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Case Study of Deviance

A Project in Sociology


Mary Rose Ann Renacia

Submitted to

Prof. Mondejar

August, 2013
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Rizal Technological University

Background of the Case Study......................................

Nature of Deviance.....................................................

Effects of the Deviant Behavior.....................................

How it was Resolve.....................................................

Own Reflection in the Case Study..................................



Background of the Case Study

The various appearances of Guy Croteau: The SQ released these 10 photos of Guy Croteau in 2002 so that victims
of unsolved sexual-assault cases might recognize him and contact police

MONTREAL- Guy Croteau, 56, convicted in 2004 of firstdegree murder in the 1987 death of Sophie Landry, 17.
Besides being convicted of killing Landry, a stranger
Croteau abducted and raped in 1987 before stabbing her
173 times, he is also serving a concurrent 18-year
sentence for sexual assaults of three other victims. In
one case, in July 1999, Croteau picked up two 16-yearold girls who were hitchhiking and sexually assaulted
both at knifepoint. In the other sexual assault case,
Croteau abducted a 10-year-old girl at knifepoint, in
2000, after pretending he needed her help to look for a
lost dog. He sodomized the girl after bringing her to a
wooded area.


Nature of Deviance
Rapist. Murderer. Drug Addict. Criminal.

The trial of Guy Croteau begins with more questions

than answerss. After languishing in a Quebec jail cell for
nearly two years, Guy Croteau has finally gone to trial for
the 1987 murder of Sophie Landry. The arrest of Croteau
is a text book example of the Surete du Quebec's ability
to do good police work - when they are motivated to do
so. Laundry's semi-nude body was found face up in a
cornfield near St. Roch L'Achigan, about 25 km North of
Investigators referred to Guy Croteau as a bona fide
serial killer. Now looks are deceiving, but the 47-year-old
Croteau's appearance is down right spooky; the guy has
that Bundy-esque shape-shiftiness down cold.This might
make sense except for the fact that in the matter of the
other assaults:- All of the victims were teenagers.
- All of the victims were assaulted on the South Shore of
Montreal-They were all found in isolated areas-A knife
was used in each incident. Also, Croteau's m.o. is well
established: he works alone; his pick-up line is usually of
the, "hey, kid, can you help me find my lost puppy?" ilk.
If Croteau raped Landry, then he most likely killed her
too; there wouldn't have been a buddy around to blame.


Effects of Deviant Behavior

The effects of his criminal acts was undeniably

obvious. It cause the death of three innocent young lady.
He was possibly involved in other sexual assaults and
abductions on the South Shore between 1995 and 2000.
Landry was abducted from South Shore La Prairie, but
Croteau left her body in a cornfield in St-Roch-delAchigan, 40 kilometres north of Montreal. The
investigation used DNA found on the clothes of the 10year-old girl Croteau sodomized to link him to Landrys
murder and the assault on the hitchhikers. The parole
decision reveals Croteau is detained at a mediumsecurity penitentiary somewhere in Quebec and that he
collaborates well with corrections staff. But he is still
considered a high risk to reoffend with little potential for
being paroled, which wont be an option until sometime
after 2027.

Croteau currently meets regularly with a psychiatrist

and a psychologist to deal with mental health problems.
In 2004 he was diagnosed as suffering from chronic
depression. He tried to kill himself in a courtroom after
he was convicted of murder and paranoia. He is also on a
waiting list to take part in programs to treat sexual
deviance and drug addiction. Guy Croteau sets toward his


How it was Resolved

The 16-year-old Landry had also been raped.
Sperm samples were taken from her body
during her autopsy. Now here's the good police
work part; unlike some Surete investigators who
have a preponderance for disposing of
evidence , detectives assigned to the Landry
case remarkably kept the samples of sperm for
Forteen-years later police picked up Guy
Croteau for a series of abductions and sexual
assaults in the Longueuil area of Montreal. From
his m.o. Croteau appeared to be nothing more
than a serial rapists with a remote possiblilty of
developing into a more violent criminal.
Nevertherless, when investigators ran Croteau's
DNA through a check with samples on file for
past crimes, Croteau came up as a match on the
unsolved Landry case. He was subsequently
arrested on February 13th 2002 for 14-year-old


Croteau gets 25 year life sentence with

no chance of parole.
Own Reflection in the Case Study

I feel really pity for the victims. He raped

and killed innocent girls. He had been stabbed
Sophie Landry one hundred and seventy-three
times.As if that wasn't overkill! In my own
opinion, Guy Croteau deserves all the miserable
happenings in his life now. And for me, to stay
in a jail and to rehab is not enough, I really want
him to suffer. He even tried to commit suicide.
See how karma goes fast. But I believe that for
every criminals who have been eperienced
sorrow, theres a room in their hearts to regret
for all the sins and crimes that they have done.
Someday, he will realize to make his 25 years or
more life sentence to be productive. Croteau
should also be pleased to seek forgiveness to
the girls in heaven and to their families. Guy
Croteau must start a new life. Pray to God and
surrender to Him everything.



Case Study of Deviance. All Rights Reserved. 2013

Mary Rose Ann Renacia, CAS-06-101P