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x(t)=sin(t)^1/2 is

periodic signal or not. ? Y?

op amp is a planar network yes or not pls expln
.Which of the following is also known as reverse blocking triode thyristor? (a)Triac
(c) SCR (b)Diac (d)UJT
which device is the combination of p-n junction & two resistor
One electron volt equals to (a)01.60 1019 (c)19.40 1010 (b)09.11 1031
(d)01.16 1019

The Haynes-Shockley experiment enables one to determine the __?

[barc 2015 ec ]
(a) Diffusion coefficient of majority carriers
(b) effective mass of the minority carriers
(c) mobility of the minority carriers
(d) lifetime of the majority carriers
A unity feedback control system has an open-loop transfer function consisting of two poles, two
zeros and a variable gain k. The zeros are located at -2 and -1 and the poles at -0.1 and 1.Find the
vales of k for which no pole lie in the right half of s-plane.
[barc 2015 ec ]
(a) k>-1
(b) k>0.3
(c) k<0.05
(d) 0.05<k<0.3
The number of comparators required for 12 bit flash type ADC ______?
[BARC 2015 EC ]
(a) 4095
(b) 12
(c) 24
(d) 48

Im[x(t)] is_____?
(imaginary part of [x(t)]] ) (barc 2015 ec )
(a) linear,time invariant
(b) non linear,time variant
(c) non linear,time invariant
(d) linear ,time variant
Collector current produces due to voltage collector emitter or collector base
voltage ......

The following code will implement a ____? [BARC 2015 EC ]

process(clock, reset)
begin if reset = '1'
then Q <= '0';
elsif (clockevent and clock = '1')
then Q <= d;
end if;
end process
(a) Positive edge triggered D- flip-flop with asynchronous reset
(b) Negative edge triggered D-flip flop with synchronous reset
(c) Positive edge triggered D- flip-flop with synchronous reset
(d) D latch

An AM signal is represented by x(t) = (20+4sin500t)cos(2x105t)V. The

modulation index is (A) 20 (B) 4 (C) 0.2 (D) 10

Lissajous pattern in CRO for two equal sine wave in amplitude and phase will be [barc 2015 ec ]
(a) Horizontal line
(b) Ellipse
(c) Circle
(d) Inclined

In a transistor when base-width decreases

with increasing collector to base voltage, this
phenomenon is called
1.Early Effect
2.Thermal Runaway
at discontinuity we can not calculate derivative at that poin.?? Yes or No
will any1 will help me plz...what is diffrnce btwn linear and non linear amplifier and
why a power amplifier is non linear amplifier...plz guide me.
mage channel rejection in superhetrodyne
receiver comes frm- 1)IF stage 2) RF stage 3)
detector nd Rf stage 4)detector rf nd if
The MOSFET switch in its on state may be
considered equivalent to_________
1. Resistor
2. inductor
3. Capacitor
4. Battery
How does addition of pole in OLTF affect rise time and bandwidth... increase or
Descrease rise time increases bandwidth?
Nortons theorem states that a complex
network connected to a load can be replaced
with an equivalent impedance
(A) in series with a current source
(B) in parallel with a voltage source
(C) in series with a voltage source
(D) in parallel with a current source
In CMOS technology, shallow P-well or N-well
regions can be formed using
(A) low pressure chemical vapour deposition
(B) low energy sputtering
(C) low temperature dry oxidation
(D) low energy ion-implantation
If fixed positive charges are present in the
gate oxide of an n-channel enhancement type
MOSFET, it will lead to
(A) a decrease in the threshold voltage
(B) channel length modulation

(C) an increase in substrate leakage current

(D) an increase in accumulation capacitance
In open loop system...
1.the control action depends on the size of the
2.the control action depends on system variables
3.the control action depends on the input signal
4.the control action is independent of the output

6. The DC current gain of BJT is 50. Assuming that the emitter injection efficiency is
0.995, the base transport factor is
a) 0.980
b) 0.985
c) 0.990
d) 0.995