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Chapter 14 Study Sheet

1. How many more people voted in 1828 than in 1824? Why?

3 times as many
Because voting laws had changed and all white men were given the
right to vote.
2. Which type of citizens voted for Jackson in the election of 1828?
Common citizens; workers, farmers
3. What is meant by the term self-made man?
Achieving success through ones own effort rather than being born into
a privileged family.
4. How did Jackson make a name for himself?
He was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
5. Describe who and what were involved in the corrupt bargain.
John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson.
In the election of 1824, Clay traded his political support to Adams for a
cabinet position. As a result, Jackson lost the election.
6. What was Jacksons kitchen cabinet?
A close group of trusted, personal friends and political supporters that
acted as Jacksons real cabinet.
7. What was the spoils system? Who did Jackson replace?
Rewarding political supporters with government jobs
He replaced National Republicans with loyal Democrats
8. Define the term civil servant.
Employees of the government
9. What started the Nullification Crisis? What is a tariff and how does it work?
Which state was at the center of the crisis?
The tariff of Abomination
A tax on imports; it encourages Americans to buy American products
by making imports more expensive. It protects American industry.
South Carolina
10.How did Jackson resolve the crisis?
He signed the Force Bill which allowed the government to use the army
and navy to enforce the tariff and to ensure South Carolina would not
11.Which group of Americans favored Jacksons decision to veto the bill that
would renew the Banks charter? Which group was most hurt by it?
Common citizens; farmers
Rich, well-born citizens
12.What was the name of the Banks president?
Nicholas Biddle
13.Why did Henry Clay force the issue of renewal 4 years before the Banks
charter was up?

So Jackson would lose popularity in the election of 1828. Jackson

would have to chose between irritating well-born citizens in the East
(vetoing the bill), or irritating common citizens (signing the bill) and
losing their votes.
14.How did Jackson finally kill the Bank?
He took all of the money out of the Bank and redistributed it to state
banks around the country.
15.Who were the Five Civilized Tribes, and why did whites consider them to be
Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole.
Because they had adopted many white-man ways of life (i.e., farming)
16.Why were thousands of Natives moved from the east to the west?
Because settlers needed land for farming and mining
17.What was the Indian Removal Act? How did removal work in all actuality?
A bill that allowed the federal government to make treaties with
Indians who would trade their land in the east for land in the west.
If Indians decided not to sign these treaties, they would be removed
with military force.
18.What motivated Jackson to speak these words, Beyond the great river
Mississippiyour father has provided a country large enough for all of you
There your white brothers will not trouble you.?
His desire to free up more land in the east for settlers.
19.Where were all of the tribes headed to in the west (which state)?