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March 23, 2015

Oil and Gas Commission

P.O. Box 339
Sidney, Nebraska 69162-0399
Re: Case Number 14-14: In the matter of the application of the Terex Energy Corp
for approval to convert the Laucomer 13-1, located at 25N/56W in the NE NW
Corner of Sec. 13, in the Spotted Tail Creek Field in Sioux County, Nebraska, for use
as a salt water disposal well, in accordance with Chapter 4 of the Rules and
Regulations of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
Dear Commissioners:
Thank you for this opportunity to comment. This letter is to convey my position that
the Commission should not take action on this application until all of the relevant
factors have been taken under consideration. This well is located in an
environmentally sensitive area in Nebraska. As a Commission you have not been
presented with a case that involved the great volume of produced water proposed
to be injected into the subterranean in Nebraska as will be done by this proposal. It
is incumbent upon the Commission to perform due diligence that this application
will not have a long term adverse impact on the precious water supply in western
Nebraska. This involves the safety of both underground water and surface water
supplies now and in the future.
I am very concerned that the Commission has no means to fund the monitoring that
will be required for the future to assure the safety of the ground water. Moreover,
how would any repair of future environmental damage be accomplished and any
clean-up funded?
The second major concern raised by this application is the truck traffic, and damage
to Nebraskas roadways and public safety issues raised by the proposed route
through several cities in Nebraska. It is estimated by the Nebraska Department of
Roads that it will require some $6.5 million dollars to address the roads problems.
The Commission should have clear authority to address these concerns as it
addresses this application.

Considering these issues, I will introduced a study resolution in the Nebraska

Legislature to consider the adequacy of the Oil and Gas Commissions statutory
authority in the area of the disposal of waste water. The Natural Resource
Committee and its staff will be given the authority to study, investigate and make
recommendation concerning the Oil and Gas Commissions authority and role in
these critical decisions. I look forward to working with the Commission, the
Commissions staff and other parties. The product of this study will, if found
necessary, be recommendations for new statutory authority to regulate produced
water disposal wells. This study will address what should be done to protect the
environment, our surface and underground water supply and public safety.


John P. Stinner
State Senator
District 48

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