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Cherry blossoms are cherry

blossoms and plum blossoms

Accordingly, you must bloom
in the way that only you can.
Without a doubt you possess
your own jewel, your own
innate talent inside of you.

Verbal/LinguisticIs your child word smart? People who are strong in the
Verbal/Linguistic intelligence are good with words and the ability to use language. Does
he love to talk? Does he play with words or make up new words? When faced with an
unknown object, does he coin a new word or a descriptive phrase? Does he love to tell
Logical/MathematicalSome children are number smart. Logical/Mathematical
intelligence involves thinking logically, solving problems and investigating scientifically.
They like to count, notice patterns and work logic puzzles or games. They enjoy
scientific experiments and classifying and sorting things.
Visual/SpatialMaybe your child is picture smart. Visual/Spatial people have the ability
to recognize and use patterns, to represent the visual and spatial world. Your child may
love to doodle and draw. He may represent his thoughts better in picture or mind maps
than in words. He may work well with color coding items.
Bodily/KinestheticIs your child body smart? Those who excel in Bodily/Kinesthetic
intelligence use their whole body to relate to the world and to solve problems. This
child loves to role play, dance, play outside, touch things, and build things.
Musical/RhythmicSome children are music smart. People who are strong in
Musical/Rhythmic intelligence recognize musical patterns and learn well through
rhyme, rhythm and repetition. They love to sing, often making up their own songs to
narrate their activities. They work well with music in the background.
Interpersonal/RelationalMaybe your child is people smart. Interpersonal/Relational
intelligence involves the ability to understand and work well with other people. Your
child may be the leader in group games. He may love team sports and board games.
He may be happier when socializing.
Intrapersonal/IntrospectiveIs your child self smart? People who are strong in
Intrapersonal/Introspective intelligence understand themselves and appreciate their
own feelings and motivations. Does your child keep a journal? Does he prefer
individual, solitaire games? Does he daydream or march to the beat of a different
drummer? Is your child self-motivated?
NaturalisticSome children are nature smart. Naturalistic intelligence involves
recognition and appreciation of certain aspects of the environment. These children love
playing outside and relate well to animals. They are happier playing in the mud or
climbing trees than sitting inside in front of the television.
Spiritual/ExistentialMaybe your child is faith smart. Although Howard Gardner was
hesitant to add this intelligence to his list, there are some children who are eager to
contemplate ultimate issues, to explore questions beyond sensory data. These children
often ask the big questions that are difficult to answer.
We all have each of these intelligences in varying degrees, but our strengths lie in only
a few. Your child is the same way when it comes to intelligence. Although you may be
acutely aware of the areas your child is struggling in, he has strengths in more than
one of these intelligences. Enjoy the experience of discovering and encouraging the
ways in which your child learns best.