March 20, 2008


How to End Your Own Suffering
Beloved Beings, yes there are those upon this planet who are suffering greatly, and you have done all that you could do to assist them. You have sent monies, you have prayed, you have envisioned great light about the suffering, and you have even taken the suffering to yourself in an attempt to relieve the burdens of the many. All that you have done is neither right nor wrong, but has been and continues to be choice. Yet for this speaking, we would focus on you and upon your suffering, even though you may believe that in comparison to the many whose suffering is grave, your suffering is small. You see, Beloved Beings, you are greatly loved and within that love do we flow forth to assist you… in all manners of being, even when you believe that your suffering is not great enough to deserve not only your full attention, but also our assistance in relieving you of such suffering. Within your holy journey, within your expanded consciousness, and within your manners of residing in the awakened state, there comes forth – from time to time, as you have the phrase – those occurrences that appear to be out of context, out of context from that which you have been creating. And you of course look to yourself to discover what you have been doing wrong within your choosing and creating so that you might correct such manifestations. You have done very well in this manner of change. Yet now is the time for the next phase of your residing upon earth in a most expanded manner of being. The real truth, the real journey. It is one of experience and less of words and study. What is the next phase? Ah! We say these words: this is what you have been waiting for. The real truth, the real journey. It is one of experience and less of words and study. In truth, there is no study at all with regard to what you can do to reside within a life that is free of your own suffering. Then in this manner do we speak and perhaps in this manner do you reside: Firstly, take several deep breaths and while breathing in, imagine that as you breathe in the All That Is you are simultaneously releasing all concepts of exactly how you have perceived the All That Is. You are simply consciously breathing in the All That Is. And when you breathe outward, imagine that you are breathing outward the All That Is and in a like manner, imagine that you have easily and completely released any and all previous concepts of the All that Is. Continue in this manner for several breathings… until you have forgotten what you are doing and you are simply breathing. Bring your awareness back to this moment and continue. Secondly, close your eyes and allow your awareness within your very own self to choose to temporarily set aside any and all seeming difficulties which cause you suffering. Temporarily set them aside. You might be asking, “How do I do this?” To which we

would say, simply choose. As you are residing quietly with your eyes closed, say to yourself, “In this moment I temporarily set aside all concerns for any person, place or situation. In this moment I temporarily set aside any cause and effect that is or continues to cause my suffering. In this moment, I choose to allow any cause for my own suffering to be temporarily set aside. This I do choose. So be it.” You may not require all of those words, or you may discover that in order to set aside such cause and effect, you may say those words several times. Continue in this manner until you are no longer striving to set aside, until you are no longer efforting to temporarily free yourself from that cause and effect for your own inner suffering. Continue until you are breathing easily and discover that you CAN be separate from that cause and effect. You see, Beloved Beings, at times you are so involved within such cause and effect that you actually lose your own identity within it. It is as if you, the beauteous glorious you, no longer exist. It is as if you have temporarily set yourself aside and become those difficulties or that cause and effect. At times, so to speak, you have placed yourself inside another, perhaps another whom you deeply love, and you have suffered for him or her. Yet you have also discovered that such practices actually prove to be fruitless; perhaps you have discovered such swimming within difficulties has only caused you more pain than you “bargained for” – as you have the words. And perhaps, after all, you have found that you are so very involved with such practices that you are trapped within them. Yet we say to you, you are not trapped. You are not the other person or persons. And you are not the circumstance; you are not the cause and effect. You have simply lost yourself, your sense of self, within your practices. And it is that which you are that will bring to you great relief. Reflect for a moment upon what we have spoken. Reflect for a moment on how you have involved yourself to such a degree that perhaps you have forgotten yourself and your own choosing… for yourself. Perhaps you will allow such awareness to rise to the surface of your knowing. Allow. Now once again, return to your letting go of or setting aside of any person, place, or situation with which you have become involved to such a degree that you have begun to cause your own suffering. Once again, choose to temporarily set aside all cause and effect, allowing it to be of itself. Once again, choose to temporarily set aside your involvement with anything outside of your very own self in this moment as we reside together. Breathe deeply and easily, remembering to breathe in the All That Is and breathe out the All That Is. Continue until you forget that which you are doing and are simply breathing naturally and without focus. Next, Beloved Beings, say to yourself these words, taking one statement and whispering to your own self the words and allow the words to reside within, caressing the entirety of that which you are. Then the next statement and the next, allowing each one to fill you and reside within you. And if you find that your mind wants to analyze the statement, perhaps to determine if the statement is actually correct or to determine what the statement means, say to your mind, “We will think about this later. Right now we are allowing. It is my choice.” Breathe deeply and continue. Then these are your statements to your very own beauteous self, statements to assist you to be restored to your own consciousness, to reside within your glorious self, to be that which you are, One and Whole.

I Am. I am the Light. I am the Love. I am the golden essence flowing forth to take form. I am all manners of being and I am of One. I am the taking of form and the releasing of form. I am the All Knowing. I am that which is peace. Peace takes form as the very fabric of my being. Love takes form as the very fabric of my being. Light takes form as the very fabric of my being. I am the glory and the light. I am all beings and I am the One Being. I am the holiness itself. I am the breath of all breaths. I am all purposes and the One Purpose. I am the fulfillment of purposes and the fulfillment of the One Purpose. I am purpose itself. I am fulfillment itself. I am the cause and I am the effect. I am the pulse beat of the Universe. I am the beginning and I am the end. I am eternity taking form. I am the laughter and I am the tears. I am the deep sigh and the great bursting forth. I am the stepping and I am the sleep. I am the wanting and I am the releasing of wanting. I am the dreams and I am the reality. I am the flowing forth of All That Is to take form as the time stream. I am the flowing forth. I am the forming. I am All. I am the All That Is. I am the All That Is flowing forth. I am the All That Is flowing forth to take form. I am the All That Is flowing forth to take form for the sole purpose of experiencing all manners of taking form. I am the fulfillment of all experiences. I am the sleep and the awake. I am the awakening. I am the yearning for awakening. I am the Man, the Woman, and the Child. I am the innocence of being. I am humanity and I am the One.

I am the One Breath. I Am. I Am. I Am. I am the Nothing. I am the All That Is.

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