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Thought of the Moment

If we force open a flower, all the beauty and fragrance will be destroyed. Be patient and
allow things to happen in their own natural time. Amma
Even if we are driving very carefully, if someone else is reckless, drunk or asleep at the
wheel, we can still get into an accident.
Become wise, we must ask ourselves what is helpful and what is not. We cannot always
ask the guru.This effort, inquiry and discrimination must come from within. If an egg is
opened from the outside, it will be destroyed, but when it opens from within, a new life
is created.
Visiting a zoo and seeing the animals in their cages is a blissful experience. But if you
open the door the cage and let the animals out their cages it will be disastrous. It is the
same with the mind.
A mirror clearly reflects sunlight, whereas a piece of charcoal does not reflect sunlight at
all. However, the sun does not discriminate between the mirror or charcoal piece, but
shines equally on both.
When you become sugar, then there is nothing but sweetness. Likewise, in true sakshi
bhava, there is bliss alone.Its not that emotions dont come, they will be there, but you
see them as a witness not translating that emotion into action. Reflecting on the truth
that we are not the body or the mind but are the atma [the true self].
Some people do not have the good fortune to have sweetness in their lives.
Understanding this, you should share the sweetness youve been fortunate to receive
with others.
A spiritual person moves like this in the world, seeing others pain and joy as their own.
If a 1,000 pots of water are placed outside, the sun will reflect in each and every pot,
but there still is only one sun.Similarly, a spiritual person understands that there is but
one Self reflecting in each and every being.
For a spiritual person, the goal of life is to know the Self. Lower emotions may arise, but
try to overcome them through effort and prayer.A spiritual person understands the
nature of the world, the nature of relationships and the nature of the mind. Happiness is
not in the object. A spiritual person understands such truths.
If we tune the individual mind with compassion, then we, as individuals, are no longer
really performing actions, but are merely allowing creation to act through us.
Understand that everything is the Self and serve others. In order to purify the mind,
selfless service is required. Then, grace will come to you. The impulse to help others is a
higher state of mind. The spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.
If we dedicate our life to a higher purpose, such as realizing God, then all attachments
will wither away and fall off. God is a state wherein there is no duality. When there is
only oneness,
You can make a difference if you really want to. It is human nature to imitate the people
we look up to. Understanding this, everyone should try to become a good role model

because, no matter who we are, there is definitely someone, somewhere, watching and
imitating us.
We should see everyone and every situation in this world as a mirror. Cultivate the ability
to see the negativities of others as reflections of our own flaws.
At present, when someone scolds us, we feel sorrow. When someone shows us love, we
feel joy. But If someone scolds you, mocks you, gets angry at you and you still maintain
your equanimity. If you can do that, then that is sufficient, nothing more to purify.Until
then, we need to continue doing spiritual practices and other observances that will help
us purify the mind.
Our focus today should neither be on dependence nor on non-dependence, but on
interdependence. This is because the human race, the animal and plant kingdoms and
the whole universe are all interdependent.
When we engage others with respect, understanding and acceptance, then we will be
able to communicate at the level of the heart.Reverence and respect are rare qualities in
todays world, leaving us with a society lacking in proper maturity.
When thoughts are reduced; power of the mind and it's subtlety increases, tunes with
the universe. Then you can see the realms beyond the common understanding. When
the mind is pure and quiet it becomes one with the universal mind. That mind is like a
mirror. The secrets of the Universe will be revealed there.
Pure love is the best medicine for the modern world. This is what is lacking in all
societies. The root cause of all problems, from personal problems to global problems, is
the absence of love. Love is the binding factor, the unifying factor. Hatred causes
division. Egotism and hatred cut peoples minds into pieces. There is no problem which
love cannot solve.
if you have the desire to build a house, what will you do? You will think about how you
want it to look, you will sit with the architect, do all the planning and build it. Wont
you? Its no different when you have the desire to know the Self. When the desire to
know the Self arises, you will start doing all the things that are required to attain that
goal and start avoiding all the things that will take you away from it.
Every experience is like a guru. First, life gives us many tests. We learn many lessons
from these tests.
Speak good always, do good always, think good always. Stay away from bad influences.
This is how we should live our life.having a good roof over their heads is as important as
anything else. Health is important, education is important, developing a skill to be able
to earn your livelihood with dignity and with grace is important.
If you plant 100 seeds, maybe only two will sprout. If you plant 1,000, maybe 10. But
that itself is a changeisnt it?
Light the lamp of love within you and move forward. When we take each step with good
thoughts and a smiling face, all the goodness will come to us and fill our being. Then
God cannot possibly stay away from us. He will embrace us.
In the end only 3 things matter, How much you loved, How kindly compassionately you
lived, How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

The greatest you can give to someone is your pure love and your time.
Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow any person or situation to
control your mind.
Grace will flow into us when we have the humble attitude - Iam NothingEvery Human Being possess at least one divine quality, concentrate on that, this will
make you true saint. Never judge or criticise anyone.
Stop identifying with the world created by your mind and a new world will open up
before you.

Instead of using a magnifying glass to look at others faults, use a mirror to look
at your own.
Vilence is a reaction, and any reaction to it will cause more reaction..
Angre is agitation, where there is agitation thr is absence of peace of mind.

When Amma embraces or kisses someone, it is a process of purification and inner

healing.Amma is transmitting a part of Her pure, vital energy into Her children. It also
allows them to experience true, unconditional Love.When Amma holds someone it can
help to awaken the dormant spiritual energy within them, which will eventually take
them to the ultimate goal of Self-realization.
A mahatmas life is like a cool breeze that caresses everybody and everything

God is patience, love and compassion.