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786*Material comprised of selected and re-translated discourses Taken from
Irfan Book Two by Sultan ul Faqir Noor Muhammad (Ra) and Sheikh Syed
Abdul Qadir Jilanis (Ra) Secret of Serets

*compiled and retranslated in a complete discourse by Ali Sarwari Qadri Al-

Oh Talib, you must know the science of your self and you must know you are a
secret of your Lord. He has created you I order to find Him and know yourself.

We compare the Humanoid, the animal man ,with an egg lying in the nest of
the physical world the Nasoot (physical world). As an egg this animal man is a
slave of time, space, dimension, elements, laws of the universe, egotistic
desires, life and death.
Although man is said to be the Khalifa of Allah for whom the entire- created
world, physical and non-physical are working for ; yet he is so helpless and
weak. Still, only an ignorant unbeliever would doubt Allah's statement that
man is His Khalifa on Earth.

On this topic I expand further with a priceless analogy.

Generally we find nothing common in this animal man and his Almighty Allah,
the way one finds nothing in common in an egg and the bird whose egg it is. In
relation to, the bird its egg is dead, static, immobile, limited, deaf, dumb , blind
, helpless, incapable of ,creating or producing or multiplying. The egg cannot
defend itself if a group or marauders comes to attack it. The egg is a prisoner
in the nest of Nasoot (Material World of the Physical Dunya).

Suppose this egg was of a hawk and it was placed under its wings, a chick
would hatch. Now, you will see that out of a dead, helpless, blind, stone-like
egg, a living being will come out which has all the essential features of the
'Bird' of which it happens to be under.

Under the expert tutorage of some wise hawk (A hawk meaning a perfect sufi
master) a chick would also take to flying in the free and fathomless heavens
called the kingdom of Allah , Lahoot.

If you are an intelligent person, 0, Talib of Sarwari Qadria, by now you must
have understood a great deal.

I repeat, that in your present raw state ,in dunya, you are an egg containing
within yourself the potential of identifying your true reality with your
Isa, son of Mary, a most competent Sufi Master has
rightly said about this process,
"none shall enter Kingdom of God until he is born twice"

At present your first birth in the shape of a physical egg has taken Place and if
this egg is put under the wings of a Hawk-competent Sufi Master, a chick will
hatch, an offspring of a perfect man:
-which has been called a point of 'Ba' of Bismillah by Hazrat Ali,
-this was named Wajud-e- Rubboni (your divine body of light) by Hazrat
Junaid Baghdadi, & Old, pure soul,
-The Tifi-e- Ma'ani (the Real Infant inside the human) by Sheikh Syed Abdul
Qadir Jilani
-Farzand-e-Noori (son of light, Noor of Allah) by Hz. Sultan Bahu.

It is during this second birth that a new Noori personality starts taking shape
in the esoteric true body of the seeker. This form grows and finds perfection
exactly as a speck becomes a clot and a clot an embryo and then a baby in the
womb of the mother. This new noori form is connected by a noori cord with
the heart of the Sheikh just like an embllical cord is connected from a physical
infant to his mother when he is born in the dunya.

Referring back to our analogy, suppose you are able to discover
the Hidden Treasure of this Reality of Allah you would not call it an
experience, idea or philosophy. If , fortunately one is able to discover the
Hidden Treasure within one's self and by following the discipline of the Sufis
one came out of the blind egg of Nasoot (Dunys world), out of the womb of the
physical world and in that state one attains new life after which no death
would come--would you call it a philosophy, an idea or an experience? Your
first birth in this world which infact is an anology indicating the real birth, it is
a false birth. The former is in reality not a philosophy, idea or a subjective

Unfortunately when some vulgar and blind man (egg) gets hold of some
misleading book of a false hippie Sufi Master who is barely practicing Al islam
and reads these hypocrites ideas which are containing certain indicators and
directions towards attaining universal-hood and perfection or a rebirth into
eternity. They, the unbeleivers or Jahil Scholars, call it philpsophy of Wahdat-
ut-Walud (Unity of Existence). They say this intense high sufic science is just a
philosophy or a subjective experience which could be attained under the
influence of drugs, L. S. D., marijuana and hypnosis. Such nonsense and
pollution has been caused by ignorant paid scholars who have no respect or
knowledge on Islam or the Sufi Path of the Fuqra. They are outsiders to the

Sufi Way, who look at things the way they have been brought up to, in their
academic traditions which can never explain the unexplainable contained in
these mysteries of Allah.
These kufaric philosophies or interpretations have no reality or place within
the High Sciences of Islam and it is the duty of the Fuqra to set the record
Almighty Allah spoke to His Khalifa, Prophet, and Holy Messenger Dawud ,
saying " I was the Hidden Treasure and I desired to be discovered."