FSC-certified Wood Products

What is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Wood?
All wood products that are FSC-certified contain wood from FSC-certified forests, controlled sources, or material that is 100% and post-consumer reclaimed or recycled. FSC-certified forests protect wildlife habitat and endangered species, ensure clean water by respecting rivers and waterways, are not planted with genetically modified (GM) trees, or converted into plantations. To become certified companies must also involve local communities and Aboriginal Peoples in the development of forest management plans, and respect their rights and beliefs. FSC is the only forest certification standard supported by organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund of Canada, Sierra Club of Canada and Greenpeace. FSC also certifies the recycled content of wood products. The recycled/post-consumer waste content for FSC wood products is verified, guaranteeing that is has come from recycled sources. FSC wood products can also contain fiber from forest friendly, or controlled, sources. Controlled wood means that it has been verified and cannot come from: • Areas of social conflict and illegal logging; • Genetically modified trees; • High-conservation value forests; and • Large scale conversions which replace native tree species with faster growing non-native species.

Do you know where your wood products come from? Are you using more resources than necessary? Do you care? Do your customers care?
As world population surges and economies grow, the demand for wood fibre is rising accordingly. Not only is 40% of timber harvested from North American forests, but the region's consumption of forest products is equally high. Ensuring the sustainability of our forests and reducing the impact of our activities is therefore of grave importance. With the growing demand for eco-friendly spaces at home and in the workplace, consumers are choosing products that will support a healthy environment both indoors and out. They are concerned with the where their wood products are coming from, how they are being made, and how the forests from which they came are being managed. By supporting the sustainable management of our forests, they can be enjoyed for generations to come. The need for the sustainable management of our forest resources is also of great importance for the building sector, which accounts for 60% of raw materials used in the U.S. The environmental impact of the building sector, where residential construction consumes almost half of North America's softwood, is of increasing concern to architects, builders and consumers. New ways of reducing the ecological footprint of buildings is being explored, and guarantees of responsible forest management practices being sought. The question "where does my wood come from?" can only be answered if you are using or specifying FSCcertified wood products.