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PMP Best Practices

Santhi Krishna, PMP

August 23, 2010

TCS Internal

asp TCS Internal August 23.What is PMP ? Project Management Professional (PMP) is a credential offered by the Project Management institute (PMI). Criteria for taking PMP exam The credential is obtained by documenting z 3 or 5 years work experience in project management z Completing 35 hours of project management related training and z Scoring a certain percentage of questions (about 61%) on a Refer below site for more information http://skillsoft. multiple choice examination. 2010 . The 35 hrs training can be completed in TCS by completing E0 in Project management competency It can also be obtained by completing PMI approved WBTs in iCalms.

Why PMP ? z z z Improve the success rate of projects in all areas of knowledge. 2010 . by applying a standardized and evolving set of project management principles as contained in PMI's PMBOK Guide. Validate proficiency in project management Internationally accepted certificate TCS Internal August 23.

Reference books • • • • • • Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMBOK) Fourth Edition PMP Exam Prep Sixth Edition : Rita mulcahy Road to Success : A Chandrasekaran Headfirst PMP Second Edition : Andrew Stellman. Jennifer Greene The PMP Exam : How to pass on your first Try Fourth Edition : Andy Crowe PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide Fifth Edition : Kim Heldman TCS Internal August 23. 2010 .

org TCS Internal August 23.pmi-chennai. 2010 .org/images/ Brochure of PMI Chennai chapter training : http://www. Registered as a Society with TN Registrar of Societies. USA. The course is conducted on four whole days during weekends.gif About PMI chennai Chapter : Project Management Institute (PMI) Chennai Chapter.Chartered as a chapter by PMI Inc. The training was excellent and the faculty members were all PMP certified and best in class who had unique experience in their area of / pmpandbeyond@pmi-chennai. Project Management Institute . Data Flow Diagrams. Special cards to remember the Knowledge areas easily and on-line access to the question bank site for 3 months period to prepare for the certification. I truly know that attending training conducted by PMI Chennai chapter was the main reason I passed the exam. special tips to pass the exam and practical application of the tools and techniques during actual project execution.Chennai Chapter Mobile: 98406 01505 email:karthik. PMP President. One can become PMI Chennai chapter member by paying a fees of 10$ per year. Site address : http://www.r@pmi-chennai. Also training will provide additional games. To get more details on the course please contact below person Karthik K Ramamurthy. It includes discussion on all project management knowledge areas.pmi-chennai.How I prepared My Preparation : I went for PMP preparation class “PMP & Beyond” conducted by PMI Chennai chapter. PMI Chennai chapter is a non-profit oriented organization with a vision to help in the advancement and development of modern Project Management concepts and provide a platform for project management practitioners and certified project management professionals to network among fellow members and interact with business. educational and other management institutions.

understanding who should do what. and how the project manager has to deal with their needs. I have memorized them with the aid of an illustration I developed. I study not just the PMBOK definition. and then share this understandings with other project management students. Each time I noted the percentage of correct answers and re-read chapters were I scored badly. like ‘matrix organization’. using my company as an example. in what way they affect R&R. Drawings and Graphs : Sometimes. For example. Try to get overall picture of terms : When learning a new term. I would use drawings or graphs to help me understand. I took questions at the end of Rita and Road to Success twice. but also search for examples. Any ideas related to ‘stakeholders’ should be studied and understood for eg: how stakeholders will authorize the project charter. I would imagine what exactly this entails in the real world. as the exam questions will not directly ask you about a ‘matrix organization’. sometimes drawings make understanding easier than words. ‘stakeholders’. I would then go through my list and make sure I understand the concepts I have come across – like R&R. making sure I understand both its advantages and disadvantages.Tips For Preparation z z z z Books : I read PMBOK and PMP exam guide by Rita Mulcahy 4 times. Make list of items : One need to study the context of a term: for example. for the formula of time. 2010 . how they will have the most impact on a project’s success. TCS Internal August 23. To clearly understand the context I will usually make a list of these concepts. cost etc. In this way.

This way I tried a couple of times and by the time of exam I could tell ITTOs almost perfectly. It requires logic thats all no need to memorize.Remembering Techniques ITTO This is how I learned ITTOs without memorizing anything. So I had 9 pages. Then I tried to note down all the sub areas if any for example : Under additional planning tool which is a tool for plan quality we have brainstorming. one for each knowledge area. I note these down in the same document. Then I would validate my answers with the document in hand. When I travel to and fro office while in bus I would take one knowledge area per day. I took print out of pages from PMBOK which contains all processes and ITTOs of those processes under a knowledge area example page 79 (PMBOK) for integration management. tools and outputs. TCS Internal August 23. affinity diagram etc. I would try to recollect all the processes under that knowledge area and then try to come up with the inputs. 2010 .

com/ easy http://www.preparepm. Quality of questions were good.tutorialspoint. toughness same as in exam http://www.oliverlehmann.preparepm.pdf http://www.html# .html http://www.htm 2 sets 75 ad 175 questions was tough http://www.htm I took four mock tests in TCS Internal August 23.htm http://www.html Mock Exam Test http://www. 2010 .headfirstlabs.asp Site was slow.

This helped me prevent tension and focus on the remaining questions. Read the options in the reverse order d. most of the exam questions will have at least 2 answers that seems correct. I was not able to find out which are the 25 non-scoring questions.b. Sometimes this helps the correct response jump out.5 hours and use the rest of the time for this review. So the applicant will be assessed based on 175 questions. Mark for Review : Don’t dwell on any question too long. Most students finish the test in 2. 2010 . except for a 2/3 questions all looked relevant to me. you need to do the entire check-in procedure again it took time. Eatables and water can be kept outside the locker and during break you are allowed to have it. Every time you take a break. Wording is very important and can imply more to the situation beyond the obviously stated question. Elimination : In general. in my exam time. even that too were too simple that you do not need a calculator. The pass score is 61% which will be revised by PMI whenever needed.THE EXAM z z z z z z Structure of exam : There are 200 objective questions in the exam with four options. Read the question and all options : Be sure to read every question carefully. Take advantage of the “Mark for Review” feature and skip to the next question if one poses too much trouble. Breaks : I took two breaks during exam : at 120 and 200 questions before reviewing marked questions. TCS Internal August 23. Eliminate those that are definitely wrong and concentrate on determining which of the remaining ones are correct.a this will help prevent the urge to choose an answer without reading all options. “Jeopardy-style” or try to look at it in another light. When ever I found difficult questions I assured myself that this was part of the 25 non-scoring question. Wordy questions: I had very few wordy formula based questions. Of this 25 questions are not for scoring purpose. Turn the question around.c. The center told me that there is a limit of 5 breaks that i can take.

drink (not too much). but try to achieve 80% on practice tests before you take the real exam. The trick is to prevent tension and think logically. The exam had a lot of terms which I have never heard mostly as options for question. You may also request tissues. Just before exam : Be sure to take care of any bodily needs before the exam. use the restroom facilities and take medications before you start. I was worried as these were the sections from which maximum questions were asked. 2010 . But for the exam I was rated proficient in all the 3 process groups. After reviewing marked questions (most of them I did not change the initial answer) I got some more time when I reviewed questions from the start where I could have made mistake because of the tension in the beginning. These are a good idea. For most mock tests I was rated badly for Planning/Execution/ Monitoring and control process groups.THE EXAM z z z z z z Practice tests : Ensure you are ready before taking the exam. The exam passing score is 61%. I had more than 65 questions marked. but the clock runs while you do. Eat. My timings : I finished all questions within 2 hrs 32 minutes. The end result was the biggest surprise of all. I found these helpful for keeping down the distractions like the excessively loud air handler and other exam takers coughs. You can leave the room for restroom breaks. Read PMBOK : Some of the questions were direct sentences from PMBOK so read it thoroughly!! Be ready for surprises! Some of the questions were very easy. :-) TCS Internal August 23. After that I went through marked questions. just in case. Ear plugs : Ask the exam monitor for ear plugs.

2010 11 .Thank You TCS Internal August 23.