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20th December 2013

6th January 2014
15 January 2014
Year 9 Curriculum Evening
6.30pm 8.30pm

Wishing all our families and

parishes a Happy, Holy and
Peace filled Christmas

Pope Francis at the start of the Evangelii Gaudium has

set out his vision for the church by stating
Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its
own interests and concerns, there is no longer room
for others, no place for the poor. Gods voice is no
longer heard, the quiet joy of his love is no longer felt,
and the desire to do good fades. This is a very real
danger for believers too. Many fall prey to it, and end
up resentful, angry and listless. This is no way to live a
dignified and fulfilled life; it is not Gods will for us, nor
is it the life in the Spirit which has its source in the
heart of the risen Christ.
This Advent we have seen huge generosity of spirit
from our children and families and a real desire to do
Over Christmas we might like to reflect on the words
of Pope Francis, they may enable us to continue
moving towards living a dignified and fulfilled life in
Christ in the coming year.


Our Advent service took place on Wednesday evening.
Pupils presented a wonderful evening of readings,
music and prayer. The service, which was attended by
hundreds of families, was both prayerful and joyous.
The collection at the end raised 315.96 which will be
sent to the Julian Trust in support of those within this
city who are homeless this Christmas.


Year 11 pupil Michael Savery took part in the next
round for the highest scorers in the Senior
Mathematics Challenge. Michael achieved a Merit,
which is only awarded to the top 25% of participants.
Well done Michael!

As part of our literacy strategy this year we presented
our Book hampers. Fifteen lucky families had their
names drawn and each received a book hamper to
enjoy over the Christmas holidays.

Ten St Bedes families are enjoying the treats they
have won following this years prize draw. Best
wishes to all recipients.

CONFIRMATION St. Teresas Catholic Church

Congratulations to Year 9 pupil Jyothis Mankottil who
was Confirmed at St Teresas Catholic Church by
Bishop Declan on Wednesday 27th November 2013.


One of our college aims is to secure and celebrate
achievement and to ensure our young people know
the importance of having a positive attitude to
learning. I recently asked teachers to nominate pupils
who, in their opinion, deserved some formal
recognition for excellent attitude towards their work
this year. There was huge numbers and the top 15+ in
each year were put forward. I met them yesterday,
told them how pleased I was with their excellent
approach to their studies and gave them each a small
gift as a reward.
On Monday 16th December, 20 pupils from Years 9, 10
and 11 visited the residents of Blaise Weston Court for
an Advent party. Our pupils played Christmas games
and sang Christmas Carols with the residents, as well
as taking time to chat over tea and cakes. It was
lovely to see familiar faces from our visit last year.

We have introduced a new rewards package within
College this term called Vivo Miles. It allows all staff
to reward pupils for their work and efforts within
College using an online package. All pupils have been
given log-ins and can track their Vivos and why they
have been awarded at any time. There is even a
mobile phone app which can be used to do this.
Please ask your child to share with you their
achievements this term. There were over 800
children who had achieved, even at this early stage,
15+ Vivos.
Congratulations to the following pupils who have
been drawn out as winners of the prize draw this
term:Vivo 5-15 draw - 10 Gift voucher
Darren Clarke 9DSM
Roisin Cockerill 9PLMC
Vivo 16-25 draw - 15 Gift voucher
Eloise Mills 7BLH
Kuriakose Augustine 10PCCH
Vivo 26+ draw - 20 Gift voucher
Bailey Reeves 7BLBR
Joseph Roy 7PDA

Congratulations to Year 11 pupil Alice Gompels who
achieved first place, along with her team of
synchronised swimmers, in the National Age Group
Synchronised Swimming competition. Alice is a
member of the Bristol Central Synchronised
Swimming Club and trains 3 evenings per week.
A wonderful achievement. Well done Alice.

For many of our Year 10, 11 and 13 pupils, the idea of
being at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway at 8am on a
Saturday was something quite peculiar. But there we
were on a wet and cold morning, ready and raring to
go at our first Young Enterprise event. The pupils had
a selection of products to sell including candle
holders, snowmen, mince pies, jams and chutneys.
Although, we didn't win the day, all pupils performed
excellently; selling and enticing customers to spend
their money which saw the majority of our stock being
sold. In the end we made approximately 250 and all
are looking forward to the next market in March.
Mr Lincoln.
Tutor group 8DJJL have been selling Candy Canes, with
personalised messages, to raise money for the
homeless people of Bristol who have very little at a
very important time of the year. We have successfully
raised around 100 which will be given to provide
food and clothing.
Grace Clarke and Keeley Doherty
On Friday 6th
December a
group of Year
10 Textiles
pupils went
to the
Birmingham Clothes Show live. The day was packed
full of exciting things to see and do.
"Going to the fashion show was a great experience
because it helped us to understand the many
opportunities available in the Art, Textile and fashion
industry. As well as opening our eyes to the very weird
and wonderful styles and techniques which the
designers used. We all found the trip very useful
because we were able to see what routes we could
take at various universities and colleges. The fashion
show itself provided us with a great insight into the
wonders of fashion. All round a lovely day was had by
all." Elisa Smith

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to
harvest where you havent planted.
David Bly
Pupils and staff were involved in a St Bedes version of
Im a Teacher Get Me Out Of Here! on Monday, 16th
December. This was successfully organised by Mrs
OHagan and her Year 11 group. 135.00 was raised
for Sister Marthas Charity in South Africa. The
hilarious eating tasks involved eyes, grasshoppers and
mealworms all coated in chocolate tasting a lot better
than the real alternatives, although the faces of the
teachers tell a different story! This was overseen by
the perennial favourite comedy duo of Mr Heraty and
Mr Slocombe (our very own Ant & Dec!)


Congratulations to the 170 boys who have been
playing in the lunchtime football leagues this term.
We have played over 36 games so far and still have
nearly 50 to play after Christmas. Each team plays a
game per week and regularly play to over 100
spectators at lunchtime.
The Year 7 League starts in January which will give the
opportunity for a further 55 boys to play weekly and a
girls league will also follow. Applications for girls
teams must be with the PE Department by 8th January

A person can carry sufficient food and water to travel
four days in the desert.
The planned trip will last six days.
Alone, no one can succeed.
How many persons will it take to lead the first person
to her destination and to allow the others to return to
the starting point?

Some children will be getting new gadgets this
Christmas and being at home will be keen to spend as
much time as possible playing with them. The
recommended screen time should be limited to just 2
hours a day, any more than this has been linked to
increased behavioural problems. You might wish to
consider this when setting the rules for your children
as to when and for how long they can use their
gadgets, to ensure balanced use.
If you set up new gaming consoles before Christmas
day you can follow the instructions to set the parental
controls before the children use them! Many parents
do not realise that their children are chatting to other
gamers around the world (many adults) whilst playing
games online. This is a real concern.
It is advisable to keep internet enabled technologies
(phones, laptops, tablets/ipads etc) in downstairs
family rooms, your children are less likely to take risks
if they know you are watching. When children take
these gadgets up to bed they may be playing games or
chatting to friends at midnight whilst you think they
are soundly asleep!
It is really important to remember if the family are
going away over the holidays, ask your children to
wait until you return, to post on Facebook about it, as
you dont want to advertise online an empty house
filled with Christmas presents!

Keep your brain sharp over Christmas with SAM
Learning. St Bede's provides all pupils with FREE
access to this fantastic online study tool. To access
SAM Learning go to and enter
your login details (which are on a sticker in your
homework diary):
Centre ID: BS11SB
User ID: Date of birth followed by two initials; first
name then last name. (Eg. 010899DJ is the User ID for
David Jones born 1st Aug 1999).
Password: Same as User ID (unless you have changed
it, see Mrs Ferrand or Mr Williams to reset it)


Marc 4
Roland 5
Paulina - 12