Holdings Inc.
59 West 100 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Executive Summary
Contact: Richard Surber Phone: 801-575-8073 Cell: 801-580-7172 Fax: 801-575-8092

Management Team
Richard D. Surber - President/CEO Anthony Newby - COO

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nexia Holdings Inc. is a diversified holdings company with operations in health and beauty, fashion retail, and real estate. We are seeking to expand the scope of these three areas through the acquisition of additional commercial properties, the expansion of our retail concept to include 6 additional locations over the next 24 to 36 month, and the opening of up to 30 additional salons over the next 3 years. Our 5 year plan is to increase the company’s revenues from $1.8M in 2006 to $50M in annual sales by 2013.

Black Chandelier is a lifestyle
company that offers clothing, accessories, and other products that are designed with an edgy sophistication that allows customers to fulfill their need to express their own individuality. Our concept is to provide the consumer an affordable alternative to “mass-market” offerings, and as such we stand in a unique position to establish a niche market.

Funding to Date
$1,000,000 from President $500,000 third party capital funding

Use of Proceeds
We seek $1,000,000 in Series A funding - staged in two parts - that would position Nexia Holdings for substantial growth opportunities in it's fashion and beauty operations.

1) $250,000 required immediately
Inventory for Black Chandelier stores For recently ordered inventory products to be released, and to pay credit lines in order to create more orders Ongoing payroll for Black Chandelier Auditor fees to complete 2007 annual filing with the SEC (10-K) and complete registration statement to file with the SEC to issue new stock (S-1) Back payroll

Commercial Real Estate
acquisition of undervalued properties in the Salt Lake City area is something that we have been doing since the early 1990’s. Our objective is to acquire properties that will need only limited improvements in order to increase their occupancy, improve cash flow, and enhance potential resale value. From time to time we will sell our commercial properties when market conditions are favorable. The goal is to maximize profits and not necessarily to be landlords.

Talented Management.
CEO Richard Surber, Los Angeles fashion designer and Black Chandelier founder Jared Gold are both pioneers in their respective fields. Matthew Landis, founder of Landis Salons, is a world-class stylist with more than a decade of experience for AVEDA™; newly appointed COO Anthony Newby has a significant blue chip corporate background, following a successful 18-plus year career with American Express. All are

2) $750,000
Acquire or build-out additional Black Chandelier locations Acquire and re-brand (AVEDA™ BRAND) additional hair style salons Beef up our online presence Clear up existing credit lines Marketing for Nexia, Landis, and Black Chandelier Additional Back payroll

Landis Salons offer services
that are performed by the most highly trained professionals Utah has to offer. Salons are sectionalized into the three major components; an AVEDA™ retail store, an advanced hair salon, and a training academy designed to groom our newest staff members and ensure a cohesive salon experience. From the beginning our salons have been instilled with a strong belief in being ecologically friendly, and with this conviction we became the first E2 salon in Salt Lake City. Our services are mainly focused around hair and makeup.

company shareholders, and as such they all have a vested interest in our future success.

Brand Equity.
Black Chandelier and the brand’s head designer Jared Gold routinely garner the media’s attention(WWE, America’s Next Top Model, CSI:NY), which have the potential to create lucrative licensing opportunities.

Aggressive Growth.
Our total un-audited revenues for the year, ending December 31, 2007, were $3.4M; this was a 64.5% increase over the $2.12 million reported at year’s end in 2006.

Executive Summary

Our Market Strategies
In Real Estate we put our money into the purchase of underperforming properties and through the repair and upgrade of those properties to increase their value and cash flow potential. At Landis Salons we put our money into top flight proven health and beauty concepts that allow us to generate substantial revenues from inception. At Black Chandelier we put our money into experienced designers with signature style and who have proven themselves in the fashion market in multiple vertical markets.

Consumer Base
The Black Chandelier consumer base has a vary large age range. Female shoppers vary in age from 15 to 65, and while their income ranges widely among this spread, the average is $37,000. This typical consumer is fashion conscious and follows current trends; they also subscribe to or otherwise read several fashion oriented women’s magazines. The expanding men’s division has garnered a large fan base in ages ranging from 15 to 35. These consumers read weekly entertainment guides and local underground publications and fanzines. The target market for Landis Salon is 70% female and 30% male, seeking customers with high expectations at a reasonable cost. The average customer is expected to visit the salon 7-9 times a year, spending an average of $47 on services and purchasing $15 of retail AVEDA™ product with each visit.

Competitive Advantage
We believe that local competition for Black Chandelier is Lollabella and JMR; this assumption is based on their marketing and customer demographics. Nationally, Black Chandelier will be competing against Diesel, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropology. These specialty retailers manufacture their own goods, as well as sell third party products; they are nationally marketed and maintain company operated boutiques in most major cities. The power of big retailers is a major challenge to any new designer and manufacturer; however we believe that offering specialized products with limited distribution creates a unique identity for us among retailers. The primary competition for Landis Salons comes from other salons in the Salt Lake City area market who offer aboveand-beyond customer service; that list currently includes Lunatic Fringe, Salon Zazou, and Salon RZ. Although they do not compete in offering the extra services and products that Landis provides, we believe that we will be in competition with

Financial Projections
Revenue during our initial growth phase (2009-2011) would be generated from: 1) The acquisition of existing, profitable salon operations. 2) Developing a more aggressive wholesale business for Black Chandelier clothing. An aggressive financing plan would underpin our ability to leverage significant market share, gaining opportunities in both the beauty and fashion segments.

Investing Info
Business OTCBB Recent Price 52 Week Range Avg. Daily Volume Shares Outstanding Market Cap Fiscal Year End Specialty Retail NXHL $0.0004 $0.01 - $0.30 410 Thousand 395 Million $115,200 Dec. 31

large scale cutting operations such as Great Clips, Supercuts, and Fantastic Sams as well.


Actual 2,323,095

Estimated 3,256,592







Revenue EBITDA Net Income (pretax income)