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Attivit 1 Esplora luniverso MOOC

Look for existing MOOCs similar to the one youd like to build in ECO portal and get inspired!
Choose at least 2 of them and share them in the forum, indicating:

the title,

the link,

the topic

the level of the content (introductive to the argument, etc)

Attivit 2 ApprofondisciChoose one of the MOOC shared in the forum by you and your
colleagues that you particularly liked. Then enrolled in it and explore which kind of contents and
activities are offered.
What do you like the most? For example: proposed activities to realized in groups, subtitles
downloadable, etcChoose 2 or maximum 3 main aspects and explain why you like them.

Attivit 3 Progetta il tuo MOOCImagine you have to plan your MOOC. You have three
main issues that influence your planning:

excite students to the content

valorize contents produced by students

few human resources available for working on MOOC creation and management and no
budget for producing videos

Explain, in maximum one A4 page, the possible strategies youll use to face these issues.
Indicate possible solutions and point of attentions considering the 3 phases presented.

In the rubric proposed there are different criteria and dimensions that should be taken into
account in the evaluation of this activity. These will be scored quantitatively (on a scale from 1 to
By the way of clarification, each quantitative score (1-3) is accompanied by qualitative
description that illustrated what a specific score means over the different aspects that
make up the evaluation.
A the end of each dimension of evaluation and rubric, There will be a space where it is
possible to carry out evaluations (strengths and weakness) related to the activity that was
evaluated. This information will send to the author of the activity (feedback) in order
think over and improve taking into account all these comments.
You will evaluate two activities developed by other participants that will be assigned
randomly and automatically by the platform.
Once completed these two evaluations you will receive the results of the activity. These
results come from arithmetic mean of the evaluations made by other mates.
The peer assessment is very important, so you need to do ethically thought out
evaluations; because, in this process you will evaluate and scored the activities done
by others mates and its progress in MOOC. Thus, we recommend you to read the rubric
carefully and score it objectively and reflexively way each one of the aspects pointed
Table for rubric


GOOD (2)


Explanation of
strategies (what
are they? Points of
attention and
solutions are

Explain the strategies

listing points of
attention and solution
with high level of

Explain the strategies

listing points of
attention and solution
with scarce details
and/or not completely

The strategies are

not explained

Coherence (Are
strategies coherent
with issues

The strategies are

coherent with
constraints and well

The strategies are

coherent with
constraints but not
well detailed

The strategies are

not coherent

Engage of the
educative approach
(do you feel
attracted by the
course? Do you
suggest it to your

The strategies are

really engaging and

The strategies are

quite engaging

The strategies should

be improved in order
to be more engaging.