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First of all, what is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of life or species

found here in earth. This includes ecosystems or the number of species of
plants, animals and all living species in each biome. Let us take the
Philippines as an example. The Philippines is considered to be megadiversed
country along with neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.
Megadiversed countries are those countries that are the worlds topbiodiversity countries. And it is also considered as a biodiversity hotspot
because of an imminent threat that would destroy its wildlife. The Philippines
consists of 530 species of birds of which 185 are endemic. There are at least
165 species of mammals inhabiting the country and which over 65 of these
are endemic, there are also 235 species of reptiles that were found in the
country and which some 160 of these species are endemic. There are nearly
90 species of amphibians, and out of these 85 are endemic. It has more than
280 species of inland fishes which more than 65 of it are endemic. And for
the nearly 21 000 recorded insects of which 70% or about 15 000 are
endemic. And for the more than 9 250 species of vascular plants some 3 000
of these are endemic to the Philippines. Endemic species are those species
that are native or only lives in that specific place or country. For example, the
Philippine eagle is only found in the country and not anywhere else. Like the
mountain anoa of Indonesia is only found there and no other places.
Biodiversity of each place is crucial in the survival of all races. We all depend
on what our environment has. We depend on each species to survive. In
short, we are all interdependent on each other. If one species is extinct some
species that depend on that species to survive will also be endangered. And
for us humans it means that we have more resources to utilize and not to
exploit. We also depend on plant and animals for our food so if we have less
species for our food we might have a food crisis. Each species of plants has
specific characteristics or traits that is ideal for a specific use. Some plants
are used us crops to produce many different types of grains. Some of them
are used as medicinal resources like, ginger and garlic. Tree which is a type
of plant is ideal for furniture, wood and lumber, shade and holds the soil to

prevent an erosion. Plants beautify our environment and besides that, they
also clean the air we are breathing, protects us from flooding and erosions.
And for animals: it is where we get meat and milk, dairy products, clothing
and other necessities. The diversity of species among each places give
uniqueness and beauty to each place. They give more color to what is like in
that place. It explains how people in that place lives by giving what are their
resources, it simply shows the beauty and culture of the place. But with
human development, the ecosystem is disturbed. Habitats for the different
species are greatly depleted by human activities caused by industrialization.
Making the different species to lose its resources that eventually results to
death of that species. Forests are being converted to agricultural, residential
and industrial lands, others parts of the forests are converted to landfills
where garbage are thrown. Illegal logging is a major threat to the wildlife in
the forest because it takes the resources needed by different species to
survive, it also causes flooding because there are no roots to hold the soil. Air
Pollution from factories, vehicles and other materials or machines that
produces pollution. These pollutants brings harm to plants and animals
because of its acidity. Water pollution caused by throwing waste products to
any body of water causing the degradation of the habitat that leads to death
of different species. We are becoming parasites to them instead of a mutual
relationship which benefits both of us. Lets take the human body as Mother
Nature and us humans as the parasites inside the body. We are feeding on
what the body has but we are not giving anything in return. The body also
needs to feed itself so it could so the other parts of the body would have
energy so they can progress. If there would be more parasites the body
would not have enough resources to feed itself and the body would gradually
weaken and die. Just like what happens in our environment we are getting
her resources but we are not returning what is right for her. So what can we
do to save this precious resources? Simple things can make a big difference.
You can plant more trees to combat the increasing emissions of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere. Reuse, reduce, and recycle to reduce your waste

products. Dont throw garbage in the forest, any body of water or in the
environment for general. Unplug or turn off appliances when youre not using
them to save energy. And there are many more simple ways to save the
environment. By these simple things you have been able to save a life. If all
of us would do these, 7 billion of us, industrialization and increasing
population and need for more resources and space would not hinder us from
developing better relationship with each species without anyone to
compromise. A life without cause is a life without effect. ~Barbarella