Greek official geographical books - PART 2

On this Greek map by professor George Sothiriaidis from 1918, is shown ethnically “greek Macedonia“. And here Macedonians are shown as distinct nation under it's name Macedonians (with denote Slavs) on entire Macedonian territory. Also regions inhabited with Muslims, Bulgarians, Albanians and Greeks are shown with different colors. It's very interesting that all toponyms аre on Macedonian language. Mohammedans(Turks and others) - green; Bulgarians - red; Macedonians (Slavs) – olive green; Albanians – blue.

In 1924 also a German map shows different ethnicity and languages on Balkan Peninsula. On this map Macedonians are shown on their ethnically territory distinctively as all other nations. In the legend with different color are marked Macedonian ethnic territory and Macedonian language (Mazedonier).

Notice that Solun area is populated entirely with Macedonians. This is fact that Greeks are most opposite of and subject of greatest denial. This map is hanged in today's Greek Parliament, the very same place where Greek pm. Karamanlis stated that he's also Macedonian. And here it's clearly shown when did occupation of Macedonia acquired in „civilized manner“ marked with date.

On following picture a Greek post stamp is showing exactly the same.In those time they didn't even try to hide that they've occupied territories. As a matter of fact, they were so proud of it.

Following map is work of Paul Robert Magotsi and can be found in Historical Atlas of Central Europe.It shows ethnolinguistic distribution in the year 1900. Macedonians are marked with numb.20 spreading from city of Tetovo across Maleshevian Mountain, to Kostur area to the south.

Following map represents spreading of Hellenism after World War I and has been drawn under example prof.George Sothiriadis who was mentioned before. Territory inhabited with Macedonians is marked with olive green.

Very often when in chance to speak with Greek columnists, who were payed for and were doing everything but discussing and helped with few Serbs, who were angry, because Kosovo has been taken from them and were blaming other for that, I've been irritated with their (Serbian) claims that Macedonia as region isn't mentioned at all, after the death of Alexander The Macedonian, nor that there was Roman province called Macedonia and that we have stoled the name because we didn't know how to call our state.?!!Those are same people who claim today that Republic of Macedonia started to call itself Macedonia after 1945!!! And here it is on following map which can be found on a stone near Roman Colosseum and which represents the spreading of young Roman Empire. And you can clearly see that on Balkan peninsula, Roman dominions were Illiria, Macedonia, Ephirus (Epiro),Tracie and Aches(today's Greece).This is strongest proof that name of Macedonia don't vanish with death of Alexander The Macedonian, as someone claims.

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