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- 5, Issue XVI, July - September 2009

Anvit Singh Tawar secures 9th Rank in IIT-JEE 2009 from Resonance

The Quarterly in-house publication of Resonance

Chanda Kochhar sees


Resonating The of Education

Vol. - 5, Issue XVI, July - September 2009

Anvit Singh Tawar, Reso Roll No. 701204, Study Centre: Kota, Hometown: Vadodara

Deep in the depths of all of us there is a secret and motivated me to score well in JEE. Anvit and his family was honored by Mr.
longing, a silent impulse, a soaring ambition Moreover, the faculty here ensured an optimum R.K. Verma, Managing Director,
to do something beautifully great, level of confidence in the students, which is Resonance. For the overwhelming
spectacularly noble, and surely enduring. critical for an exam like JEE”. parents of Anvit it appeared as if time
This is a divine summons from the deeper His diligent efforts and techy mind set is worth has stopped and past frozen as Dr.
Pressure in us, to take off from the decaying appreciating as it brought accolades not only to Devendra Singh Tawar's (Anvit's father)
levels of mediocrity into Voiceless heights his family and to him but also to the entire family words, brought to their sweetness ample
of spontaneity and perfection. of Resonance. An industrious student, Anvit from cloyment. To him it seemed as a matter
Anvit Singh Tawar, synonymous to success, the very beginning showed the signs of a whiz of yesterday, when he witnessed the
is able to achieve his lofty ambitions. With kid. He secured 91% in grade X and obtained same amount of joy and inner
the sheer dint of hard work and strategic 91.5% in grade XII. satisfaction for his elder son Ankit, who
poise that Anvit inculcated during his stay at also remained the student of Resonance
Mr. Devendra Singh Tawar, Anvit's father, is a
Resonance fetched him All India Rank 9 in and succeeded in cracking JEE 2005.
doctor in Baroda Railways and his mother is a
JEE 2009. Anvit, student of two years
homemaker. An inexplicable hereditary genius Someone has rightly remarked that
Regular Classroom Programme at
burgeoned in Anvit and his elder brother. At success can only come through
Resonance, Kota (Raj.) asserts, “Though
JEE demands a lot of hard work on part of Resonance, anvit's elder brother, Ankit Tawar, persistent efforts and those who have
the student, a proper channelization of work procured All India Rank 3569 in the year 2005 that uncanny urge to find the best
is equally important. Resonance gave me and subsequently joined IIT Kharagpur and certainly do achieve the best as can well
guidance, with proper training, appropriate completed his M.Sc in Integrated Economics. be traced by the success of Anvit.
classroom atmosphere, good competition At VICTORY (the felicitation function of Persevering ever and worrying never,
and perfect attention, which made it for me Resonance for IIT-JEE qualified students 2009), we must ........ indeed we must....!!!
Outshines in
IIT-JEE 2009

7 (Excluding EML)
Yearlong Classroom : 853 | Correspondence : 762 | Extended Merit List - EML 2009 Not included in Total Selections
Classroom Selections from Study Centres : Kota - 739 | Jaipur : 47 | Bhopal : 18 | Delhi : 19 | Lucknow : 13 | Kolkata : 02 | Nagpur : 05 | Mumbai : 10

17 All India Ranks (AIRs) in Top - 100 (GEN Category)
Note : Please read the details given along with photographs as Name of the Student, Study Centre (in case of Classroom only), Resonance Roll No. & Home Town


54 65 75 79 97

Anvit Singh Tawar

Study Centre : Kota | Reso Roll No. : 701204
Home Town : Vadodara
Vaibhav Gupta Tarique Aziz Aayush Singhal Rajat Khandelwal Arup Kumar Pal
Though JEE demands a lot of hard work on part of Kota - 709076 Kota - 703342 Delhi - 807565 Kota - 805817 Kota - 702511
the student, a proper channelization of work is Jaipur Kota Delhi Alwar Agartala
equally important. Resonance gave me the very
guidance, with proper training, appropriate AIR AIR
classroom atmosphere, good competition and
perfect attention, which made it for me and
motivated me to score well in JEE. Moreover, the
faculty here ensured an optimum level of confidence (SC) (ST)

in the students, which is critical for an exam like

Mukul Singh Kirtesh Meena
JEE. AIR - 220 (GEN) AIR - 281 (GEN)
- Anvit Singh Tawar Kota - 709039 Kota - 702132
(Student of Two Years Regular Classroom Sitapur (U.P.) Kota (Raj.)
AIR - 17 AIR - 21 AIR - 38 AIR - 56 AIR - 68 AIR - 73 AIR - 74 AIR - 83 AIR - 91 AIR - 95 AIR - 96
Rohan Sharma Neeraj Toshniwal Abhishek Kabra Ms. Kritika Singh Vinayak Gagrani Gaurav Singh Harsh Gupta Lalit Swami Himanshu Shekhar Yatish Kr. Singh Desai Aditya Pradeep
630023 883177 721887 852368 852565 854060 890286 703665 851640 790569 891528
Hamirpur (H.P.) Kankroli (Raj.) Chittorgarh (Raj.) Kanpur (U.P.) Jaipur (Raj.) Shaktinagar (U.P.) Delhi Sriganganagar (Raj.) Muzaffarpur (Bihar) Varanasi Mumbai (MS)
A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image,
but to develop students who can create their own image.
who is possessed of By Upanayana, the teacher, "holding the education as conceived in this system.
pupil within him as in a womb, The pupil imbibes the inward method of
supreme knowledge by concentration of impregnates him with his spirit, and the teacher, the secrets of his efficiency,
mind, must have his senses under control, delivers him in a new birth." The pupil is the spirit of his life and work, and these
like spirited steeds controlled by a then known as Dvija, "born afresh" in a things are too subtle to be taught. It seems
charioteer." new existence, "twice born" (Satapatha in the early Vedic or Upanishadic times
Brahmana). The education that is thus education was esoteric. The word
says the Katha Upanishad (iii, 6). From
begun is called by the significant term Upanishad itself suggests that it is
the Vedic age downwards the central
Brahmacharya, indicating that it is a mode learning got by sitting at the feet of the
conception of education of the Indians
of life, a system of practices. master. The knowledge was to be
has been that it is a source of illumination
obtained, as the Bhagavad Gita says, by
giving us a correct lead in the various The above can be traced back in the finest
obeisance, by questioning and serving
spheres of life. Knowledge, says one example of Eklavya in Mahabharata. He
the teacher.
thinker, is the third eye of man, which made an idol of "Dronacharya" out of the
gives him insight into all affairs and mud and considering it his instructor Upholding the above ancient tradition of
teaches him how to act. began to practice archery after being Guru Shishya, Resonance works on the
(Subhishitaratnasandhoha p. 194). rejected by Dronacharya. He worshiped it same lines where the aim of education is
as his teacher each day, dawn and dusk, at the manifestation of the divinity in
Learning in India through the ages had
this disciple put flower and natural pupil, it touches the highest point of
been prized and pursued not for its own
perfumes in front of this icon and took knowledge. In order to attain the goal the
sake, if we may so put it, but for the sake,
self-lessons in the art of bow and arrow .In whole educational method is based on
and as a part, of religion. It was sought as
time he became a excellent archer. He plain living and high thinking. Every iota
the means of self-realization, as the
credited his accomplishment to his of hard work of faculty members is
means to the highest end of life. viz.
teacher "Dronacharya". Dronacharya turned into a fruitful endeavor as students
Mukti or Emancipation. Ancient Indian
was astonished, seeing the perfection of are nurtured and brought up in such a
education is also to be understood as
Eklavya and asked him to a pay a heavy way that the students begin to worship
being ultimately the outcome of the
fee of cutting his right thumb and studies and make every possible attempt
Indian theory of knowledge as part of the
presenting it to him. The foliage and to excel in it by religiously following the
corresponding scheme of life and values.
ambiance around stood tranquil for a guidelines of the faculty members.
This gives a particular angle of vision, a
sense of perspective and proportion in Therefore, it is truly said that genius is
which the material and the moral, the "Eklavya" had no such remorse. 10% of inspiration (meaning born talent)
physical and spiritual, the perishable and Unperturbed and with due modesty, and 90% of perspiration. Nothing beats
permanent interests and values of life are gladly and without remonstration, he cut hard work and persistence. This is one of
clearly defined and strictly differentiated. his right thumb and placed at the feet of the greatest secrets of success which is
The individual's supreme duty is thus to his teacher "Dronacharya". Gods in the also the strong belief of Resonance.
achieve his expansion into the Absolute, heaven silently praised the greatness of
his self-fulfillment, for he is a potential "Eklavya's" sacrifice. Later on "Arjuna"
God, a spark of the Divine. Education the favorite disciple of " Dronacharya"
must aid in this self-fulfillment, and not became the Hero in "Mahabaharat" epic.
in the acquisition of mere objective This conception of education molds its
knowledge. external form. The pupil must find the
As the individual is the chief concern and teacher. He must live with him as in
center of this education, education also is member of his family. The institute is a
necessarily individual. It is an intimate natural formation, not artificially
relationship between the teacher and the constituted. It is the home of the teacher.
pupil. The relationship is inaugurated by The constant and intimate association
a religious ceremony called Upanayana. between teacher and taught is vital to
Pre-foundation Career Care Programmes (PCCP) Division
For Students of Classes - 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th
It Pays to Start Early

T he Magical touch of
Pre-foundation Career Care Programmes
Key Features of Academic Pedagogy

Resonance is encouraging the students not only to give best shot in school ! Comprehensive Study Material.
examinations but also to leave remarkable performance in National & ! Concept building through theory, illustrations and derivations in the classes.
International competitive exams. Due to friendly environment, students can
! Developing fundamental based critical study skills required for various
discuss any of their doubt / issue at all the level without any fear & it has improved
my confidence at the great level. competitions like NTSE, STSE, NSTSE, KVPY and various Science & Maths
Shudhatma Jain, Roll. No. 832297 ! Conduction of Workshops & Mock tests to give exact idea of various
There is no substitute of Resonance in Kota for preparation of various Olympiads Competitive Exams.
as well as for Board / School examinations. The special guidance of teachers and ! Conduction of motivation & doubt clearing sessions.
high level of competition increased my level of confidence. It was much better ! Regular assessment through "Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)".
than what I expected. ! Periodic Assessment Tests (Objective & Subjective) to develop competitive
Kaviti Sai Saurabh Roll No. 832194 ! Periodic reshuffling of students in batches to inculcate the competitive spirit.
! Students' Academic Performance & Evaluation Report (SAPER Sheet) to
I never thought that in Kota I would be able to see this much change in my child's
performance. I have witnessed a significant overall development in my daughter Parents.
as she is able to solve most difficult problems of all the subjects which otherwise ! Intimation to parents about the Academic Attendance & Discipline through
she couldn't do earlier. The faculties and the staff at Resonance are greatly SMS on regular basis.
helpful and co-operative. The doubt solving sessions are also an added
advantage at PCCP division. ! 'Parents' & 'Teachers' meetings on regular basis.
Mrs. Beena Mehta, Mother-Ashka Mehta, Rajkot,Gujarat ! Various co-curricular & Extra-curricular activities.

Have a glance at your child's next DOORSTEP

Classroom Programme Academic Pedagogy Assessment Tests Orientation Workshops Parents Corner Conveyance

Understanding the Personalized At Resonance, Workshops for various We at Resonance bear the Transportatio
students' concern we attention is given to fortnightly we conduct competitive examinations responsibility of students' n facility is
cover the various students through objective as well as such as NSEA, NSO, IMO, over all academic provided for
subjects - Mental Ability, doubts & individual subjective test for IOEL, IIO, NSTSE, NSEJS etc. excellence and als o the students.
P h y s i c s , C h e m i s t r y, counseling sessions. assessing the students' are held at regular interval intimate parents about
Biology, Social Science &
performance. to give student an extra attendance and discipline
English, making sure that
edge to prepare them for on daily basis.
a students gets one stop
solution for his/her actual examination.
academic needs.

Year Long Classroom Programme To Know More SMS : RESO PCCP at 54646
Class Total Course Fee * For classroom contact programmes admission is based exclusively on
merit and students are selected through entrance examination. Almost
VII Rs. 5,515
15-20% of PCCP's students receive scholarship every year.
VIII Rs. 12,133
* Classes will be commencing from 6th July '09 (Phase-2). PCCP Head Office :
IX Rs. 14,339 * All the course are available in English medium (CBSE) only. C-8, Lakshya, Nursery plots Talwandi, Kota (Rajasthan)-324005
X Rs. 16,545 * Fees mentioned is inclusive of all the taxes. Contact No. : 0744-3204024, 2434727
C ot
n te
e n tn
s ts
Quotes 8
RKV Sir's Message 9
Cover Story 10 July - September 2009
Confident about a robust growth cycle ahead for the bank,
Ms Kochhar said, “We clearly see change of scenario. The
Rajat Khandelwal 26
pressure that was on us, especially during October-
November 08 period, I think that period is behind us and we Talent Hunt 27
are seeing the confidence of depositors coming back. " Think to win 30
News & Views 13 A Botanist from IIT Kharagpur 31
TV Raman 14 IIT-Delhi 32
Raj Kamal Jha 16 Varalaxmi Pillai 34
Reso Reaper 18 A positive pitch for tender minds 36
Math is for everyone 19 Rainbow 39
Winners 20 Eureka 40
Olympiad Power 22 Spot Light 42
Tradition at Resonance 23 Khul Ja Sim Sim 43
VICTORY (An axiomatic fact) 24 Reso Repertoire 45
Dreams can come true

The parliamentary elections for the 15th Lok Sabha are over. Youth power is soaring high. 82 MPs
are under 40 year of age. The poll results did not come as a surprise for many, considering the
influence of the young leaders and impact of country's 51% voters, who are younger than 25.
'Young India' is going to affect how the country functions. It's a great thing that currently with the
youth power that India has, we can do wonders. The country has indeed taken a progressive turn.
Chanda Kochhar's taking over from K.V. Kamath on 1 May 2009 as the Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of ICICI Bank, the second largest lender in the country is an
assurance that the young can be trusted for bigger responsibilities.
T V Raman, a blind computer scientist, with an M.Sc. in computer science from IIT-Bombay, an
MS in Computer science and a PhD in applied mathematics from cornell University is radiating
hope and light in the lives of those who can not see, by his innovations, having made electronic
gadgets and web services more user friendly. Instead of asking how something should work if a
person can not see, he explains he prefers to ask, “How should some thing work when the user is
not looking at the screen.”
Varlaxmi Pillai (21), who grew up watching her mother work 12 hour a day as a domestic help is
her self, a personification of persistence, patience and endurance and has earned a scholarship to
the University of Westminster (UK) to make her dreams come true.
Raj Kamal Jha, born in Bihar, did his B. Tech. in mechanical engineering, traversed the journey
from IIT Kharagpur to a successful journalist and finally to a writer (in form of the Managing
Editor of the Indian Express).
It will be a true tribute to Technocrat Rajeev Motwani if we whole heartedly dedicate ourselves to
our committed goal of preparing students for technological education. The sudden demise(5 June
09) of the much loved IIT Kanpur alumnus and Stanford University Professor, at a young age of
47, who mentored and backed such sparkling and well storied silicon valley companies as Google
and Paypal, has sent the global tech community into gloom. Sergei Brin, founder of Google wrote
in a condolence that ended with a stirring epitaph, "Today whenever you use a piece of technology,
there is a good chance, little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it."
Let's get inspired:
“All the great men became great not by a sudden flight,
They while their comrades slept, toiled day and night”.

Editor in chief Senior Editor

R K Sharma Vidhu Gaur
R K Verma

Patrons Production Editors

Lokesh Khandelwal Mahendra Chauhan
Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi Dhruv Sharma
Dr. Mrs. V.P. Mittal
Bharat Kumar Matoria
Shankarshan Tripathi Chief Impact Manager Technology Support
Manoj Sharma Ashok Saini
Managing Editor Reema Malhotra
J.K. Pandey Kirti Singh Harvinder Singh Luthra
Girijesh Dubey Bhuvnesh Sharma
R.K. Goyal
System Administrator
Safdar Seraj Arun Shrimali
Dy. Manager Corp. Comm.
Vikas Mehta Print Management
Contact at: 09983327690 for advertising space Vinamra Enterprises, Kota

Anunaad, July - September 2009 07

Wo rd s Wo r t h
Hot head and cold hearts never
solved anything.
Billy Graham
- an American evangelist and
an Evangelical Christian.

The most important thing a father can do for

his children is to love their mother.
Theodore Hesburgh
- a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross,
is President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame

In order to be big, you have to think big. If

you think small, you're going to be small.
Emeril Lagasse
-an American celebrity chef, restaurateur,
television personality, and cookbook author.

The man who complains about the way the

ball bounce is likely the one who dropped it.
Lou Holtz
- an author, television commentator, motivational speaker,
and former NCAA football and NFL head coach.

Q u o t e s of wise

Courtesy- Readers Digest

A message of hope

“Plan better and achieve more”, is the theory all professors of management and administration follow. But even after planning well, many of
us find we fail to achieve success. A plan can deliver its promised blessings only when the plan is executed with promptitude. To act
promptly means to work with regularity, poise and system. Resonance did emerge victorious by occupying 1617 seats in the Indian Institutes
of Technology. Anvit Singh Tawar captured All India Rank 9 which expounds the hard sweat and panting toil of the bonhomie of student and
faculty members of Resonance.
All intelligent students who have scored well in IIT-JEE were throughout sensible optimists in their life. Studiously they all took reasonable
care to avoid at least repetition of their past mistakes that they committed in their Daily Practice Problems, Sheets and Tests, and they were
wakeful enough to learn from their errors.
A student customized approach is instrumental to get students procure good results and with the inculcation of the fundamental mantra
which says 'Our strength should perennially cascade from our realization of the immense resources that lie untapped in us', faculty
members at Resonance motivated and boosted the morale high up of the students. One such student, Rajat Khandelwal, who with glowing
poise and regardless of language barrier proved himself by achieving All India Rank 79 and also leveraged the batch of Resonance which is
exclusively meant for students of Hindi Medium. A new-fangled stride taken by Resonance in 2007 of forming separate batches for the
students of Hindi Medium brought in 161 selections in IIT-JEE 2009 that represents 117.56% growth in Hindi Medium selections as
compared to 74 selections in 2008.
From the various contact programmes of Resonance, 1617 students have hit the merit list of the Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) 2009.
From the list of total selected students, 855 are from the regular Classroom Contact Programme whereas 762 are from Distance Learning
Programme. There has been 39.70% growth in classroom result with 855 selections in 2009 as compared to 612 selections in 2008.
Performances of Girl students have also come up with flying colors registering 63% growth by 132 girl selections in 2009 as compared to 81
selections in 2008.
The various centres of Resonance (including Kota) have also produced noteworthy results within their short duration of establishment.
From Kota (739) Jaipur (47), Bhopal (18), Delhi (19), Lucknow (13), Nagpur (5) and Kolkata (2) and Mumbai (10) centres, a total 855
students have succeeded in cracking JEE 2009 other than Distance Learning Programme.
At VICTORY, our felicitation function for JEE qualified students, I felt extremely happy to see the young buds (IIT-JEE 2009 qualified
students) blooming with a vigor to excel and achieve their dream so lofty and worthy . I was overwhelmed to see how these students bring
joy not only to themselves, their parents and grandparents but also to the faculty members.
To conclude, I wish all my students a grand and a prosperous life and at the same time I welcome the new students to get prepared for a road
that leads to their dreams.
“Be prompt” is the certain and only way to success. This means, we should dispose off our daily routine work promptly and carry it through
week after week, month after month, to maintain the success order of the world.

R K Verma

Anunaad, July - September 2009 09

Cover Story Chanda Kochhar
Chanda Kochhar- A woman who sees opportunities in challenges.

S addled with a contemporary methodology borrowed from the twenty first century factualism, scientism and historical
relativism, Chanda Kochhar proved it all by her fine administrative acumen and her cool prudence.
Born on November 17, 1961 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Later,
she joined the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies for the Masters Degree in Management Studies and then possessed a
degree in cost and works accountancy from the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWA). She is blessed with two
children, a son and a daughter.

A person who can take

on a challenge and
and turn
into an
is the biggest
Cover Story Chanda Kochhar
Chanda Kochhar joined ICICI as a intelligent preparedness is called Motwani, actress Sharmila Tagore and
Management trainee after her Masters in “competency”, and this is to reach Kathak exponent Shovana Narayan, have
the year 1984. After 9 years of hard work, ultimately the field of our action, to be been honored with this award.
Kochhar was appointed as part of core expressed as “efficiency”. Mental She with full dexterity has handled her
team to set the ICICI bank. She got discipline is the secret of all efficiency, profiles as Joint Managing Director (JMD)
promotion in 1994 & 1996 as Assistant the conduit of poised competency and of ICICI Bank, Chief Financial Officer
General Manager and then Deputy General (CFO) and the official spokesperson &
Manager respectively. head of the Corporate
In 1998, she was
promoted as the
Asked by when ICICI Bank would Centre of ICICI Bank.
India's top private
General Manager with regain the position of largest retail sector lender, which
the role of handling
relationships with lender from PSU giant SBI, has a market
capitalization of $11.1
ICICI`s top 200
clients. In April 2001, Ms Kochhar said: “I am not here billion, lost 62 per
cent of its market
she was promoted as
Executive Director,
really to run a race. I am here to value in the year 2008
heading the retail stay on course that I have charted as a result of its
exposure overseas at a
business in ICICI
Bank. In April 2006, out in the beginning of the year.” time of turmoil in the
global financial
Chanda Kochhar was
appointed as Deputy
“But, anyway, we have been large system.
Managing Director of lender and our book is very big. Kochhar’s credibility
ICICI Bank. and unflinching faith
She has taken over
What we are looking at is how to towards ICICI is quite
realized and
from KV Kamath as optimise on the deposit structure comprehended by the
the Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) and and asset structure of our book members of the board
of ICICI as they
Managing Director
(MD) of the bank on
first, rather than running a race. expressed the view
that, “Kochhar's deep
May 1, 2009 with the I'm absolutely okay with strategy experience across the
package of Rupees
15,276,244/-per that we are following,” bank's businesses
would be invaluable
annum. ICICI Bank named Chanda in providing stability while at the same
Kochhar as its new chief executive from Ms. Chanda Kochhar is no exception to
time charting the bank's future in the
May 1, 09 to lead India's second-largest this and it clearly evinces out by she
emerging global environment,"
lender at a time of declining market share, being awarded as 'Women of Excellence'
by the women's wing of the Federation Since ICICI Bank had the largest exposure
souring bad debts and a tough global
of India Chamber of Commerce and among Indian banks to the global financial
Industry (FICCI). Twenty-five women, crisis its shares fell by about 28 percent in
“Efficiency” is the capacity in an September- October 08 when Lehman
including Kochhar, HSBC country head
individual to funnel out his/her available Brothers collapsed.
Naina Lal Kidwai, Kinetic Engineering
“competency” into the field of action. The
Managing Director Sulajja Firodia As the Lehman shock reverberated around

Anunaad, July - September 2009 11

Cover Story Chanda Kochhar
markets the world over, both Kamath and having run all the businesses, she is able vkbZlhvkbZlhvkbZ izeq[k
Kochhar repeatedly assured investors and to appreciate the challenges of a business
pUnk dkspj
depositors that ICICI was safe and well in a much more rational manner. So,
izR;sd pqukSrh esas ,d volj ryk'kus okyh pUnk dkspj
capitalized, and its share price has now adaptability was a big challenge for her dk tUe 17 uoEcj 1961 esa jktLFkku ds tks/kiqj uxj esa
recovered 68 per cent from its October low. personally, but this opportunity to gqvkA bUgksaus eqEcbZ ds t; fgUn dkWyst ls lu~ 1982 esa
handle all sides of the bank – globally is a dyk Lukrd dh fMxzh izkIr dhA blds mijkUr
Kochhar sees an opportunity in a
rare one which comes to rare people, *teukyky ctkt izcaU/ku laLFkku* ls ,ech, ,oa
challenge. A versatile woman, who bUVhV~;wV vkWQ dkWLV ,dkmUVsalh ls vkbZ lh MCYkw , dk
developed multi skilled excellence by who are ready to work with pure honesty,
fMIyksek izkIr fd;kA
performing multitasking which is the need sincerity and perseverance.
1 ebZ 2009 dks dkspj us lQyrk ds ,d u;s ik;nku ij
of the hour and by mobilizing her On the make over of the bank, she viuk dne j[kkA njvly pUnk dkspj dks bl fnu
dynamism in the right directions to get the appears optimistic and is quite confident vkbZlhvkbZlhvkbZ cSad dh deku lkSih xbZA pUnk dkspj
us ,sls le; esa cSad dk usr`Ro laHkkyk] tc nqfu;k dh
right output, Kochhar has a whole lot of about it's robust growth cycle ahead.
vFkZ O;oLFkk vkfFkZd cngkyh ls tw> jgh FkhA muds
accolades attached to her name. "The pressure that was on us, especially le{k cSad ds fldqM+rs ckt+kj dks laHkkyus ds lkFk&lkFk
Under Kochhar`s leadership, ICICI Bank during October-November 08 period, I tekdrkZvksa vkSj fuos'kdksa dk cSad esa fo'okl iqu% cgky
think that period is behind us and we are djuk eq[; pqukSrh FkhA
won the Best Retail Bank in India award in
seeing the confidence of depositors vHkh rd futh {ks= ds ns'k ds bl lcls cM+s cSad dh
2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Kochhar
coming back. Deposits are growing, new TokbZUV ,eMh vkSj lh,Qvks jgha pUnk dkspj vc bldh
personally was awarded Retail Banker of lhbZvks vkSj ,eMh gSa] bl in dks laHkkyus ds lkFk
the Year 2004 (Asia-Pacific region) by the customers are opening accounts,
mudh okf"kZd vk; vc :- 2]24]4000@& gksxhA
Asian Banker, Business Woman of the existing customers are putting back their blls iwoZ ;g inHkkj ds oh dkeFk laHkkyrs FksA
Year 2005 by The Economic Times and deposits. I want to be very important o"kZ 1955 esa baMfLVª;y VªsfMax ,aM baosLVesaV dkWjiksjs'ku
Rising Star Award for Global Awards 2006 player in infrastructure financing and in vkWQ bafM;k ds uke ls 'kq: fd;k x;k ;g foÙkh;
car loans, but one-year numbers here or laLFkku o"kZ 1994 esa cSafdax dkjksckj esa mrjkA blus o"kZ
by Retail Banker International. Kochhar
there would not make any difference. I'm 1997 esa viuk laf{kIr uke vkbZlhvkbZlhvkbZ j[k fy;kA
has also consistently figured in Fortune`s
confident that we are going to be pUnk dkspj us o"kZ 1984 esa blesa crkSj eSaustesUV Vªsuh
list of most powerful women in Business izos'k fy;k Fkk vkSj cSad ds fjVsy dkjksckj dks LFkkfir
important players in all the 3-4
since 2005. She climbed up the list djus ,oa mls c<+kus esa vge ;ksxnku fn;kA
debuting with the 47th position in 2005, businesses that I'm taking about.” gesa vius dk;Z esa fuiq.krk vius dk;Z{ks= esa lrr~ esgur
moving up 10 spots to 37 in 2006 and then Anticipating a growth rate of 24-25% in ls izkIr gksrh gSA fdlh Hkh dk;Z esa iw.kZ n{krk izkIr dj
to 33 in 2007. In the 2008 list, Kochhar focused business areas like housing, ge mls larqf"V ds mPpre Lrj ij igq¡pk ldrs gSaA
corporate and car loans, Ms Kochhar pUnk dkspj dks fQDdh dh efgyk foax }kjk izkIr
features at the 25th spot. lEeku *oweu vkWQ ,fDlysal* mudh izfrHkk vkSj iz[kj
said that the overall growth in its balance
Constant challenges have helped Kochhar cqf)eÙkk dks fl) djrk gSA
sheet could, however, be below 20% in
to develop and adapt herself to the muds usr`Ro esa vkbZlhvkbZlhvkbZ us pkj o"kksZa rd
the current fiscal as the full impact of lokZsÙke fjVsy cSad dk vokMZ thrkA vesfjdk dh izfl)
country’s and the company’s evolvement. shift in focus areas would not be visible dkjksckjh if=dk *QkWP;wu* us o"kZ 2007 esa dkjksckjh txr
Moving from corporate banking to retail now. dh lcls izHkko'kkyh efgykvksa dh lwph esa mUgsa 33osa
banking to international banking to ik;nku ij j[kkA
According to her, challenges are a way to
supervisory roles has helped her to lnSo vk'kkoknh vkSj ldkjkRed n`f"Vdks.k j[kus okyh
completely reinvent herself. But every success. A diamond in a raw form pUnk dkspj cSad ds lrr~ izxfr ds ckjs esa iw.kZr;k
move fed on the previous one. When she doesn’t give a dazzling shine but when vk'oLr gSaA dkspj ds vuqlkj orZeku vFkZO;LFkk esa
cut, shaped, finished and processed, the foxr o"kZ ds eqdkcys vk'kkuqdwy o`f) gks jgh gSA ,sls esa
moved from corporate to consumer
brilliance it emits out is incomparable vkokl] dkj yksu ,oa dkWjiksjsV {ks= esa 24&25 izfr'kr
banking, she brought a lot of synergy with dh nj ls c<+ksÙkjh dk y{; cSad ds fy, lEHko gks
and unmatched. One must fine tune
her. When she moved from consumer ik,sxkA
banking to international banking, she oneself so much so that a way to success pUnk dkspj eqEcbZ esa jgrh gSaA muds ,d iq= ,oa ,d
brought a lot of insights from India which automatically opines before an iq=h gSaA
could be implemented globally. Now that individual just like that of Chanda
Kochhar. R K Sharma
she has moved to the supervisory role, SW & PR

Anunaad, July - September 2009 12

News & Views IIT
Nothing succeeds like success
Shashi Narayan, a final year B. Tech student Students (Erasmus) programme. The This broad area again has multiple streams
from IIT kharagpur, has ranked first in the programme is meant to encourage and like machine translation systems, question
erasmus mundus scholarship programme in support academic mobility of higher answering systems, intelligent web search
language and communication technology. education students and teachers within and spam mail detection systems.
Narayanan was a student of the super 30 and the European Union. Erasmus Mundus is Once the Erasmus programme is over,
qualified for the IIT Joint Entrance the international version of the Erasmus Narayan will pursue his PhD and work
Examination (IIT-JEE) in 2005. programme with the goal oriented towards something innovative for the global
“I made it to IIT Kharagpur as a mining towards globalisation of European scientific community.
engineering student, but my passion for education.
computer science and performance in my Narayan shall be pursuing his Master's at
freshman year enabled me to change over to University of Malta (first year) and
the department of computer science and University of Nancy, France (second
engineering,” he says. Today, a final year B. year). These universities are partner
Tech student of computer science and universities for the programme.
engineering at IIT Kharagpur, Narayan is all As to his area of work, it will be related to
set to realise his dreams. While doing his natural language and speech processing Shashi Narayan
internship at INRIA France, Narayan got to technologies. Narayan says that the goal
know about the European Region Action of this field is to make computers Times Of India
Scheme for the Mobility of University understand and speak human languages. 15 June 2009

IITians making a beeline for DRDO

Call it recession, or patriotism, or the manage to recruit just one or two allotment for awards for the scientists has
generous 6th Pay Commission. For the first engineering graduates from IITs. doubled to Rs 2 crore annually.
time, 12% of the total recruitment at the DRDO human resource officials told Every year, DRDO recruits at least 500
Defence Research and Development TOI that after the 6th Pay Commission, scientists. This year, up to 60 of them, 12%
Organisation (DRDO) has been from top- the pay packages and promotion of the total number, have been from the
notch IITs, previously known to grab schemes were closer to the private sector IITs. DRDO recruits employees through an
headlines for the six-figure dollar salaries and so was career growth. Up to the level entry test and through campus recruitment
its graduates clinched across the world. of scientist H (the equivalent of across 40 IITs, central universities and
In previous years, the 52 DRDO labs, additional secretary in civil services), other engineering schools. The IITians
conducting R&D in naval, aeronautical, scientists no longer have to wait for were primarily recruited on campus.
life sciences and other sectors, could vacancies to get promotions. Plus, the Times of India
June 12, 2009

Jodhpur makes IIT, but still has miles to go

For Jodhpurites, it was a journey from before the final nod comes. He said, industrial fraternity of Jodhpur feels that
“Mission Impossible” to “Mission during the Raje regime, Kota was a this recommendation, if transformed into
Accomplished” in their pursuit of favourite spot, but the then Union HRD reality, will change the entire desert
“winning” the IIT. It was celebration minister, Arjun Singh, was in favour of region. Ghanshyam Ojha, general
time for all those who ran from pillar to Jodhpur. Calla said now the bottlenecks secretary of Laghu Udhyog Bharti, said
post to get the IIT since the idea was have been eliminated and the this victory was possible due to a
mooted in 2002.Former Isro scientist and committee, which recently visited political unity of all sections. He felt it
director of the International Centre for Jodhpur, has expressed its willingness. may not be much of a problem for
Radio Science, OPN Calla, feels it is Many of those, who were a part of this Jodhpur to get the premier institute.
“Mission Accomplished.” He is campaign say that Jodhpur “managed to Times of India
confident that the final decision wil go in make it” due to the changed political June 12, 2009
favour of Jodhpur, though it's miles to go scenario. Hailing the decision, the
Manoj Sharma,
Additional Director (A & M)

Anunaad, July - September 2009 13

TV Raman
"When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide
Lodg'd with me useless, though my soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, and present
My true account, lest he returning chide”.

L ike John Milton, an

immortal poet of English
Literature, T.V. Raman
lost his eyesight at an
early age of fourteen yet his will so strong and
his integrity so firm kept him moving and
made him achieve his goals. Like Milton,
T.V.Raman was a bookish child who
developed a love of math and puzzles at an
early age.
That passion didn’t change after glaucoma
or technologies that were not designed with
blind users in mind. They ranged from a
Rubik’s Cube covered in Braille to a software
program that can take complex mathematical
formulas and read them aloud, which became
who believed that God had sent him for a took his eyesight at the age of 14. What
the subject of his Ph.D. dissertation at
purpose for the mankind similarly this notion changed is the role that technology — and
Cornell. He also built a version of Google’s
enthused T.V. Raman to go an extra mile and his own innovations — played in helping
search service tailored for blind users.
do well to the society. There was certainly a him pursue his interests.
like conviction in him and Milton, that the Mr. Raman, 43, is now working to modify the
A native of India, Mr. Raman went from
Maker has definitely sent them for a reason, a latest technological gadget that he says could
relying on volunteers to read him
reason to do good to the society, a reason to make life easier for blind people: a touch-
textbooks at a top technical university
excel in a field and create history to be screen phone.
there to leading a largely autonomous life
remembered for the ages.
in Silicon Valley, where he is a highly “What Raman does is amazing,” said Paul
T.V. Raman is the man of enthusiasm and respected computer scientist and an Schroeder, vice president for programs and
enthusiasm is the very fuel in all great men. engineer at Google . policy at the American Foundation for the
By inexhaustible ardour for whatever they Blind, which conducts research on
undertake to accomplish, they generate an T. V. Raman is a blind computer technology that can help visually impaired
extraordinary drive for action. This invoking scientist born and raised from people. “He is a leading thinker on
of trajectory force of true and flawless Pune, India. His accessibility accessibility issues, and his capacity to
enthusiasm is a must and T.V Raman in this research interests are primarily design and alter technology to meet his needs
aspect is a blessed one. He has many books auditory user interfaces and is unique.”
and patents to his credit like “User Interfaces
structured electronic documents. Some of Mr. Raman’s innovations may help
-Toward The Speaking Computer”,“System
He has worked on speech make electronic gadgets and Web services
For Technical Readings”, “audio renderings
more user-friendly for everyone. Instead of
of digitized works”, “access system, interaction and markup
asking how something should work if a
information presentation system”, “stream technologies in the context of the
person cannot see, he says he prefers to ask,
processing on networks”,“speech and text”, World Wide Web at Digital's “How should something work when the user
“description format”, “interface for Cambridge Research Lab (CRL), is not looking at the screen?”
computer application programs”.
Adobe Systems and IBM Research. Such systems could prove useful for drivers
He presently works at Google or anyone else who could benefit from eyes-
Research. free access to a phone. They could also
appeal to aging baby boomers with fading
Along the way, Mr. Raman built a series of
vision who want to keep using technology
tools to help him take advantage of objects
they’ve come to depend on.

TV Raman mM+us ds fy, ia[kksa dh ugha] cqyUn gksalys
dh t:jr gksrh gSA
blind people navigate the world.
Raman attended the University Hkkjr ds iq.ks 'kgj esa tUesa Vh oh jeu us bl dFku
“How much of a leap of faith does it take dks pfjrkFkZ fd;k gSA 14 o"kZ dh de mez esa gh us=
of Pune with a BA in for you to realize that your phone could jksx ¼Xywdksek½ ds dkj.k mudh vk¡[kksa dh jks'kuh
mathematics, IIT Bombay with say, ‘Walk straight and within 200 feet pyh xbZA okLro esa og le; muds fy, vR;Ur
nq%[k dk dkj.k jgk gksxk] ijUrq jeu dk bZ'oj ij
a M.Sc. in computer science, you’ll get to the intersection of X and Y,’ ”
vVwV fo'okl] vkRecy vkSj vius dk;Z ds izfr
and Cornell University earning Mr. Raman said. “This is entirely doable.”
bZekunkjh us gh mUgsa muds vlEHko y{;ksa dks lEHko
an MS in computer science and The most perfect characteristic in an djus yk;d cuk;kA
eminently successful life seems to be mudk ;g ekuuk fd mUgsa bZ'oj us mUgsa fdlh fo'ks"k
a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. mn~ns'; ls gh Hkstk gSA
integrity – an inflexible, undaunted, firm
His Ph.D. thesis entitled Audio cpiu ls gh mUgsa fdrkcsa i<+uk jguk ilUn FkkA
integrity. And also it seems that everyone
mudk vU/kkiu Hkh bl tTcs dks ugha jksd ldk vkSj
System For Technical Readings who has cultivated this trait has drawn mUgksaus bl 'kkSd dks tkjh j[kkA os nqfu;k esa D;k
(AsTeR) was awarded the ACM from it many an unseen and personal u;k gks jgk gS vkSj rduhdh {ks= esa D;k ubZ [kkst gks
Dissertation Award in 1994. advantage over others who are striving in jgh gS] mlds ckjs esa gesa'kk mRlqd jgsA
the same field of achievement. jeu ds thou esa ,d le; og Hkh Fkk tc mUgksaus
Raman went on to apply the vU/ksyksxksa dh Hkk"kk dks lh[kus ds fy, Lo;alsodksa dk
T.V. Raman himself has discovered and lgkjk fy;k] ijUrq vkt os flfydkWu osyh esa xqxy
ideas on audio formatting
fully developed an indomitable integrity, dEiuh esa crkSj dEI;wVj oSKkfud ,d Lok;Ùk thou
introduced in AsTeR to the he finds he is master of every challenge, O;rhr dj jgs gSaA
more general domain of and in all his efforts we observe a self – jeu }kjk fy[kh xbZ dbZ iqLrdsa tSls% ;wtj baVjQst
assurance which is both captivating and & VqoMZ~l n Lihfdax dEI;wVj] flLVe QkWj
computer interfaces
Vsdfudy jhfMax] vkWfMvks jsUMjhax vkWQ
Emacspeak. On April 12, 1999, fMftVykbTM odZ] ,Dlsl flLVe] bUQkWjesa'ku
Emacspeak became part of the izts+UVs'ku flLVe] LVªhe izkslsflax vkWu usVodZ]
"Doth God exact day-labour, Lihp ,.M VsDLV] MsLØi'u QkWjesV] baVjQsl QkWj
Smithsonian's Permanent dEI;wVj ,Iyhds'ku izksxzkEl~ vkfn mudh foy{k.k
light denied?" izfrHkk dks fl) djrh gSaA izkbejh vkWfMvjh ;wtj
Research Collection on
I fondly ask. But Patience, to baVjQsl vkSj bysDVªk¡fud nLrkost jeu ds fiz;
Information Technology at the
vuqlU/kku {ks= gSaA bUgksaus fMftVy dsfEczt fjlpZ
Smithsonian's National prevent ySc ¼lh vkj ,y½] ,Mksc flLVe vkSj vkbZ ch ,e
Museum of American History. That murmur, soon replies: fjlpZ esa Lihp baVjsD'u vkSj ekdZvi rduhd ij
"God doth not need oYMZ okbM osc ds lanHkZ esa Hkh dk;Z fd;k gSaA jeu us
vk/kqfud rduhd dk ykHk izkIr djus ds fy,
Mr. Raman’s approach reflects recognition Either man's work or his own uohure midj.kksa dh ,d Ja[kyk dk fuekZ.k fd;k
that many innovations designed primarily for gifts: who best ftlds mi;ksx ls vU; n`f"Vghu O;fDr Hkh bl
people with disabilities have benefited the rduhdh lqfo/kk dk ykHk izkIr dj ldsaA lkFk gh
broader public, said Larry Goldberg, who Bear his mild yoke, they serve jeu us n`f"Vghu O;fDr;ksa ds fy, xwxy lpZ lfoZl
oversees the National Center for Accessible him best. His state dk otZu cuk;k gSA orZeku esa jeu n`f"Vghu
O;fDr;ksa dk thou csgrj cukus ds fy, uohure
Media at WGBH, the public broadcasting Is kingly; thousands at his rduhd ij vk/kkfjr midj.k cukus esa O;Lr gSaA ;g
station in Boston. They include curb cuts for iwNs tkus ij] fd dksbZ O;fDr us=ghu gksdj dEI;wVj
bidding speed
wheelchairs, captions for television ij dSls dk;Z dj ldrk gS] og dgrs gS fd ** vki
broadcasts and optical character-recognition And post o'er land and ocean ;g iwNsa fd dksbZ O;fDr cxSj dEI;wVj LØhu ij ns[ks
technology, which was fine-tuned to create without rest: dSls dk;Z dj ldrk gS**A
software that, could read printed books aloud jeu us iq.ks fo'ofo|ky; ls fo"k; esa Lukrd
They also serve who only stand vkSj Hkkjrh; izks|ksfxd laLFkku] cEcbZ ls dEI;wVj
and is now used in many computer
and wait." foKku esa LukÙkdksÙkj dh mikf/k izkIr djus ds
applications, he said. i'pkr~ dkWuZsy fo'ofo|ky; ls dEI;wVj foKku esa
With no buttons to guide the fingers on its T.V. Raman gives us a lesson that those ekLVlZ vkSj izk;ksfxd esa MkDVjsV dh mikf/k
glassy surface, the touch-screen cellphone izkIr dhA
who bear the mild yoke or the wishes of
jeu }kjk MkDVjsV ds nkSjku fy[ks x;s ys[k vkWfM;ks
may seem a particularly daunting challenge. God, Almighty and persistently work hard flLVe QkWj Vsdfudy jhfMax dks 1994 esa *n , lh
But Mr. Raman said that with the right to attain the best and do the best by ,e fMlVZs'ku* iqjLdkj }kjk lEekfur fd;k x;k gSA
tweaks, touch-screen phones — many of utilizing the resources given by Lord are
which already come equipped with GPS the one’s who serve him the best. Vidhu Gaur
technology and a compass — could help SW & PR

Anunaad, July - September 2009 15

Raj Kamal Jha

“We must listen to learn,

We must serve with love to grow

We must meditate to realize

We must write to purify thoughts and emotions.”

Raj Kamal Jha, the personality

with a tremendous poise, unfolds
the true existence of mind and

heart by choosing the right path
and following it religiously.

aj Kamal Jha (born 1966) English daily newspaper based in Calcutta Jha's writing style has been called very
is an Indian novelist and as an assistant editor. He also worked sparse, especially in comparison to other
journalist. Jha was born in Bihar and was briefly for India Today, as a senior Indian writers. His writing is heavily
raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, where he associate editor before accepting the job as influenced by the amount of time he spent in
went to school at St. Joseph's College. He deputy editor for Indian Express in 1996. the United States, as well as by the works of
then attended the Indian Institute of He was then promoted to executive editor. twentieth-century American writers Don
Technology, Kharagpur where he did his Based in New Delhi, Indian Express is one DeLillo and Paul Auster. Another unique
bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, but of India's most well known English aspect of Jha's style is that he writes in
perhaps more significantly, had his first newspapers and Jha is now the managing English, unlike his Indian contemporaries.
brush with journalism as the editor of the editor of this news paper. After reading Salman Rushdie's novel
campus magazine, Alankar, where his first The Indian Express has twice won the Midnight's Children, Jha began to see the
short fiction appeared. After graduating from Vienna-based International Press English language as more than homework,
IIT, he went to the Graduate School of Institute's award for Excellence in and began using it as an aesthetic for his
Journalism at the University of Southern Journalism in 2004 and 2006. Its storytelling.
California, where he received his M.A. in journalists have won several national and His first novel, The Blue Bedspread won the
1990. international awards. 2000 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best
During school, Jha began to explore various Jha’s journey from a mechanical engineer First Book (Eurasia region) and was a New
forms of writing. He wrote for college (IIT Kharagpur) to a journalist and finally York Times Notable Book of the Year. His
literary magazines, and after graduation, did to a writer (in form of an editor) is actually second novel If You Are Afraid of Heights
internships at The Los Angeles Times and inspiring and brings to the surface, the was a finalist for the Hutch-Crossword Book
The Washington Post. With his confidence basic fundamental of ‘where the basic Award in 2003. He has also been shortlisted
growing, Jha came to realize that he did not interest or the purpose of an individual for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and the
care for reporting. Writing up the interviews lies’? He completely immersed himself in Guardian First Book Award.
appealed to him much more than calling his inspiring purpose and stuck to it His third novel, Fireproof, debuted in
people and taking notes. ardently with all his mind. Thereafter, he October 2006 (published by Goldmann). It
Four years after graduating, Jha returned to funneled all his abilities for its fulfillment. was published to wide critical acclaim by
India to take a job with The Statesman, an Jha is the author of three published novels. Picador in India in December and in the UK

Anunaad, July - September 2009 16

Raj Kamal Jha
in February 2007. French and Italian editions Jha was a visiting professor at the graduate
are due in 2007-08.
Set against the backdrop of the , the first
attack on innocent Muslim civilians after
school of journalism, where he taught a
course on reporting.
Writing helps subconscious recall details.
Jh jktdey >k ,d iz[;kr Hkkjrh; miU;kldkj ,oa

i=dkj gSaA Hkkjr ds fcgkj izkUr esa lu~ 1966 esa tUesa Jh
9/11, the novel is a chilling, magical tale of a Choosing the most evocative details that jktdey >k us viuh fo|ky;h f'k{kk dksydkrk ds ¼if{ke
father and his deformed son on a journey carries the meaning and are symbolic to caxky½ lsaV tkWlsQ dkWyst ls izkIr djus ds i'pkr~ ;kaf=dh esa
across a city where the ghosts of those killed readers are the specialties of Jha’s Lukrd djus gsrq vkbZvkbZVh [kM+xiqj esa izos'k fy;kA ogk¡ bUgksaus
have decided to seek justice. writings. vkbZvkbZVh dh dsEil if=dk *vyadkj* ds izdk'ku esa crkSj
Jha's fiction is known for its stark simplicity The major theme of his novels especially laiknd dk dk;Z fd;kA Jh >k us vkbZvkbZVh [kM+xiqj ls ch- Vsd-
and ability to evoke emotion through “The Blue Bedspread” is that of family djus ds i'pkr~ lu~ 1990 esa nf{k.k dsfyQksfuZ;k fo'ofo|ky;
attention to detail. The Blue Bedspread can relationships. Jha asserts that the novel ls dyk esa iksLVxzstq,'ku (,e.,.) dh mikf/k izkIr dhA
be described as the "Coming of age of the should be read as a portrait of a typical fo|ky;h f'k{kk ds nkSjku gh Jh >k fofo/k izdkj ds ys[k fy[kus
Indian novel." family. He wants to emphasize that "the yx x;s Fks ,oa Lukrd ds i'pkr~ ykal,aftfyl VkbEl ,oa
okf'kaxVu iksLV tSls lekpkj i=ksa esa crkSj izf'k{kq Hkh dk;Z fd;kA
His fiction is strongly grounded in silence in families...becomes an
bUgha vuqHkoksa ls Jh >k bl fu"d"kZ ij igq¡ps fd mUgsa mu
contemporary Indian themes around change, accomplice in repression....the identity of lk{kkrdkjksa ds ckjs esa fy[kuk pkfg, tks mUgsa csgn ilan vk;s
often taking off from newspaper pages. From the individual is always weighed down by ufd i=dkfjrk djus dsA
domestic violence to the urban-rural divide his/her role in family, society" (Asia Hkkjr ykSVus ij mUgksaus vaxzsth nSfud LVsV~lesu esa lgk;d laiknd
and, in his latest novel, mass violence and Source interview). The family secrets that ds in ij dk;Z fd;kA 1996 esa vaxzsth nSfud bf.M;u ,Dlizsl
communal tension, Jha's books engage with the novel's narrator reveals is also an esa mi laiknd dk dk;ZHkkj laHkkyus ds igys bf.M;k VqMs esa Hkh
disturbing subjects unusual in contemporary important aspect of the book. “The Blue ofj"B lg laiknd ds in ij dk;Z fd;kA vkt Jh jktdey >k
writing in English but capture those realities Bedspread” is an example of metafiction, bf.M;u ,Dlizsl esa izca/k laiknd ds in ij dk;Z dj jgs gSaA
of India that escape the mainstream media. because of its self-reflexive nature. Jh >k ds lQy funsZ'ku esa bf.M;u ,Dlizsl lekpkj i= us
His writing, simple as it appears, often calls The details and coincidences in the novel vusd jk"Vªh; ,oa vUrjkZ"Vh; iqjLdkj izkIr fd;s gSaA lkFk gh lu~
for a lot of reader participation which evokes are important reflections of Jha's personal
2004 vkSj 2006 esa fo;uk esa vUrjkZ"Vªh; i=dkfjrk laLFkku ls
iqjLdkj Hkh izkIr fd;kA
sharp, divided reaction. philosophy on life. Because of that, he
Jh >k dk ,d vfHk;kaf=dh Lukrd ¼ch-Vsd-½ ls ,d mRd`"V
Jha's fiction has been translated into more integrates them into his novel. He says, laiknd cuus rd dk lQj bl ewy ckr dh vksj bafxr djrk gS
than a dozen European languages, including "...we really underestimate the power of fd O;fDr dks ogh dk;Z djuk pkfg, ftlesa mldh vfHk:fp gksA
French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, mere coincidences and stupid little Jh >k rhu miU;klksa ds ys[kd gSaA vU; Hkkjrh; ys[kdksa dh
Hebrew, Turkish, Spanish and Finnish. His accidents. I think they play a much, much rqyuk esa muds ys[k csgn laf{kIr ijUrq lkjxfHkZr gksrs gSaA mudh
short stories have appeared in French and bigger role in life, than large forces...what I 'kSyh esa vesfjdk esa fcrk, x;s le; dk ,oa 20oha lnh ds
German anthologies as well. His work has really feel I connect with, is not the scene vesfjdh ys[kdksa dk izHkko lkQ ns[kus dks feyrk gSA
been featured in several international literary (in the novel), is the small accidents, when crkSj ys[kd ,d [kwch vkSj gS tks Jh >k dks vU; vk/kqfud
festivals, including Hay-on-Wye, Munich he or she bends down to pick something up Hkkjrh; ys[kdksa ls vyx djrh gS] og gS vusd ys[ku ,oa
that has fallen, in that mental frame, or miU;klksa dh Hkk"kk dk vaxzsth esa gksukA
Writers' Festival, Melbourne Writers'
when you look at his shoulder and see muds igys miU;kl & n Cyw csMLizsM us loZJs"B izFke miU;kl
Festival and the Los Angeles Times Book ¼;wjksf'k;k {kS=½ dk dkWeu osYFk jkbVlZ iqjLdkj izkIr fd;kA
Festival. where the shirt is crinkled at the collar, or
that small speck at the knee, I find these muds bl miU;kl dks U;w;kWdZ VkbEl }kjk Hkh o"kZ dh lcls
Japanese video artist and photographer things important. How I don't know, but I ljkguh; iqLrd ekuk x;kA
created four video installations taking scenes feel that these accidents, these muds nqljs miU;kl& bQ ;w vÝsM vkWQ gkbV~ us Hkh 2003 ds
from Jha's three novels for an exhibition at coincidences, matter" (Source: interview). gp&ØkWloqM cqd vokMZ esa nwljk LFkku izkIr fd;kA
the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Jh >k ds ys[kksa dk dbZ ;wjksih; Hkk"kkvksa esa Hkh vuqokn gqvk gSA
Delhi in 2007 as part of a special exhibition of Raj Kamal Jha, a deeply virtuous man is buesa Ýsap] teZuh] brkoyh] iqrZxkyh] xzhd vkSj Lisfu'k tSlh
contemporary Japanese art called Vanishing the most potent servant of mankind. He Hkk"kk,sa izeq[k gSaA
Points. alone is the sacred reed through which the ,d iz[;kr tkikuh dykdkj ,oa QksVksxzkQj us Hkh >k ds rhuksa
Lord shall sing His Song of Blessing to the miU;klksa ds dqN pqfuUnk va'k ysdj pkj o`Ùkfp= cuk, gSa ftudk
generation. mUgksaus lu~ 2007 esa fnYyh esa vk;ksftr us'kuy xSysjh vkWQ
eksMZu vkVZ esa izn'kZu Hkh fd;kA
“Be clear and focused” – is our supreme Jh >k ds miU;kl n Cyw csMLizsM esa ikfjokfjd fj'rksa ds ckjs esa
duty, so that what we do may be fruitful izeq[krk ls crk;k gS fd fdl izdkj ,d O;fDr dh igpku ifjokj
and benefit the maximum number. ,oa lekt esa mldh Hkwfedk ds vk/kkj ij curh ;k fcxM+rh gSA
As a great thinker thundered: “Virtue Jh >k ds O;fDrRo ls gesa ,d egRoiw.kZ lans'k ;g feyrk gS fd
makes men of the earth famous, in their gesa thou esa vR;ar Li"V ,oa rkfdZd lksp j[kuh pkfg, ftlls
grave illustrious, in the heavens ge fujarj izxfr ds iFk ij vxzlj gksdj vf/kdkf/kd O;fDRk;ksa
If Fireproof The ds dke vk ldsaA
immortal”. This is no less – if not more –
You Are Blue
true even today in our modern
Afraid Bedspread
technological age of continuous grabbing
of Vidhu Gaur
and endless indulgence.
Heights SW & PR

Reso Reaper

Saurabh Agrawal
Reso Roll No: 503364, IIT-JEE Year-2008 | AIR - 92, Name of Institute: IIT Kanpur (B.Tech, Computer Science and Engg.)

Q1. What is required to get into IIT? as well as a repeater. While a fresher, I leads you to success.
Instead of Hard Work, WORK with attended school mainly for doing experiments Have faith in yourself and on the institute as
smartness is required to get into IIT. Self and to be in touch with the school activities. well, whatever is being taught is well furnished
Confidence is the most important stuff Due to Resonance, I was able to cover up my and sufficient. Don't try to look out for more
which comes from your work. syllabus of IIT-JEE, which made it quite easy stuff from various sources; this act merely
Q2. How much time did you devote on an for me to cover up the remaining portion of results in wastage of time. Just study regularly
average for your preparation? What was the board syllabus. I dealt with that remaining and don't care about the result. Result will surely
your daily time table? How did you divide portion during examinations only and I also be good provided one persistently works.
consulted text books. Q8. While preparing at Resonance how
your course in those hours of study?
Q5. How many questions should an did you evaluate your performance after
Division of time for studies depends on an
individual. For me there was no such fixed individual attempt to get into IITs? How each CT, APT & JPT?
schedule. I paid more attention to keep myself tough is the paper? After each and every test, I used to mark out my
fully updated and equipped with the allotted Number of questions that are to be attempted mistakes along with the reason and also used to
work and used to prepare thoroughly for next is not fixed. It is always better to attempt analyze the silly mistakes. According to me, PTs
class discussion. fewer questions but accurately and efficiently proved more useful because they gave me a
First of all Daily Practice Problems which were rather than attempting all the questions with complete feel of the topics covered by my
to be discussed on the next day then class notes, lot of errors. faculty members and helped me in finding out
after that sheets and then revised old things if Q6. Give some tips for increasing one's my weak points. CTs were very helpful in
time permitted. efficiency while studying? How did you keeping touch with the topics discussed earlier
I nearly did all the assignments, given in the refresh yourself from the hectic in the course. I considered JPTs as the replica of
class and read class notes daily of all the three schedule? JEE.
subjects on the alternate basis. If I had to divide I always used to sleep for 8 hours i.e. I want to Q9. What was your first reaction after
100 minutes of revision after completing say that a good and a sound sleep always giving the IIT-JEE examination? Which
assignments and notes then I divided it in the increases one’s efficiency. Take a complete topic did you think should have been
following way: Physics: 30 min, Chemistry: 40 diet, always remain free from unnecessary given more importance for the increase in
min , Maths: 30 min tensions like that of hunger etc. Have a short your percentage or performance in JEE?
Q3. What are the important topics for sitting at a time (short doesn't mean 50 After the exam, I had a gala time, enjoying with
special attention? minutes), I want to say that one should study my friends. During and after the exam, my
As such all the topics are essential to be learnt effectively with concentration, whenever you condition was the same as that in any periodic
but some important and scoring topics feel that you are not being able to give your test of Resonance. I think if I would have given
according to me are: best, just stop studying and rest for a while. more importance to inorganic chemistry than I
Important While studying, concentrate only on studies could have performed better.
Physics: Electrodynamics, Rigid body with a focused mind. My advice to increase Q10. Whom do you wish to give the credit
Dynamics. efficiency during examination is that one of your success? To what extent did your
Chemistry: Salt Analysis, Ionic Equilibrium. should develop the practice of sitting for 200 family contribute in your success?
Maths: Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry . minutes at a time. In order to refresh myself, I My Parents, GOD, MYSELF, my friends
Scoring used to listen to songs and go for a walk. (special thanks to RPM & RM), Faculty
Physics: Waves, Heat, Optics. Q7. What is your Success mantra? Give members, Team Resonance, my Grandparents,
C h e m i s t r y : O r g a n i c C h e m i s t r y, some advice to your successors at my Brothers, my well wishers and the most
Thermodynamics. Resonance who are preparing for IIT- important people are my CRITICS, because of
Maths: P&C, Vectors. JEE? whom I was able to achieve my goal. My parents
Q4. How does one cope up with the school I normally completed the work given by my contributed immensely. Whenever I lost focus,
syllabus and preparation for IIT-JEE? Did faculty members in time. I used to revise the confidence, or got trapped in a “what to do” type
you take extra efforts to prepare for board problems, which I failed to do in the first situations, I always found my parents helping
examination? attempt, just after the class. I usually me out. My Father is my backbone.
I have been a part of resonance as a fresher and restrained from negative thinking. I believe
that CONFIDENCE is the biggest factor that Vidhu Gaur

Anunaad, July - September 2009 18

Math is for everyone

Run Away
Make Dinosaur

R.K. Goyal
M.A. (Math); M.Sc. Hon. (Math)
Reso Faculty - Maths

Anunaad, July - September 2009 19

Performance Matters

WINNERS Resonance

Target IIT–JEE 2010

Rank - 1 Rank -2 Rank -3 Rank - 4 Rank - 5

R. No. 800763, Batch:IP R. No. 740002, Batch: IP R. No. 805551, Batch: IP R. No. 811438, Batch: IP R. No. 806956, Batch: IP
CUM % (79.96%) CUM % (79.65 %) CUM % (78.12 %) CUM % (78.01 %) CUM % (72.29 %)

Rank - Name - Roll No. (Batch) CUM% 17 - Pulkit Mittal - 811431 (IP) 63.50
6 - Thengodkar Prasanna Sunil - 820303 (IP) 71.17 18 - Rohan Tiwari - 820060 (PA1) 63.19
7 - Vaibhav Gupta - 800919 (IP) 69.53 19 - Miss Vishakha Agrawal - 620172 (IP) 63.09
8 - Ashesh Mishra - 820286 (IP) 69.32 20 - Vaibhav Kalani - 801401 (JP1) 62.99 (Jaipur)
9 - Miss Pooja Singhal - 740012 (IP) 67.90 21 - Rishabh Sinha - 806795 (PB1) 62.88
10 - Devbrat Singh - 808715 (IP) 67.49 22 - Abhishek Goyal - 800476 (JP1) 62.68 (Jaipur)
11 - Aditi Jain - 810809 (P1) 67.08 23 - Prafulla Kumar Choubey - 820325 (PA1) 62.57
12 - Rajan Buha - 801344 (IP) 66.57 24 - Pranjal Daga - 800483 (JP1) 62.27 (Jaipur)
13 - Miss Karuna Agarwal - 803337 (PA1) 64.42 25 - Pranay Kumar - 821046 (PA1) 61.96
14 - Pradeep Choudhary - 802084 (IP) 64.22 26 - Vineet Bhargava - 804923 (PA1) 60.02
15 - Sparsh Khandelwal - 745259 (IP) 64.21 27 - Aishwarya Mohapatra - 808081 (NP1) 60.02 (Nagpur)
16 - Ranjit K. Nair - 803852 (IP) 64.11

(Course Name - VIKAAS )

Target IIT–JEE 2011

Rank - 1 Rank - 2 Rank - 3 Rank - 4 Rank - 5

R. No. 912161, Batch: IA R. No. 832116, Batch: IA R. No. 832238, Batch: IA R. No. 903807, Batch: IA R. No. 832414, Batch: IA
CUM % (92.64 %) CUM % (80.99 %) CUM % (79.96 %) CUM % (78.93 %) CUM % (78.22 %)

Rank - Name - Roll No. (Batch) CUM% 14 Akash Anand 903740 (IA) 75.15
5 Divyam Bansal 912162 (IA) 78.22 15 Shubham Lalwani 904831 (IA) 74.64
7 Utkarsh Sanjau Patange 901246 (IA) 77.71 18 Siddharth Patel 832370 (IA) 71.17
8 Sonali Singh 905451 (IA) 77.51 19 Shashank Goyal 906569 (JA1) 71.07 (Jaipur)
9 Samyak Daga 833751 (JA1) 77.30 (Jaipur) 20 Anuj Rai 832261 (IA) 70.86
10 Ankur Gupta 833078 (JA1) 77.20 (Jaipur) 22 Abhishek Singhal 832256 (IA) 70.45
11 Parth Mittal 833671 (JA1) 75.87 (Jaipur) 22 Shalin Maraviya 934914 (IA) 70.45
12 Tapan Bohra 832375 (IA) 75.67 24 Mridul Garg 832206 (IA) 70.35
13 Vaibhav Gupta 832079 (IA) 75.36 27 Tapsya Tibrewala 802302 (IA) 68.10

Anunaad, July - September 2009 20

Performance Matters: -
28 Abhishek Bansal 620694 (JA1) 67.69 (Jaipur) 44 Pranjal Yadav 904073 (A1) 63.19
29 Anmol Garg 832229 (IA) 67.49 45 Mohit Senapaty 913677 (A1) 63.19
32 Moulik Gupta 832269 (IA) 66.97 47 Akarsh Singh 900350 (NA1) 62.99 (Nagpur)
33 Ram Agrawal 914105 (IA) 66.97 47 Rahul Balani 910272 (JA1) 62.99 (Jaipur)
34 Harshvardhan Solanki 832168 (A1) 66.06 50 Ankit Shrivastava 832101 (IA) 61.55
35 Shruti Agrawal 904568 (A1) 65.74 51 Arushi Agarwal 934231 (A1) 61.25
36 Rishi Raj Singh 833486 (JA1) 65.03 (Jaipur) 52 Mainak Sethi 832240 (IA) 61.14
36 Devashis Choudhari 900028 (AW1) 65.03 (Delhi) 53 Prerit Jain 906517 (JA1) 61.04 (Jaipur)
38 Shahrukh Khan 832098 (A1) 64.82 54 Harsh Raj 904025 (A1) 60.64
39 Divyanshu Choudhary 620755 (JA1) 64.62 (Jaipur) 55 Shrey Malpani 901068 (JA1) 60.12 (Jaipur)
40 Priyadarshi Ashok 901732 (A1) 64.21 56 Lohit Jain 900555 (JA1) 60.02 (Jaipur)
43 Ronik Kumar 832059 (A1) 63.29
(Course Name - VISHWAAS)
IIT–JEE 2010

Rank - 1 Rank - 2 Rank - 3

R. No. 931124, Batch: F1 R. No. 904572, Batch: F1 R. No. 905033, Batch: F1
CUM % (71.68 %) CUM % (71.57 %) CUM % (60.43 %)

4 - Prateek Arora - 901080 (JF1) 57.465 (Jaipur) 10 - Dheeraj Kumar - 902700 (FH1) 51.74
5 - Abhishek Singh - 805943 (F1) 55.42 11 - Shashank Mathur - 906537 (JF1) 50.205 (Jaipur)
5 - Rajneesh Kumar - 907003 (FH1) 55.42 12 - Purshottam Sharma - 913943 (FH3) 50.1
7 - Indranil Chakraborty - 906805 (F1) 54.295
8 - Md Shadab Anjum - 906428 (F1) 53.58
9 - Shivangi Swami - 903823 (F1) 52.045

ResoNITEs spread
ResoNITEs their
spread their
spreads their wings... wings...
[ Student of Resonance in a strategic corporate role ]
passed out in April 2006. He took his first develop a small module which helps to keep
Hitesh Jain job with Kirusa Software. Today he is track of the various error conditions that can
(Batch: 2002 | AIR: 1124) quite well established and well settled in come up during production. It also helps to
his job. fix the problem quickly and avoid the loss of
Senior Software engineer revenue because of network errors. He
IT industry is one of the biggest industries
Kirusa Software Company which play quite a dominant role in Indian proved instrumental for this project which
Economy and Mr. Hitesh is certainly a provides the different medium or way to use
Mr. Hitesh says, “Resonance has always
value addition to this industry. He is a the product and it has increased the revenue
been a great asset of my life as I was able to
senior software engineer and handles the and traffic to five times.
crack IIT-JEE with crystal clear concepts
which were taught in an absolutely design and development of the core A person with a go getter attitude and a
meticulous way by highly qualified product. His primary responsibilities are practical bent of mind proved himself by
engineers and some of them being IITians to come up with the design after reading undertaking his summer training at Spain
themselves. If in class room one pays the functional specs of the new feature to just after the completion of his III year in IIT
adequate attention then one needs to study be incorporated in the product, and then Guwahati. He was there for three months.
4-5 hours at home daily. Nice songs from split the different modules among the He utilized his three months maximally to
Mr. R.K.Verma used to be highly motivating team members to be executed. He takes upgrade his knowledge and skills and fine
and the entire credit of my selection in the care of the full software life cycle. tuned himself to the nitty-gritty's of the
IIT-JEE 2002 goes to Resonance”. At Kirusa, His innovative mind and industrial requirements.
There after he joined IIT Guwahati and charismatic personality helped him Vidhu Gaur

Anunaad, July - September 2009 21


Reso PCCP Initiative

(For VIII, IX & X)

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is a National Centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.
Three decades after its inception, HBCSE has emerged as the premier institution in the country for research and development in Science and
Technology and education in Mathematics. It is India's nodal centre for Olympiad programs in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and
Stages of Examination: Following are the stages for the aspirants of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy: National Standard
Examination, Indian National Olympiad Examination, Orientation cum Scholarship Camp, International Olympiad.
Following are the stages for the aspirants of Mathematics: RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad), Orientation cum Scholarship Camp,
International Olympiad
Eligibility Criteria - For Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology: All the students of classes XI and XII (Science stream) are eligible to
appear. A student may appear more than once as per the examination schedule. Students who have passed class XII are not eligible. For
Astronomy: Students of age group 13 to 14 years, studying in classes VIII & IX can qualify for junior groups whereas students of age group 15
to 16 years studying in classes, X and XI can qualify for senior groups.

Birbal Sharma
Reso PCCP Faculty - Physics

Rekha Sharma
Reso PCCP Faculty - Chemistry

Kamal Singh Chauhan

(For Solution, please refer page 'Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim') Reso PCCP Faculty - Math

Anunaad, July - September 2009 22

When dreams are realized and turned into reality,
Success like a blue streak the joy it emits out is remarkable and
unfathomable. The enriching history of
has become a Resonance reveals the parampara of inevitable
success which has flowed down from one sibling
to another and has become a trend setter which is
tradition at Resonance clearly evident from the below mentioned facts.

The sense of satiety and tremendous happiness on the countenances of Anvit Singh Tawar's parents
made the entire environment spell bound and by going in the retrospective, Dr. Devendra Singh Tawar
(Anvit's father),who is a doctor by profession, traced the success journey of his sons, Ankit and Anvit
and pronounced loud the hand which immensely contributed in the success saga of their entire family
by making them feel proud parents and that name was none other than Resonance. He stated that
Ankit Tawar procured All India Rank 3569 in the year 2005 and subsequently joined IIT Kharagpur and
completed his M.Sc in Integrated Economics. He then with proud said that he did not have any
apprehensions about getting his second son Anvit associated with Resonance again and lo!
Resonance proved itself again by repeating the triumph of his elder son as his second son Anvit
fetched an outstanding All India Rank 9 and not only earned the name and fame for his family but for
Resonance as well. Mr. and Mrs. Tawar were honored by Mr. R.K. Verma, Managing Director,
Resonance, with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati.

The grandparents of Vaibhav Gupta, who achieved All India Rank 54 in 2009, knew no bounds of joy
when their grandson was being felicitated by the chief guest, Ajay Goyal. The parents of Vaibhav
Gupta expressed their gratefulness for Resonance and its faculty members without whom their
sons couldn't have been the individuals with a difference. According to them Resonance not only
contributed in the success of Vaibhav but also in the success of his elder brother Gaurav Gupta,
when he secured All India Rank 564 in the year 2007. He passed out from the Indian Institute of
Technology Madras with B.Tech in Electrical and Micro Electronics. Vaibhav's father, Mr. Dinesh
Gupta, is an Assistant Manager in the bank of Rajasthan. Vaibhav's grandparents and parents were
honored with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati by Mr. R.K.Verma.

The milieu at VICTORY (the felicitation function for IIT-JEE qualified students 2009) became more
inspiring as it was blessed by the presence of grandparents and parents of 2009 JEE qualified
students. Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari also cherished their precious memories of the victory of their two
daughters and one son (all are the students of Resonance) as all of them emerged victorious in
cracking JEE and subsequently entering IITs. Their elder son, Gaurav Tiwari, passed out in the year
2003 from Resonance with All India Rank 742 and then entered the portals of IIT Kharagpur. Garima
Tiwari passed out in the year 2006 from Resonance with All India Rank 896 and then joined IIT
Mumbai. Purvi Tiwari, following the victorious trajectory of her siblings attained All India Rank 7885 in
2009. Mr. Tiwari and his father, who also remained the former principal of govt. school,
Ramganjmandi, from where Mr. R.K. Verma also did his schooling, were honored with a shawl and a
memento of Goddess Saraswati. They also mentioned that Resonance and its faculty members were
pivotal in bringing, to their family, the incredible happiness and a sense of achievement to see all their

No boundaries, no constraints, no limitations can stop a heart so pure and a mind so focused to
emerge successful in achieving the unconquerable dreams. And it did happen with Puneet and
Manik Jindal who migrated to Kota from Punjab with their father Mr. Surendra Kumar Jindal, a
businessman. Mr. and Mrs. Jindal were honoured by Mr. R.K.Verma with a shawl and a memento
of Goddess Saraswati. Mr. Surendra Kumar articulated his heart-felt gratitude for Resonance as it
proved to be a significant contributor in the success of his children. He said that he holds
Resonance in high esteem as it made his family's dream come true. Puneet Jindal cracked IIT-JEE
2006 with All India Rank of 910. He then went to IIT-Guwahati and took the branch of Computer
Science. Manik Jindal, following the footsteps of his elder brother cracked JEE 2009 with All India
Rank 2164.
More Gravitas in Edu-Culture at Resonance than the slew of awards it has won over the years.

IIT-JEE 2009

Selections (Excluding EML)
An axiomatic fact

A B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4

B.5 B.6 B.7 B.8 B.9

B.10 B.11 C D
jst+ksusUl ls fgUnh ek/;e ds fo|kFkhZ jtr [k.Msyoky
dh IIT-JEE 2009 esa vHkwriwoZ lQyrkA
lefiZr ,oa vius dk;Z ds izfr bZekunkj jst+ksusUl ds f'k{kdx.k vius vki
esa egku izsj.kk ds L=ksr gSaA jst+ksusUl esa fo|kFkhZ dh v/;;u lEcfU/kr
lHkh leL;kvksa ds lkFk&lkFk lHkh izdkj dh leL;kvksa dk O;fDrxr :i
ls funku gksrk gSA ;gk¡ eq>s ?kj tSlk gh izrhr gksrk FkkA
eSa viuh v/;;u lEcfU/kr lHkh rF;kRed tkudkjh dks jst+ksusUl ds
v/;kidksa ,oa ;gk¡ dh v/;;u lkexzh ds }kjk gh etcwr dj ik;kA
vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2009 esa 79 oha ojh;rk izkIr djus esa jst+ksusUl ds
vewY; ;ksxnku ds fy, eSa jst+ksusUl dks /kU;okn dguk pkgrk gw¡A
& jtr [k.Msyoky

Mighty plans of action can be undertaken only by equally mighty individuals. An individual is mighty according to the amount of energy and concentration of mind, he
can bring into his undertaking with confidence in himself and faith in the goal he has chosen to reach. This self-confidence can be generated and continuously
maintained even in the face of dire difficulties only if one hold on to one's convictions and Rajat Khandelwal did remain clenched to his predetermined goal by keeping
trust in his goal to crack IIT-JEE and also by keeping unflinching fervor in his faculty members at Resonance. Rajat Khandelwal, student of Resonance finds himself
comfortable in facing any kind of challenge.
“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it”- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Being a student of Hindi medium throughout, he did not let the barrier of language become his shortcoming on the contrary he made this as his strength and leveraged
the batch of Resonance which is exclusively meant for the students of Hindi Medium. Coming from a small tehsil, Laxmangarh, Alwar District (Rajasthan), Rajat secured
91.83% in grade X and 91.54% in grade XII. A meritorious student, who possessed dreams so gigantic, ultimately made them come true by obtaining a commendable All
India Rank 79 (Gen Category).
For attaining the preset goals and transforming one self into an individual of focus, determination and dedication, one should know to convert every snake into a ladder
and thus always climb up in life. Let obstacles not become excuses. Rajat, with his will so strong and trust so very unwavering helped him transform every obstacle into
an instrument for growth and every snake into a ladder. In spite of having a fractured shoulder, he with a radiating poise, as according to him that he developed under the
motivating guidance of the faculty members of Resonance, faced JEE and cracked it with tremendous confidence and energy.
He certainly is a source of inspiration not only for the students of Resonance but for the entire community of students who still believe that language and hailing from a
small village is a bane. He epitomizes all the faculty members of Resonance, especially CDS Sir, as a well of knowledge and a cardinal source of inspiration for him. He
with his remarkable performance took a lead to show that a good performance is not an attribute of hard work alone but an amalgamation of knowledge, hard work,
motivation by faculty members, integrity and a fire within to excel in every endeavor.

817 & IIT-JEE 2009 68

Class XII: 94 % (Aggr.); 97% in PCM Class XII: 97.8% (Aggr.)

Student of Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCPs) Student of Distance Learning Programme (DLP)
Resonance Jaipur Study Centre
Miss Shruti Khatri, is one of the four finalists in International Vinayak Gagrani, is also one of the four finalists in International
Chemistry Olympiad 2009 to be held from 18th July to 27th July at Chemistry Olympiad 2009 to be held at Cambridge, U.K. Vinayak is a
Cambridge, U.K. CBSE topper of Ajmer Zone in grade XII.

Resonance again leaves an ineffaceable mark of victory in both IIT- JEE 2009 and International Olympiads.

J.K. Pandey
Sr. Reso Faculty
(For Solution, please refer page 'Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim') Physics

Anunaad, July - September 2009 27


Girijesh Dubey
Sr. Reso Faculty

Anunaad, July - September 2009 28


Safdar Seraj
(For Solution, please refer page 'Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim') HOD - Maths (Delhi Centre)

Anunaad, July - September 2009 29

Think To
Reso Q. 15
Win a parker pen. The first correct answer will fetch the prize.
Submit your answer at J-2 Help Desk or e-mail at or Fax at 0744-2427144.
Q.1 is for foundation students and Q.2 is open for all
Reso Q.1

Reso Q.2
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Sr. Reso Faculty

Open for all

Reso Q.1

Girijesh Dubey
Sr. Reso Faculty

Q.1 is for foundation students and Q.2 is open for all

Reso Q.1

Reso Q.2
Safdar Seraj
HOD - Maths (Delhi Centre)

Please use this opportunity to guide the students in the pursuit of excellence with your scholarly tips!!
Xkq:czZák] xq:foZ".kq% xq:nsZoks egs'oj%A xq: lk{kkr ijaczáAA rLeSa Jh xq:oS ue%AA
Guru is an incarnation of God and Guru alone can inculcate values and take his pupil to heights of
perfection and excellence.
A write up or tips on exams like NTSE, boards or any other competitive exam or some brainy
questions on Physics, chemistry and Math by Principals / Teachers are invited for being published in
the next edition of 'ANUNAAD' as they will certainly ignite a spark of passion in the students and
motivate them to sharpen their mental faculties.
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Anunaad, July - September 2009 30

A Botanist who germinated from IIT Kharagpur
6. Chemical investigation of premature of Marathwada Botanical Society
senscene in leaves of Iselina a t P. G . D e p t o f B o t a n y M r s .
anthephoroides Hack, Him. Chem. & K.S.K.A.K. College Beed on 4th and
Phar. Bull. 3, 15-10, 1986. 5th Jan. 2003, “Lead paper on
7. Host chemistry and diversity of Cyanogenic plants of Marathwads”.
parasitism of cuscuta reflexa Roxb. 7. National conference of Biodiversity,
Intra. Sci. Vol. 1, No. 6, 3-5, 1987. Taxonomy and Conversation at
8. Ethanomedicinal uses of some Majalgaon Art's Science and Commerce
uncommon angiospermic plants of College, Majalgaon, Dist Beed on July
Nanded district in Maharashtra, 27th and 28th 2002. “Biodiversity with a
Journal of Science, Dr. B.A.M. new perspective of Cyanogenic plants”.
University, Aurangabad, Vol.XXXI,
Articles Published in Marathi to
No. 8, pp. 93-96, 2001.
popularize Science
9. Curculigo orchioides Garten. A
traditional Indian Medical Herb. fofo/k izdkf'kr ys[k
Advances in Mycohogy and plant 1- fofp= fofp= lo;h & nS- yksder vkWxLV 1983

A multi faceted personality with an

enlightening aura, Shri O.S. Rathor
was born on October 26 1948 in
Latur. Dr. O.S. Rathor did his schooling from
Nanded and thereafter joined Science
pathology (A commemoration volume
of Dr. Kalidas S. Deshpande)
December 2001, page no. 1920195.
10. Inhibition of cyanogenesis by plant
2- osx vkf.k 'kkL= &
3- lkSj Mkx &
4- ouLirhauk Hkkouk vlrkr dk\ & nS-

5- vfr'khrdj.kk}kjs e`R;qoj ekr\ & nS-

6- [kqu'kh o`Ùkh & nS-
30 vkWxLV 1983
4 vkWDVkscj 1983
22 uksOgsEcj 1983
6 fMlsEcj 1983
13 fMlsEcj 1983
College for his B.Sc. degree. After B.Sc. II extracts, Bioinfolet 1:1-2, 2004, O.S. 7- ,d cqf)eku typj% MkWYQhu & nS- yksder 20 fMlsEcj 1983
Rathor and M.K.Zare. 8- vodk'kkr thoukpk 'kks/k & nS- yksder 27 fMlsEcj 1983
year he did his B.Sc (hons) in Botany from 9- e/kek'kkaps fofp= tx & nS- yksder 3 vkWDVkscj 1983
Milind College of Science, Aurangabad. 11. The evaluation of Nodulation capacity 10- Tokykeq[kh vkf.k gokeku & nS- yksder 10 tuojh 1983
After M.Sc. in plant physiology, he went to of some location specific Rhizobia on
I.I.T. Kharagpur to get PG Diploma in Soyabean from Maharashtra, India. He is also an active member of different
Cytogenetics. He became reader and then O.S. Rathor and B.G. Rajbhoj. Journal societies and has powerfully and
head of the department in 2005 and then in of pure and applied Microbiology vol systematically headed the various portfolios
2006 he became the principal of Science 2 (1) p. 265 266, April 2008. which are offered by different committees
College, Nanded. and societies and some of them being of
An erudite character, Shri O.S. Rathor did not Various Conferences/ national importance and a few are mentioned
end the itinerary of knowledge but to quench Seminars / Symposia below.
his thirst to know more he kept his research Attended List of various social organization
ongoing in form of publishing plethora of 1. Karyotype analysis in different where working/worked
journals, research papers, publications etc. A cultivated strains of Safflower, (1972) 1- Executive committee member: Marathwada
voracious reader and a well of knowledge did Pro. 59th Ind. Sci. C o n g . B o t a n y, Botanical Society and Secretary for 200 to 2005
not abstain himself in opening free the realm Abstracts pp.348. 2- Ex- Secretary: **eqDVk** lk;Ul dkWyst ukansM+
of unbounded knowledge in various 2. Antibacterial activity of parthenin 3- Ex- Executive Committee Member:**eqDVk** dsUnzh;
seminars and lectures held all across the from Parthenium Hysterophorous dk;] vkSjaxkckn
country. (1983), Symposia on recent advances 4- Joint Secretary: S.R.T.M. University, Association of
He has loads of seminars, research papers, in life science, Magadh University Bombay Teachers
articles and publications to his credit, Gaya, Abstract pp.25. 5- Joint Secretary: xksnkojh fQYel~ lgdkjh fp=iV
some of which are mentioned below: laLFkk] ukansM+
3. Screening of some medicinal plants as
1. Cytological studies in different potential biofungicides against some 6- President: **fgUnh txr**] uknsM
cultivated varieties of Safflower seed bornefungi, State level 7- Ex. Secretary : vka/kJ)k fuewZyu lferh] ukansM
Carthamus tinctoriuts, L. Journal of Cyto conference on seed technology 2000 8- Ex. Secretary: egkjk"Vª izkafr; jkBksM {kf=; lHkk]
and genet. 7-8,:17-23, 1972-73. held at Jalna, (1999). ukansM
4. Workshop on “Atomic Absorption 9- Member: vk;Zu f'k{k.k izlkjd eaMy] ukansM
2. Bio control of Parthenium hysterphous
L. Ind. Bot Rptr., 1(1) 40-42, 1982. Spectroscopy,” organized by School of 10- Member: :Xu lsok eaMy] ukansM
Life Science, S.R.T.M. University, 11- Member: egkjk"Vª fgUnh izpkj lHkk] vkSjaxkckn
3. Radiomimetic effect of some chalcones 12- Joint Secretary : Maharaja Ranjeetsingh Institute
on plants chromosomes, Ind., Bot. Rptr. 2 Nanded, 27th August 1999.
5. State level conference on “Seed of Science Technology and culture.
(1) 19-21, 1983.
Technology 2000” at J.E.S. College,
4. Phytoharmone like activity of Parthenin An avid reader and a veritable library
Jalna on 2nd and 3rd Oct. 1999, 'A
from Parthenium hysterphous L. Him himself, he left no stone unturned to give the
preliminary survey of Cynogenic
Chem. & Phar. Bull, 1, 6-7, 1984. best to the society and is continually on his
seeds of Angiospermic plants of
5. Phenolic acids of Merremia emarginata Nanded District of Maharashtra.' way to excellence.
Hall, F. Him. Chem. & Phar. Bull. 2, 12, 6. National Conference on Botany for Inputs from
1985. Human Welfare and 5th Annual Meet Mr. Sudhir Rathor
Reso - Faculty Physics.

Anunaad, July - September 2009 31

Institute IIT - Delhi
Location floor. Separate offices have been provided established by the Government of India to co-
IIT Delhi is situated at Hauz Khas in South to every member of the teaching staff next ordinate activities of these Institutes. The
Delhi, which is a landmark place in the to his laboratory. Large lecture theatres Minister for Human Resource Development
colourful and chequered history of Delhi. with modern amenities and equipment for of the Government of India is the Chairman
Bounded by the Sri Aurobindo Marg on the sound and projection are located in the of the Council. Each Institute of Technology
east, the Jawaharlal Nehru University courtyards between departments for has a Board of Governors responsible for its
Complex on the west, the National Council common use. The campus also offers overall administration and control. Prof. V S
of Educational Research and Training on the amenities like staff club, hospital, Ramamurthy is the Chairman of the Board of
south, and the New Ring Road on the north, shopping centre, bank, post office, telecom Governors of this Institute.
the Institute campus is flanked by Qutub centre, community centre, stadium,
Minar and the Hauz Khas monuments. Well playing fields, etc. Director of IIT Delhi
connected to the major city centres by open The Students Activities Centre provides all Surendra Prasad received the B.Tech. degree
and wide roads, the Institute campus is about facilities for students' extra-curricular and in electronics and electrical communication
19 Km. away from the Delhi Main Railway physical development. The central double- engineering from the Indian Institute of
Station, 14 Km. from the New Delhi Railway storeyed recreation block with a Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, in 1969 and
Station, 21 Km. from the Inter-State Bus swimming pool and a gymnasium hall the M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical
Terminal and 10 Km. from Delhi Airport. offers amenities such as squash courts, communication engineering from IIT, Delhi
hobbies workshops, seminar rooms, music in 1971 and 1974, respectively.
IIT Delhi Campus rooms and other multipurpose rooms for
The campus of the Institute extends to an area reading and indoor games. The Departments
of 320 acres. With many topographical amphitheatre constructed in modern style IIT Delhi has 13 departments. A department
features, imaginatively laid out with is an added amenity to the centre. usually focuses on a single engineering or
picturesque landscape, numerous buildings Administration science discipline. Each department has its
of various nature and stature, and clean and own administration structure with the Head
wide roads, the campus presents a spectacle of the Department (HoD) at the top of it. The
of harmony in architecture and natural Prof.
HoD heads the department for a period of two
beauty. The campus area has been divided V S Ramamurthy years after which a new head is appointed.
into four functional zones : (i) Residential Chairman, BOG Each department offers a program (at the
zone for students; (ii) Residential zone for the Indian Institute undergraduate or post-graduate level), some
faculty and staff; (iii) Academic zone for of Technology departments such as Mechanical
academic buildings and workshops; and (iv) Engineering Department, offer two or more
Cultural-cum-social and recreational zone undergraduate level programs and some
for students. The site being longitudinal in departments collaborate with each other to
shape, the last two zones have been located I.I.T. Delhi is an autonomous statutory offer a joint program. An example of the
mid-way between the two residential zones organisation functioning within the l a t t e r i s t h e M . Te c h i n O p t i c a l
in order to reduce walking distance. "Institutes of Technology Act" as amended Communications program which is offered
The main academic building accommodates by "The Institutes of Technology by the Department of Physics and
various teaching and research activities. (Amendent) Act, 1963". The seven Indian Department of Electrical Engineering.
Though each department is a separate entity Institutes of Technology (others being at
with a courtyard around, all the departments Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and The academic departments in IIT
constitute an integrated complex. Heavy Guwahati Roorkee) are administered Delhi include the following:
engineering laboratories are placed on the centrally by the IIT Council, an apex body Applied Mechanics
ground floor, light laboratories on the first Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
floor while the tutorial rooms, classrooms Chemical Engineering
and project rooms are located on the second Chemistry
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Department of Humanities & Social Science
Management Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Textile Technology

Names of Reso Students (120) joined IIT-D in the year 2008
Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology (6) Manish Bharti (S1), Divya Jalutharia (P4), Hitesh Kumar (TS), Nitin Kumar Meena (PH1), Apoorva Pandey (TS), Ram Cheej Meena
Chemical Engineering (21) Ankita Singh Dhakre (TS), Himanshu Bamoria (BSC), Abhinav Choudhary (P1), Vikram Singh Meena (RH3), Mohit Kabra (TS), (RH5),
Civil Engineering (14) Miss Poem Kabra (G1), Bharat Shamnani (TS), Amit Kumar (G1), Hemant Raghuwanshi (TS), Savya Sachi Jain (R1), Ashok Kumar Meena
Computer Science & Engineering (14) Miss Swati Kumari (P1), Nishant Bhardwaj (BSC), Pranay Agarwal (G1), Prashant (F1), Jatin Bansal (TS), (RH4),
Elect. Eng./Inf.&Com.Tech (2) Kapil Jain (R1), Harsh Saruparia (TS), Harsh Prasad (R1), Prashant Pal (R1), Akhil Jain (TS), Arvind Kumar Meena
Electrical Engineering (10) Abhishek Kumar (R1), Prateek Bansal (TS), Manav Goel (TS), Ashish Agarwal (P1), Tanuj Verma (P1), (T2),
Electrical Engineering (Power) (6) Gandharva S Kumar (TS), Neshan Jain (G1), Gyan Sagar Sinha (R1), Mohit (TS), Akshat Goel (TS), Mankesh Meena (RH5),
Engineering Physics (4) Mayank Agrawal (G1), Vipul Goel (TS), Ashish Choudhary (G1), Praveen Verma (CC), Ashutosh Kaushik (TS), Rohit Pramod
Mathematics & Computing (2) Saurabh Shukla (TS), Arvinder Singla (TS), Jagjeet Singh Dhaliwal (P1), Naveen Khandelwal (R1), Kartik Lohani (G1), Khandelwal (TS),
Mechanical Engineering (23) Vikas Tiwari (G1), Yatahrth Kotecha (TS), Neeraj Kumar Meena (R2), Nitin K Lohar (RH1), Manish Dudi (R1), Ankit Singhal (TS),
Preparatory Course (7) Miss Swati Agrawal (R1), Mahendra Kumar Singhmar (TS), Anirudh Seksaria (TS), Akshay Chohla (F1), Suwarnkar Kamlesh Kishan (TS), Manish Kumar (TS),
Production & Industrial Engineering (3) Naman Kumar Saini (TS), Nima M. (TS), Rajat Agarwal (TS), Sushant Rawat (JR1), Saurav Jaiswal (P1), Anurag Jain (P1),
Textile Technology (8) Raghav Agarwal (TS), Rajesh Dhinwa (R2), Anshul Mittal (TS), Rahul Prakash (TS), Ankit Kumar (R2), Arpit Awasthi (TS),
Sunil Jain (R1), Amit Vikal (JF1), Ankit Kumar (G1), Nikhil Kumar Garg (TS), Kuldeep Singh Bairwa (R8), Abhishek Kumar Goyal
Sahil Chachan (R1), Kunal Jain (TS), Man Singh Meena (RH2), Anurag Jain (P1), Ritesh Singh (TS), Manoj Kumar Meena (RH6), (TS),
Anup Sharma (S7), Avinash Suman (P2), Manoj Kumar Meena (RH3), Nipun Goyal (TS), Gourav Garg (P1), Mr. Jatin Meena (PH1), Sanskar Jain (TS),
Aditya Choudhry (TS), Himanshu Geed (BSC), Prabodh Dhabaria (P1), Himanshu Kapsime (TS), Shah Hardik Ramesh (TS), Om Prakash Meena (RH3), Pranjal Jain (G1),
Miss.Rao Radhika Giri (P2), Rohan Nim (P2), Miss Kunika Goyal (P1), Ajit Singh Verma (R1), Anurag Goyal (JP1), Vijendra Meena (RH2), Alankar Rastogi (P1),
Master Vicky (G1), Navdeep Singh (P4), Swapnil Jain (TS), Tanmay Khandewal (JP1), Akash Mehta (R1), Yogesh Mandhaiya (R5), Amit Sharma (R2),
Kartik Solanki (S7), Savin Goyal (P1), Prateek S. Kumar (TS), Pankaj Rao (TS), Mohit Meena (P5), Parth Nyati (TS),

Naveen Verma (NV Sir) IIT - Delhi Alumnus At Resonance

B. Tech. (Year of Passing) : 2002
made me a different person altogether. IIT courses. Seminars are held on regular basis to
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
Delhi gave me an opportunity to come closer keep students abreast with different courses and
IIT: IIT- Delhi to different cultures and that too in the close their utility. Students get several of
proximity of the campus itself. This opportunities to do different courses from
motivated me to undertake other valuable different departments at IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi not
Q.1 What inspired you for IITs?
courses besides my routine studies. I pursued only develops the students through industrial
I could obtain the information about JEE
some courses which were related to tours but also make them independent
examination through my close friends.
psychology, management and rural economically by offering them summer jobs.
Knowing about IIT as a gateway to prestige,
development. A fine blend of engineering IIT Delhi is actually a gate way to a strong and a
recognition and a good life made me keenly
with other courses gave me an edge and made complete personality.
inclined towards appearing in JEE. I also was a
me multitasking. Q.7 How has your teaching experience been
voracious reader from the beginning and this
I also remained vice captain of IIT Delhi with the students preparing for IIT-JEE at
also contributed to my inclination towards
weight lifting team and participated in Resonance?
several inter IIT championships. I was also A highly conducive environment of self
Q.2 What sort of qualities one must possess
awarded for the best contribution in Hostel motivated and hard working students makes
to get into IITs?
management. Night outs and night messing studies a great pleasure. I consider teaching as
The key words according to me for cracking
are some unforgettable moments of my life at sharing of knowledge with each other and in
IIT-JEE are sincerity and hard work. An
IIT Delhi. this mode it is not only me who has imparted but
industrious and laborious student is bound to
Q.5 Tell something about the campus and students too have contributed to my learning by
crack JEE until and unless he doesn’t shun his
the Infrastructure facility at IIT-Delhi. their eagerness and curiosity to know more &
persistent efforts in the mid - way. With this
IIT Delhi has comparatively small but a well more. I have also learnt from my fellow faculty
attitude a student with average intelligence can
managed and a fully equipped campus. It is members. I always believe in a role of a friend,
also emerge successful in JEE. Other than this,
situated in a posh area of Delhi. College and philosopher and guide as this role is the mantra
another factor which is significantly important
Hostel are at a walkable distance. Hostels are to improve teacher – student relationship. And
is having faith in oneself to achieve one’s lofty
fully furnished with all modern facilities. assuming this role I can certainly make my
goals. One must trust oneself wholeheartedly to
Every hostel has its own computer room students grow and learn more.
smoothly tread the way to IITs.
which is outfitted with net connections in Q.8 What suggestions will you like to give to
Q.3 What is the distinguishing factor of IIT
each room. Each hostel also has a library, T.T. the students preparing for IIT-JEE at
Delhi which makes it different from the other
room and a gym. College library and reading Resonance to increase their productivity?
rooms are open all the seven days for 24 There is no substitute for continuous hard work
IIT Delhi is highly research oriented college.
hours. IBM research centre at IIT Delhi and perennial efforts for cracking IIT-JEE.
Being situated in NCR region, students can
campus is a distinctive feature. Students should religiously do their daily home
easily avail ample of opportunities to interact
To break the monotony, students are made to work and maintain a separate note book for the
with industries and can suitably amalgamate
enjoy through periodical cultural events and same. They should try to attempt all the
practical with theory and can learn enormously.
in some of the events, students from other questions at home and if they are not able to do,
Another distinguishing factor is the
colleges also participate. they shouldn’t get depressed or demotivated as
extracurricular activities which are periodically
Q.6 How different is the study pattern at they should remember that continuous practice
held and are to a great extent responsible for
IIT Delhi in comparison to other IITs. will help them improving their rank and
grooming a student holistically.
IIT Delhi offers a wide range of courses learning skill. Students also should not hesitate
Q.4 Throw some light on your best moments
ranging from industrial to rural development in asking doubts and should study in a planned
pertaining to studies at IIT Delhi.
to humanities. Most of the courses that I way to pay equal attention and time to all the
Tremendous exposure, exceptional grooming
pursued were ‘open book’ and ‘open notes’ subjects to improve their overall rank in JEE.
and a competitive environment certainly has
examination. IIT Delhi also offers self study Vidhu Gaur

Anunaad, July - September 2009 33

Success Story

V aralaxmi Pillai can probably be the best brand
ambassador for Mumbai, the city of dreams. This 21-
year-old’s luggage occupies quite a bit of her tiny
Varalaxmi is an embodiment of patience and
hard work, who with her tough life and strong
principles brought her children with a lot of
dignity and integrity.

Kanjurmarg house. "As we lived a hand-to-mouth

Shanta, a proud mother, said, "I worked as a domestic existence, my brother and I
help in several houses. I swept, cooked and washed missed out on several school
picnics and excursions. We
vessels to bring home the money." And Shanta's borrowed textbooks and
courage is what inspired Varalaxmi the most. stationery from friends. We
Varalaxmi Pillai, who grew up watching her mother received clothing from
beneficiaries," said
work 12-hour days as a domestic help, has done her Varalaxmi, who completed
mother proud and now holds an international panache. her education with sheer grit
and some help from Good
Samaritans. She graduated

ctions are the louder
Varalaxmi, who lives in
expressions of thought. The from H R College of
Kanjurmarg, told MiD DAY,
quality of thought is ordered Commerce and Economics in
by the nature of our inner
"My father died when I was
2007 and joined Thomas
‘belief’ and faith. Where faith five. My mother, Shanta,
worked very long hours first as Cook, where she worked for
is shaky, thoughts are vague, and actions
a packer in a biscuit factory 18 months. Meanwhile, her
weak and purposeless – indecisive and timid.
If our service to the world is to be effective and then, for 12 years, as a brother, Yograjan, too got a
and productive of sure results, then our head domestic help. She only job and the siblings were
and heart, within, must be inspired by our stopped last year." finally able to support their
own “conviction” and Varalaxmi is the mother.
testimony of this fact. The first objects that assume a distinct
presence before Varalaksmi, when looked Varalaxmi Pillai (21), who grew up watching
If she had faith but not firm conviction;
in the past, into the blank of her infancy, is her mother work 12-hour days as a domestic
certainty but not self – resurrecting and
her mother with her truthful attitude and help, is herself a personification of
adamantine belief, the dynamic convictions
her eyes so dark that they seemed to persistence, patience and endurance. The
that drove her to spectacular actions and
darken their whole neighbourhood in her daughter of a housemaid, nurtured by SAGE
blazing results could not have been achieved.
face, and cheeks and arms so hard and red Foundation, Varalaxmi Pillai obtained a
They are not built – in resources in any
that she wondered the birds didn't peck her degree from HR College, a prime
individual, one has to discover and cultivate
in preference to apples. Mother of Educational Institute of Mumbai. She

Anunaad, July - September 2009 34

Success Story Varalaxmi Pillai
received an Achievers’ Award for the best thereafter as well. At London she will be eqV~Bh esa ugha can eqdn~nj ---
student at the hands of Maya Shahani, completing her one-year masters’
Chairperson of SAGE Foundation, and Indu programme in international management, tks yksx viuh ukdke;kch dks fNikus ds fy, cqjs gkykr
Shahani, Sheriff of Mumbai. Laxmi was something that no one in her family had dks ftEesnkj Bgjkrs gSa] muds fy, eqacbZ dh >ksiM+iV~Vh esa
offered a scholarship at the London School of ever dreamt of. Her father, a factory jgus okyh 21 o"khZ; ojy{eh fiYybZ fdlh felky ls de
Economics but she opted to work for a year at worker, passed away when she was five ugha gSA ?kjksa esa >kMw&iksNk djus okyh eka dh csVh ojy{eh
Thomas Cook to gain some work experience and her mother worked as a domestic help. us cnrj gkykr ds ckotwn viuh rdnhj vius gkFkksa
and international élan. She was given a fy[k u dsoy fczVsu ds e’kgwj dkWyst esa nkf[kyk ik;k
She filled out an application for the
makeover to enhance her self esteem by cfYd os Nk=o`fr Hkh izkIr dj jgh gSaA
University of Westminster with her
Queenie Dhody, an expert in personal qualifications and wrote out an essay with ojy{eh vius gkykr dqN bl rjg crkrh gSa] & esjk tUe
transformation. Groomed and nurtured by her goals. “All through my study years, I vHkkoksa dh ,slh dksBjh esa gqvk] tgka lq[k :ih jks’kuh dh
her mother’s loving employer Meher Moos, had to depend on others for my textbooks fdj.k us igqapus esa cgqr oDr yxk fn;kA eqacbZ dh xanh
Varalaxmi has now earned a scholarship to and occasionally even clothes but now all >ksaiM+iV~fV;ksa esa esjk tUe gqvkA firk fjD’kk [khapdj
the University of Westminster with the my dreams have been realized,” she said. gekjk ikyu& iks"k.k fd;k djrs Fks] ysfdu 'kjkc ds u’ks
Sheriff’s help and will be winging her way After her father’s death, Meher Moos, us mUgsa de mez esa gh ges’kk ds fy, gels nwj dj fn;kA
there. India’s intrepid traveler now a consultant ml oDr eqf’dy ls eSa 5 lky dh jgh gksaxhA ?kj dh iwjh
An enthusiastic Varalaxmi is quite excited for with Thomas Cook, became her guardian ftEesnkjh esjh eka¡ ij vk xbZA ek¡a tks dHkh ?kj ls ckgj ugha
her stay at London as she said, "This is the and helped get her funds for her education. fudyh Fkh] ukSdjh ds fy, nj&nj dh Bksdjsa [kkus yxhaA
first time, I have traveled in an airplane. In They were borne largely by the Thodumal tc dgha Hkh dksbZ vkljk ugha feyk] rks os ?kjksa esa crZu
fact, I am the first member in my family to Shahani Trust and other beneficiaries. ekatdj vkSj >kMw&iksNk djds gekjk ikyu ik"k.k fd;k
travel abroad for studies." vkSj tks dqN iSls feyrs muls gekjk ?kj dk [kpZ pyrhaA
She is also one of the first to receive the
iSls cpkdj eka us Ldwy esa nkf[kyk djok fn;kA ekaxs gq,
Varalaxmi will finish the scholarship course Sheriff ’s Scholarship, which was
diMksa vkSj fdrkcksa ls eSaus i<+uk 'kq: fd;kA tSlk feyrk]
in January 2010, but she has no intention of instituted by Sheriff Indu Shahani in
[kkrs vkSj tedj i<+kbZ djrsA Ldwy esa tc cPps fidfud
stopping there. "I will try to earn another collaboration with universities in the UK
ij tkrs] rks ge ?kj vkdj yksxksa dh >wBu esa [kq’k jgrsA
scholarship so that I can finish my doctorate," and US.
cPpksa dh rjg :Buk eVduk tSls rks gesa vk;k gh ughaA
she said. A belief, therefore, must again be tempered
NksVh lh [kyh ¼>qXxh >ksiM+h½ esa ykbV ds n’kZu
Varalaxmi was able to complete her into an irrevocable “way – of – life” under
dHkh&dHkkj gh gks ikrs FksA ftlds dkj.k eSa [kksyh ls
education with the help of several trusts like all conditions. If convictions are gathered
dkQh nwj ,d [kacs ds uhps cYc dh jks’kuh esa i<+rhA
the Thodumal Shahani Trust and mentors like through study (Sravan) and if they can
lnhZ&xehZ esa [kacs ds uhps i<+rs gq, eSaus vFkZ’kkL= vkSj
travel writer Meher Moos. become our belief through reflection
okf.kT; ls Lukrd fd;kA i<+kbZ ds nkSjku viuk [kpkZ
She is committed and enthralled for her first (Manan), then belief can fructify to
fudkyus ds fy, eSaus ,d daiuh esa Ms<+ lky rd ukSdjh
trip abroad as she firmly believes that her become a “way – of – life” and this is best
Hkh dhA esjh yxu ns[k dkWyst dh fizalhiy Mk¡- banw lkguh
journey to achieve her goals won’t stop unleashed in the personality of Varalaxmi
eq>ls [kklh izHkkfor gqbZA muds ,d fe= vkSj ;k=k
o`ÙkkUr ds ys[kd esgj ewl us eq>s vkxs i<+us ds fy, izsfjr
fd;kA lkFk gh fons’kksa esa gksus okyh LdkWyjf’ki ds ckjs esa

Act Act in the living present Hkh tkudkjh nhA eSaus blesa xgjh fnypLih yhA urhtru
With heart within and God overhead. eq>s vkt fczVsu dh ;wfuoflZVh vkWQ osLVfealVj ls

LdkWyjf’ki fey jgh gSA lkFk gh esjk nkf[kyk
varjjk"Vhª; O;kikj ,oa izcaU/ku dh LukrdksÙkj i<+kbZ ds
fy, fczfV’k dkyst+ esa gqvk gSA
eq>s [kqn ij ugha esjh ek¡a dh esgur vkSj muds laLdkjksa ij
xoZ gksrk gS fd ,slh dfBu ifjfLFkfr;ksa esa mUgksaus gesa dHkh
detksj ugha gkus fn;k vkSj ges’kk gekjk gkSlyk cuk,

Vidhu Gaur

Anunaad, July - September 2009 35

A positive pitch

life barren in upsurge in a more skilled and techno- Standard Board Examination are eligible for
aspirations to work savvy work force which is indeed the need SA stream. Students enrolled in XI/XII
out good plans, to of the hour too. Competitive exams like standard, I/II year (B.Sc./Int. M.Sc.) in Basic
fulfill great schemes, National Talent Search Examination Sciences during the academic year 2009-
to realize noble (NTSE), Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan 2010 and have secured a minimum of 60%
visions, is indeed Yojana (KVPY), International Olympiads, (50% for SC/ST) marks in aggregate in the X
tragic, empty and insufferably blistering. The etc. equip the students to compete with the & XII Standard Board Examinations are
deeper enthusiasm of our inner soul is country's and world's best brains. permitted for Stream SP (Basic Sciences).
invoked only when our towering vision
thrusts our eyes, our hands and our hearts National Talent Search Examination There are many competitive exams for the
upward to heavenly heights of thought and (NTSE) is conducted by National Council students of grade VII - X that give the
action. of Education and Research and Training students enough exposure and practice to
(NCERT) for the students of class VIII. make their foundations strong and make
These heavenly heights can be contoured by Earlier it was conducted for class X also them aware of the wide spectrum of available
the grooming of a child/student at school. It is but now only students of class VIII can avenues. The list of various exams includes,
instrumental in giving the shape to the take this exam. The exam is conducted in 3 National Science Talent Search Examination
intellectual and emotional paradigm of a stages. The first two stages comprise of (NSTSE), International Mathematics
student. After school, a student at some written tests and the final stage is an Olympiad (IMO), National Science
juncture requires a right kind of direction and interview. Total 1000 students are selected Olympiad (NSO), National Cyber Olympiad
guidelines to achieve his lofty and preset after the final stage and they are then (NCO), Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO),
targets. In this contemporary world, awarded a scholarship of Rs. 500/- per International Informatics Olympiad (IIO),
Generation Y is exposed to different genres month up to PG/Ph.D. level. International Olympiad in Mathematics
of avenues. To demystify the labyrinth of (IOM), International Olympiad of English
which path has to be chosen to emerge KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan
triumphant, is a Herculean task indeed for the Yojana) is an initiative by the Department
of Science and Technology, Government NTSC IMO
student. At this crucial stage, the coaching
institutes play a vital role in mentoring the of India to encourage students of Basic
Olympiad IPhO
student and showing him/her the right Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to
direction, making the student do enough take up research careers in these areas.
labour and incessant hard work enabling him Every year students are awarded with ICO
shine like a diamond, who is then exposed to KVPY Scholarship/Fellowship in various
the world of cut throat competitions. streams. The Fellowship amount varies KVPY
from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000/- Per month and
The modern world witnesses a sudden Annual Contingency Grant in the range of
Rs. 16000 to Rs. 28000/-. In Basic
Sciences, there are different eligibility
criteria for different streams. Students
enrolled in the XI Standard (Science
Subjects) during the academic year 2009-
2010 and have secured a minimum of 75%
(65% for SC/ST) marks in aggregate in
mathematics and science subjects in the X
for tender minds
Language (IOEL), All India Talent Search competition, encouraging learning in team of 5 members & 2 teacher leaders
Examination (AITSE), National Talent Science, Environment & Mathematics. constitute the delegation to represent India at
Search Examination (NTSE) stage I and II, Students from classes 2nd to 12th can take the International Astronomy Olympiads.
National Standard Examination in this exam. Syllabi of this exam include Registration for this exam starts from mid
Astronomy-Junior (NSEA-Jr.), National CBSE / ICSE / IB / CIE & various state August every year. Other exams like
Standard Examination in Jr. Science boards (Science & Mental Ability). International Mathematics Olympiad,
(NSEJS), Regional Mathematics Olympiad International Physics Olympiad, and
(RMO), Green Olympiad for Environmental Green Olympiad, conducted by TERI, International Chemistry Olympiad,
Science, State Science Talent Search develops a standard analytical tool that International Biology Olympiad also follow
Examination (SSTSE). assesses a student's comprehension on the almost the same procedure as is followed by
issues related to the environment, natural International Astronomy Olympiads.
National Cyber Olympiad, conducted by resources, and sustainable development.
Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi, Students of classes 8th, 9th & 10th are Resonance has been a significant contributor
tests the aptitude of the participants for taking eligible for this exam and the question in achieving good results in these exams
up a career in mathematics and computers. paper remains the same for all the classes. successfully. Students of all the three centres
Students from classes 2nd to 12th can appear (Kota, Udaipur & Jaipur) of Pre-foundation
in this exam. CBSE / ICSE & various state N a t i o n a l S c i e n c e Ta l e n t S e a r c h Career Care Programme of Resonance
board (Computer, reasoning & Mental Examination (NSTSE), conducted by (PCCP) captured top ten ranks in
Unified Council, Hyderabad, is a
Ability( syllabi are taken into consideration.
diagnostic test which assesses a student on National Talent Search Examination

National Science Olympiad, conducted by the basis of conceptual clarity and (NTSE). 7 students from Pre-foundation

Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi, understanding. The emphasis in NSTSE is Career Care Programmes of Resonance,

is an academic & scholastic aptitude on independent thinking rather on Kota secured top ten ranks in NTSE with
memorizing or cramming. Students from Shuddhatm Jain (1st rank), Kaushal Jha (2nd
classes 3rd to 12th can appear in this exam. rank), Aayushi Mittal (4th rank). Jashan
AIEEE The papers are based on CBSE syllabus Singhal and Sujay Gupta stood 6th and 8th
(Science, Math & General Knowledge( . respectively from Udaipur (PCCP) Centre.
Harit Yadav and Sarthak Daga captured 6th
International Astronomy Olympiad, and 9th position respectively from Jaipur
conducted by Indian Association of (PCCP) Centre. Out of 255 successful
Physics Teachers, is held in five stages. students from Rajasthan, 53 are from
National Standards Examinations in Resonance PCCP with 17 from Kota
Astronomy (NSEA) and Indian National classroom, 20 from Jaipur classroom, 10
Astronomy Olympiad (INAO) are Stage I from Udaipur classroom and 6 students are
and II respectively. Third stage constitutes from Distance Learning Programmes. 177
Orientation cum Selection camp. Fourth students from Resonance have achieved this
stage is training of Indian teams for scholarship in 2008 with 103 students of
International Olympiad at Homi Bhabha class VIII and 74 students of class X in NTSE
Cyber Center of Science Education (HBCSE) exam.
Olympiad Mumbai. Fifth stage is International
Astronomy Olympiad (IAO). Student
A positive pitch for tender minds

Resonance trains the students to develop Miss Shruti Khatri, a student of Resonance enrich the country's intellectual asset and
enough capabilities to excel in these Classroom Contact Programme at Jaipur, Resonance has taken a lead in this track.
competitions so that they can fortify their
is one of the four finalists in International
foundations and can procure good marks in A truly enthusiastic worker automatically
their school examinations also. Chemistry Olympiad 2009 to be held from
becomes systematic in his planning and
18th July to 27th July at Cambridge, U.K.
The Olympiad conducted by Homi Bhabha orderly in his executions. Instead of pausing
She also obtained All India Rank 817 in
Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), to improve all others, let us try to
IIT-JEE 2009. She secured an aggregate of
Mumbai, is held in different stages. For revolutionize these tender minds by laughing
International Junior Science Olympiad 94% and 97% in Physics, Chemistry and
face and sweating back.
(IJSO), HBCSE conducted Round I on Math (PCM) in grade XII. Out of the four
November 26, 2008 in which 320 students finalists in International Chemistry Vidhu Gaur
got selected; Round II was conducted on Feb SW & PR
Olympiad 2009 the second one, Vinayak
2, 2009, in which 35 students got selected. A
selection camp was held from May 17 to June Gagrani, is a student of Resonance
6 at Mumbai and a team of 6 members was Distance Learning Programme. He Dear students!
finally selected on June 7, 2009. In the 6 secured All India Rank 68 in IIT-JEE 2009.
member team, 3 students are from Pre- Wear your thinking caps !
Vinayak is a CBSE topper of Ajmer Zone
foundation Career Care Programme of
Resonance, Jaipur Study Centre. Rahul, obtaining 97.8% in grade XII. Your questions can
Aayush & Aastha are NTSE scholars
whereas Rahul also got selected in Stage I of The Green Olympiad finally culminates in win you a prize !!
International Astronomy Olympiad Junior. to Terra Quiz, the first environmental quiz
International Junior Science Olympiad 2009 programme for school students. It's a 13 All the students are invited to contribute
will be held at Baku, Azerbaijan from episode quiz programme based on general brainy questions pertaining to 10+2
December 2 to 11, 2009. Mehul Kumar, a
local and global topics. The top 32 schools syllabus of NCERT. Questions should be
student of Resonance's Jaipur study centre,
also got selected for Asian Science Camp to seven from each zone and four from the original. The best question will be selected
be held in Japan from August 3 to 8, 2009. In international group are selected to take part by the faculty members of Resonance and
this camp Noble Award winners and Noble in Terraquiz. Students of Resonance PCCP will be published in the next edition of
Award nominees interact with the 'ANUNAAD'. The contributor will also
division Vaibhav Gupta & Bhanu Pratap
participants. Mehul is also an NTSE scholar fetch a prize for the best question.
and fellow of prestigious Kishore Vaigyanic Singh Tanwar got qualified for Terra Quiz,
It will be a contribution by the students for
Protsahan Yojana. (KVPY). which took place at Delhi from April 5 to
the students and will surely infuse an
April 11, 09, and was telecasted at National
oomph in the students across the country
Young achievers of Resonance in Geographic Channel on every Saturday
to cultivate their mental faculties.
International Junior Science Olympiad from May 9 to June 20, 2009.

Not only to bring the economy back from

the slump, but also to boost its national
income, increase in skilled Generation Y is
a must as they constitute good team players
and fast learners.

Proper directions at a tender age can bring

Rahul Gurnani Aayush Singhal in tenacity of purpose, the fortitude to meet
Class - IX Class - IX challenges smilingly and an in-exhaustive
poise arising out of cheerful disposition. Submit your question at J2
The flurry of various courses may at some Help Desk or e-mail at
point bamboozle a tender mind but a or
proper and meticulous direction with Fax at 0744-2427144
tactically designed courseware to crack
different competitive exams will certainly
guide the tender minds to add value to
Aastha Agrawal Mehul Kumar
Class - X Class - XI
Anunaad, July - September 2009 38
D Rainbow d
thr vkidh Lkaxzke lksp dks cnyks
xj ftUnk gks rks] laxzke ftUnxh gS yM+uk mls iMs+xk lksp dks cnyks fQj flrkjs Hkh cny tk;saxs]
tks yM+ ugha ldsxk vkxs ugha c<+sxk A utj dks cnyks utkjs Hkh cny tk;asxsA
ftUnxh dh thr esa ;dhu dj A
bfrgkl dqN ugha gS la?k"kZ dh dgkuh
vxj dgha gks] jk.kk f’kok Hkxrflag >Waklh dh ohj jkuh
LoxZ rks] mrkjyks tehu ij AA dksbZ Hkh dk;jksa dk bfrgkl D;ksa i<s+xk df’r;kWa cnyus dh t:jr ugha]
tks yM+ ugha ldsxk vkxs ugha c<s+xk A fn’kk dks cnyks fdukjs cny tk;saxsA
pqukSfr;k¡ [kM+h gtkj]
vkvks yMs+ Lo;a ds dfBukbZ;ksa ls] pqukSfr;ksa ls
rkdrh gks jkg esa] Hkksxksa ls] okluk ls vkSj jksxksa ds jk{klksa lsA df’r gj rwQka dks ikj dj tk;sxh]
jks”kuh ds lc flrkjs] dqanu ogh cusxk tks vkx ij pysxk ckr fcxM+h gqbZ Hkh cu tk;sxhA
deZ dh iukg esa] tks yM+ ugha ldsxk vkxs ugha c<+sxk A
laxzke ftUnxh gS yM+uk mls iMs+xk
YkM[kMkvksxs vxj tc c<+sxs ;s dne rks eafty [kqn xys yxk;sxhA
tks yM+ ugha ldsxk vkxs ugha c<+sxk A
rks jkLrs [kks tk;sxs] rdnhj ls f'kdok uk dj gkSlys cqyan j[k [kqnk ds
nz<+ dne c<+krs pyks bjkns Hkh cny tk;saxs]
vks ,dL; gks fuxkg esa]
cktqvksa ls eqf”dyksa Amar Rajhans ,d ftn~ dj thrus dh fQj ftUnxh l¡oj
Roll No.: 813549 tk;sxhA
dks ihl dj eghu djA Batch: PE-2
ftUnxh dh thr esa ;dhu djAA fuxkgksa esa vklek¡ dks j[k fQj rks rkjs
teha is cl tk;sxsaAA

Pratik Bansal fdrkcksa dh egfQy esa] [kks x;k gw¡ eSa] Kumar Kaushlesh
Roll No.: 807068 fdrkcksa ls feyk eq>s Kku] Roll No.:806396
Batch: PH-4 bl Kku ds dkj.k feyk eq>s eku] Batch: PA-7
vHkh vkSj Hkh eqdke cukus gSa fdrkcksa esa gksrh gS dfork,sa & dgkfu;k¡]
buesa gksrs gSa pqVdqys & igsfy;k¡]
bl NksVh lh my>u esa fleVuk ugha nksLr
fdrkcsa f'k{kk dh ckrsa ykrh gSa]
rqEgsa rks vHkh vkSj Hkh eqdke cukus gSaA
LkkFk gh thou dk vk/kkj ykrh gSa]
lHkh us ns[kk gS gFkkSMs+ ls VwVrs iRFkjksa dks exj
fdrkcsa HkfDr dk lapkj djrh gSa]
rqe rks Qwy gks ftls iRFkjksa is fu’kku cukus gSaA
lkFk gh 'kfDr dk Hkh lapkj djrh gSa] Swami Vivekananda
,d Bksdj [kkdj gh rqe lge ls x,
fdrkcksa dks i<+rs gSa ge f'k";]
vHkh rks rqEgsa ioZrksa dks dkVdj jkLrs cukus gSaA
D;ksafd ;s cukrh gSa gekjk Hkfo";A
lkasapks xj vklka ls fey tk, dksbZ fojklr
D;k [kkd djsaxsa ge ml :rcs dh fgQktr
Akshay Sharma
vkf[kj jc dks Hkh rks gekjs gkSlys vktekus gSaA
Roll No.: 806946
yk[k gksa ijs’kkfu;k¡ rks Hkh gks dksbZ xe ugha
Batch: PC-1
rsjh pkgr Hkh fdlh fgEer ls de ugha
rqe rks oks fn;k gks ftls vkSjksa dks Hkh jkLrs fn[kkus gSaA
,d ygj ds vk tkus ls df’r Mwck ugha djrh
Key to Success
lkxj D;k cuk,xk rqEgkjh ljgnsa Read, but write more.
rqEgsa rks [kqn vius fdukjs cukus gSaA Talk, but think more.
lp gS fd eafty dHkh vklak ugha gksrh Play, but read more.
exj ;kj dksf’k’ksa Hkh dHkh cstka ugha gksrh I promise you will succeed, sure.
dkfcy gks fd rqEgsa lQyrkvksa ds dk¡[ksa ltkus gSaA Eat, but chew more.
Bgjuk ugha vHkh oks [kwc pyuk gSaA Weep, but laugh more.
Sleep, but work more.
ufn;k esa gks vkSj lkxj ls feyuk gSaA Uk dj rdnhj ls f”kdok] fdLer vktekrk py]
ogk¡ Hkh Mwcrh df’r;k¡ fdukjs yxkus gSaA I promise you will be healthy sure.
feysxh [kqn c [kqn eafty] dne vkxs c<+krk pyA
Hate, but love more.
Order, but obey more.
Prabhat Ranjan
Quarrel, but agree more.
Sristi Sarika Roll No.: 970613
I promise people will love you for sure. Batch: (W)
Roll No.: 805316 Nolakh Singh Meena
Batch: PB-3 Admn. Dept.

Anunaad, July - September 2009 39

Solution by: J.K. Pandey
Sr. Faculty - Physics

Abhishek Jha
Roll No.: 817576
Batch: PB-1

Devbrat Singh
Roll No.: 808715
Batch: IP

Anunaad, July - September 2009 40


Solution by
Safdar Seraj
HOD - Maths
Delhi Centre

Solution By
R.K. Goyal Winner:
M.A. (Math); Tushar
M.Sc. Hon. (Math) Roll No. 821078
Reso Faculty - Maths Batch: PA-1

Anunaad, July - September 2009 41


Solution by: Winner:

Girijesh Dubey Sumeet Rajpurohit
Sr. Faculty Chemistry Roll No.: 800978

Spot Light

Feedback: It is an excellent magazine. It This magazine has brought in to light, the
gives the knowledge for preparation of various successful stories which were
IIT JEE with the help of Topper's unknown to us. These stories enlightened
interview. It also helps in motivating us. in us a sense of hard work. This magazine is
Your Response - Verbatim So I would like to thank editorial team simply great.
for this wonderful creation. Sharad Dabea

Readers Abhishak bathla

Roll No.:740031
Roll No.: 806111
Batch: PC-4
vuqukn ,d ,slh vf}rh; if=dk gS ftlls gekjh
izfrHkk dks izsj.kk feyrh gS vuqukn i<+us ds ckn ,d

Say ‘ANUNAAD’ is a fantastic magazine. It is

a unique creation of Resonance to motivate
Students. I thank the editorial team on
vuwBk vkuUn izkIr gksrk gSAa eSa bldh iwjh izdk'ku Vhe
dks /kU;okn nsuk pkgrk g¡wA
Sira Kumar Sindri
Roll No.: 821435
behalf of all students. Batch: PA-2
Anshuman Srivastava
Roll No.: 801911 vuqukn ,d cgqr gh vPNh izsj.kknk;h if=dk gSA
Batch: PA-2 eqrS;kykjktw jsow dh story i<+dj esa cgqr izfjr gqvk gw¡
rFkk vksj vf/kd ifjJe djus ds fy;s n`<+ ladfYir gqvk
/kU;okn vuquknA
It is truly an exciting magazine .I enjoy
solving talent hunt (physics force) Akash Naniya
Excellent piece of work. ANUNAAD is chemistry catalyst and math exponent), the Roll No.: 817923
highly motivational and inspirational, Olympiad power and think to win. The Batch: PH-4
especially the article related to Gautam KPO section is also good.
Lewis. I am thankful to editorial team for Shenoy anush vuqukn ,d izsj.kkLin if=dk gSA bldh doj LVksjh gesa
their extra creativity. Roll No.: 820304 y{; ds izfr lefiZr jgus dh izsj.kk nsrh gSA vuqukn
Mehul Kumar Batch: PA-2 tSlh if=dk ds fy, laLFkk dks /kU;oknA
Roll No. 808786
Batch: PE-2 Sristi Sarika
ANUNAAD is 'best' source of motivation. Roll No.: 805316
I especially like the 'Reso Reaper' section Batch: PB-3
‘ANUNAAD' is really an excellent because it make us feel that if other's can vuqukn ds ckjs esa dqN dgus ds fy, esjs ikl 'kCn ughas
magazine to fulfill all the needs of do it then why can't we or I ..., It brings a gSaA bldk izR;sd 'kCn eq>s y{; dh rjQ c<+us ds fy,
ResoNITEs. It inspires us to live healthy feeling to do something. izsfjr djrk gSA eSa pkgrk gw¡ fd vuqukn eq>s Hkfo"; esa Hkh
life in a soceity . Sonakshi Jain izkIr gksrh jgsA
Kumar Kaushlesh Roll No.: 820117 Chandra Deep Singh
Roll No.: 806396 Batch: PA 2 Roll No. 814999
Batch: PA-7 Batch: RH-9

Anunaad, July - September 2009 42

Khul Ja Sim Sim
Physics Force:

Math Exponent:
1) (B) 5) (C) 9) (C)
2) (B) 6) (B) 10) (C)
3) (C) 7) (C)
4) (C) 8) (C)

Anunaad, July - September 2009 43

Khul Ja Sim Sim

Anunaad, July - September 2009 44

Rewards await performers!

Mr. Devbrat Singh, Roll No. - 808715,

Batch - IP feels proud to receive prize from RKV Sir for
submitting First correct answer to Physics Reso Q.14

Mr. Abhishek Jha, Roll No. - 817576,

Batch - PB-1 wins prize from RKV Sir for the
First correct answer to Physics Reso Q.14

Mr. Sumeet Rajpurohit, Roll No. - 800978,

Batch - PA-4 wins prize from VPM Madam for the
First correct answer to Chemistry Reso Q.14

Mr. Tushar, Roll No. - 821078,

Batch - PA1 received prize from S.T. Sir for
submitting First correct answer to Maths Reso Q.14
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