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The Pictorialist

April 2015
Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Established 1904
Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America
Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization
And the Wisconsin Print Circuit
Richard Yehl, President; Kathy Braun, Vice President: Dixie Lowin, Treasurer
Bert Hartinger, Secretary-Editor; Webmaster, Sandra Weber
Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month, from September thru May, except for Jan. 8, Mar. 19, and
Apr. 9, at 7pm, in the Luther Manor Conference Room, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
April 9 is Business Meeting
The business meeting is an important one primarily
because a new president and a new secretarynewsletter editor must be selected.
Plus the digital images and the prints which will be
submitted to our May competition, must be brought
to this meeting. Digital images preferably should
be e-mailed to Sandra Weber, but may be brought to
the meeting on memory sticks.

Questions about the competition regulations should

be addressed to Sandra at
Pete Koenig has agreed to be in charge of putting up
the next exhibit at Luther Manor, using prints left
over from the Milwaukee City Hall show.
Richard Yehl has a display of his photos near the
Luther Manor pharmacy.

Use the competition score card which was emailed

to all members. It is also on the Photopictorialist
website ( under Club
Activities/Information, Tips and Directions for
Competition/Score card.

Club Outings and Photo Opportunities

The competition categories are:

Digital color DC
Digital nature DN
Digital monochrome DM
Digital photo-journalism DPJ
Print color PC
Print monochrome PM
Print photo-journalism PPJ

Sunday, May 3: Milwaukee Museum Mile, with

free admission to the Charles Allis Art Museum, the
Jewish Museum, the Museum of Wisconsin Art at
St. Johns On the Lake, the Villa Terrace, and a
discount at North Point Lighthouse. There will be
free shuttles between most sites.

The convention for naming competition

photos is as follows:
1 DN Goldfinch Sandra Weber.jpg
2 DN Robin Sandra Weber.jpg
1 PJ Rowing Sandra Weber.jpg
2 PJ Bike Race Sandra Weber.jpg etc.

Thanks to Pauline Beck, there was a long list of

photo opportunities in the March newsletter. Take a
look. She adds to that list.

A questionnaire was handed out at the last meeting

listing outing suggestions. You are asked to circle
or check your favorites or add any of your own
Another questionnaire was handed out asking for
members preferences asking for program
preferences, ideas re outings, ways to improve the

club, etc. These should be returned at the April

meeting or emailed to Pauline Beck
( before then.

This year our dinner meeting will be May 14. Bring

a dish to share.

The 4th annual WACCO exhibit in the Blue (Reuss
Federal Building) went up Feb. 21 As part of the
Gallery Night and Day, there will be an Artist
Reception April 17, from 6 pm to 9 pm, and the
Blue will also be open Sat. April 18.
The last day for viewing the exhibit is Friday, April
24. Photos can be picked up April 25 between 9-10
Those of us who plan to go to the Artist Reception
April 17 want to get together before the reception
for a meal. Since it is Gallery night, we might
decide to go on to another gallery.
About our May Competition
Come early. Plans are to start at 6pm. And to
repeat, the prints and images and score sheets are to
be bought to the April meeting.
The WACCO competition is May 2. See the
WACCO website for competition information.
The Photo Pictorialists and the Wehr Nature Club
are helping run the competition, and volunteers are
needed to help handle prints, do scorekeeping, etc.
Treat Schedule
April 9 Pauline Beck
May 7 Competition night bring snacks to share
Note Our Annual Dinner Meeting

Spotted at Luther Manor

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