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Satanic Sucker School – SSS – Satanic Sucker Sandwich

9 11 13 Full Disclosure sync 15 AD Awakened Democracy 1 to vote 0n in RCR Odds 14 aka year positive 1 adjusted He 2015 BLT Belated Legal Trials

Fiduciary Unanimous Numbering
Retention Hidden Exposed Treachery Occult Righteous In Cahoots

A Way Of Life
faith Once Earned
As is sustainable life existence

Osmosis Artificial Sustainable Truths
Old Money Evolves Nefariously

“There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way and that across every page were the words
Benevolence Righteousness and Morality
… finally I began to make out what was written

between the lines.
The whole volume was but a single phrase,
Eat People”

1. Belief in Empire Building
The policy of extending the rule or influence of a country over other countries or colonies
2. Domination by Empire
The political, military, or economic domination of one country over another
3. Takeover and Domination
The extension of power or authority over others in the interests of domination

1. Member of Roman Catholic religious order
A member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order engaged in missionary and educational work worldwide. The order was founded
by Saint Ignatius Loyola in 1534 with the objective of defending Catholicism against the Reformation.
2. Offensive Term
An offensive term for somebody regarded as crafty or scheming, especially somebody who uses deliberately ambiguous or confusing words to
deceive others

A Live Whistleblower
20 years Lawyer World Bank
Answers all E-mails
Necessary to keep HAT – Honor Among Thieves intact avoiding IT – Invincible Triad in tact
Can’t lie about elite’s invested stolen money … security must begin somewhere eh!!
Karen Hudes Exposes *ALL* The Jesuit Order and her Startling Confession on Gold
Karen Hudes, Dr. Ed Spencer - Humanity Will Prevail over Conehead "Beings"?
Whistle BLOWER- Secret Plot to

NUKE parts of the USA Exposed!

Modeling Rule of Law
Honey Trap
Follow the Money


October 8 top generals refuse to Nuke South Carolina

First Time in U.S. History 7 Generals got Fired!
October 2013
US Military Forces Refusing Orders from Barack Obama and Taking it to Court
I-Leuren Moret: Jesuit's origin in Babylon; Are Satanic Knights Templar for one world gov’t
2-Leuren Moret: Russia aids humanity against Jesuitism- Tsar Alexander II & Putin (Preventing WWIII)
Leuren Moret update / Ebola and Ukraine, and history of the Jesuits

frank God 13

Democracy Deviates Deviate De jure De facto Denial Doublethink Disbelief Decipher
Trial Error Cause Effect Progressive Nature Thought Reason Retrospect Constant Recalibration
Insured Solvency Investigating Self


Once Earned >>> enslavers opulence faith
CHRISTIAN DILEMMAS: The Untold Story of Biblical Conflict - HD Movie
SILENT REVOLUTION OF TRUTH HD - UFOs and Prophecies from Outer Space
FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY 2: Ancient Alien Discoveries of Early Man
Documentary - ANCIENT MAN MADE TUNNELS - Underground Civilizations
Return of the Nephilim - Archon Invasion (Part 2) Rob Skiba
Karen Exposed

Always Self-serving Systemic

A sucker born every minute until one day

Not to worry … a place for them and we!!

Reoccurring “Lost Civilizations” Sin drone

Concern with Elite Substantive Thick EST HER- Humans Enslaved Ransacking fair share divvy-up

Lawyers Inherently Don’t See
Until rule of meaningless law messes with Self
Rule of Law

The Rule of law in its most basic form is
no one is above the law.
Perhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that governmental authority is legitimately exercised only in accordance
publicly disclosed laws,
adopted and enforced in accordance with established procedural steps that are referred to as due process.
The rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy.
According to modern Anglo-American thinking, hallmarks of adherence to the rule of law commonly include

a clear separation of powers,
legal certainty,
the principle of legitimate expectation and equality of all before the law.
The concept is not without controversy, and it has been said that
"the phrase the rule of law has become

meaningless thanks to ideological abuse and general over- use"

General Over-use Proclamations Only Elusivity
publicly disclosed laws
52. (1) The Constitution of Canada

the supreme law of Canada,
and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is,
to the extent of the inconsistency,

of no force or effect.

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