain
and other symptoms. Hospice care is
unique in that it is designed to support
the patient and their loved ones,
especially those who are involved in
caretaking responsibilities.
Hospice care is comprised of a team of
professionals bringing their individual
expertise to support the patient
and family through their physical,
emotional, and spiritual needs. The
team makes scheduled routine visits
and is available On-Call for any
emergent needs on a 24 hours a day / 7
days a week basis.

Hospice is a philosophy of care

designed to serve the patient

anywhere they call home. When age
or illness changes our needs, the
location of home can also change, so
the Hospice team can come to you
weather it is in your residence or an
assisted living facility, skilled nursing
home or even a hospital.

Pick a hospice organization that helps
you feel at ease. You are going to have
to ask and answer some extremely
difficult questions. Death is a tough
subject to discuss. Clear, caring
communication is absolutely essential.

When medical symptoms of your

illness require more intensive hospice
intervention, many hospice programs
offer on-site hospice inpatient services
for acute medical care management.
Wherever hospice care is delivered,
the goal is always in support of the
highest quality of life for the person
living with a terminal illness and
confidence to family and others who
are the caregivers.

A quality hospice program will give

you all the time and personal attention
you need to ease your mind. Part
of picking hospice involves having
the right feeling. If the hospice staff
is personable and makes you feel
comfortable, thats a good sign.



Medicare and Medicaid provide a

hospice benefit as do some private
insurance policies. Inability to pay
does not prevent you from receiving
care in most programs.

Safe Harb

aiave Care Csuants

Your personal doctor will be working

with the hospice team to insure that
you receive all that you need to care
for your loved one.
Although a referral can come from
anyone in the family, it must be
qualified by your doctor. This usually
means that the prognosis of the
disease is 6 months life expectancy
or less if the disease were to take its

normal course.
When treatment goals change from
curative care to comfort care it is a
good time to begin a conversation
with your doctor about making a
referral to hospice. Sometimes it is
helpful if you start the conversation
by asking your physician if hospice
care is appropriate. You are always
encouraged to contact hospices for
more information.
Hospice care has been growing since
the late 1980s. Many people are
realizing that there is hope, help, and
satisfaction when including hospice as
a partner in helping to care for you and
your family.
On national surveys most people
will tell you that they wish they had
contacted hospice sooner in their
journey because Hospice makes
the end-of-life experience better for
everyone. Dont travel alone, invite
Hospice to help.

Safe Harb
C hild Grief Suppt
Adu Grief Suppt

Opting for hospice care is one of the

most compassionate decisions you can
make. Hospice care is specialized care
for patients and their families who are
facing a terminal illness.


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Choose a New Car Dealer

Purchasing a new car
can seem like a daunting
experience, especially if you
have never done it before.
Inexperienced car shoppers
are often intimidated by
the cost, the process and
even dealers who may try to
overcharge them. It doesnt
have to be this way.

want. During specific times of

the year, you might be able to
get a great deal on a new car.
It is particularly true during
year-end sales.

will help ease your finances

while you are in school.
Along with the car model,
there are numerous options
to consider. You might get a
car with a navigation system,
moonroof, GPS and satellite
radio, just to name a few.

Of course, you should testdrive a car before purchasing


If you have to commute

long distances, think about
Finding a dealer you can trust purchasing a smaller car with
will defuse anxiety. The whole a good MPG rating. Hybrid
cars can help you save money
experience will become
on gas. Anyone in a cold
a simple, low-pressure
transaction. Good car dealers climate might look at various
vehicles with either all-wheel
will make the entire process
or front-wheel drive.
of buying a car simple and
Once you have settled on a
car model, check into area
Selecting the right
car dealers. Finding several
automobile for your needs
dealers who sell the brand
and lifestyle is essential.
of car you want is usually
Large families may need an
best. The competition for
SUV or van to fit everyone
your business will help you
into the vehicle. But college
negotiate the total cost of
students buying their first
car would probably be happy your car.
with a compact car such as
Make sure to look for current
coupe. The savings on gas
discounts on the car you

When you begin your

negotiations, remember that
price isnt everything. Service
should play a role as well.
You are building a long-term
relationship with this dealer
and manufacturer. It is not
worth getting a less-thansatisfactory experience just to
save a few dollars.
It is essential that you
feel comfortable with
the dealership. Buying a
car is an expensive, longterm commitment. It is
always better to find a
car salesperson who is
informative and friendly. It
will make your transaction as
simple and comfortable as



Choose a Furniture Store

Furniture gives your house a personality. It
creates an ambiance that sends a message to
guests about who you are. Do you have style?
What are your values?
With all the eclectic choices available today,
there has never been a better time to buy new
furniture. Whether your budget is big or small,
choosing new seating, tables and accessories can
make a big difference in your daily life.


Look for a store that sells quality, long-lasting
While inexpensive accessories can be bought
cheaply and changed often, big furniture
investments -- sofas, dining tables, and the like -need to be purchases for the long term.
That means putting solid construction before a
pretty style.
Solid construction isnt always apparent at first
glance. It should feel solid, not flimsy, of course.
Beyond that, find out as much information as
possible about the frame, materials, and what
kind of warranty it comes with.
A well-trained staff can inform you about
their furniture, how theyre built and why the
construction matters. The best stores have
employees who act as guides and teachers, not
pushy salespeople.


It is best to pay more for a quality piece than to
try to save money on something that will not
last in the long term. The bigger the investment,

Jim Cook Chevrolet Buick GMC sells new & preowned cars, trucks &
sport utility vehicles. We service all makes & models of cars & trucks.
Along with our Certified GM parts, we sell a full line of name brand tires.
We are open 6 days a week & our service & parts departments
are even open til 1:00PM on Saturdays!
Jim Cook Chevy is filled with long-term employees who McDowell
& Burke County residents have come to know & to count on. So come on down
& say hello or visit us on the web at
or give us a call at 828-652-3221 (TOLL FREE at 800-622-2438).
Before you buy give Jim Cook a try!

the more important the design and build quality

Concentrate on finding the best value. An
inexpensive sofa will not be a good value if it is
built with cheap and weak materials. Likewise,
the most expensive love seat will have a wise
investment if the frame is not built solidly.
Its best to look for brands with a long track
record and good reputation.



Do you suffer from back pain or discomfort?

The health benefits of an adjustable bed
or chiropractic chair are endless.
With our new Premier Bedding Collection...
you can have complete control of
the way you lay or sleep!

Every store has a different customer service
policy. Choose a store that is well known for
being loyal to its customers.
Inquire about return policies. Some furniture
stores will allow you to exchange an item within
a time limit if it doesnt meet your expectations.
Learn what fees are involved if you have the
return an item -- if that is allowed at all.
As well, ask about the stores delivery policy,
including how much it costs, how far theyll
deliver and how quickly your furniture will arrive.
If you are comparison shopping, factor the
delivery cost when considering different stores.
A low-priced couch will not save you money if it
comes with an expensive delivery fee. It may be
worth it to pay a little more for the couch if free
or reduced cost delivery is available.
The bottom lines is that there are only two things
that matter: the quality of the furniture you are
purchasing, and the level of service you receive.
Once you discover them both, furniture shopping
can be a fun experience that will beautify your
home for many years.

0% interest
for 18 Months
Voted #1 for Bedding
in McDowell County
for 2013!

151 South Main Street

Marion, NC 652-5115



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Right Insurance Agent for Your Needs

Shopping for the right insurance agent
can feel overwhelming. After all, there
are plenty of things to consider. You
need to find a company that offers the
right mix of service, coverage and an
affordable price.
The challenge may simply be not
knowing how to identify a reliable,
reputable agent.
Remember that everyone needs
insurance coverage. An experienced
agent can walk you through various
options, keeping in mind your budget
and lifestyle.
Before choosing an insurance plan, you
will need to identify an agent to guide
you through the process. Your financial
future depends on finding the right
person to help you get insurance that
will fit your needs.
Your family, friends and colleagues
have likely worked with insurance
agents in the past. Ask people you
trust for referrals. If you receive a

Sunday, March 29, 2015


the implications of each policy. They

will give you useful information and
Select a company that is highly regarded
not subject you to high-pressure sales
by consumers. Read reviews of each
company to determine who has the most
Your agent should be available. The
satisfied clients. Are they easy to work
Successful agents understand that
relationship doesnt end once the sale
with? Have there been any problems
offering great service will keep them
is completed. Your dialogue should be
with collecting on a policy?
in business. Their careers depend on
continuous. The best agents are available
word-of-mouth. If you are happy with
Also, check that any prospective agent
in the event you have to file a claim.
the service you receive, your insurance
has all necessary licenses and training.
agent will appreciate your willingness to
Agents who have been in business for
refer acquaintances to her in the future. After narrowing your list of prospective
many years likely have a good reputation
agents, make an appointment to visit
and track record. They understand the
If you do not have recommendations,
each one. Prepare a list of questions
policies and will even take extra care that
begin researching your options. Begin by
and concerns about your personal
you are properly protected.
looking at local companies and brokers.
situation. Take notes during your
It is essential that you choose the
meeting. Remember that you must feel
Large insurers give all of their agents
right type and amount of insurance to
comfortable with the answers before
the same training. Each agent will be
adequately protect yourself and your
purchasing a policy.
subject to the same company policies.
financial future. The policy should be
In some ways, that can be comforting.
If an agent tries to pressure you into
tailored to fit your specific needs.
However, agents at large companies may
making a decision right away, inform
lack creativity and flexibility in how they
him that you need more time and cannot A seasoned, skilled insurance agent
handle their accounts.
will be an invaluable resource for
sign anything immediately.
safeguarding your future.
As you conduct your research, be
The right agent will let you take as
thorough and critical. Buying a policy is
much time as you need to understand
similar to purchasing a new car or home.

recommendation, it is because that

person has had a positive experience.
There is a good likelihood that you will
have similar results.

It is truly that important.

As a local Independent
Agent, we can design an
insurance program just right
for you and your family.
Give the people you love
Safe. Sound. Secure.
Protection from
Insurance Company.


406A East Union Street

Morganton, NC 28655


Valdese, NC 28690


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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the Right Caterer

Hosting a successful event takes
plenty of forethought, as well as a
supportive team of professionals. A
good caterer is essential for creating
a memorable occasion. Experienced
caterers can be a tremendous
assistance whether you are planning a
large event or intimidate celebration.
Not only will a caterer bring
great food, she will also give you
information and advice about making
your event a success. She will tell
you what types of food work best
at a given event and the quantities
required for your guests.
They will create impressive,
delectable dishes with a high sense of
professionalism. Most caterers take
great pride in their work. They can
also tell you about other resources,
including professionals, who can turn
your event into a magical occasion.
Choosing the right caterer means you
will have time to enjoy your party.
Here are some tips to consider when
looking for a high quality caterer:

Before speaking to a prospective
caterer, note everything you know
about your event. Details might
include date, time, location, number
of guests and budget. You can also
suggest certain types of foods. It
might help to tell the caterer about
the venue decor, so she can focus on
what will match the surroundings.

Begin asking your social network for
recommendations. Friends, family,
and even colleagues may have used
a caterer in the past. Check the
phone book and the Internet for local
caterers. After you have compiled
a list of possibilities, schedule a
meeting and prepare your questions.
In particular, ask about delivery,
time frames and budget. The caterer
might have ideas about your event.
Listen with an open mind. Since
these professionals are in the event
business, they will likely draw from
past experiences.

It is always a good idea to ask
for client references. You should
receive a list of names and contact
information. Dont be shy. Call these
references to inquire about the
companys work. In addition, there
are plenty of review websites where
you can find valuable information.
Sometimes, a caterer has a book of
food and dessert pictures. Look at
their work. Be sure it pleases you.

The local health department will
have a health rating for the caterer.
A positive record demonstrates their
commitment to safe food handling
practices. It is also an excellent
indicator of the caterers overall

Be sure to communicate clearly
about timelines and scheduling.
Caterers who have packed schedules
are a risky proposition. Use a
company that can spend time and
effort on your event. If the caterer
might have difficulty dedicating time
to your event, look elsewhere. It
might be a great caterer, but you do
not want a rushed job.

The caterer should allow you to
sample the food. In fact, it is common
for caterers to bring selections from
their menu to an initial interview.
If they dont offer you samples,
request them prior to pay deposits
or advancing funds. It is only fair that
you know what you are purchasing.
Some caterers specialize in
elaborately themed parties. These
companies will offer suggestions
on food that will complement your
celebration. Other caterers have
expertise in crafting menus that are
customized to your guest list.
Caterers who can help you with the
entire planning process of your meal
from hors douevres to dessert are
well worth the money. They can guide
you through the whole process with
professionalism, confidence and even
a sense of humor. Because you have
thoughtfully chosen your caterer, your
special occasion will be a rousing


Childcare for Your Child

Selecting a childcare facility can
seem like a daunting task. It is
important that you choose a place
where youll feel comfortable
leaving your child.

not play favorites. They spend

equal time with everyone and make
every child feel important.

Childcare facilities can vary widely

in terms of professionalism and
quality, so it is vital that you
research each place you are

The facility should be in a safe and

inviting environment. It should
have bright colors and fun decor.

Making on-site visits will tell you

plenty about the quality of the
facility. Schedule an appointment
with the director so you can ask
Have your children accompany
you on this trip so you can see how
they will react to this environment.
Observe your child and gauge his
or her comfort level.

The quality of any childcare facility
rests on its employees. These
staff people must be reliable and
responsible. Request information
on background checks of the staff.
Ask about the ratio of caregivers
to children. Adults cannot do their
jobs effectively when they have to
care for 30 children at once with no
extra assistance.
Good hygiene habits are a
must. Sickness is easily spread
among children and adults at
these facilities. Observe how the
employees interact with children.
They should communicate well and
like kids.
The best childcare employees do


childcare centers rules.

The facility should have a stringent
sickness policy. It will protect
your child from catching viruses
frequently. You dont want to pay
for a month of childcare only to
have the child stay home because
of illness.

The lighting needs to be adequate.

Inspect the bathrooms, dining areas
As well, the facility should ask for
and nap rooms. Everything should
be decorated with children in mind. a copy of the childs vaccination
Look outside at the play areas.
Every area should be designed with
safety in mind. Look for locks on
doors, sharp edges and dangerous
objects that might be in a childs


High-quality childcare centers
offer activities to keep your child
preoccupied throughout the day, so
no child should be bored.
Ask the director what kind of
activities are available for children.
It should be a mixture of free play
and structured activities. Crafts,
music, stories and age-appropriate
lessons will help your child grow.

Discipline is an essential issue.
Ask the facility how they deal with
specific discipline issues.
Also, if your child has difficulties
with sharing, talk to them about
how they might handle it. They
should give you thoughtful
answers. Ask for a copy of the

Throughout your visit, look to

see if your child seems genuinely
interested and comfortable. How
does he or she interact with the
other children? If your child is shy,
see how the teachers get timid kids
to engage with others.
Observe how your child interacts
with the teachers. How do they
address your child during the visit?
Does the facility have toys and
activities that interest him or her?
If your child is of speaking age, you
can ask him or her directly for their
Selecting the right childcare facility
is such an important decision. Look
at each option thoroughly before
making a final decision. If you feel
something is wrong at a particular
facility, dont be afraid of crossing
them off your list. You can certainly
find more suitable childcare that is
comfortable for you and your child.
With a bit of close observation
and intuition, you should have no
trouble finding a suitable childcare
center for your child.

HOURS: Mon. - Thurs. 11am - 9 pm

Fri. - Sat. 6:30 am - 9 pm
Sun. 11am - 3 pm

First Baptist Church Childrens

Center is a state licensed 5 Star
facility that provides full-time, dropin, and before and after school care,
as well as full-time summer care for
school-age children.
We have competitive rates for
McDowell County and also work with
local subsidy programs to provide
care for all children in need.


We are blessed to serve the fine
families of McDowell County!

First Baptist Church

Childrens Center

206 Logan Street, Marion. N.C.

Phone: 828-652-3937

8 | McDowell News | Morganton News Herald

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Pawn Shop

If you are a bargain hunter with unique tastes, you
will likely spend lots of time at garage sales. You
might even scan classified ads and websites looking
for cool purchases. You might also consider visiting
your local pawn shop.

Some pawn shops tend to favor one type of inventory

over another. While one store might have a variety of
musical instruments, another might sell jewelry and
family heirlooms. It takes some browsing to figure out
which shops sell the products you are seeking.

These stores serve a dual purpose. They provide fast

cash for people in a sudden financial bind, but they
also offer quality merchandise at a great price. You
might find electronics, jewelry and sometimes even
firearms at below retail rates.

The best thing about pawn shops is that their

merchandise is constantly changing. Each time they
receive more inventory, or a pawned item goes on the
sales floor for the first time, you can discover new and
exciting things to buy.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for

a pawn shop.

Thats why smart pawn store shoppers make repeat

visits to the same stores. You never know what
treasures have suddenly become available.

If youre looking to sell or pawn an item -- which
means using a possession as collateral on a loan -then a pawn shops reputation will be important.
The best pawn shops have a reputation for offering
fair deals to their customers. If you own something of
value, like a diamond ring or photography equipment,
you can leave it at a pawn shop and borrow a portion
of its value.
When you pay the loan back on time, you get the
merchandise back. If you dont pay the loan in a
timely manner, the pawn shop keeps your property
and sells it for a profit.
Pawning is one of the simplest and oldest ways of
borrowing money. It can be a good option if you need
cash quickly. It is vital that you find a pawn shop that
will offer you a fair price for what you own, whether
you are selling it outright or pawning it.

Shoppers can also find amazing deals at their local
pawn shops, provided they know what to look for.

First time visitors to pawn shops are often surprised
by the quality of merchandise they find. Late-model
electronics, powerful computers, name-brand items
and high-end jewelry are just some of the things that
you can find in pawn shops throughout the country.
Look for a store with a good mix of quality
merchandise and affordable prices. Dont be afraid
of negotiating with the salespeople. Most pawn store
owners are used to some level of haggling, and it
never hurts to ask for a better deal.

Finally, look for a pawn shop that is convenient for
you to visit.
It should be in a neighborhood close to your home
or office, in a safe and easy location. There is no need
for you to feel nervous to visit the store.
When you find a local pawn shop with the right mix
of merchandise in an ideal location, chances are youll
end up spending more of your time and budget there.
It is a smart way to shop locally.


a Seal Coating Company

consistent surface that looks like time. If they occur on your
new. It can hide imperfections
property when workers are
on site, your policy may not
cover you. Verify the details of
While it will increase the value
insurance coverage before you
of your property, it is important
sign a contract.
Treating your commercial
to make the pavement last as
long as possible. Otherwise you pavement to a seal coat will
protect it from the elements,
will have to reinstall the asphalt
is just one step
prematurely due to excess wear
in a good asphalt job. Look
and cracks.
for a company with a strong
The key is to verify that the
Finding a good seal coating
reputation for seal coating as
company will keep your property
well as crack repair.
in top shape, as well as protect
methods designed specifically
Because seal coating requires
your investment.
for commercial traffic vehicles.
covering up the existing surface,
The heavier the vehicles, the
commercial property owners will
more often youll have to sealneed to re-stripe their parking
Seal coating puts a hot layer of
coat the surface of the pavement lots and driveways. Finding a seal
asphalt on top of your driveway
to protect it.
coat company who will also do
to protect it. This layer is
striping will make the job easier
absolutely vital in cold climates. Of course, the company must
and smoother.
accommodate the hours of
Frozen water can create cracks
Regular maintenance of your
in pavements that are not sealed your business. If your parking
area is used by the public, the
seal coat is vital. The longer
company needs to be prepared
you put it off, the more damage
This coating also serves as
for that. They should not greatly that will occur to your paved
protection in warmer climates.
inconvenience your customers.
surfaces. Over time, that will
Perhaps they can work during
accumulate and cause a higher
When a driveway is cracked, a
hours or days that business is
repair bill.
sealing company will first use a
filling agent on the split areas.
It is cost-effective to routinely
Then, a seal coat will go over it to
seal your asphalt to protect it
hide the blemishes and protect
through the seasons. It will also
the areas.
Your sealing company should be make your home or business
fully insured.
look modern and attractive.
The right seal coat will create
and give your driveway a sleek,
Accidents can happen at any
Paving a portion of your
residential or commercial
property can be expensive.

Voted Best Pawn Shop

We buy and sell gold
and much, much more!
Come see us in downtown Morganton
138 North Sterling Street Morganton, NC


Morgantons Oldest Pawn Shop Serving You For Over 30 Years


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Choose a Funeral Home

Making funeral arrangements can be
hard. Dealing with the death of a loved
one is a challenge.

any specific wishes. If possible, respect

those wishes.

particular funeral home. Many people are

unaware that in North Carolina, pre-paid
funeral arrangements are completely
transferable from one firm to another. If
no arrangements were made, ask family
and friends to see if the deceased made

If you cannot get referrals, look on the

Internet. Select three or four funeral
homes that might fit your needs. Visit
each one with a close friend or relative.

Pre-arranging your funeral, or advance

planning, is always a good idea. Whether
Thats why it is better to think ahead so
you decide to pre-fund your funeral or
you can have a clear mind while making
not, at least having your wishes in writing
these difficult decisions.
is helpful to your family or those left to
Most people dont have much experience
make the final arrangements. By prewith planning funerals. When the time
funding your arrangements it is important
comes to visit a funeral home, they find
to make sure your pre-need funeral
prices vary dramatically. Indeed, funerals
contract is inflation proof. This means
can be costly.
your funeral price is guaranteed.
Planning before your time of grief will
To find the right funeral home, ask
help you make wise decisions under
family, friends and pastors for a
difficult circumstances.
recommendation. It is a good way to
Here are some things to consider when
focus on funeral homes with excellent
you must select a funeral home.
reputations. You might also consider your
experiences at funeral homes in your
The first step is to find out if the deceased
has made any funeral arrangements at any city.

Andy Thompson, Owner

Joe Thompson

Steve Boyles

Budget is a major concern for most

Connie Thompson

Louise Plemmons


McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 9


Heritage Funeral
Service & Crematory

people. Inquire about fees for different

services, and what all the services include.
Ask questions and take notes. Staff
members should be patient with you.
Being shown respect and kindness is
always VERY important when selecting a
funeral home.


After deciding on a funeral home and

type of service, documentation is the
next step. The funeral director can help
you with the required forms, contracts,
and payment arrangements; which may
include filing insurance for the family
It is important to get written estimates for and obtaining certified death certificates.
everything. Ask about hours for viewing, Death Certificates are processed by the
funeral home and are always necessary
same day visitation with funeral versus
when working on the estate of the
night visitation and next day funeral,
cremation services, additional fees and
special requests. Its also important to
Talk to the funeral home and tell them
know if the firm has their own crematory,
who in the deceaseds family is authorized
so everything is handled on-site.
to make decisions. Be very detailed
The Federal Trade Commission mandates about your expectations and what kind
of arrangements you want. Tell them if
that funeral homes must provide
something is not being done according to
customers with a General Price List. If
your intentions.
you believe prices are too high at one
funeral home, shop around. Dont allow
Good funeral homes will guide you
yourself to be pressured into additional
through the process to ensure that the
services you dont need or cant afford.
funeral runs smoothly for everyone. In
Do not decide on a funeral home right
your time of grief and hardship, preaway. Think about it for a bit. The decision
planning can give you a small measure of
should be made with clarity, free from
comfort and peace of mind.

Ed Plemmons, Owner

Vickie Oxentine

Our promise to you:

We will strive to provide the absolute best
facilities, price and personal attention that you
and your family deserve. Our staff is licensed,
caring, and professional. You will be treated
with respect and kindness, and your wishes
will always be honored.
Member North Carolina Funeral Directors Association

828.874.0411 n 507 EAST MAIN STREET n VALDESE

Ashley Workman

Wiley Martin

Justin Abernathy

10 | McDowell News | Morganton News Herald

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Drive up the mountain to see

what incredible furniture and
prices we have for your home!

Recognize Quality Furniture

Updating your home can be as
simple as buying new furniture. It is a
fantastic way to add elegance or flair
to any room in your home.
Whether you are revamping an
outdated living room or moving into
your first apartment, finding quality
furnishings should be your top
No matter which style you embrace,
furniture can be divided into two
categories: sturdy, long-lasting pieces
or cheap, flimsy furniture that will
only last a few years.
How can you tell the difference?
If you are searching for high-quality
pieces that are built to last, here are
some aspects to consider.

Wood furniture can last a lifetime,
provided it is well-made. Some of the
best furniture consists of kiln-dried
wood. This process removes excess
moisture left over after processing.
Drying takes several months, but it
ensures the strength and durability of
the wood.
High-quality furniture is made of
wood whose grain and color matches.
Frames should be made of the same
wood as the rest of the piece or
quality hardwood like poplar.
Maple, cherry or oak are some of the
best wood for furniture. Pieces made
of pine or plywood will be weaker and

prone to breakage.

Understanding how furniture is
constructed will help you find the
highest quality pieces.
Joints that interlock are called dovetail
joints. They are lined along the edges
of drawers and other joints in the
furniture. Dovetail joints have been in
use for hundreds of years in furniture
construction. Glue is the only material
used to secure these joints.
A tenon is a tongue cut into the joints
short end. The space on the joints
long side where the tenon fits is called
a mortise. Tenon joints and mortise
are as widely used as dovetail joints
and are just as strong.
The tongue and groove joint is a
form of mortise and tenon joint. The
tongue runs along the entire length of
the board. You can find a groove on
the other side. The tongue locks into
the groove creating a stable surface
resistant to warping.
Doweling consists of metal or pins
and wood blocks which are used to
secure joints between two separate
wood pieces. While not as strong as a
dovetailing or tenon joint, doweling
does provide adequate stability.
Mitering holds furniture together with
two pieces of adjoining wood. This
material is cut at a 45-degree angle
and then pieced together to create a

Sunday, March 29, 2015

90-degree angle. The joint runs from

the inside to the outside corner. You
will see examples of mitering on a
picture frame or mirror.
A floating drawer is one whose
bottom is placed within grooves but
not secured in any other manner.

Large pieces like headboards and
tabletops often have clear divisions.
This characteristic is often quite
common. Wood is hard to find in large
pieces, so divisions are necessary to
create the furniture.
Feel the pieces with your fingertips.
Quality furniture is well sanded and
smooth, inside and out. All joints fit
together perfectly.
Hutches and dressers should have
dust panels. Drawers open smoothly,
with no sticking or squeaking. When
closed, the drawers should sit flat
against the surface of the dresser or
Any light fixtures on the furniture
should be securely built into the
unit. If the drawer is for silverware or
jewelry, it should be lined.
Understanding materials, construction
and characteristics will help you find
furniture that is built to last. If you
are going through the effort to buy
furniture, why not choose high-quality
pieces? It will give you the best value
for your money.

Proudly serving all of Western

North Carolina for 43 years and
still family owned and operated!

2700 Hwy 70 Swannanoa, NC 828-686-5561

67 Main Street Canton 828-648-4995


Nursing Facility for Your Loved One
Finding a skilled nursing facility for a loved one
can be a challenge for everyone involved. With
hundreds of choices available, it can be difficult
to sort through all of your options.
Your best choices are facilities that have high
scores from state agencies such as the nursinghome regulatory agency or department of health.
The nursing staff in these facilities are required
to complete a formal certification process.
As a result, the staff at a nursing facility is usually
much more skilled and regulated than staff at an
assisted living facility. Thats because the staff at
skilled nursing facilities provide and administer
prescription medications. Assisted living facility
staff do not usually have the same authorization.
Skilled nursing facilities provide more
personalized care to residents who are suffering
from advanced age, severe illness or infirmity.
Assisted living residents live in a somewhat
private environment and perform most of their
daily living activities with minimal staff assistance.
Your loved one will need reassurance that he or
she will be safe and well taken care of by a highly
skilled nursing staff.
Select a facility close to your loved ones family
and friends. It should be easy to see your loved
one. Frequent visits will help ease the transition
from independent living to a skilled nursing
You can form an accurate opinion by visiting
several facilities. Reputable centers will have no

problems with scheduling interviews with staff

or giving tours of the living areas and grounds.
If a facility doesnt allow you to see these areas
or have a meeting with the director, it should be
dropped from your list.

Before you choose a Skilled Nursing
Facility, go to: www.

Cleanliness, cheerful decor and happy residents

neatly dressed are symbols of a quality facility.
Speak to current residents and their families
to get a good assessment of the facility. Family
members will likely provide the most unbiased
and unvarnished opinion of the facility.
Most high-quality skilled nursing facilities are
significant investments. They provide a much
higher level of care and so they cost more. Talk
with an attorney who specializes in nursing
facility cases for advice on cost, as well as quality
of care.
The decision to put your loved one in a particular
facility is not permanent. If your family member
is not receiving good care or shows signs of
abuse, you have the right to remove him or her.
Frequent visits are important so you can monitor
the health and well-being of your loved one. See
him or her at different times of the day to verify
the level of care.
You can never be too choosy when it comes to
your loved one. Take all the time you need when
searching for a skilled nursing facility.
Putting a loved one in a facility can be difficult
and emotionally challenging. Finding the best
one you can afford will give you peace of mind.

This will allow you to compare Skilled

Nursing Facilities in your area and choose
the best facility for your loved one.
Autumn Care of Marion is proud to
announce that we are a 5-out-of-5 star
rated facility.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 11


choose a Tax Professional


When choosing someone to prepare

your tax return, the IRS urges you to
choose that preparer wisely. Taxpayers
are legally responsible for whats on
their tax return even if it is prepared
by someone else. So, it is important
to choose carefully when hiring an
individual or firm to prepare your
Finding experienced and responsible
tax professionals requires research.
The IRS is the first to urge caution.
After all, a tax preparation service
does not absolve you of problems
stemming from an incorrect tax
return. So find a tax service that backs
its work.
Before hiring a tax preparer, verify
that they will represent you if you
are audited by the IRS. Ask about the
preparers audit rate. This requires
being open year-round.
The person you are hiring must
specialize in tax preparation. A
certified public account might not be
a tax specialist, and is no guarantee
you will not be audited.
The federal tax code changes
every year. It is a challenge for tax
professionals to stay current with
the changes. A tax professional
should have documentations of
any continuing education classes
completed in the past year.
It is important to check on your
preparers as well as the firms
credentials. The Better Business
Bureau will inform you if they have
dubious reputations. For more
verification, contact your states board
of accountancy or your state bar
associations tax lawyers to research a
preparers professional record.
Make sure the tax preparer is
accessible. Make sure you will be able
to contact the tax preparer after the
return has been filed, even after the
April due date, in case questions arise.
A legitimate and reputable
professional tax preparer should have:
A relationship with an

organization requiring continuing

A fee schedule based on the
complexity of your return
The willingness and ability to
answer all of your questions
Availability extending beyond the
preparation and filing of your tax
Knowledge your states tax laws
Available to help you year round.
Familiarity with any special
circumstances that may apply to
An in-person review of any
expected refunds with the

There are many tax preparers who are

honest. They provide excellent service
to their clients. Others, unfortunately,
are less than scrupulous. They cause
their clients legal and financial


Getting your taxes done isnt enough - you need your
taxes done right. Thats where we come in. We hire and
train the most qualified tax professionals to ensure you

Warning signs of a disreputable tax

preparer may include:

claim every credit and deduction you deserve so you get

your maximum refund. Guaranteed.

Claims that they can obtain larger

refunds than their competitors
Guarantees of a refund up front
A request for your signature on a
blank tax form
An unwillingness to sign a return,
known as ghost preparation.
Claims they can get you a refund
Never sign a blank return. Avoid
tax preparers that ask you to
sign a blank tax form. Make sure
the preparer signs the form
and includes their PTIN. A paid
preparer must sign the return and
include their PTIN as required by
law. Although the preparer signs
the return, you are responsible
for the accuracy of every item on
your return. The preparer must
also give you a full copy of the
The best tax professional has
a proven track record of competence,
a stellar reputation and an attitude
of respect for their clients. It is your
financial and legal status at stake. The
preparer should be ready and able
to stand behind the work and beside
you if you ever need to appear for an


1155 N. Main Street, Marion, NC 28752
1255-C Burkmont Ave, Morganton, NC 28655


Tax codes are becoming more

complicated every year. Why run the
risk of making a mistake? A reliable
tax preparer can save you time, money
and give you piece of mind.

If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller tax
liability), well refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must be made during the calendar
year in which the return was prepared. OBTP#B13696 2015 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

12 | McDowell News | Morganton News Herald

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


an Auto Repair Shop

Every car requires repairs or service at some point. your prospective shop handle brake systems,
electrical components and warranty repairs? Do
It doesnt matter whether the car is new or used. It they provide a loaner, rental car, or shuttle service
may need tires, oil changes or a new engine.
while your car is being repaired?
Having a good relationships with a high-quality
Inquire about their customer satisfaction
auto repair shop will save you time and hassle
policy. Look around the shop. Is the equipment
when your vehicle needs an immediate repair.
in good condition? Is it clean, well-lit and
If you are unsure about a particular shop, take
your car in for a regular tune-up and maintenance.
After all, it will help the car run better. Since your
car needs preventive maintenance anyway, take it
to get an oil change or air conditioning check. It is
a great way to see if the shop will offer you great
customer service.
Here are some other things to keep in mind when
looking for an auto repair shop:

Most people choose an auto repair shop based

on a referral from friends, family or coworkers.
Less than 40 percent of new customers are walkins.
The Better Business Bureau can inform you

about the repair shops performance and


People who travel often usually work with

shops that offer a national warranty. For instance,
a warranty of 12,000 miles or 12 months is handy
for issues that keep cropping up, particularly in
older cars.
Ask about the shops range of services. They

will need the latest technology to diagnose

problems with newer cars. For example, can

organized? These factors all contribute to a level

of professionalism, gaining customers trust, and
to optimal service.

Look for brand names and proper certification.

Does the auto repair shop use brand-name

parts? These parts are engineered to meet the
manufacturers specifications and will likely come
with a warranty.

Foreign & Domestic Repair

Now Offering Auto Alignments!

66 Hwy 70 West

Are the auto technicians certified by a specific

car manufacturer, the National Institute for

Automotive Services or Automotive Science
Excellence? Is the shop approved by the American
Automobile Association? If so, this indicates a
customer approval rating of 90 percent or higher
and the ability to adequately perform the services


Compare the services and fees of each shop in

the area to find out the average price ranges.

Monday - Friday

Dont pick a shop based on cost; poor repair work

will mean higher costs in the long run.
Once you have found a shop you trust, establish
a good working relationship with your mechanic.
When you have great communication, getting
repair work completed will be less painful.

Certified Technicians
The Latest Diagnostic
Fast, Efficient Service


visit us at


Choose a Paint Store

Paint is one of the best ways to
update the look of your house
without breaking your budget.
A coat of fresh paint on the walls
can change the atmosphere
quickly and easily. Whether
you do it yourself or hire a
professional, finding a great
paint store is a key part of the
Keep these aspects in mind
when choosing a paint store.
You can choose from an
enormous variety of paint
colors and textures. Oil-based
and latex paints are available
in a wide range of finishes and
They are also available in
different grades. Cheaper paint
may be thinner, messier and
harder to apply than its thicker,
premium competitor. You will
also have to determine if you
want to work with a primer.
Some brands require specific
primer, while other brands have
products that are paint and
primer in one.
A good paint store will have
far more than just one line
of products. They will stock

paint designed for concrete

floors, industrial paints that can
withstand certain temperatures
or chemicals, paints that will
reduce mold growth.
It may seem overwhelming, but
more choices will give you better
results and hold up over time.
Knowing your specific priorities
and considerations will help
guide you toward the right paint
for your project.

The paint store you choose

should be able to offer you
expert advice on all aspects
of your project, from product
selection to prep work and
With so many color and style
selections, a good paint store
can offer design advice for
getting the look you want.

When it comes to paint, there

are endless possibilities, and
Dont be afraid of getting
the best paint store staff will
expert advice. Even the most
help you navigate through the
experienced house painters
selections. They will know the
sometimes need guidance.
latest style trends and offer
recommendations for color
Thats where a quality paint store palettes that work well together.
comes in.
If you bring them a fabric
swatch, they should be able to
Not only will the best stores
create a duplicate color in paint.
sell good products, they will
also have staff people who are
Choosing the right paints and
ready to offer suggestions and
accessories takes experience and
recommendations for your
-- quite often -- some trial and
particular situation. They are
error. Be certain to get prices for
very knowledgeable about their mixing sample colors up front.
Dont be afraid to put small
quantities of these sample colors
They should also offer tips on
on your walls to test out your
how to apply the paint. You can
spend money on high-end paint design. Once youve selected the
right colors, go back to the store
products, but applying them
incorrectly will give you terrible to purchase larger quantities
of the paints to complete your


How To Guide

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Pharmacist
Choosing the best pharmacist is
important for you and your family.
A pharmacist will inform you
about medications and how they
may affect you. He will also let
you know if a new prescriptions
will interact with another
medication you are taking.

become sick during your travels,

your regular doctor will be able to
send a prescription to any branch

Pharmacists must keep their

licenses and training up-todate. However, they often have
different levels of education.

Anyone who received a license

prior to the 1990s may only
have a bachelors degree.
Recent pharmacists may have a
Do not settle for just anyone.
doctoral degree. If educational
Finding the right person who will
backgrounds are important
take care of your prescription
to you, inquire about the
needs is just as important as
pharmacists background and
having the right doctor.
It is always best to keep all of your training. He or she might also
have a degree posted on the wall.
prescriptions with one trusted
Consider these factors when
choosing a pharmacist.
Using different pharmacies
Are you getting a seasonal flu shot
is a recipe for disaster. It is
at the pharmacy? Not all of them
You will need a pharmacy that is
a situation ripe for creating
offer vaccinations. The policies
conveniently located near your
inadvertent drug interactions or
vary according to the pharmacy.
workplace or home.
overdoses. Maintaining all of your
prescriptions with one pharmacy Sometimes a pharmacist will
Also consider the pharmacys
means that the pharmacist can
give shots; other pharmacies
hours. These days, you can usually monitor your drug regimen to
contain small medical clinics with
find someplace that is open
avoid adverse effects.
physicians on staff to address
24-hours a day. The schedule
basic medical needs. You might
is especially important if you
Of course, you should also
find a location that will give you
have children. An easy location
feel comfortable with asking
a free flu shot. Inquire with the
and good schedule is critical to
questions about medications.
staff to find out if they have a
helping you obtain medications
Look for someone who takes the
vaccination program.
and have your questions
time and patiently answers all of
answered by the pharmacist.
your questions.
Choosing the right pharmacist
is essential. Remember, you are
People who travel frequently
Some pharmacies allow private,
trusting this person with all of
will benefit from a corporate
one-to-one consultations while
your medication needs. You will
pharmacy that has chain stores
others do not. Think about
rely on their information for you
throughout the country. Any
whether privacy is a concern for
and your familys well-being. It is
branch you visit will have your
you and choose accordingly.
at least as important as finding the
medical information stored in
best doctor.
their computer system. If you
If you still cant decide on a
pharmacy, ask your friends and
family for suggestions. You could
also check with your doctor for

McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 13

to care,



Jay Martino,

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM

These days, corporations own

most of your neighborhood
pharmacies. Not only do they
carry medical-related products,
but they might also have toys,
cosmetics and other items.
Pharmacies even have a selection
of groceries.
Unfortunately, not every
pharmacy will provide good,
basic customer service. Amid all
the products, some places have
forgotten about their customers.
There are corporate pharmacies
that still care about their
customers, however, and finding
these stores is imperative. When
deciding on which pharmacy
should service your prescription
needs, consider these factors.

Usually, pharmacies that are tied

to a corporate chain will stay
open late. Smaller, locally owned
pharmacies may be open during
limited hours, but they tend to
provide personalized service.
No matter what pharmacy
becomes your favorite, always
know where you can find a
24-hour location in case of an


Most pharmacies have generic

versions of medications, some of
which may be available to you.
Between discounts and generic
drugs, you could save lots of

A convenient location will

make filling prescriptions and
purchasing medical products
much easier.
If you can find a store near your
home, work or school, it will save
you plenty of time.

Customer service is another

factor when choosing a pharmacy.


Drive Thru
Also Available!!


If you have little to no coverage

for your prescriptions, contact
pharmacies to ask about
prescription discounts.

Seniors on Medicare should pay

close attention when choosing
a pharmacy. Ask locations in
your area if they accept your
Medicare Part D plan. There are
many options available on these
plans. It is important that the
pharmacy you select is willing to
work with your plan to cover the
medications you need.

Patient Care &
Customer Service
come first!


Choose a Pharmacy
even have all-night pharmacies
that will fill your prescriptions in
a hurry.


612 South Sterling Street

Morganton, NC 28655


Back in the old days, pharmacies

were small neighborhood stores
where everyone knew your name.
You could receive personalized
service. Their selection might
small, but the customer service
was always superior.


to meet
your needs!

Where Patient Care &

Jay Martino, Pharm. D

612 S. Sterling St. Morganton, NC 28655

Drive Thru
Also Available!


M-F 9am - 6pm Sat. 9am-1pm


It is very useful to find a pharmacy Do the pharmacist and staff

that is minutes away, in case you
remember your name? Are they
need help quickly.
happy to answer questions?
Do you trust them? Finding a
pharmacy staff that is informative
Does the pharmacy accept your
and friendly will make it easier for
A pharmacys hours of operation
prescription drug plan? Not
you to take your medication.
is a top factor for boost people.
every pharmacy will accept every
Limited business hours are not
It may take some work to find
insurance policy.
helpful when you are dealing with
a pharmacy that fulfills these
an illness.
Call ahead to inquire about the
criteria. With a little time and
types of insurance they accept.
effort, you can certainly find one
Look for a business with
Paying out of pocket will likely be that fits your needs.
convenient hours. Some cities
a huge, unnecessary burden.

Small enough to care,

to meet your needs

14 | McDowell News | Morganton News Herald

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Dry Cleaner

No longer do you have to
worry about washing or ironing
your clothing. These days,
professionals depend on a dry
Others may drop off their formal
wear or coats for an occasional
Either way, choosing the right dry
cleaner is a great way to save time
and energy.
When looking for a new dry
cleaner, start by finding business
in your area. You might see
them advertised in your local
newspaper or on the Internet.
Your social network may know of
good dry cleaners in your area.
Once you have developed a list,
start visiting a few of them. The
business should be clean and
organized. Bright lighting will
allow you to see well.

customers who use their services.

help your clothes last longer.

Verify the history of newer

businesses. Have they been in
business at a previous location?
Were they ever or are they now
part of a chain? Sometimes a dry
cleaner will have such success
and develop multiple outlets.

How long will the service take?

Some dry cleaners offer speedy
service while others may take a
week or more. If you need an item
cleaned in a hurry, this question
can make a big difference.

All staff members should be

friendly and professional.
They should be able to inform
you about common cleaning
problems. Ask how they handle
special fabrics.
It is important to find out how the
clothes are cleaned. It is usually
better to find a dry cleaner that
cleans clothes on site. Moving
clothing to a different location
leaves a greater chance they will
be lost.

Some dry cleaners automatically

mend small tears when you drop
off your dry cleaning. Other
Clothes kept on the racks should businesses provide alteration
be clean, fresh and pressed. There services. Talk to each dry cleaner
should not be chemical odors or
to ask about special services.
dirty surroundings.
Again, if the person offering these
Ask a staff member how long the services is not on location, it is
dry cleaner has been in business. much easier for your items to
get lost.
If it has been around for a few
years, then it must have satisfied
You could also inquire about
the procedures used to clean
your clothes. Some methods are
You can ask them for references.
friendlier to the environment than
They should be able to furnish
names and contact information of others. Some procedures will

You may be required to sign a

statement that holds the company
innocent if they hurt your
garment. Read it carefully before
signing it.
Once you have narrowed your
list to two or three possible dry
cleaners, call the Better Business
Bureau. If they have a bad report
on file, the BBB should be able to
tell you the allegation and what
action the business took to close
the situation.
Some dry cleaners use coupons
to attract new customers. Look for
these discounts. It is a great way
to save money while trying out
their services.
Do not take your best clothes at
first. Drop off only one or two
items. After they have finished,
evaluate the quality of their work.
Do your clothes look clean and
pressed? Do they smell nice?
If you are satisfied, then you may
have found a new dry cleaner. If
not, repeat the process until you
discover a business that makes
you happy.


Choose a Primary Care Provider

A Primary Care Provider
(PCP) provides care for
common medical problems
in nonemergency situations.
This individual should be
someone you can trust
and develop an ongoing
relationship with over time.
PCP can be a doctor,
physician assistant or a
nurse practitioner. Points to
consider when selecting a
PCP are:
What your insurance
The location of the PCP
Hours that the PCP is
The office staffs
friendliness and
How well you interact
with the PCP
How well the PCP allows
you to be involved in
your care
Does the PCP treat the
type of problems you

Ask for help with your

decision. Referrals from
friends, family or church
groups are a good start to
selecting a PCP. You can also
look for information about a
particular PCP online at statelevel medical associations,
nursing associations, or
associations for physician
assistants. The local Chamber
of Commerce is a good
source of information about
PCPs in your community.
You can also ask your
dentist, optometrist or
pharmacist for a referral to
a PCP. Most insurance plans
have websites or customer
service staff that can help you
select a PCP who is in your
plan coverage and in your
After you have selected a few
PCPs, call their offices and
ask the staff any additional
questions that were not
answered when talking with
your referral sources. Ask the
office about their policies for
insurance, types of payment,

Providing Quality Service in
Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Since 1933

104 Rodoret St Valdese 828.874.0116

242 W Fleming Dr, Morganton 828.437.0226

Your Local Healthcare Provider

Whole body wellness you deserve

and how long until you can

schedule an appointment.
Other questions you may
want to ask are:
What type of insurance
the office takes?
Is the PCP part of a
group practice?
Who sees the patient
when the PCP is out of
Is the PCP board
What hospital is the PCP
affiliated with?
Does the PCP perform
labs or x-rays at their
office or nearby?
How long is the usual
office visit?
Where is the office
Selecting a PCP should
be someone you feel
comfortable talking to
and someone you feel
understands you and is
willing to work with you on
important life decisions.
Ultimately the choice is yours
to make.

Call us today to
make an appointment!


How To Guide

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Wrecker Service

When your car breaks down, it
is no fun. It can be a frustrating
experience, especially if it
happens during the nighttime.

different sources will help keep

you from being influenced by
walking advertisements.

A quality wrecker service can
and even
help you in a hurry, if you plan
ahead. Dont wait until you are in colleagues at work will also
know good towing services.
a desperate situation.
Ask around to find out about
In fact, you should have at least
wrecker companies theyve
two good tow services. If one
used in the past. Would they be
is overbooked, you can contact
willing to use them again? Did
your backup service.
the driver arrive promptly? Was
the price reasonable? How did
How do you find a reliable
he treat the car during transport?
wrecker service? Here are a few Was there any damage? Did the
driver act professionally?
Ask for recommendations from
trustworthy people, such as
your local police or sheriffs
department. Your insurance
agent or mechanic might also
know some great services. You
are searching for an honest
company who will charge a fair
Make sure you are not getting
paid referrals. For example,
a mechanic might guide you
toward a towing company
he owns or that pays him for
referring new customers. Getting
several recommendations from

Not all companies are

qualified for towing vehicles.
Unfortunately, many companies
are in business who are not
Look for a business that has
been properly licensed, insured
and trains its employees
The best companies have a
long track record. A business
can keep operating only if it
has satisfied customers and
continues to do excellent work.


To find the best wrecker
companies, have several
business give you price quotes.
Wrecker services will consider
several factors in their quotes,
including the type of vehicle you
drive, the distance it has to be
towed and even the time it was
towed -- day or night.
Find out how each company
calculates its rates so you know
what the cost will be before an
Beware of companies with
especially low quotes. They may
have hidden fees, inexperienced
employees, old equipment or
bad service.
Once you have identified the
wrecker services you will use,
keep their names and phone
numbers in a handy place. The
phone numbers should be
in your glove compartment,
console or even programmed
into your phone. That way,
you wont panic if you break
down. After all, you will likely
be anxious if an emergency
happens and you need their

McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 15

Need A


We also offer
truck & trailer
repair !!!

Local & Long Distance Heavy Duty Towing & Repair
Richard Vasser, Owner/Operator

227 Dixie Blvd Morganton, NC 28655

24/7 828-437-2104 FAX 828-584-9925
OFFICE 828-584-9924


Choose a Handgun
Whether you are new to the firearms market or an
experienced collector, choosing a handgun takes
consideration and time.
Talking to other merchants and gun owners will
give you up-to-date information about the latest
models. You might also get some good insights into
brands and models.
Being informed is essential for responsible gun


When looking for a handgun to fit your technical
and physical needs, it is a good idea to visit a gun
shop. Look for a store that allows you to try the gun
at a range before buying.
Size is going to be a big factor. A large framed pistol
is fine if you arent planning on carrying the gun on
your body. These weapons hold more ammunition
in the magazine. You will probably be able to
manage the recoil better.
Smaller pistols are excellent choices for carrying
concealed. It might have stronger recoil because
it is a lighter weight. Most concealed carry guns
are specifically designed to use at close range and
remain hidden when not in use.
Larger caliber weapons will create more damage on
your target. Smaller calibers are excellent choices
for novices.


Along with size and caliber, there are other things
to keep in mind.
There are two types of handguns: the automatic
and the revolver. Automatics are more modern
and usually come in smaller calibers, known as

auto calibers. Since they are typically clip-fed,

automatics are complicated. They can be slightly
more difficult to clean and operate, but they are
fast to fire and easy to reload.
On the other hand, revolvers are simpler and more
traditional. They have been around a lot longer.
There are a wider range of calibers and they easier
to clean, but the firing speed and reload time is
significantly reduced. Revolvers are great options
for beginners, though some automatics are just as
Point-and-shoot accuracy is more important than
sighted accuracy in an emergency situation. In
self-defense situations, youre usually firing fast and
instinctively. So it is good to have a gun that reflects
your firing style.

You should be able to operate your weapon easily.
Learn how to switch the safety on and off before
you attempt to use it. You should also know how to
load and fire the gun.
Spend plenty of time with your weapon at a firing
range. Become familiar with its limitations. Take
classes that match your level of experience.
Responsible gun ownership starts with gun safety.
Never leave your pistol where children can get to
it. Handle your weapon in a manner that is safe
for you and those around you. Always treat it as
though it is loaded, and never point it at anyone
you dont intend to shoot.
A knowledgeable gun shop can answer all
your questions. Find a shop in your area where
employees are passionate about educating the

Guns & Ammo!

Camping/Survival Equipment
Guns, Knives Exploding Targets
Medical Supplies
How to Books/Novels
Monday-Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-4

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Power Equipment Dealer

Also, consider getting a
recommendation from
other people who use tools
professionally. People who use
Whether you need durable power lawnmowers and weed trimmers
tools for a professional job or you all day, every day will have
want the best lawn on the block,
thoughts about the advantages of
it pays to find a quality power
certain brands.
equipment dealer in your area.
Pay attention to whats labeled
From lawnmowers to leaf blowers commercial or professional
and chainsaws to weed trimmers, grade. These models typically
a good power equipment dealer
come with longer warranties.
will make a difference in the life
They are usually built for use over
and longevity of your power tools. long periods of time and under
tough conditions. But they also
have downsides, such as cost.
Brands and product lines will
Commercial or professional grade
usually determine the quality of
equipment may be heavier than
the power equipment dealer.
standard models. If you want a
long-lasting tool, though, they are
Some brands have better
hard to beat.
reputations than others. Your
friends, family and co-workers can
guide you toward quality brands.
Ask them which product lines are
the best. Remember that is better dealers have in-depth knowledge
about their products.
to pay more for equipment that
lasts rather than go through the
Find a store with employees and
hassle of replacing cheap tools
owners who understand every last
every year.
detail about what they sell. They
should be able to demonstrate
Some brands have product
the features of the equipment,
lines that are engineered to
explain how it works, inform you
different standards. A good
warranty coverage, and
dealer will explain differences
offer advice on which accessories
in manufacturing, materials and
have the best value. They will also
which ones have the fewest
educate you on how to make your
problems after the sale.
equipment last for many years.
Creating a beautiful landscape or
garden requires the right tools,
along with plenty of hard work.

Salespeople should be
informative, not pushy. They will
help you find the right product
to match your needs, even if its
a more affordable model. They
know that is the best way to get
repeat customers.

The right company will guide

you through the process. They
will work with you to keep your
needs and budget in mind while
explaining your choices with
sensitivity and care.

Many equipment dealers offer

repair services on site. If not, they
should refer you to professionals
who will do the job right, and for
a good price. Some owners, for
example, dont want to change
the oil in their lawnmowers
themselves. Be sure to inquire
about how much maintenance
and parts will cost.
The best power equipment
dealers are partners who will
help you get the job done right
for many years to come. They will
help you save money and time.

The best monument companies
have a wide selection of stones
and styles. Most of them display
headstones onsite so you can
view the products firsthand. It
is much easier to see them in
person than trying to make a
choice through a catalog.

pressure sales tactics. After all,

you are purchasing a headstone.
Every customer should be treated
with patience and respect.

Even when your budget is tight,

look at headstones in a variety
of price points. It will help you
understand what your money will
buy. Compare the differences.

Many people are happy with a

traditional headstone, but you
have the option of including
symbols, quotes and other

High-quality monument
companies employ people with
extensive knowledge about
products and techniques.
It is essential you choose a
headstone that will withstand the
elements. The materials, carvings
and decorations will factor into
the longevity of the monument.

Cylinder displacement: 38.2 cc
Power output: 2 hp
X-Torq engine cuts emission
and fuel consumption
Price: $ 209.95

Cylinder displacement: 28 cc
Power output: 1.1 hp
Grass bevel gear for best cutting
Price: $ 199.95

Husqvarna YTH23V42
Engine manufacturer: Briggs &
Power: 23 hp
Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin
Price: $ 1,699.95
Copyright 2013 Husqvarna AB (publ). All rights reserved.


221 North Business Extension
Marion, NC 28752
Check with us for special financing promotions!

Check with us for special financing promotions!

Honoring A Lifetime

There are different polishing,

sandblasting and carving styles.
Some companies will show you
computer simulations while
others will have examples on


0 down
0% for

All quality power equipment
needs maintenance over time. Ask
about what kind of services the
store offers after the sale.

Choose a Monument
Many people have little to
no experience purchasing a
monument. It can be daunting
regardless of whether you are
honoring a loved one or choosing
your own headstone as a way of
planning your estate.

Get Professional Results

in Your Own Backyard.

In fact, thats another sign that

youre dealing with a reputable
retailer. If theyve been in
business for a long time, its
usually for a good reason. Look
for power equipment dealers who
have a solid track record.


Gravesite monuments are a way

of memorializing your loved one.
They can use words and symbols
to express a persons life and

for over 39 years!


Look for a company offering

designs and layouts that will
reflect an individuals personality
and interests. You can honor
religious beliefs, clubs,
achievements or careers. It is a
nice way to detail a persons life.
If you have something truly
unique in mind, simply ask the
salesperson. Most companies will
cater to your request or refer you
to someone who can help you.

Inquire about the durability of

natural stones and the depth of
the lettering. If the carvings are
Monument companies also
not deep enough, the letters will
wear away quickly. It will make the offer a variety of other services,
such as decorating landscapes
headstone undecipherable.
or memorials for various sites.
Most headstones consist of
They might also help you repair a
granite because of its beauty and
durability. This stone comes in
Choose a company that has been
different colors and textures. Each in business for many years. They
Remember that a headstone
piece of granite is unique.
honors a legacy for the ages. It is a
should have stellar customer
way to leave a lasting impression
You also have a choice of finishes.
on future generations.
record.Do not tolerate high-

Call 828-652-2936
15 Scott Road Marion, NC

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Choose a Pool or Spa

Going to a spa is a refreshing
way to relax, but those visits can
certainly add up. They become
expensive if you go often, and
traveling can often leave you
feeling drained.
Why not install a home spa or

with therapeutic and LED

lighting. Watch your favorite
DVD or TV program while
relaxing in the tub.
The best spas include
hydrotherapy, which will help
you heal and repair your body.

Many people who suffer from

chronic back pain or circulatory
issues find relief in a spa.

Tubs with water jets will massage

muscles, improve circulation,
relax nerves and ease pain.
The water suspends your tired
muscles in weightlessness,
allowing them to rest. People
with chronic back problems
often report relief.

Contrary to popular belief,

home spas have become quite
affordable in recent years. As a
result, they are also very popular.
There are easy-to-install models
and even portable ones that you
can take with you on vacation.

Custom spas are also available.

You can have it built to meet
your specifications. Everyone has
a different reason for installing
a home spa, and manufacturers
are happy to accommodate your

The home-spa industry has

worked hard to incorporate
innovations, such as ozonators
and aromatherapy fragrances.
Spas often found in highend hotels and resorts are
now available for the average
consumer. You may be able to
purchase some of these models
at your favorite big-box or homeimprovement center.

At-home swimming pools are

another favorite for healthconscious people. These
pools are not like your typical
in-ground blue bathtub. Natural
stone, manmade waterfalls and
landscape detailing will make
your pool into a private oasis.

It is a fabulous way to feel like

youve been on vacation without
ever leaving home.

You can also purchase a home

spa with a media center, along

Before purchasing your pool,

decide whether you would like
an in-ground or above-ground
pool. Above-ground pools are


less expensive, but many people

prefer the durability and overall
look of an in-ground pool.
Take time to think about your
decision. After all, your pool is
a major investment. It will be
a part of your home for many
Consider the landscaping
around your pool. There are
many possible finishes for the
decking alone. You can also
choose the materials, style
and features. Sometimes the
environment around a pool can
seem as relaxing as stepping foot
in the water.

Submitting your content whether it is

community news, photos, letters to the editor
or story ideas to The News Herald or The
McDowell News is easy. If you have Internet
access, go to or www. Under the home tab, click
submission forms and select your choice to
submit news, a photo or a letter to the editor.
Forms also are available online under the
Community News tab for engagement, wedding,
anniversary and birth announcements. News and
all calendar items for The News Herald should be
submitted four days prior to the event.
Photos for publication should be submitted in
a jpeg format at a high resolution or printed on
high-quality photo paper for best reproduction.
In addition, you can submit content or questions
to us directly by email at
or Please include a
contact phone number.
Not online? You can mail your submissions to
us at The News Herald PO Box 280 Morganton,
NC 28680 or The McDowell News, PO Box 610,
Marion, N.C. 28752 or drop them off at our office
in Morganton at 301 Collett St. or in Marion at
136 Logan St.
Still have questions? Call News Herald Editor Lisa
Wall at 828-432-8939 or McDowell News Editor
Scott Hollifield at 828-559-4051.

Take the plunge into your

NEW pool or spa!
We are here to guide
and assist you every step
of the way!!

Its a fact that most people build

their dream pool over a number
of years as it fits their budget.
You dont have to do everything
at once. Just start with a highquality installation and a vision
of what you want the area to
become. You can add more
features later.
With so many advances in
home spas and swimming
pools, combined with their
affordability, it makes sense to
install one on your property.
After all, wouldnt it be nice to
have your own private resort
without the hassle of leaving

Use Your Local Newspaper


McDowell News | Morganton News Herald | 17


Do you own your own business and are looking
for ways to bring in new customers? Perhaps you
have a car you are looking to sell to make some
summer vacation money? The advertising staff at
the newspaper can help!
ads with the newspaper can be a cost-effective
investment for your business that will expose
your message, your product and your services
to a new customer base. In recent years, the
local newspaper has evolved from traditional
print advertising, to a well-rounded portfolio
of digital advertising options. This includes
mobile advertising, email marketing, reputation
management and search engine optimization.
Our team of trained sales professionals can help
your business by designing a custom campaign
tailored to reach your customers. To get started,
contact Janina Linens, at 828-432-8952 or jlinens@
ads within your local newspaper is a great way to
make some extra cash by selling some unneeded
or unwanted items. The classified section also
includes advertisements for Help Wanted,
Rentals, Real Estate, Cars, Legal Notices and even
a directory of locally owned small businesses
offering any number of services. To place your
next classified contact a member of our team at
800-849-8586 or

Go green!
makes a
world of

All Your Health

& Wellness Needs

Bob & Bev Feimster

306 S. Sterling St.



828.433.738 pm
riday 9a-5mp-6m
Sat day 10am

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a Quality Hearing Aid

Hearing loss affects more than 40
million Americans. People of all ages
and backgrounds experience hearing
impairment or loss.
Many people seek out hearing aids to
help relieve the serious consequences
of this condition. As a result, they lead
richer, fuller lives.
These devices are highly technical,
customized to meet each individuals
needs. Types of hearing loss vary widely,
and are sometimes quite different from
person to person.
Innovations in hearing aids include using
digital processors to isolate and amplify
the frequencies a patient needs most.
Many of the latest hearing aids are so
small they are practically invisible.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paul Gamewell M.A., CCC-A

more expensive.
Other styles include half-shell, full-shell,
behind-the-ear and open-fit hearing aids.
Because these hearing aids come in a
range of sizes and prices, consult with a
specialist to help you choose the right
style to fit your needs.

The design of a hearing aid will make a
large difference in cost and performance.
Two devices may look similar, but
produce dramatically different results.
The difference is in the internal
electronics. Nearly all hearing aids
available today are digital. They are able
to treat background noise, enabling the
wearer to hear conversation clearly. This
technology is particularly effective in
crowded settings.

The most popular hearing aids on the

This technology can be tailored to help
market are so small, they are barely
with your particular kind of hearing loss.
noticeable. While they are attractive, their
If you have an outdated hearing aid,
small size means they typically could be

understand speech. When this feature

consider upgrading to a more modern
device. You could help your hearing be as is inactive, the hearing aid is sensitive to
sounds from any direction which may
close to natural as possible.
be beneficial in quieter environments.
Many hearing aids activate this feature
When you are searching for a hearing aid, automatically. Additionally, digital
look for special features that will enhance technology enables the hearing aids to
your hearing and your life. Some
clean the sound environment providing
examples include:
a more natural listening experience and
better speech understanding ability.
could connect wirelessly to BlueTooth
electronic devices, such as smart phones.
It allows you to hear phone conversations
directly through your hearing aid.
senses when you are talking on the
telephone and adjusts the settings to
make conversations clearer.
feature enables you to pick up the
sound directly in front of you. When
you are having a conversation in a noisy
environment, the active directional
microphone improves your ability to

REMOTE CONTROL: Some hearing aids

allow you to adjust the settings without
touching them. A remote control can
change the settings to adapt to the
listening environment.
An important factor in selecting a quality
hearing aid is choosing the professional
to fit the product. This individual must
have the knowledge and experience to
ensure the best physical and acoustic fit
of the hearing aids, provide instruction
and counseling, and support the hearing
aid wearer over the life of the hearing aid
with regular maintenance.

Center, PA
Audiology ServiceS

Paul Gamewell, M.A., CCC-A

Serving Burke, McDowell,

& Caldwell Counties
Mon. - Fri., 9 AM - 5 PM


Han aatn f a as
Hearing Aids
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Choose an Orthodontist
Many people find a beautiful smile
adds to their self-esteem and selfconfidence, but few people are born
with a perfect smile.
Your age is not a consideration for
treatment. Healthy teeth can be moved
at any age. A healthy bite and good
looking smile is as important at age 60
as it is at age 16.
Orthodontists are dedicated to helping
your teeth and jaws work in union
so that you can speak, bite and chew
comfortably and effectively. Theres a
bonus.Teeth and jaws that work well
tend to look good, too.
Orthodontists take your unique needs
and wishes into consideration when
recommending the right treatment
option for you.
Good new travels fast, so listen
carefully for recommendations from
your peers. Ask probably
know someone that has braces. That
is one of the best ways to find what
youre looking for. Word of mouth
is the best recommendation an
orthodontist can receive.

Because orthodontic treatment cannot
be completed quickly, you should
develop a good rapport with your
orthodontist and their staff members.
Children are a common type of
patient for orthodontists. Watch their
reactions closely. If they seem relaxed
and comfortable, then you might be in
the right place. Focus on how the staff

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treats you and others.

You will experience some physical
discomfort while receiving treatment.
That is to be expected. It is how
the professional treats you, and the
environment around you that will
make the difference.
Look for an orthodontist who can
communicate clearly, listening to
questions and answering them clearly.
Dental assistants are a part of the
treatment team and will help you
continually while in treatment.
High quality orthodontists see you as a
valued client and treat you as such.

There are a lot of treatment options

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available but, not all kinds of
orthodontic appliances are right for
correcting all kinds of orthodontic
problems. Thanks to on-going
research in orthodontics, a variety of
orthodontic appliances are available
today. Options include traditional
metal braces-now available with
color ties, ceramic or clear braces,
clear aligners and other devices. The
orthodontist will also have suggestions
on which appliances will work best for
your situation.
This treatment is a significant
investment of time and money. You
deserve the best-a good bite and
healthy beautiful smile.

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How To Guide

Sunday, March 29, 2015

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