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 Haraglrg rescurces tlrcugl a ludget )
 kesµcrsllle lcr all rescurces ò
 ecoBUDGET. lrtegrated maragemert cl all murlclµal rescurces ,
 Jle µlases cl tle ecoBUDGET ìo
 wl¡ marage er»lrcrmertal rescurces tlrcugl a ludget? ì6
 ecoBUDGET ls lartlclµatcr¡ 8udgetlrg ì)
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 kesµcrdlrg tc tle cllmate clarge clallerge zo
 ecoBUDGET lr µractlce zì
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 ecoBUDGET µartrersllµ z)
Contents Imprint
Contents Imprint
The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the
expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning
the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning delimitation of
its frontiers or boundaries, or regarding its economic system or degree of development. The analysis,
conclusions and recommendations of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the United
Nations Human Settlements Programme, the Governing Council of the United Nations Human
Settlements Programme, or its Member States.
hclger kclreclt, ua»ld He¡rlcl
8edcslrutl Sadlullar, Lmarl Kumar, lrcl. Asesl Haltra (lrdlai, vlctcrlrc Acultarla (lllllµµlresi,
lrcl. lclar hel (Scutl Alrlcai, Ardrea 8urzaccllrl (Cermar¡i
kalmurd Jauss, laµ¡rus Hedlerteclrll Cmlh, lrellurg
Copyright ©
urlted hatlcrs humar Settlemerts lrcgramme (uh·hA8lJAJi, urlted hatlcrs Lr»lrcrmert lrcgramme
(uhLli, ard lCLLl – Lccal Cc»errmerts lcr Sustalrallllt¡, zooò. ecoBUDGET
ls a reglstered trademarl cl tle
lCLLl – Lccal Cc»errmerts lcr Sustalrallllt¡ Lurcµear Secretarlat Cmlh
Publication identification number
hS ,,z[oò L
lalarced ludget ls lmµcrtart at ar¡ le»el cl gc»errarce, rct least tle firarclal admlrlstratlcr cl cltles. urlrllrg water, ererg¡ µrc»lslcr,
ard waste maragemert all rel¡ cr tle µrcµer lurctlcrlrg cl a clt¡’s firarces. Jaiatlcr ard ccrrect »aluatlcr ersures µrcµer dell»er¡ cl
essertlal ser»lces ard lr»estmerts, wllle ar¡ ludget lmlalarce ls culcll¡ seer lr tle cuallt¡ ard cuartlt¡ cl tle ser»lces µrc»lded.
Jradltlcrall¡, eccs¡stem ser»lces, wllcl we rel¡ cr lcr llle, ll»elllccds ard recreatlcr, la»e rct leer s¡stematlcall¡ »alued ard ludgeted lcr.
Jle alurdarce ard adecuate lurctlcrlrg cl rescurces ard µrccesses tlat leeµ cur alr ard water clear ard µrc»lde us wltl lccd, slelter ard
µleasart surrcurdlrgs la»e leer taler lcr grarted. hcwe»er, as rescurce deµletlcr ard ursustalralle use lrcrease, declslcr malers are
µa¡lrg mcre ard mcre attertlcr tc tle real »alue cl ratural rescurces.
Jle Hlllerrlum Lccs¡stem Assessmert clearl¡ cutllred tle ccsts cl eccs¡stem lcss tc lumar well·lelrg. urlcrturatel¡, eccs¡stems ard
tlelr ser»lces are rarel¡ µart cl tle urlar de»elcµmert ard declslcr mallrg ecuatlcr, wllcl ls usuall¡ dcmlrated l¡ fiscal ard eccrcmlc
de»elcµmert lactcrs.
8ut wlat ll we cculd clarge tlls l¡ de»elcµlrg a s¡stem wlerel¡ lctl mcretar¡ ard mcre sultle er»lrcrmertal »alues wcrled lr larmcr¡,
lrlcrmlrg µcllc¡ lcr sustalralle urlar de»elcµmert? wlat ll relgllcurlccds were lullt wltl llcdl»erslt¡ as well as lrcrease lr lcuslrg stccl
lr mlrd, ard ccsts ard lerefits were welgled lr terms cl lctl tle er»lrcrmert ard eccrcmlc de»elcµmert?
Jle le¡ tc sustalralle urlar de»elcµmert lles lr maraglrg ratural rescurces wltl tle same elficlerc¡ ard attertlcr usuall¡ reser»ed lcr
firarclal rescurces. Jlls ls wlat ecoBUDGET dces.
ecoBUDGET ls a maragemert s¡stem lr wllcl ratural rescurces ard er»lrcrmertal cuallt¡ are measured ard acccurted lcr lr a ludget.
Llficlerc¡ galrs are measured l¡ lrdlcatcrs tlat are clcser tc reflect tle sltuatlcr cl tle lrdl»ldual murlclµallt¡ ard tle eccs¡stems ard
ser»lces cr wllcl lt relles.
ecoBUDGET was de»elcµed lcr lccal gc»errmerts, tc lelµ tlem µlar, mcrltcr ard reµcrt ratural rescurce ccrsumµtlcr wltllr tle murlclµal
terrltcr¡. lt ls a crcss·cuttlrg lrstrumert, lased cr tlree µlllars. er»lrcrmertal master ludget, statemert cl er»lrcrmertal assets ard
sustalrallllt¡ aral¡sls, ard measures maragemert, ludget lalarclrg ard e»aluatlcr.
hcw tlat mcre tlar lall tle wcrld’s µcµulatlcr ll»es lr cltles, urlar gc»errarce ard maragemert cl firlte ard clter scarce er»lrcrmertal
rescurces ls cruclal. 8¡ lrldglrg tle gaµ letweer eccrcmlc ard ecclcglcal tllrllrg, ecoBUDGET males a true ccrtrllutlcr tc aclle»lrg
sustalralle urlar de»elcµmert.
Anna Tibaijuka
Liecutl»e ulrectcr
urlted hatlcrs humar Settlemert lrcgramme (uh hA8lJAJi
Achim Steiner
Liecutl»e ulrectcr
urlted hatlcrs Lr»lrcrmert lrcgramme (uhLli
Achim Steiner
Liecutl»e ulrectcr
urlted hatlcrs Lr»lrcrmert lrcgramme (uhLli
ecoBUDGET – available to you!
coBUDGET ls read¡ tc le lrtrcduced l¡ lccal autlcrltles wcrldwlde. hcw tlat tle wcrld las leccme aware cl tle
scarceress cl ratural rescurces, tlere ls rc reascr lcr llmltlrg tle arrual ludgetlrg, ccrtrclllrg ard reµcrtlrg
tc cur firarclal rescurce, mcre¡. lt’s tlme tc rcutlrel¡ aµµl¡ ecoBUDGET lesldes firarclal maragemert sc tlat murlcl·
µal ccurclls la»e ecuall¡ ccrtrcl c»er er»lrcrmertal cuallt¡ ard tle use cl ratural rescurces.
Slrce l first µulllsled tle ldea cl er»lrcrmertal ludgetlrg lr ì,ò), tle metlcdclcg¡ was de»elcµed l¡ ar lCLLl
team, tle aµµrcacl was µllct·tested lr a rumler cl cltles ard ccurtles, ard tle ecoBUDGET
mcdel de»elcµed tc µrc»e
glclal aµµllcallllt¡.
ecoBUDGET wcrls well. Jlls las leer demcrstrated lr murlclµalltles lr Cermar¡, Creece, lrdla, ltal¡, tle lllllµµlres,
Sweder ard tle urlted Klrgdcm.
l wculd llle tc tlarl tle team leader at lCLLl ard autlcr cl tlls gulde, hclger kclreclt, lcr lls eicellert wcrl ard
reccgrlze tle ulrectcrs cl cur Scutl Asla ard Scutleast Asla Secretarlats, Lmarl Kumar ard vlctcrlrc Acultarla, lcr
tle successlul maragemert cl tle µllct µrcjects lr lrdla ard tle lllllµµlres. Jlls guldelccl draws cr tle results cl
tlelr sclld wcrl.
Jlarl ¡cu alsc tc tle cc·autlcr, ua»ld He¡rlcl, as well as tc tle ctler ccrtrllutcrs. lrcl Asesl Haltra, lrcl. lclar
hel, 8edcslrutl Sadlullar, ard Ardrea 8urzaccllrl.
we at lCLLl are µrcud tc le alle tc cc·µulllsl tlls lccllet wltl uh·hA8lJAJ ard uhLl ard wltl erdcrsemert lrcm
urlted Cltles ard Lccal Cc»errmerts (uCLCi, ard aµµreclate lr µartlcular tle suµµcrt recel»ed l¡ uh·hA8lJAJ.
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann
Secretar¡ Cereral, lCLLl
lrltlatcr cl Lr»lrcrmertal 8udgetlrg
“For too long, we have been of the opinion that there were only two types of capital for development – financial and human capital, the
latter being knowledge, skills, creativity and education. We have been living in illusion that there was nothing like environmental or natural
capital, and that we could use environment, the environmental capital free of charge. Only now, we can clearly see that this idea is no
longer carrying and not allowing for economic development processes, too. We have overspent more than 60 percent of the ecosystem
services available, as we luxuriously live based on economic growth without reinvesting in the environmental capital stock.”
Klaus Jëµler, lmmedlate µast Liecutl»e ulrectcr, uhLl
Money is not the only resource –
the full cost of municipal action
Decision makers in local government face the ongoing challenge of
how to provide services to the residents with limited resources.
wletler drllllrg a rew well tc µrc»lde drlrllrg water, rerewlrg a rcad surlace,
lu¡lrg rew luses cr lssulrg drl»lrg llcerces, murlclµal ser»lces reculre
heit tc slllled lumar rescurces, murlclµal ser»lces alsc reculre firarclal ard
ratural rescurces. hew trucls ccst clear alr lr tlat tlelr cµeratlcr lurrs ci¡ger,
emlts carlcr dlcilde, creates dust, ard las regatl»e lmµact cr lumar lealtl.
A rew rcad ccsts llcdl»erslt¡ lr tlat greer sµace ls ccr»erted lrtc asµlalt
ard ratural lalltats are sµllt ard seµarated. At tle same tlme, a rew rcad
µrcduces rclse, l.e. lt ccsts trarcullllt¡. Slmllarl¡, rew lcuslrg areas lmµcse
ccsts lr terms cl llcdl»erslt¡, clear alr, agrlcultural scll, ard lresl water slrce
tle addltlcral lrlalltarts wlll ccr»ert mcre lresl water lrtc sewage. Clearl¡,
murlclµal actlcr alwa¡s las lctl firarclal ard ratural ccst lmµllcatlcrs.
How do decision makers manage
financial resources?
Llle all µulllc lrstltutlcrs, lccal gc»errmerts usuall¡ marage
tlelr firarclal rescurces tlrcugl ar arrual ludget.
llrarclal ludgetlrg s¡stems are well estalllsled, acceµted,
ard rcutlrel¡ aµµlled l¡ tle murlclµal admlrlstratlcr ard tle
declslcr mallrg lcdles.
hcrmall¡ e»er¡ ¡ear, murlclµal ccurclls set a lramewcrl lcr
firarclal sµerdlrg tlrcugl a ludget. Jle ludget allccates
firarclal rescurces lcr »arlcus µurµcses ard estalllsles
mailmum eiµerdlture le»els lcr sµeclfic µurµcses. Jlrcugl
µrudert maragemert cl tle ludget, declslcr malers
determlre tle firarclal lealtl cl tle lccal autlcrlt¡, tle¡
allcw lcr lr»estmert ard lrcur cr reµa¡ delts.
Jlrcuglcut tle firarclal ¡ear, tle admlrlstratlcr must
ersure tlat eiµerdlture ls leµt wltllr tle aµµrc»ed ludget.
lr gereral, slgrlficart eicess cl eiµerdlture reculres
µrlcr aµµrc»al l¡ tle Ccurcll ard tle certral gc»errmert.
llrarclal ccrtrcl, wlere µrcµerl¡ aµµlled, ls eierclsed
tlrcugl meclarlsms sucl as acccurtlrg, mcrltcrlrg ard
audltlrg as well as firarclal ard ludgetar¡ reµcrtlrg. At tle
ccrcluslcr cl tle ¡ear, a lalarce sleet (statemert cl firarclal
µcsltlcri gl»es a sraµslct cl luslress at tlat tlme llstlrg
assets ard llalllltles cl tle lccal gc»errmert · alsc relerred tc
as tle lccal gc»errmert’s ecult¡ cr ret wcrtl.
“As we can manage our artificial resource
– money – in terms of a budget, why
shouldn’t we do the same with natural
Kcrrad 0ttc·Ilmmermarr
Secretar¡ Cereral, lCLLl
Managing resources through a budget
xx Local Governments responsible for all resources
The twenty-first century faces massive urbanization, with a large portion of the world population living in urban areas. As such there will
be increased demand for urban services as well as conflicts about scarce natural resources. Cities will be unable to provide the increased
resources if existing resources are not utilized in a sustainable manner. ecoBUDGET is an environmental management system, specially
designed for local governments that provides a framework to assist in sustainable local development and effective management of the urban
Hr. Karra Lalslmlrara¡ara, hcrcuralle Hlrlster cl Jrarsµcrt lcr Ardlra lradesl, lrdla
World-wide, local governments manage and
bear responsibility for significant amounts
of resources, both financial and natural.
Ke¡ data lcr twc ccurtrles wltl dlllerert lumar de»elcµmert lrdlces ard ecclcglcal
lcctµrlrts – Cermar¡ ard tle lllllµµlres – lllustrate tlls µclrt. lr lctl ccurtrles,
declslcr malers are resµcrsllle lcr maraglrg sulstartlal firarclal ludgets ard
suµer»lslrg µerscrrel tc elficlertl¡ dell»er ser»lces. Jlls cculd alsc le dcre lcr ratural
rescurces, e.g. drlrllrg water. Hurlclµal lalarce sleets usuall¡ µresert rew firarclal
delts lrcurred, lut tle¡ dc rct slcw tle murlclµal slare cl tle lllllcrs cl tcrres cl C0z
emlsslcrs lurderlrg tle glclal cllmate. ueclslcr malers clter ccrslder µrcµert¡ sales as
ar aµµrcµrlate wa¡ tc reduce firarclal delts wltl tle alm cl aclle»lrg µcsltl»e lalarces
ard galrlrg cµtlcrs lcr lr»estmert. hcwe»er, tle¡ are rct aware tlat tlls ls usuall¡ at tle
ccst cl ccr»ertlrg ratural rescurces lrtc settlemerts cr luslress areas (clter tlreaterlrg
lalltats ard wlld·llle sµeclesi.
lr lact, lccal gc»errmert leaders lear resµcrslllllt¡ lcr tle a»allallllt¡ ard use cl
rescurces, lcr delt, ard lcr µrcµert¡ ard asset maragemert.
xx Local Governments responsible for all resources
wllle all rescurces slculd le maraged scurdl¡, lccal ludgetlrg usuall¡ addresses crl¡
firarclal rescurces. ecoBUDGET ls ar er»lrcrmertal maragemert s¡stem urlcuel¡ deslgred
wltl ard lcr lccal gc»errmerts. lt allcws murlclµalltles tc marage ratural rescurces as
elficlertl¡ as tle¡ marage firarclal rescurces. Jle tradltlcral ludgetlrg acccurtlrg s¡stem ls
ccmµlemerted l¡ ar er»lrcrmertal ludget, lr wllcl ratural rescurces are measured lrstead cl mcre¡.
ecoBUDGET alms tc µlar, ccrtrcl, mcrltcr, reµcrt cr, ard e»aluate tle ccrsumµtlcr cl ratural rescurces (sucl as cllmate stallllt¡,
alr cuallt¡, lard, water, raw materlals, ard llcdl»erslt¡i. Jle ultlmate alm ls tc leeµ er»lrcrmertal sµerdlrg wltllr llmlts set
lr ar er»lrcrmertal “Haster 8udget.” Jle Haster 8udget ldertlfies lrdlcatcrs lcr slcrt ard lcrg·term er»lrcrmertal (ard
µctertlall¡ scclali targets crlertated tc tle sustalralle maragemert cl er»lrcrmertal rescurces. 0rce aµµrc»ed l¡ tle Ccurcll,
tle targets leccme µclltlcall¡ llrdlrg lcr tle ertlre crgarlsatlcr. lclltlcal declslcr malers ard serlcr urlar maragers are lr»cl»ed
s¡stematlcall¡ lr tle ecoBUDGET c¡cle, allcwlrg µclltlcal steerlrg lr tle use cl er»lrcrmertal rescurces. ecoBUDGET emlraces all
er»lrcrmertal rescurces, l.e. tle lmµact cl dell»erlrg murlclµal ser»lces as well as er»lrcrmertal sµerdlrg l¡ tle ertlre ccmmurlt¡
lrcludlrg lrdustrles, lcuselclds, educatlcr ard lealtl lrstltutlcrs, trarsµcrt ccmµarles, etc.
Jle ecoBUDGET c¡cle mlrrcrs tle tlree µlases cl tle murlclµal firarclal ludgetlrg c¡cle lrcludlrg ludget µlarrlrg (l.e. tle
µreµaratlcr cl ar er»lrcrmertal ludgeti, ludget sµerdlrg (l.e. tle lmµlemertatlcr cl µlarred measures tc meet tle ludgeti, ard
ludget lalarclrg (l.e. lalarclrg tle arrual er»lrcrmertal acccurtsi. Jlese are lamlllar tc declslcr malers sc tlat er»lrcrmertal
ludgetlrg leccmes as mucl a µart cl lccal autlcrlt¡ rcutlres as firarclal ludgetlrg.
At tle erd cl tle ludgetar¡ ¡ear a 8udget 8alarce µreserts a statemert cl tle er»lrcrmertal sltuatlcr ard tle degree tc wllcl tle
µre»lcus ¡ear’s Haster 8udget was met. Jwc mcre reµcrts, tle Statemert cl Lr»lrcrmertal Assets ard tle Sustalrallllt¡ Aral¡sls,
suµµlemert tle murlclµallt¡’s sraµslct cl lts le»el cl sustalrallllt¡.
We all know that there is a massive destruction of our environment. Our forest cover is thinning and we are experiencing scarcity of some
natural resources. Knowing that it can help us protect the environment, I welcome ecoBUDGET even if it was my political opponent who started
its implementation.
Lura llezas, Lcrd Ha¡cr, Jullgcr, lllllµµlres
ecoBUDGET: Integrated management
of all municipal resources

Based on the current environmental situation in the municipality, departments identify the
natural resources they require for budget planning, identify budget priorities, set targets and
prepare the environmental master budget which is presented to the Council for approval.
Step 1 – Set Up
Jle admlrlstratl»e µrccedures[ meclarlsms cl tle µrccess are le¡. urlar µlarrlrg ard maragemert structures la»e tc le re»lewed ard set
uµ. ldeall¡, a crcss·deµartmertal team, asslsted l¡ reµresertatl»es cl tle cl»ll scclet¡, rcr·gc»errmertal crgarlsatlcrs (hC0si ard ctler
lccal lrterest grcuµs slculd la»e tle c»erall resµcrslllllt¡ cl maraglrg ard eiecutlrg ecoBUDGET. Jle reµcrtlrg structure ard lramewcrl, as
well as lramewcrls lcr maragerlal dlrectl»es ard lrterral audlts, reed tc le de»elcµed.
Step 2 – Preparation
A lrellmlrar¡ keµcrt ls tle lasls tc µreµare ludget estlmates. lt reccrds tle eiµected clarges lctl lr er»lrcrmertal ccrsumµtlcr ard wltllr
tle µclltlcal ard legal lramewcrl ard ser»es as tle lasls lcr tle ldertlficatlcr cl µrlcrlt¡ rescurces, estlmates cl rescurce ccrsumµtlcr ard
e»aluatlcr l¡ tle Ccurcll ard tle µulllc. Jle lrellmlrar¡ keµcrt alsc ldertlfies tle reed tc µreµare tle (er»lrcrmertali Haster 8udget,
tle steerlrg dccumert tlat µclltlclars wlll reler tc. Jle Haster
8udget ccrtalrs.
 (li Jle µrlcrlt¡ ratural rescurces tc le µrctected cr ellectl»el¡
maraged l¡ tle lccal gc»errmert. (Lr»lrcrmertali
lrdlcatcrs lr µl¡slcal urlts reµresert tlese rescurces.
 (lli Strateglc lcrg·term targets lcr tlese rescurces tc le
acccmµllsled lr a gl»er µerlcd, lcrmulated cr tle lasls cl
µclltlcal declslcrs ard lead l¡ tle µrlrclµles cl sustalralle
 (llli Jle sµerdlrg lramewcrl (l.e. ludget llmltsi wltllr tle
lcrtlccmlrg er»lrcrmertal ludgetar¡ ¡ear, reµreserted l¡
tle lrdl»ldual lrdlcatcrs ard cµeratlcral slcrt·term targets
as ar ald lcr aclle»lrg tle lcrg·term gcals.
The Phases of the ecoBUDGET
wlat dces ar Haster 8udget lccl llle?
1st Phase: Budget Preparation
1st Phase – Budget preparation
Step 3 – Approval
Jle Haster 8udget ls aµµrc»ed l¡ tle Ccurcll. Jle Ccurcll’s dlscusslcr, delate, ard cµlrlcr lcrmlrg lr µreµaratlcr lcr a µclltlcal declslcr
are certral asµects cl tle µrccess. Lilstlrg µrcllems ard e»er ccrtradlctlcrs are cutllred lr tle teit. Jle dralt dccumert slculd le made
µulllcl¡ a»allalle, e.g. tlrcugl Lccal Agerda zì ccmmlttees, cr lccal medla. lclltlcal
aµµrc»al males tle er»lrcrmertal ludget llrdlrg lcr tle lccal gc»errmert ard
all µartlclµatlrg actcrs. Jlls wa¡, tle ludget leccmes ar lrtegral ard ccmµulscr¡
asµect cl declslcr·mallrg wltl targets ard ludgets lelrg ccrsldered lr all declslcrs,
µlarrlrg µrccesses ard lmµlemertatlcr.
What are the main aims of ecoBUDGET?
 8ulld a ccmµrelersl»e µclltlcal maragemert aµµrcacl tc lccal sustalrallllt¡.
 lresert tle state cl tle er»lrcrmert tc µclltlclars ard tle µulllc.
 Lralle declslcr malers ard tle admlrlstratlcr tc set µrlcrltles lcr
er»lrcrmertal µrctectlcr.
 Llmlt tle amcurt cl µcllutlcr ard use cl ratural rescurces lr tle ccmmurlt¡.
 llar ard ccrtrcl tle ccrsumµtlcr cl er»lrcrmertal gccds tlrcuglcut tle
ludgetlrg µerlcd.
 lrtegrate lrstrumerts lcr sustalralle maragemert cl all rescurces, firarclal,
lumar ard ratural.
 lerlcrm a µerlcdlcal ludgetlrg µrccess lcr ratural rescurces ard
er»lrcrmertal cuallt¡.
Following the Council’s approval, programmes and measures are undertaken to meet the
environmental targets. The implementation measures and compliance with the targets are
monitored and accounted for.
Step 1 – Implementation of measures
Jarget acccmµllslmert ls rc cclrclderce. lr lact, ccrsclcus µlarrlrg ard
maragemert cl measures ls le¡. wlat measures ard µrcjects slculd le
lmµlemerted lr tle lcrtlccmlrg ludget ¡ear? wlat actlcrs slculd sµeclficall¡ le
reallsed tc suµµcrt target aclle»emert? Ard wlat are tlelr er»lrcrmertal ccsts
ard lerefits?
lr addltlcr, rumercus actl»ltles ma¡ alread¡ le lr µlace wltlcut tlelr lmµacts cr
tle er»lrcrmert la»lrg leer ccrsldered. Ard tler, ureiµected e»erts ma¡ cccur
suggestlrg a reccrslderatlcr cl µrlcrltles cr sµerdlrg llmlts. All tlls lmµacts cr
tle lccal gc»errmert’s er»lrcrmertal sµerdlrg lramewcrl ard slculd lrlcrm
declslcr·mallrg durlrg tle ludget lmµlemertatlcr µerlcd.
What are the activities implemented
in ecoBUDGET?
lt ls laslcall¡ all e»erts, measures, actlcrs
ard µrcjects µlarred wltllr tle ludget
µerlcd tlat la»e ar lmµact cr er»lrcrmertal
lr Jullgcr, lllllµµlres, tle¡ lccled llle tlls
 Laurcled tle Hurlclµal Lcclcglcal Sclld
waste Haragemert lrcgramme
 hcsted tle Hurlclµal Lcclcglcal Sclld
waste Haragemert lrcgramme lcster &
Slcgar Hallrg Ccrtest
 Carrled cut hcuse·tc·hcuse Camµalgr
cr hcuselcld waste Scrtlrg
2nd Phase: Budget Implementation
The Phases of the ecoBUDGET
Liamµle cl measures wcrlsleet
Step 2 – Monitoring and accounting
At tle leglrrlrg cl tle ludget ¡ear, ar acccurt ls
“cµered” lcr eacl lrdlcatcr cl tle er»lrcrmertal
ludget. Alter tle acccurts are estalllsled, lt ls
cruclal tc regularl¡ ard lrecuertl¡ mcrltcr lmµacts
ard leeµ tracl cl data. uµ·tc·date lccl·leeµlrg cl
tle acccurts wlll slcw wletler tle ccmµcrerts
cl tle er»lrcrmertal ludget are lelrg adlered
tc. Jle lmµcrtarce cl lccl·leeµlrg must rct le
urderestlmated. lt ls crl¡ scurd ard structured
mcrltcrlrg ard acccurtlrg tlat µrc»ldes a lasls
lcr tallrg stccl ard e»aluatlrg aclle»emerts.
Step 3 – Expense control, dealing with unbudgeted or excessive expenditure
uµ·tc·date lccl·leeµlrg alsc µrc»ldes lrlcrmatlcr lcr declslcr·malers regardlrg tle status cl
ludget lmµlemertatlcr ard tle er»lrcrmertal sltuatlcr. Interim reporting to the Council and
continuous monitoring allows for corrective measures when it seems unlikely that a target will be
achieved. lcr eiamµle, tle ecoBUDGET marager cl vaijë, Sweder, µreserts a reµcrt tc tle Ccurcll
e»er¡ sli mcrtls. tlls allcws lcr tle µcsslllllt¡ tc tale aµµrcµrlate measures lr case tlat a target
mlglt le mlssed, deallrg wltl e»erts rct ludgeted lcr, ard leeµlrg µclltlclars cr tcµ cl ludget
lmµlemertatlcr. lartlcularl¡ clallerglrg are ureiµected e»erts tlat cccur. ar lr»estcr lrterested
lr de»elcµlrg a luslress dlstrlct cr rew settlemert, ar cµµcrturlt¡ lcr firarclrg ar lrlrastructure
µrcject, cr (cr tle dcwr·sldei ar er»lrcrmertal dlsaster – flccd, stcrm, fire, drcuglt, cr arctler
ratural dlsaster wculd clarge tle er»lrcrmertal sltuatlcr radlcall¡. lclltlcal ccrslderatlcr wculd
suµµlemert tle master ludget lr tle case cl ureiµected e»erts.
Jullgcr, lllllµlres. lrstallatlcr cl flcw
meters at all water scurces tc aclle»e
targets lcr µctalle water suµµl¡
Curtur, lrdla. Ccmmurlt¡ suµµcrt tc
ccrstructlcr wcrl
Phase 2 – Budget implementation
Liamµle cl mcrltcrlrg ard acccurtlrg wcrlsleet
At the end of the budget year, just as with financial budgeting, a statement of the
environmental accounts is prepared – the (environmental) Budget Balance.
Step 1 – Preparing budget balance – a statement of the environmental situation
Jle 8udget 8alarce re»lews tle lccal er»lrcrmertal µerlcrmarce. Jlls statemert cl er»lrcrmertal acccurts slcws wletler rescurce
ccrsumµtlcr was leµt wltllr ludgetar¡ llmlts ard wlat er»lrcrmertal cuallt¡ las leer aclle»ed due tc measures taler l¡ tle lccal
gc»errmert ard ctler actcrs lr»cl»ed. Jle eitert tc wllcl tle murlclµallt¡’s slcrt ard lcrg·term targets la»e leer met ls dlsµla¡ed
graµllcall¡. Jle eiamµle slcws ar arrcw lcr slcrt·term target attalrmert, tle alacus lcr µcsltlcrlrg tle arrual aclle»emerts letweer
relererce ¡ear ard lcrg·term target (lr µercerti. ueclslcr malers ard tle µulllc slculd le easll¡ alle tc ccmµrelerd tle results (lctl
successes ard lalluresi ard ldertll¡ wlat µrlcrltles slculd le addressed lr tle lcrtlccmlrg ludgetlrg µerlcd.
3rd Phase: Budget Balancing
wlat dces a ludget lalarce lccl llle?
The Phases of the ecoBUDGET
Phase 3 – Budget balancing
Step 2 – Report and debate
Jle results cl tle ccrcludlrg ludget µerlcd are led lacl tc tle µclltlcal
declslcr malers tlrcugl tle er»lrcrmertal ludget lalarce ard a reµcrt
µresertlrg aclle»emerts ard µerlcrmarce cl µcllcles ard µrcgrammes.
Jwc ctler dccumerts suµµlemert tle murlclµallt¡’s sraµslct cl lts le»el
cl sustalrallllt¡. tle Statemert cl Lr»lrcrmertal Assets tales stccl cl tle
amcurt cl ratural caµltal a»allalle tc tle murlclµallt¡ – just llle a ‘sa»lrgs
lccl’. Jle Sustalrallllt¡ Aral¡sls µreserts ar c»er»lew cl lcw elficlertl¡ tle
murlclµallt¡ las leer uslrg ratural rescurces wler dell»erlrg ser»lces tc tle
Step 3 – Approval by council / release
8udget 8alarce ard reµcrt are dlscussed l¡ tle clt¡ ccurcll, ratlfied ard
µreserted tc ard dlscussed wltl tle µulllc. 8¡ aµµrc»al, tle Ccurcll releases
tle admlrlstratlcr lrcm legal acccurtallllt¡.
Jle ccrcluslcrs drawr lrcm tle µre»lcus·¡ear results ma¡ lrfluerce tle
eiecutlcr cl tle currert ecoBUDGET ard lrlcrm tle µreµaratlcrs lcr tle tle reit
Jle µlases cl tle ecoBUDGET
Nowadays, there are two ways to view development. The first considers monetary profit as being the only criterion to measure success. The
second ensures that the impassable thresholds of workers’ dignity are not violated, that natural resources are conserved and that human
health is not jeopardised. I believe that ecoBUDGET is instrumental for cities that strive to pursue the second form of development.
Serglc Cclleratl, Lcrd Ha¡cr cl 8clcgra (ltal¡i
The regime of the annual cycle regularly places environmental concerns on the political agenda and provides the opportunity for decision
makers to consider the implications of policies or of any other decision for resources.
8udget µlarrlrg emµlaslses lssues cl llglest µrlcrlt¡. uate·sµeclfic
targets lr tle er»lrcrmertal ludget set gcals lcr er»lrcrmertal
cuallt¡ ard rescurce use wler dell»erlrg ser»lces. Hcrltcrlrg ard
acccurtlrg cl tle lull ccst cl murlclµal actl»ltles lelµ tc leeµ ccrtrcl
c»er tle lmµact cl declslcrs ard actlcrs durlrg tle ludget µerlcd.
Jlus, acccurtlrg alds urderstardlrg cl tle cause·ellect relatlcrsllµ
cl µclltlcal declslcr mallrg lr relatlcr tc ratural rescurces. hcw
mucl lard dces lt ccst tc lulld a rcad? hcw mucl clear alr cr
trarcullllt¡ ls lcst l¡ uslrg tlat rcad?
Jle lalarce reµcrt ser»es as a lasls lcr declslcrs cr targets ard measures lcr tle lcllcwlrg ludget µerlcd. lr ellect, er»lrcrmertal ludgetlrg
suµµcrts tle sustalrallllt¡ µerlcrmarce cl lccal gc»errmerts ard attertlcr tc ratural rescurces ard er»lrcrmertal cuallt¡ ls sustalred.
kescurce maragemert leccmes llgll¡ lrtegrated, ellectl»e ard elficlert. lmµcrtartl¡, ecoBUDGET, tlrcugl lts ccrtlrucus leedlacl lccµ cl
settlrg targets, lmµlemertlrg actlcr ard e»aluatlrg µerlcrmarce suµµcrts acccurtallllt¡ cl µclltlcal declslcr mallrg.
Why manage environmental resources
through a budget?
Reduction in urbanpoverty, resource friendly development, good
governance and enhanced administrative and management
performance capacity are some of the basic elements of this
(ecoBUDGET) process.
Hr. Karra Lalslmlrara¡ara,
hcrcralle Hlrlster cl Jrarsµcrt lcr Ardlra lradesl, lrdla
ecoBUDGET is aimed at encouraging local governments and civil society to work together in introducing improved methods of development
and environmental planning, through the introduction of improved systems for environmental management.
Hr Allstalr Hacucrald, head cl tle uelegatlcr cl tle Lurcµear Ccmmlsslcr, Harlla, lllllµµlres
Citizen and stakeholder participation is the key to success. In fact, strong community
involvement invariably leads to good results in accomplishing targets. It is an advantage to
engage community and stakeholder groups from the start and to continue to engage them
throughout the entire ecoBUDGET cycle.
Jle ecoBUDGET c¡cle cllers ar ldeal µlatlcrm lcr lmµrc»ed
lccal er»lrcrmertal gc»errarce lased cr ccmmurlt¡
ergagemert lr settlrg targets, agreelrg cr actl»ltles,
lmµlemertlrg measures ard e»aluatlrg µrcgress tcwards
murlclµal sustalrallllt¡. lmµrc»ed µartlclµatlcr ard
ccmmurlcatlcr letweer lccal gc»errmert, stalelclder
grcuµs ard tle ccmmurlt¡ la»e leer reccgrlsed l¡ all
murlclµalltles lr»cl»ed lr ecoBUDGET.
How the public gets involved
Ccmmurlt¡ ard stalelclder grcuµs car llterall¡ le lr»cl»ed at eacl µlase cl tle ecoBUDGET. hcwe»er, lt ls lmµcrtart tc rcte, tlat firal µcwer
tc aµµrc»e µrlcrltles, targets, actlcrs ard rescurces used rests wltl tle Ccurcll. ecoBUDGET maragers usuall¡ wcrl wltl dlllerert stalelclder
ard cltlzer grcuµs tc lmµlemert µlarred measures. 8ctl lrlcrmal meetlrgs ard ccmmurlt¡ assemllles are leld tc cc·crdlrate cltlzer
Jullgcr, lllllµµlres llcled cll lts first ecoBUDGET c¡cle wltl ì, lccal admlrlstratcrs as well as rumercus reµresertatl»es lrcm tle µrl»ate ard
rcr·gc»errmertal sectcr. Jle Hurlclµal ue»elcµmert Ccurcll slcrt·llsted er»lrcrmertal lssues ard ccrcerrs as well as lccllrg at µclltlcal
µrlcrltles ard aµµllcallllt¡ la»lrg regard tc tle caµaclt¡ cl tle stalelclders tc lmµlemert actlcrs. Se»eral dlssemlratlcr e»erts tccl µlace tc
leeµ tle µulllc lr»cl»ed ard lrlcrmed alcut tle de»elcµmert cl tle dralt Haster 8udget.
wltl lts strcrg suµµcrt lcr ccmmurlt¡ lr»cl»emert, ecoBUDGET car le seer as trarslerrlrg tle ldea cl lartlclµatcr¡ 8udgetlrg, as crlglrated
l¡ lcrtc Alegre, tc er»lrcrmertal gc»errarce. Jlrcugl lts µerlcdlcal rcutlres, ecoBUDGET alsc clearl¡ suµµcrts tle Lccal Agerda zì µrccess.
ecoBUDGET is Participatory Budgeting
The crucial cause for the success of the ecoBUDGET programme in the city of
Guntur in India was the strong political commitment and the selection of
issues that are of relevance to the people of the city.
Hr. Karra Lalslmlrara¡ara,
hcrcuralle Hlrlster cl Jrarsµcrt lcr Ardlra lradesl, lrdla

1st Advantage: Mayors and CEOs become true resource managers
8udgetlrg suµµcrts ma¡crs ard maragers tc cµtlmlse tle use cl lccal gc»errmert rescurces wler decldlrg lcw tc dell»er ser»lces.
Ccmµlemertlrg firarclal maragemert tlrcugl ar arrual er»lrcrmertal ludgetlrg c¡cle lrtegrates ratural rescurces lr murlclµal rescurce
maragemert. Jlus, lt lelµs ma¡crs ard cllel eiecutl»e clficers tc leccme true murlclµal rescurce maragers, llle tle Ha¡cr cl Jullgcr,
lllllµµlres, ard tle head cl llarrlrg ueµartmert, vaijë, Sweder.
2nd Advantage: Implementing the UN Millennium Development Goals
Hlllerrlum ue»elcµmert Ccal ) calls lcr lrtegrated rescurce maragemert l¡ relerrlrg tc “maraglrg ard µrctectlrg tle er»lrcrmert
tlus lelµlrg tc reacl tle ctler Hlllerrlum ue»elcµmert Ccals”. wltl ecoBUDGET, lrtegrated er»lrcrmertal ard rescurce maragemert ls
lrtrcduced. Liµerlerces wltl ecoBUDGET lr lrdla ard lllllµµlres la»e µrc»ed tle µctertlal tc µrc»lde gccds ard ser»lces, wllle µrctectlrg
er»lrcrmertal rescurces ard suµµcrtlrg µc»ert¡ alle»latlcr.
3rd Advantage: Environmental resources are managed in an integrated way
ecoBUDGET ls a crcss·cuttlrg maragemert lrstrumert allectlrg a wlde rarge cl ratural rescurces ard lr»cl»lrg rele»art stalelclders lrcm
lccal autlcrltles (maragemert, admlrlstratl»e ard µclltlcali as well as tle ccmmurlt¡ (lrdustrles, lcuselclds, tralfic, etc.i, ratlcral ard
glclal rescurce lmµeratl»es.
4th Advantage: Unwavering attention to nature & environment is sustained
wltl lts recurrlrg µlarrlrg, lmµlemertatlcr ard reµcrtlrg rcutlre, ecoBUDGET car sustalr a lcrger (lrdefirltei µeal tlme cl µclltlcal attertlcr
tc ratural rescurces. Lccal ecclcg¡ ls sustalred ard ls rc lcrger sulject tc wa»erlrg ccrslderatlcr.
Six good reasons for ecoBUDGET
5th Advantage: Improved financial credibility
ecoBUDGET µrc»ldes lcr targeted lmµlemertatlcr cl measures ard µrcjects ard assessmert cl rescurce elficlerc¡. Accurac¡ ard trarsµarerc¡
cl tle ecoBUDGET dccumertatlcr (lrcludlrg er»lrcrmertal ludget, acccurts ard lalarcei allcw lcr µrc»lrg elficlert ard ellectl»e use cl
er»lrcrmertal lr»estmert lr la»cur cl ecclcglcal sustalrallllt¡ as recuested l¡ mar¡ (lrterratlcrali dcrcr crgarlsatlcrs. As a result, llgler
ratlrgs car le aclle»ed lr rarllrgs cl larls ard lrsurarce ccmµarles as well as wler llddlrg lcr µrcject lurdlrg ard grarts.
6th Advantage: Local Capacity Development
ecoBUDGET acts as a lramewcrl lrstrumert wltl wllcl lccal gc»errmerts car marage tlelr ccmmurltles lased cr tle reeds ard µrlrclµles
cl ecclcglcal sustalralle de»elcµmert. llrstl¡, lt creates ar eralllrg er»lrcrmert cl aµµrcµrlate µcllcles, strategles, µrccedures ard
lrcertl»e structures tlat are reeded lcr lrtegrated er»lrcrmertal maragemert. Seccrdl¡, lt strergtlers tle caµaclt¡ cl lrstltutlcrs tc
lmµlemert lrtegrated er»lrcrmertal maragemert aµµrcacles tlrcugl µrccedural dlsclµllre, tralrlrg ard lrtellectual suµµcrt. llrall¡, lt
ser»es as a lasls lcr actl»ltles tlat slmultarecusl¡ address lccal, ratlcral, ard glclal er»lrcrmertal lssues wltllr tle ccrteit cl sustalralle
Devlopment since 1993 Devlopment since 1993
(index 1993=100)
GRP/capita Växjö
GDP/capita Sweden
energy use/capita Växjö
110 energy use/capita Växjö
energy use/capita Sweden
CO2/capita Växjö
CO2/capita Sweden
1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Växjö: Decoupling growth from consumption is possible!

Environmental governance at the municipal level is a fundamentally complex process. Complexity, and lack of capacity often inhibit the
formal adoption, design, implementation and maintenance of environmental or sustainability programmes. Local authorities need a simple,
yet logical and familiar tool and approach to direct and drive environmental or sustainability programmes. ecoBUDGET is just that, it is:
 simple when compared to more complex tools that require extensive document wars to implement;
 logical as it is based on the classical plan, do, check, improvement and reporting loops that underpin most management models;
 familiar, as the process, approach and terminologies mimic financial budget and management processes that are entrenched practices
in many city administrations, and
 flexible, as it is process based, allowing city administrations to identify and address the environmental issues or challenges that are
material to them.
lrcl. lclar hel, Certer lcr Lr»lrcrmertal Haragemert, lctclelstrccm, Scutl Alrlca
We are experiencing more frequent and more extreme examples of climate change in
our daily lives, e.g. rising sea levels, heat waves, flooding, droughts, storms, landslides
and forest fires. The economic and social consequences of these climatic events are forcing political leaders to consider ambitious and
radical targets.
hcwe»er, targets resµcrdlrg tc tle clallerge cl cllmate clarge lr»arlall¡ reed tc le reallsed at tle lccal le»el. Lccal gc»errmerts la»e a
luge µctertlal tc figlt cllmate clarge l¡ de»elcµlrg ard lmµlemertlrg cllmate mltlgatlcr ard adaµtatlcr strategles ard l¡ lr»cl»lrg tlelr
cltlzers. ecoBUDGET ls a tccl tlat cculd asslst lccal gc»errmerts tc ccmlat cllmate clarge. Jlere ls reed lcr a llgll¡ lrtegrated aµµrcacl.
Cl»er raµldl¡ clarglrg ccrdltlcrs, tle tradltlcral lcrg ard medlum term µlarrlrg aµµrcacles aµµear lrsulficlert tc taclle tle µrcllem.
lrstead, a c¡cllcal maragemert aµµrcacl ls suggested as a mcre la»curalle cµtlcr as lt allcws tlmel¡ ccrrectlcrs cl measures wler rew
lrlcrmatlcr ard data suggest actlcr.
8¡ lmµlemertlrg ecoBUDGET, lccal gc»errmerts wlll le alle tc restructure tlelr ertlre declslcr mallrg clalr lased cr ar lrtegrated
maragemert ard gc»errarce aµµrcacl. wcrllrg wltl ecoBUDGET wlll de»elcµ caµacltles tc resµcrd tc tle clallerge cl cllmate clarge.
Hcst lmµcrtartl¡, wltllr ecoBUDGET lccal µclltlcal ard admlrlstratl»e declslcr mallrg wlll lccus cr lssues cl strateglc lmµcrtarce ard
er»lrcrmertal asµects wltl slgrlficart µctertlal regardlrg cllmate clarge resµcrse (sucl as lard use µlarrlrg, ererg¡ µlarrlrg, tralfic
Responding to the climate change challenge
The complete integration of the monetary and environmental budgets has
given environmental issues and initiatives a higher status and resulted in greater
environmental awareness among municipal councillors. As a result, Växjö is
able to generate and implement innovative projects such as the construction of
highly energy effi cient buildings to implement their ecoBUDGET and meet their
ambitious targets.
Hs Arra Karlr urger, eccBUDGET Harager, vaijë, Sweder
Becoming fossil fuel free
wltl lts llstcr¡ cl er»lrcrmertal actlcr ard lcrg·term cljectl»e tc leccme “lcssll luel lree,”
tle Hurlclµallt¡ cl vaijë las leer lrterested lr adcµtlrg a structured metlcd cl lmµlemertlrg
lts er»lrcrmertal gcals ard mcrltcrlrg tle lmµact cl lts er»lrcrmertal lrltlatl»es. vaijë las
lrtrcduced ecoBUDGET ard s¡stematlcall¡ ccmllred lt wltl lts firarclal acccurtlrg s¡stem. hcwada¡s,
dlscusslcrs alcut tle clt¡’s firarclal ludget ard ecoBUDGET tale µlace durlrg tle same meetlrgs ard
aµµear lr tle same firarclal dccumerts.
lr Ha¡ zoo6, vaijë’s Ccurclllcrs declded tc reµlace tle clt¡’s Lccal Agerda zì strateg¡ ard
er»lrcrmertal µcllc¡ wltl a rew Lr»lrcrmertal lrcgramme tlat wculd lrclude crl¡ measuralle,
lcrg·term targets cc»erlrg tlree areas. Ll»lrg Llle (lccuslrg cr ccrsumµtlcr ard waste lssuesi,
0ur hature (lccuslrg cr water ard ccrser»atlcr lssuesi, ard lcssll luel lree vaijë (lccuslrg
cr trarsµcrtatlcr ard ererg¡ lssuesi. ecoBUDGET ls used tc ersure tlat tle µrcgramme gcals are
mcrltcred, re»lewed ard aclle»ed.
uslrg ecoBUDGET, vaijë las deccuµled C0z emlsslcrs lrcm eccrcmlc grcwtl.
(See graµllc at µage ì,i
ecoBUDGET in practice – Växjö, Sweden
8lcmass·ererg¡ tc reduce C0z·emlsslcrs
Before, we did not know that we lost up to 60% of our water in transit due to leaks in the water pipes. Through the
monitoring system introduced by ecoBUDGET, we were able to discover this huge loss. We are now working on bringing
down the amount of losses to the minimum. By preventing the loss of water in transit, we can reduce the cost of
production as well as conserve water.
hcel Herdara, eccBUDGET Harager, Jullgcr, lllllµµlres
Implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
Jle lcurdatlcr cl tle eccrcm¡ cl 8clcl lrc»lrce – lr wllcl Jullgcr ls lccated – ls agrlculture,
fisler¡ ard tcurlsm. Ccrsecuertl¡, tle »lallllt¡ cl tle murlclµallt¡’s (ard tle µrc»lrce’si eccrcm¡
deµerds cr tle lealtl cl lts ratural rescurces. lertlle scll, clear water, llgl llcdl»erslt¡, adecuate
lcrest cc»er, lealtl¡ margrc»es, seagrass, ard ccral reels. Jle µccr lr tle µrc»lrce’s rural ard
urlar areas are µartlcularl¡ deµerdert cr tle µrc»lrce’s ratural rescurces. As well as addresslrg
er»lrcrmertal lssues, Jullgcr las lcurd tlat ecoBUDGET car le used tc address µc»ert¡ alle»latlcr
ard tle HuCs. As a result, Jullgcr’s ecoBUDGET µrccess ls lased cr tle strcrg µartlclµatlcr cl
ccmmurlt¡ grcuµs ard lararga¡s (»lllagesi.
Jullgcr relles cr ecc·cultural tcurlsm ard agrc·lrdustr¡ as µrlmar¡ eccrcmlc drl»ers. Jle margrc»e
area ls cre cl tle malr tcurlst attractlcrs. ecoBUDGET lelµs µrctectlrg tle margrc»e area. Jc tlls erd,
lt car ccrtrllute tc tle eccrcmlc grcwtl lr Jullgcr ard suµµcrt µc»ert¡ alle»latlcr. Jle lmµact gces
le¡crd µrctectlrg tle ll»elllccd cl small larmers ard fislerlcll wlc rel¡ cr ratural rescurces lcr
tlelr dall¡ reeds.
ecoBUDGET in practice – Tubigon, Philippines
Ccmmurlt¡ µartlclµatlcr lr µlartlrg
The city of Guntur continues to manage natural resources through ecoBUDGET, focusing especially in the areas of greenery development, solid
waste management, air pollution control and availability of water.
Moreover ecoBUDGET has been proposed to be introduced in three mandals (counties) of the federal state of Andhra Pradesh, with the
support of Andhra Pradesh Academy for Rural Development and the Backward Regions Grant Fund of the State Government. The plan is
to exhibit these areas as 'Beacon Mandals' for sustainable development, involving all aspects of infrastructure and community development.
The grant scheme aims to provide support to village level local bodies in developmental planning and implementation.
ecoBUDGET in practice – Guntur, India
Air quality improvement supports local economy
Alr µcllutlcr ls a grcwlrg er»lrcrmertal µrcllem lr tle clt¡ cl Curtur. 0re cl tle malr
reascrs lcr tlls lrcreaslrg merace was tralfic ccrgestlcr at lmµcrtart jurctlcrs caused l¡ lawlers
selllrg tlelr wares esµeclall¡ durlrg µeal lcurs. lr resµcrse, tle Ccurcll made µrc»lslcr cl
ldertlt¡ cards ard asslgrmert cl µrcµer deslgrated µlaces lcr lawlers as lrdlcatcrs cl reduclrg
alr µcllutlcr lr lts ecoBUDGET. Hearwllle Curtur Hurlclµal Ccrµcratlcr (CHCi las ccmµleted a
sur»e¡ ard ldertlfied ì,)+z lawlers lr tle clt¡ wltl crl¡ ±,o cl tlem la»lrg ldertlt¡ cards. wltl tle
lmµlemertatlcr cl ecoBUDGET, CHC las demarcated ,oo Creer verdlrg Icres, ìo Amler verdlrg
Icres ard ìz ked verdlrg Icres ard lssued ldertlt¡ cards lcr ì,+,, lawlers. 0l tlese, ,,o ldertlt¡
cards cl lawlers la»e leer allctted sµaces lr greer ard amler zcres wlereas tle rest car rcam
arcurd tle clt¡ tc sell tlelr wares.
At tle same tlme, lawlers la»e leer made µart cl Curtur’s waste maragemert s¡stem, wllcl uses
deslgrated CHC stall tc ccllect garlage at tle lcuselcld le»el. 8¡ tlat, tle waste maragemert
s¡stem lrcludes a strcrg sustalrallllt¡ ccmµcrert lr tlat lt eralled CHC tc reacl mcre lcuselclds
wllle lrcreaslrg emµlc¡mert cµtlcrs lcr lawlers tlrcugl garlage ccllectlcr. lt ls a wlr·wlr lcr tle
lccal gc»errmert ard tle cltlzers cl Curtur.
hawler lelµs garlage ccllectlcr
ecoBUDGET in practice – Bologna, Italy
ecoBUDGET has helped Bologna to more effectively coordinate municipal initiatives and consequently provided a better structure for these
initiatives since it is easier to see links and gaps between and among them. The process of setting targets and then carefully monitoring
progress towards them has also been a valuable exercise for Bologna.
Hs kallaela Cuêze, eccBUDGET Harager, 8clcgra, ltal¡
Sustainable city development respects resource scarcity
Jle Clt¡ cl 8clcgra las adcµted ecoBUDGET as tle ccre er»lrcrmertal maragemert s¡stem lcr lts lrstltutlcral actl»ltles. lt eiµlcres successlul
µractlces, lactcrs, ard ccrdltlcrs tc suµµcrt gccd gc»errarce lcr sustalralle de»elcµmert. Jle first gcal was tc use ecoBUDGET as a
maragemert ard ccmmurlcatlcr lrstrumert wltllr tle clt¡’s Lccal Agerda zì µlar. hcwe»er, 8clcgra lcurd tlat tlere are multlµle lerefits
tc uslrg tle ecoBUDGET µrccess. All majcr declslcrs regardlrg rescurce ard terrltcr¡ maragemert are assessed lcr tlelr sultallllt¡ agalrst
Haster 8udget targets. A le¡ elemert cl 8clcgra’s lmµlemertatlcr cl ecoBUDGET ls sµatlal ard urlar µlarrlrg ard uslrg lt lcr tle eiecutlcr
cl strateglc er»lrcrmertal assessmert. 8ulldlrg ecoBUDGET lrdlcatcrs ard targets lrtc µlarrlrg µrccesses ard s¡stems allcws lcr earl¡ actlcr
tlat ls gererall¡ mcre ccst·ellectl»e tlar resµcrdlrg tc clarges as tle¡ cccur. Jlls alsc lrcludes tle allllt¡ tc clearl¡ ccmmurlcate tle lmµact
cl dlllerert µlarrlrg scerarlcs. ecoBUDGET ls suµµcrtlrg tle dlssemlratlcr cl tle er»lrcrmertal lmµact cl »arlcus scerarlcs defired l¡ a
structural µlar as reculred l¡ ltallar leglslatlcr. lr tlls wa¡, ecoBUDGET las lr»cl»ed tle murlclµallt¡ as a wlcle.
urlcue tc 8clcgra ls tle aµµllcatlcr cl sc·called “ma¡cral targets” »alld lcr cre leglslatl»e term. lr tlls wa¡ tle clt¡ gc»errmert alms tc llrd
lts µclltlcal µrcgramme tc a trarsµarert ard »clurtar¡ set cl cuartlfialle targets.
Clt¡ derslt¡ urges lcr structural µlarrlrg
ecoBUDGET resources
ecoBUDGET Agency
lCLLl's ecoBUDGET Agerc¡ lased lr lrellurg (Cermar¡i cllers µrclesslcral guldarce ard
tralrlrg tc lccal gc»errmerts lcr all µlases cl tle ecoBUDGET c¡cle, acccrdlrg tc lccal reeds
ard reculremerts. eccludgetulclel.crg
 hardlucl ökoBUDGET, lCLLl, Stuttgart zooì
 urlar Lr»lrcrmertal Haragemert, uhLl, lCLLl, llulC, 0sala zooì
 Jle ecoBUDGET Culde, lCLLl, vaijë zoo±
 ecoBUDGET Culde lcr Aslar Lccal Autlcrltles, ecoBUDGET – ASlA Ccrscrtlum, uelll zooò
 heldellerg, Cermar¡. Creatlrg a lramewcrl lcr lrtegrated kescurce Haragemert, lCLLl Case Stud¡ hc. )ò. zooz
 Jullgcr, lllllµµlres. ecoBUDGET – lc»ert¡ alle»latlcr tlrcugl er»lrcrmertal maragemert, lCLLl Case Stud¡ hc. ìoì. zoo)
 vaijë, Sweder. ecoBUDGET – lrtegrated er»lrcrmertal ard firarclal rescurce maragemert lcr ar amlltlcus murlclµallt¡,
lCLLl Case Stud¡ hc. ìoz. zoo)
 8clcgra, ltal¡. ecoBUDGET – C¡cllcal maragemert ard strateglc er»lrcrmertal assessmert. lCLLl Case Stud¡ hc. ìo+. zoo)
 Ll»ealle Cltles. Jle 8erefits cl urlar Lr»lrcrmertal llarrlrg, Jle Cltles Alllarce, wasllrgtcr, zoo)
 lartlclµatcr¡ 8udgetlrg lr Alrlca · A Jralrlrg Ccmµarlcr, uh·hA8lJAJ, zooò, lttµ.[[www.urlalltat.crg[µmss[getlage.
Gain from success and experience of ecoBUDGET municipalities! ICLEI's ecoBUDGET agency involves a team of experts in several countries
around the world. Contact us with any query you may have. We are prepared to give introductory presentations, help you set-up and
implement ecoBUDGET in your municipality, build capacity and train your staff.
hclger kclreclt, ecoBUDGET Jeam Leader
ecoBUDGET resources
ecoBUDGET at Lewes ulstrlct Ccurcll, zoo)
ecoBUDGET Webcenter
llrd ccmµrelersl»e guldarce, eiµerlerces, case studles, dcwrlcads ard ar ecoBUDGET ccmmurlt¡ at www.eccludget.ccm.
ecoBUDGET Network
A »arlet¡ cl cltles ard tcwrs lcrm tle ecoBUDGET µractlclcrers retwcrl · amcrg ctlers · heldellerg, uresder, hcrdlauser Ccurt¡, 8leleleld,
Kalserslauterr (Cermar¡i, vaijë (Swederi, 8clcgra ard lerrara (ltal¡i, Lewes (urlted Klrgdcmi, Amarcusslcr ard Kalltlea (Creecei, Curtur
(lrdlai, Jullgcr (lllllµµlresi.
Lccal Cc»errmerts wcrldwlde are urged tc lrtrcduce ecoBUDGET ard jclr tle retwcrl.
ecoBUDGET Partnership
lCLLl · Lccal Cc»errmerts lcr Sustalrallllt¡ µartrers wltl uh·hA8lJAJ, uhLl, uCLC, Cltles Alllarce lcr µrcmctlrg ard dlstrllutlrg
ecoBUDGET ard lr»ltes lurtler lrterratlcral crgarlsatlcrs tc jclr lr.
In many places, I have seen that ther e is an engineering approach to development. Think of the biggest possible project with the biggest
possible budget and try to obtain funds for it, but what ecoBUDGET is all about is really going ahead anyway, money or no money, and a lot
can be done without those large capital expenditures that development planners really love.
Hr. vllram kc¡, Ad»lscr, Lccrcmlc Cccµeratlcr, Lurcµear urlcr
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
lCLLl ls ar lrterratlcral asscclatlcr cl mcre tlar ìooo lccal gc»errmerts lrcm òo ccurtrles
tlat la»e made a ccmmltmert tc sustalralle de»elcµmert ard µrctectlcr cl tle glclal
er»lrcrmert tlrcugl lccal actlcr. wel. www.lclel.crg
uh·hA8lJAJ‘s mlsslcr ls tc µrcmcte scclall¡ ard er»lrcrmertall¡ sustalralle urlar
de»elcµmert wltl tle gcal cl µrc»ldlrg adecuate slelter lcr all. lr tle field cl tle urlar
er»lrcrmert, uh·hA8lJAJ suµµcrts lccal ard ratlcral gc»errmerts tlrcugl tle Sustalralle
Cltles lrcgramme ard Lccallslrg Agerda zì lrcgramme tc address le¡ urlar er»lrcrmertal
lssues. wel. www.urlalltat.crg[scµ
uhLl ls tle »clce cl tle er»lrcrmert wltllr tle urlted hatlcrs s¡stem. lr tle field cl tle urlar
er»lrcrmert, uhLl suµµcrts ratlcral ard lccal gc»errmerts tc address le¡ urlar er»lrcrmertal
lssues lrcm tle urlar µersµectl»e. uhLl las laurcled a Camµalgr cr Cltles ard 8lcdl»erslt¡ tc
ergage lccal gc»errmerts lr maraglrg ard µrctectlrg llcdl»erslt¡ ard lr»cl»e tlem lr tle glclal
llcdl»erslt¡ delate. wel. www.ureµ.crg[urlarer»lrcrmert
ecoBUDGET partnership
Only resource effi cient cities will ensure the livelihoods of their citizens. The challenges of Climate Change and the
scarcity of natural resources such as water are becoming very relevant topics for the daily agenda of local governments
around the globe. UCLG encourages its members to use tools and systems such as Environmental Budgeting and to gain
support for its implementation world-wide.
Lllsaletl Cateau, Secretar¡ Cereral , urlted Cltles ard Lccal Cc»errmerts (uCLCi
Introduction for Mayors and Councillors
Decision makers in local government face the ongoing challenge of how to provide services with limited
resources. Whether drilling a new well to provide drinking water, renewing a road surface, buying new
buses or issuing driving licences, municipal services require resources - both financial and natural
resources. New trucks cost clean air. A new road costs biodiversity. At the same time, a new road
produces noise i.e. it costs tranquillity. However, while all resources should be managed soundly, local
budgeting usually addresses only financial resources. ecoB is an environmental management
system uniquely designed with and for local governments. It allows municipalities to manage natural
resources as effi ciently as they manage financial resources. The traditional budgeting accounting
system is complemented by an environmental budget, in which natural resources are measured instead
of money. The brochure introduces the advantages of ecoB for local decision-makers. It aids
an understanding of an integrated resource management. The ultimate aim is to support Mayors and
Councillors to become true resource managers.
Visit www.ecobudget.com

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