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Trick No.

2: You Cherry Pick Your Data

sharp temperature increase at the end of the
Global Warming Science? Nope, Global Warming Scam. to Show a Recent Rise in Temperatures:
twentieth century simply vanished. The
by Steven W. Mosher President of PRI Mike Mann is the author of the now fa-
twentieth century now showed no signifi-
mous “hockey stick” graph, which asserts
consequence? cant trend. The blade of the Yamal hockey
How do you create a Global Warming that global temperatures remaining virtu-
And it is not his temperature data any- stick was gone.
panic when the weather isn’t cooperat- ally fixed for centuries, then shot up in the
way. The whole CRU was in fact set up The CRU Archive, showing a spike in
ing? Here are a few tricks of the trade that last few decades. The “hockey stick” was
in the early 1980s (with funding from the temperatures during the late twentieth
Exhibit Number One in the UN’s 2001
the scammers are using to explain away U.S. Department of Energy!) to produce century, based on a few, cherry-picked
climate report, which went on to claim that
the recent cooling trend, as revealed by the world’s first comprehensive record of data points. The Schweingruber variation
this dramatic increase in temperature was
the hacked e-mails of the world’s leading is a complete data set from the same area
surface temperature. Phil Jones and Tom the result of human activity. (Graph below)
advocates of man-made Global Warming. showing none.
Wigley were sent data gathered by gathered The graph was questioned even by the
As you read these disturbing e-mails, bear Phil Jones later claimed in an e-mail to
over the course of decades by thousands of Global Warmers themselves.
in mind that there is a close association of Graham F. Haughton on 27 October 2009
temperature recording stations located in The “Hockey Stick” Graph Used by the
the Global warming community and the that “The claims of [Steve McIntyre] are
dozens of countries. This “Jones and Wig- UN Climate Panel:
population controllers and contraception exaggerated.”
ley” record, as it is called, served until 2007 Note the exagger-
and abortion advocates. Left unanswered is
as the primary reference standard for the UN ated warming at
Trick No. 1: You Destroy Conflicting the question of why
climate panel. in recent decades,
his Institute seems to
Data: After years of stonewall- which has been
specialize in cherry-
Phil Jones, who directs the ing, Jones now admits called into ques-
picking data to bolster
Climate Research Unit (CRU) that he “merged the data tion by Climat-
the case for “Global
of the University of East Anglia, we have received into egate.
Warming,” while
was emphatic in his 21 February The story is too
existing series or begun keeping the original
2005 e-mail to American Mike complicated to tell
new ones. … Data storage data--which weakens the
“Hockey Stick” Mann and two in detail here, but
availability in the 1980s case--under wraps?
others: “I’m getting hassled by it involves another
meant that we were not Trick No. 3: You “Adjust” Away Incon-
a couple of people to release the famous “hockey stick” graph, this one
able to keep the multiple venient Trends
CRU station temperature data. based on tree rings from Yamal, Russia.
sources for some sites, That Threaten to Derail Your Hypothesis:
Don’t any of you three tell anybody This was crafted by another CRU Global
only the station series after The warming trend of the early Twentieth
Warmer, Keith Briffa. It went on to be
that the UK has a Freedom of Infor- adjustment for homogeneity issues. We, Century, which ran from 1910 to 1940,
used in a dozen other temperature recon-
mation Act!” therefore, do not hold the original raw data is a major embarrassment for the Global
structions, all of which the UN climate
Here Jones appears to violate a basic rule but only the value-added (i.e., quality con- Warmers. They can’t simply ignore this
panel said validated Mann’s original graph.
of scientific research, namely, that you “bend” in the hockey stick, because it is
trolled and homogenized) data.” But Briffa, like Mann and his own boss,
make your raw data available on request too well-known and too well-documented.
Phil Jones, for ten years refused to release
so that others can verify—or disprove-- In other words, this valuable data set, com- But neither can they blame it on people and
the data on which he based his graph.
your hypothesis. Why would the CRU piled at great expense … was discarded. It their infernal combustion engines, since
When Briffa’s hand was finally forced a
director not be happy to turn over his doesn’t require an advanced degree in the atmospheric CO2 scarcely increased over
few weeks ago, it turned out that he had
evidence of climate change, unless … hard sciences (which I have, by the way) to this time period. Instead, they go to great
used only a tiny, biased fraction of the
his original temperature data didn’t show understand that you never, ever, under any lengths to try and “adjust it away,” as Tom
raw data available. When skeptic Steve
circumstances destroy raw data. (The claim Wigley explains to Phil Jones:
any convincing rise in temperature at all McIntyre calculated a revised chronol-
that “data storage” was lacking is nonsense.) Dear Phil, Here are some speculations on
and it had been conveniently “lost” in Did taw temperature data contain an inconvenient truth? Can anyone spell c-o-v-e-r u-p? ogy based on more complete data, the
correcting SSTs [Sea Surface Temperatures]
6 e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA 7
vomiting, liposuction, etc). It would not uncommon,
to partly explain the 1940s warming blip. … -- but the match is a fluke. PCM has no be of no surprise if the individual, 1. The removal of sexual mores and
The land also shows the 1940s blip … So, if indirect aerosol forcing and a low climate became greedy, had poor nutrition, and the concept that marriage comes before
we could reduce the ocean blip by, say, 0.15 sensitivity – compensating errors. In my had no concept of the social dimension sexual activity.
degC [degrees Centigrade], then this would (perhaps too harsh) view, there have been a of eating. Further, one would not be 2. The removal of the child’s natural
be significant for the global mean—but number of dishonest presentations of model surprised if they evaluated every piece sexual inhibition.
we’d still have to explain the land blip. … results by individual authors and by [the UN of food in terms of the pleasure it give 3. The acceptance that sexual relations
I’ve chosen 0.15 here deliberately. This still climate panel].” them. and co-habitation is as valid as marriage.
leaves an ocean blip, and I think one needs The response, from Schmidt himself, makes So it is with sex education, we introduce 4. The acceptance of contraception
to have some form of ocean blip to explain it clear that he was working backward from our young to sex through the media being a natural and normal part of sexual
the land blip. … My 0.15 adjustment leaves the recent cooling trend to salvage the and in schools programmes. It is rarely activity.
things consistent with this, so you can see Global Warming models. “The kinds of today for children to be introduced 5. Acceptance that abortion is the
where I am coming from. It would be good things we are hearing, “no model showed a
to the subject from a perspective of contraception of last resort
to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but cooling”, the “data is outside the range of
marriage and family life, let alone from 6. Acceptance there is nothing wrong
we are still left with ‘why the blip.’ the models,” need to be addressed directly,”
a moral perspective. The consequences with any kind of sexual behaviour
Schmidt explained.
In case you didn’t get all that, let me are blatantly apparent with 50% of including homosexual behaviour.
His “very deceptive” figure was an effort
translate what Wigley is saying into plain to make the real world data showing static
the 200,000 abortion occurring now A good test of you son or daughter’s
English: or cooling temperatures appear not to in the UK from the under 24’s and perception concerning these issues would
“I am fudging the data to take out as much contradict the model predicting Global co-habitation already matching the be to ask them what their views on each
of the ocean warming as I can. I can’t Warming. You get the idea. number of married couples. Further, one of the steps are. In my experience by
take out all of it, because then we would You won’t hear them talk like this in public, in two sexually active young persons the age of 18 few would express view
have no explanation for the land warming, of course, where they close ranks in defense has already contracted a sexually counter to the 6 steps above.
which would raise suspicions. But even of their increasingly discredited theory. transmitted disease (STD) causing 50% To protect our children from the worst
with my fudge factor, we still don’t have a Trick No. 5: You Spend a Lot of time of infertility problems according to the ills now prevalent in our society we
convincing explanation for why the ocean Promoting Your Views with the Media— World Health Organisation. The Health need to build a culture of life in our
warmed during this period.” Why the and Publicly Attacking Your Skeptics. Services now routinely send STD test homes and in wider society. We need
blip, indeed. When the BBC finally--after a decade of packs to all teenagers on their 17th and to bring out the best in our children by
By the way, the Climategate deniers who no global warming—began to tentatively 18th birthdays, and all girls between giving them a moral formation that will
dissed the e-mails as “ten years old” question whether temperatures were rising 12-13 years are now vaccinated against give them character to make good life
should note that the date on this one is 27 after all, the Global Warmers circulated two of the 100 strains of the human choices, thereby not only preparing them
September 2009. frantic e-mails entitled the “BBC U-turn on papilloma virus. The Health Service’s for adult life but also for eternal life with
climate.” budget for the vaccination programme, God. Chastity and fidelity is a spiritual
Trick No. 4: You Cherry Pick the Model The reaction of Mike “Hockey Stick” Mann contraception, the morning after pill virtue; and the only way a person
to “Prove” Global Warming is Real. was to go after the reporter:
This 14 October 2009 e-mail from insider and abortion is colossal, but the cost to can remain faithful is sexual chastity.
Extremely disappointing to see something women’s health is incalculable. Sexual chastity can be practiced only if
Tom Wigley to Mike “Hockey Stick” Mann like this appear on BBC. It’s particularly
speaks for itself: So what can parents expect when the individual learns with conviction,
odd, since climate is usually Richard they abandon their children into the through the support of their parents and
“The figure you sent [from Gavin Schmidt] Black’s beat at BBC (and he does a great
is very deceptive. As an example, historical hands of the sex educators, whether it to some extent the wider society that sex
job). From what I can tell, this guy was is to the media soaps or school sex ed. is truly sacred and a gift deserved by no
runs with PCM (Parallel Climate Model) formerly a weather person at the Met Office
look as thought they match observations programmes. The following steps are one else but their spouse.
(British Meteorological Office). … it might
8 e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA 5
Sex Education and the Catholic Church be appropriate for the Met Office to have a is demonstrated in the peer-reviewed,
By Greg Clovis Director of FLI-UK say about this, I might ask Richard Black scientific literature and in numerous
what’s up here? (Michael Mann to Phil independent reports as having been useless,
The formation in Chastity is one of the All the statistics and studies over the past Jones, Tom Wigley and others, 13 October
primary obligations of parents. When the 40 years demonstrate that when the young fails to make the appropriate withdrawal
2009) and apology. Worse, the UN continues
Church calls for chastity based education, are introduce to sexual matters outside
it means education for love and life within to use the defective graph. This failure
a moral frame work, with birth control Trick No. 6: “The Science is Settled.” of basic academic honesty on the IPCC’s
the family, that is to say, that parents as a way of minimising the risks, the Realizing that their models are open to part was the main reason why I began my
themselves should be the one to teach results are counter to the stated aims of question, the Global Warmers have tried investigation of the supposed climate-
their children about this delicate issue. reducing teenage pregnancy and sexually frantically to shut off debate by chanting in change “consensus”.
The Church opposes sex education when transmitted diseases. But the resulting unison: “The science Contrary to what you may
done in primary and secondary schools, consequences are much worst than we is settled. The have heard, the science of
even in colleges, it would be often realise. When science is settled.” “man-made Global Warm-
inappropriate if the reasons we look at societies Critics are mocked ing” was never settled.
for introducing young adults which have actively and derided. Now that these e-mails have
to the topic was to introduce pursued such When one scientist exposed the duplicity of
and improve the use of birth policies, and we can suggested that that theory’s chief backers,
control methods. see this particularly skeptics like perhaps we can begin trying
In the 1980’s to the present in the UK, the Fred Singer and to understand what, if any-
the stated aim of sex consequences for Lord Christopher thing, is really happening
educators was to reduce social cohesion of Monckton be taken with the earth’s climate.
teenage pregnancy by the nation are quite seriously, “Hockey For, as Kevin Trenberth
applying the methodology devastating. By Stick” Mann admitted to Mike “Hockey Stick” Mann on
of introducing children to the details of removing the moral framework from this exploded: “I can’t believe the nonsense 14 October 2009: “The fact is that we can’t
intimate relationships and birth control you are spouting, and I furthermore account for the lack of warming at the mo-
important area of human development
cannot imagine why you would be so ment and it is a travesty that we can’t.”
methods. Initially it was only for older has lead to the exclusion of marriage and
presumptuous as to entrain me into an
children, but with the ever increasing children in the thinking of the young. Sex The e-mails do prove one thing, however.
exchange with these charlatans.”
number of teenagers becoming sexually education programmes has encouraged the They make abundantly clear that much of
What set him off was Lord Monckton’s
active and the greater numbers of girls mindset of sex as a recreational activity; what was presented as objective “scientific
comment, forwarded in an e-mail, that the
becoming pregnant, the age of sex it has had the affect of leaving young UN climate reports were unreliable: research” by the Global Warmers was
education has fallen to the recently men in adolescents and young women I understand that the IPCC’s [the UN nothing more than cleverly disguised
announced age of 5 year. with serious health concerns. Let me climate panel’s] 2007 draft does not contain advocacy for the radical environmentalist,
Those pushing such policy have a just explain this last statement with a an apology for the defective “hockey-stick” radical anti-people belief that man is slowly
monetary and philosophical interest in metaphor. If an alien assumed a human graph, which the US National Academy destroying his planet.
keeping the figures high because as the form and we had the task of introducing of Sciences has described as having “a At the end of the day, it may turn out that
president of the IPPF Alan Guttmacher, them to the concept of food and eating. validation skill not significantly different the only thing “man-made” about Global
said some years ago in response to the And if our education excluded the social from zero.” Warming is the hysteria that has been
question how he had planned to ensure and nutritional aspect of the activity In plain English, this means the graph was generated by its advocates.
that abortion would never become illegal, focusing only on the pleasurable aspects rubbish. It is difficult to have confidence in
he answered with two words: “sex and artificial way of avoiding the a body which, after its principal conclusion
education”. possibility of getting fat (through pills, e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA
4 9
The Heart of Paternity in this manner if not for the directive of anything that is associated with “morals,” male, and 10 were a very strange mutation
By Scott McKendry Director of FLI Australia Christ. Chaput pointed out that morals are not with male and female features,”.
Pater Noster... The Crisis of Paternity necessarily the same as religious beliefs. Researchers were able to trace the
When teaching his disciples how to pray, During fourteen years of marriage and with A “moral duty,” he explained, “is a cause back to “antibiotics, caffeine and
Jesus began with ‘Our Father’. He ad- seven children, I have had much impetus different, universally shared thing. The especially the hormones from birth
dressed God as ‘Abba’ and taught us to do for the contemplation of the meaning of word ‘moral’ comes from the control pills which can
the same. This was a term equivalent to paternity and its decay in the culture of Latin word mores, meaning seriously contaminate a
‘Daddy’, or the language of a small child. modern man. With the intrinsic paternity common habits, customs region’s drinking water,”
This would have been considered blasphe- of God as a backdrop, I would like to share the prelate said, citing
or ways of doing things. It
mous by Jewish leaders who did not write a few thoughts that create a foundation several local newspaper
relates to principles of right
the full name of God, let alone speak it. on which to build an understanding of the articles. One report quoted
and wrong behavior which
Descriptive phrases like The Almighty, The crisis of paternity in the Church and in the
are inherent in humans. a biologist as saying
lord or The Most High may world at large.
These principles have been that “the water effluent
have been acceptable but those The words of the then
“imposed” by human nature he found in Boulder
terms only spoke of what God Cardinal Ratzinger (now
is and not who God is. Thanks and reality, not by religion. Creek has unintended
Benedict XVI) have driven
to the revelation of Jesus and illumined my search Morality is the wisdom of a contraceptive effects in
Christ, mankind now knows for meaning when he society discovered through human beings.”
who God is –Our Father. remarked that “the crisis of trial and error. The scientists expected
Boulders Creek, Colorado
It is interesting to note that the fatherhood we are living “Human beings have a natural to hear an uproar from
followers of Islam, the other today is perhaps the sense, reinforced by experience, that environmentalists when their findings
great monotheistic religion, most important element things like murder, cruelty, theft, adultery, became public but instead they heard
are also offended by Christians threatening humanity.” lying, greed, pride and exploiting the silence. “Nobody is to blame for this, and
calling God, ‘Father’. Some On the superficial weak are wrong. Faith and reason can I don’t have a solution,” one well-known
years ago, the well-known level, many people may walk that common moral ground of environmental activist said.
scripture scholar, Scott Hahn, understand this crisis the human conscience and, if we’re In contrast, Archbishop Chaput lodged his
was scheduled to publicly purely in the context of serious about protecting the disagreement with activists,
debate an Islamic scholar. In a pre-de- broken marriages and, more specifically, in environment, they must walk insisting with the conference
bate meeting, the Islamic cleric expressed the absence of fathers in the upbringing of that common ground.” he attendees, we “should
his outrage that Christians dare call God children. I’ve little doubt that psychologists stated. have a solution. a moral
‘Father’. He threatened to call the debate and sociologists will be examining the solution.”
To illustrate his point,
off unless Hahn agreed not to commit that deficiencies of fatherless children for a long Any solution, he insisted,
Archbishop Chaput related
blasphemy during the course of the debate. time to come. However, fatherless children should take the form of “a
the story of what researchers
Hahn indicated that it would be impossible are only symptomatic and, as with all
found downstream of the response flowing from a
for a Christian to talk about God without epidemics, it is imperative to seek the root
University of Colorado in Boulder. respectful encounter of faith and reason;
reference to His paternity. The debate never causes of the crisis.
“When scientists at the University of a response that will help us, collectively,
took place.
We might reflect with some awe that in
The Nature of Man & Woman Colorado studied the trout in Boulder to make the behavioral changes necessary
The most obvious place to begin looking for Creek downstream from that city’s sewer to protect this beautiful world we share,
the Holy Mass, immediately preceding the
a cause is the so-called women’s liberation plant a few years ago, they found that, ensuring not only its God-intended
Lord’s Prayer, we basically state that we
movement which brought out of 123 fish, 101 were female, 12 were harmony, but our own well-being”.
would not have the courage to address God
about a redefinition of gender roles. But
10 e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA 3
that man is separate from the rest of accountable than polar bears or an examination of gender roles still fails The Domestic Church
nature operate with the unconscious to reach the root of the issue. No human At Vatican II in the Dogmatic Constitution
whales or coyotes for what happens to
belief that “civilization is a ‘cocoon’ person is defined purely by the role that on the Church, Lumen Gentium, Paul VI af-
the environment? And why should we they perform. To reach the root, we must firmed a teaching from the earliest centuries
aimed at shielding humans from care about creation at all, beyond our ask: what is the intrinsic nature of man and of the Church. The joining of one man and
nature: We build cities, comfortable immediate, individual self-interest?” of woman? one woman in the marriage covenant cre-
homes, cars, airplanes, computers he asked. Feminism hasn’t merely redefined the roles ates the Church in miniature - the Ecclesia
and machines of all sorts to ‘protect’ The Christian perspective on creation of men and women; it seeks to redefine Domestica or Domestic Church.
us from nature, to defeat or recognizes that “we have their very nature. This specific description of the Christian
conquer nature,” Archbishop If God was revealed by Jesus as intrinsically family was also used many times in John
a responsibility toward
Chaput summarized. a father, surely this reality must hold a key Paul II’s apostolic exhortation Familia-
the created world because to understanding the nature of our own ris Consortio On the role of the Christian
While this world view we have a higher dignity particular gender. family in the modem world. He said that,
correctly understands given to us by the Creator “We must examine the many profound
that “nature, including Maternity
Himself. Human beings I would find it almost impossible to talk
bonds linking the Church and the Christian
human nature, is somehow bear the unique mark of family.” He also said that as a matter of
about the meaning of paternity without
inadequate and needs to being created in the image some treatment of its complement - mater-
urgency, “Every effort should be made to
be fixed,” it fails when it tries to fix and likeness of God, and we are strengthen and develop pastoral care for
nity. The eminent philosopher, Dr. Alice
man and creation with technology, he the family, which should be treated as a
God’s cooperators in preserving his Von Hildebrand, is fond of saying that every
real matter of priority, in the certainty that
cautioned. creation,” the archbishop told the woman, no matter what her vocation in life,
future evangelization depends largely on the
On the other side of the debate, he assembled experts. is intrinsically a mother. Therefore, wom-
Domestic Church.”
explained, are those who see human anhood and maternity are inseparable. To
As many around the world ponder understand the meaning of this proposition,
beings as “simply another part of The Church Has a Maternal Heart
how to respond to the need to protect one must not think of maternity only within Why is it that sailors invariably refer to
nature. We’re not finally unique in our creation and mankind, Archbishop the confines of biology. Even if a woman their ships in the feminine gender? The im-
dignity. In fact, we’re no more and Chaput urged the conference does not physically bear a child, she is cre- age of a ship is also used for the Church but
sometimes even less important than participants to engage in a dialogue ated and called to be a spiritual mother - to she is more profoundly likened to a bride
other parts of nature.” that includes faith and reason. give birth to the world spiritually. adorned, with Christ as the groom. How is
“The suspicion of religious believers Though God is completely self-sufficient, it that a Church full of sinners can be called
Moreover, the archbishop noted, “this his ardent desire was to have a mother for the Spotless Bride?
toward science in centuries past is himself. Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to
view argues that we humans have no To gain insight into this vital teaching it
well documented and unfortunate. It say that God and men love first in ideal and may help to consider that the greatest and
right to use more than our fair share often had sad and damaging results. then in reality. God’s ideal of woman was most faithful disciple of Jesus was His
of nature’s resources. Nor do we But what’s admitted less often is Mary. What was her greatest attribute? It own Mother and that the Church loves
have any right or entitlement to rule the disdain science can sometimes was her maternity. The Church recognized her children with a love that is wrapped
nature.” show toward religious faith. Science this with her first formal title - the The- in the mystery of the woman’s heart. It is
“Ironically, this latter approach – needs to regain a respect for the otokos (Mother of God)11 as defined at the particularly the woman’s heart that has the
which comes from a uniquely human council of Ephesus in 431 AD. God loved ability to love for no reason other than for
moral and religious dimension of the Mary first in ideal out of all eternity and in
thirst for justice -- is self-defeating. If the beloved’s own sake. We commonly call
environmental debate.” his benevolence, He was to share his most this, unconditional love. This kind of love
we’re just another piece of the ‘nature Noting that many in the scientific beloved with sinful mankind. is easier to love in return. That is why the
puzzle,’ why should we be held more community seem to be afraid of hardened criminal can hate his father with
2 e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA 11
bitterness but still have ‘Mum’ tattooed own body; and that a man who does not
in a heart on his arm. He knows that she cherish his wife is a man who hates his own January 2010
still loves him. If love is the greatest of all flesh. Sadly, we see so many men today who
realities then we must treasure the presence use and abandon women and end up in self
loathing. Protecting Environment must Involve Morals
of mothers’ hearts wherever they are found
- in our daughters, our spouses, our biologi- The Hearts of Fathers
I believe we live in a time when even the At the Allenspark two-day conference by protecting
cal mothers, religious sisters, Our Blessed
Mother or Our Mother, The Church. best of our priests and bishops need to be which had the objectives to promote a creation, the
reminded that their vocation is a call to pa- better understanding of the Church’s archbishop said.
Men must realise the power that lies in
ternity. Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to say teaching on the environment and
the heart of a woman. It is a paradox that
that men tend to need a reason to love but
“But a Catholic
unconditional hearts are both powerful and
love does not reside in the intellect. If men brought together experts in the fields concern for the
vulnerable. They are willing to risk more. are to have a conversion of heart the begin- of outdoor recreation, philosophy and environment is Archbishop Chaput
Rather than fear this vulnerability, women ning point may be the realisation that Love several disciplines under the umbrella not at all new,”
must realise that their maternal hearts will is a decision. Love is in the will and is an act of environmental studies. Archbishop he noted, citing the ancient Christian
inspire the innately protective and paternal of the will.
nature of men. Should it surprise us that men’s Chaput was the keynote speaker belief that man’s sin wounded creation
In conclusion, I would like to quote a pas-
paternity is not aroused when women sup- sage of scripture that has been a guiding light and began his opening remarks by and that he, along with creation, was
press and deny their maternity? When women for me but also serves as a grim warning: highlighting the fact that Benedict redeemed by Jesus’ sacrifice on the
exercise this great power of loving with a “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to XVI is developing “the most detailed cross. “Human reverence for God’s
pure heart, many more men will naturally pro- the children, and the heart of the children to corpus of official Catholic thought on creation is a natural consequence of
tect these hearts - not use and abandon them. their fathers: lest I come, and strike the earth
St Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:22-33 that the environment in Church history.” Christ’s call to all human beings to be
with anathema.” (Malachias 4:6.) This body of teaching will be further
Christ loves his bride, The Church, like his reconciled with God and with their
enhanced this coming January when fellow human beings,” he explained,
the Pope delivers his World Day of pointing to St. Francis of Assisi as one
FLI’s ProLife - ProFamily Conference Peace message on cultivating peace obvious example.
Saturday 8th May 2010 In This Issue “St. Francis, as I’m sure you
Westminster Cathedral Hall, Francis Street, London SW1P 1QW know, is seen by some as ‘the
What’s Inside first environmentalist’,” said the
Protecting the environment must archbishop explaining that the saint
involve Morals addresses two ideas that have given
rise to “some of today’s bitter debates
Sex Education and the Catholic
about the environment.” These
By Greg Clovis arguments find their root “in the
philosophical tension between those
Global Warming Science? who believe that human beings are
Nope, Global Warming Scam separate from and opposed to nature,
By Steve Mosher
and those who say that humans are
The Heart of Paternity merely ‘nature’ and nothing more.”
By Scott McKendry Those who advocate for the position
Challenging Talks from a Catholic Perspective e-mail FLI - PO Box 4771 London SE9 4XA 1