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SBNM: - Its scope, utility and how to access

Scope: SBNM stands for System Booking Network Management. It is a web-based application for fault
management of transmission systems in the BSNL network. Utility of this software provides for booking of
any transmission system working either in Region or Circle having any bandwidth, at any instance of
time, but within 24 hours of fault. An auto-generated docket number ensures booking of that particular
system under any condition of fault. Also SMS alerts are generated and sent to mobile numbers of concerned
officers/ officials. Accordingly, number of reports can be obtained for a given time-period.


Provision for Top Management Report and at a glance Dockets for all Regions

SBNM provides for easy booking of a faulty system from any station coming under any SDCA. If
the system does not exist in system database, a dummy docket can be booked simply giving any
name for that system, which can be transferred to the real system later on.

Circle-wise report/ Nation-wise report can be generated for any given period of time.

More than 20 different types of reports can be generated, based on different query options provided
in the report module. As for example, docket pending report, station-wise docket report, system-wise
docket report, fault history, weekly docket status report, monthly status report and other reports can
be generated as and when required.

Efficiency reports for a month or for any given time-period can be obtained through this system.

As soon as any docket is booked or restored for a faulty system, an SMS is automatically sent to all
its users whose mobile number is registered in the system.
Users can have a pictorial view of the system where they can see the route path of the system at a

Users of SBNM can send SMS through SBNM system itself to any user of SBNM.

How to Access: The software can be accessed through any of the following ways: -


MPLS VPN: SBNM can be accessed through the ETR Intranet portal that is already
connected to MPLS Network of BSNL.


Leased Line: ETR Intranet portal can also be reached via dedicated 2Mbps leased-line
connectivity with the ETR Core Router at Kolkata.


Dial-up link: Any remote PC, having a 56 Kbps dial-up modem connected and configured
for dial-up networking, can reach the ETR Intranet portal by dialling 033-22540399 followed by
username as rcckol and password as rcc. On getting connected, open any web browser and type or in the address bar.


BSNL CO Intranet Portal: SBNM is also available in the BSNL Intranet portal - under the Applications menu.