Vampires: Edward- pianoplyr Bella- bellaisooberawesome Renesmee- hybrid4eva Alice-shopaholic Jasper- confederatesrule!

Emmett-bloodthrstytedybear Rosalie-2kewl4u Carlisle-Dr.C Esme- OCDvampire Aro-rulerofdaworld Caius- muahahahaha! Marcus- Idonotspeak Werewolves- Jacob-formerbeta Quil-ilikepie Embry-Awoooooooooh! Seth- wisewolf Leah- shutup Sam-proudalpha Emily- wolfgirl People- Charlie-supercop Renee-lovethesun -pianoplyr has entered chat -bellaisooberawesome has entered chat pianoplyr- bella? Are u there? bellaisooberawesome- yeah im here pianoplyr - whats with your sn? (screen name) bellaisooberawesome- what? don’t u think im oober awesome? pianoplyr- i do it’s just that i don’t know what oober means

bellaisooberawesome- it means “really” see: bellaisreallyawesome means the same thing. pianoplyr- oh… i get it -shopaholic has entered chat -confederatesrule! has entered chat shopaholic- wasup? bellaisooberawesome- idk my bff Jill shopaholic- what? pianoplyr- she has been watching the commercial 4 cingular’s new go-phone shopaholic- i see…. Bellaisooberawesome- we’re studying the Civil war in skool the stupid Confederates lost hahaha! confederatesrule!- ahem… bellaisooberawesome- ahh! get away stupid confederate! Oh, do I need to dumb it down 4 u since ur so stupid? Lets see… a-a-a-h-! get aw-ay con-fed-er-ate-! confederatesrule! - why you little… shopaholic- aw Jazz, don’t be like that we all have things we’re embarrassed about! But losing a huge war to a bunch of redneck northerners… hahahahahaha! -confederatesrule! has left chat to avenge the confederacy - shopaholic has left chat to stop him before he gets into trouble -bloodthrstytedybear has entered chat -2kewl4u has entered chat pianoplyr- hey Emmett, Rosalie bellaisooberawesome- hey Emmett, nice sn! bloodthrstytedybear- thanx luv urs 2! bellaisooberawesome- hey lets sing a song bloodthrstytedybear- okay: They say a man should always dress for the job he wants. So why am I dressed up like a pirate in this resturant? bellaisooberawesome- It’s all because some hacker stole my identity. Now I’m in here every evening serving chowder and iced tea. bloodthrstytedybear- Should have gone to free credit report . com.I could have seen this coming at me like and atom bomb.

bellaisooberawesome- They monitor your credit and send you e-mail alerts. So you don’t end up selling fish to tourists in T-shirts! bloodthrstytedybear- yee-haw! pianoplyr- okay… akward. 2kewl4u- Emmett, time to go! I need you to come and tell me I’m pretty! Then I need you to tell me I am pretty again! Then I need you to tell Alice and Bella that they are ugly, and tell me I’m pretty! bloodthrstytedybear- (sigh) coming! (cough, cough witch) 2kewl4u- what was that? bloodthrstytedybear- um… I said hold on a second I need to scratch an itch 2kewl4u- no! you come now! I just found a photo album of pictures of me and we will look at them while you tell me I’m pretty! -bloodthrstytedybear has left chat to tell Rosalie that she is pretty -2kewl4u has left chat to be told she is pretty by Emmett bellaisooberawesome- hey Edward, I need to go and cook dinner 4 Charlie pianoplyr- okay see u l8tr -bellaisooberawesome has left chat -pianoplyr has left chat How was that? This was my first attempt at IM chat.

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