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4th Grading Examination

Sayao Primary School

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Direction: Read the following selections carefully then answer the questions that follow.
Encircle the correct letter.a
For item 1- 5
It was a bright Friday morning and the Grade IV pupils were very excited. It was there
educational tour. They were going to different places. They visited Manila Zoo first. There, the
children saw different animals. Some children fed the giraffes while others watched the monkeys
acrobatics. They also went around to see the big snakes and elephants.
After a while the children climbed the bus again and went to Nayong Pilipino. There, they
saw the different culture of every region. They also saw replicas of famous tourist spots in the
country like Mayon Volcano, Banaue Rice Terraces, and Mountain Province.
Then, they went to the National Museum. They were very happy to see beautiful paintings,
statues, and antiques. The tour guide accompanied they children and answered their questions.
It was already late in the afternoon when the group went home. They really enjoyed the
visit to the different beautiful and historical places.
1. Where did the grade IV pupils go that Friday morning?
a. Visit different places
c. in the farm
b. Visit other schools
d. in the river
2. What animal did they see at Manila Zoo?
a. Giraffe, lion, tiger, goat
c. lion, dear, crocodile, bear
b. Giraffe, monkey, snake, elephant
d. monkey, parrot, bat, sheep
3. Where did they see the beautiful tourist spots of the country?
a. National Library
c. Nayong Pilipino
b. National Museum
d. Manila Zoo
4. What is the best title of the story?
a. Educational tour
c. Trip to Historical Places
b. Visit to Beautiful Places
d. The Happy Day
5. Arrange the events as they happened in the story?
The children visited Manila Zoo
They were very happy to see beautiful paintings and antiques.
They saw various replicas of tourist spot in the country.
It was Friday and the Grade IV pupils were on their educational tour.
It was late in the afternoon when the children went home.
a. 1-2-4-5-3
c. 4-3-2-1-5
b. 4-1-3-2-5
d. 3-4-1-2-5
For item 6 - 10
One Sunday morning, Claras mother went to the drugstore to buy medicine for her
younger brother. Her mother asked her to take care of her baby brother while shes away.
Daphne came and asked Clara to play with her in the garden. But Clara told her she
cant play with her because her mother was away. She will take care of her baby brother.
Before Daphne left she told Clara, You are an obedient child, I wish I would be like
you also.
6. What is the best title of the selection?
a. Clara and Daphne
c. Clara, The Obedient Girl
b. Taking Care of a Brother
d. Mothers Away
7. Why did Clara refuse to play with Daphne?
a. She is alone in the house.
c. her baby brother is sleeping.
b. She will take care of her baby brother.
d. she is not feeling well.
8. Which of the following sentences shows cause-effect relationship?
a. Clara was left alone in the house
b. Clara played with Daphne while her mother was away
c. Clara took care of her baby brother because her mother went to drugstore.
d. Clara was obedient to her mother.
9. Which of the following sentence is a fantasy?
a. Clara wanted to play with Daphne.
c. The angel took care of her
baby brother.

b. Mother asked Clara to take care of her baby brother.

d. Clara took care of her
baby brother.
10.What do you think happened after Claras mother left the house?
a. Daphne went home to play.
b. Clara invited Daphne to play with her.
c. Claras baby brother was safe because she took care of him.
d. . Claras baby brother cried when her mother left the house.
Once upon a time there was a village called Samtay in the Northern Province of
Ilocos. This small village never suffered from any drought nor typhoon. Many people
wondered what its secret was. A rumor began to spread that this blessed village was
protected by a small bell. This was no ordinary bell. It had been given as a gift by a kind
anito, or spirit, who had wanted to reward the villagers kindness and generosity.
11.Where can Samtay be found?
a. Southern province of Ilocos.
c. Eastern province of Ilocos.
b. Northern province of Ilocos.
d. Western province of Ilocos.
12.Why is this village a very lucky one?
a. It never suffered from drought nor typhoon.
c. it has many food to eat.
b. It has many village coming from another village.
d. it is densely
13.This blessed village was protected by ____________.
a. An ordinary bell
c. a ringing bell
b. A magic bell
d. a magnetic bell
14.Who gave this precious gift as a reward to them?
a. Anito
c. Fairy godmother
b. Witch
d. Ghost
15.What conclusion can you make from the story?
a. A reward can be given to those who protected the village.
b. A reward can be given to villagers for their kindness and generosity.
c. A reward can be given to villagers after typhoon or drought.
d. A reward is given by a fairy or witch.
For item 16 20
Milton was eight years old when he had his first airplane ride. Milton and his mother
went to Iloilo to attend his uncles wedding. Milton was the bible bearer. His excitement started
when he boarded the plane. He sat beside the window. Mother showed him how to fasten his
seat belt. His heart beat move very fast when the plane started to move. He seemed to miss a
heart beat when they took off. Then, their plane was flying over the clouds. He looked at his
mother and she smiled at him. They prayed together. They had their flight for an hour. Miltons
fear was relieved when they landed safely at the airport.
16.Why did Milton and mother go to Iloilo?
a. To attend a wedding
c. To attend reunion.
b. To attend a birthday party.
d. To attend funeral.
17.What did Milton feel when their plane took off?
a. His heart beat stopped.
c. he seemed to miss a heartbeat.
b. His heart beat very fast.
d. he looked at his mother with fear.
18.What is the best title for the selection?
a. My Experience in a Plane.
c. My Heartbeat Faster in the Plane.
b. My First Airplane Ride.
d. My Excitement in an Airplane.
19.What did Milton and his mother do while the plane was flying high?
a. They prayed together.
c. They slept in the plane.
b. They watched TV.
d. They read newspapers.
20.What is a good ending for the story?
a. Milton will not ride an airplane anymore.
b. Milton was afraid to ride an airplane.
c. Milton was very excited in his first airplane ride.
d. Miltons experience was very terrible.