On Mental Illness: Regular habitual and predictable abuse occurs in one's life whereby bombardment of accusations are internalized

creating a maze-like effect to understand and utilize one's own emotions or even trust them reasonably. People of the world use this weakness or internal deformity to their advantage and profit leaving the person in a state of neglect as may have also occured in childhood where fantasy or early drug use use may have interviened to give a temporary stay of execution at the hands of one's own feellings. In such a world physical maturity only occurs leading people to believe in sex, but not love as love is only a tool of emotional blackmail. Attempts at outward spirituality may have been punished by the persons previous caretakers so perception does become warped and these experiences determine the weighing of every word levied at the individual. Religion may seem as sports or just taking care of oneself as a tool of conformity in fear to avoid punishment.every decision is weighed in fear and terror even if the person is smiling it is a show to avoid terrible punishment. People are viewed as mindless sheep who have come to terms with their conformity to society's demands.You can't trust anyone or yourself how can they be happy without drugs?Education may be viewed as indoctrination as as it is inconceivable to experience an undisturbed personal process to achieve personal freedom without it profiting everyone around them. Distrust may lead to cults, occult, obsessions with mysticism, philosophy, world religions and arcane pursuits as reality is limited to a system of systems to relearn without trust in one's perception. The wrong experience can equip the person to harm themselves feeling so distant from others.At thsi stage if love is achieved it is short lived and turns to unequivacle martyrdom.Reason is if I can't control my senses as other people do, how can I trust you or your beliefs or my convictions in order to act let alone regularly? God is viewed as a God of the people who keeps the systems running and perhaps the ultimate enemy.Evil will triumph as it always does and self centeredness of self and others becomes core beliefs.God maybe only because society invented him and reward actions done in his favor amongst certain social groups.With these growing experiences becomes a growing mistrust of oneself and others.Suicide and drug use with its culture and recovery only complicates the process as a distraction. Certain different experiences noone can or could believe is also a basis for mental illness as the person has secrets that noone can know.These secrets become burried by actions committed against the person when they were distracted.The guilt of having a secret leads to belief they deserved the crime against them and all others.The mind seeks out punishments for the inopportune senses and lack of self confidence.Bible thumpers do not realize no self confidence leads to mental illness by default.In fear the mind seeks to avoid confirmation of its own suspicions and finds them by coincidence.Ironically as the first feeling of religion endused bliss can become addictive so do these moments of horror.They give a basis for a different reality and a new cause or sense of false self importance as the light of powerlessness even giving reason to form conspiracy theories detracting from the impossible sense based responsibilities.This is delusion and psychosis. Society's agents give new and newer evidence to build on a person's shattered ego to foster dependance as profit when it is counter-therapuetic.Chemical disbalances are end results of abuses.It is only the visible evidence.Confession as found in Catholicism with another person has been the only lasting cure I have ever seen by its mere practice.Secrets and neurosis find

resolution and the senses can be used again or past sensory experiences reaevaluted leading to healing.Emotional energies can be redirected with help or experimentally leading to new conclusions about reality more similar to our own and maturity is gradually reacchieved. Genuine acceptance is such a shock it most be slowly digested and accepted leading to acceptance of self. new found or rediscovered information leads to a maturity that leads to education and vocational possibility leading to a higher tested intellectual qoutinent and higher level of functioning.The key factor is the person must be a participant in their own recovery and in a world where you have my reality and I have mine, only some phenominal intercessor can be the catalyst by which in the hands of an immoral person as therapist reality can be retaught as untrustworthy and restart the path of the impossible. The person can never be healed perfectly or expected to be perfect as that was probably a tool of torture for them. Personal experimentation with life is necessary.the goal of this letter is a more whole person, not a sinless perfection with no appreciation for grace(s).There are two sinful factors that lead to this, one is covetousness and the other baseless accusations against the injured.Every mentally ill person has had experience in one direction or the other. -William F Matters jr.