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he Jinn are created from Energy (according to Quran and Sunnah) from Fire that is free from
Smoke - (Quran Surah 55, Vers 15) :"And He created Jinns from fire free from smoke"

And (Quran Surah 15, Vers 27): "And the Jinn race, we had created before, from the fire of a
scrotching wind,

The Jinn are created from Energy, because Ghost Hunters can detect them,
According to Quran and Sunnah these are the characteristis of Energy for example: going at the
speed of light, not having a perticular form, going throw walls,
They Jinn inhabitat the world, before Adam, the Quran saays the not explicit (the Quran is
indirect) , but in the story of Adam, (Surah 2, Vers 30): "Behold thy Lord said to the Angels: "I
will create a vicegerent on earth, they said (the Angels): "Are you going to put in this world an
entity that will make mischief therein and shed blood? - whilst we do celebrate thy praises
and glorify the holy (name)? He (Allah) said: "I know what you dont know"

The Sahabas says that Explicit: Ibn Abbas and others make Tafsir of this and say:
"The Malaika knew the reality of Men because of the Reality of Jinn, how would
the Malaika knew that they will cause Fitna and Fasad in this World, when the
Malaika never seen a man, because Allah already created the Jinn, the Jinn was the
first createtion that shed blood on this Earth and went to a civil war, the Malika get
involved in this and stoppet the civil war, (there is a long story of Ibn Abbas)
The Jinn dont have a paticular shape or a form, the Sharia dont say what is the original form
of a Jinn, but in my humble opinion the Questions is absurd, to have real shape you must have
a physical body , if you dont have a physical body (structure)you dont have a real shape,
energy dont look like anything, they have a totaly different parrallel universe (they are here
and yet they are not here), they are here but in a separat world, apart from our eyes, the Jinn
dont have actualy one shape and that also explaines culturaly an another phenomenen that
every single civilisation and culture has a different persepction of thhere demons and ghost,
there is no one unified structure, but one thing is commond, that this entites are terryfieng to
look at, because they took forms that terifies,



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There are different opinions of scholars that say who can see a jinn, 1 group says only prophets
can see a jinn, that seems to be correct at all, because Quran and Sunnah says that the jinn can
be shown to man, the Majority opinion is that Humans can all see the Jinn if when the Jinn
want to reveal himself to a human, you cant enter the world of the Jinn, but the Jinn can enter
in your world, Allah says that in the Quran explicit about the exposing of a Jinn in Quran Surah
Al-Araf (7) Vers 27:

That means "He (Iblis) and his tribes can see you from a Place that you can not see
them", he have access to your world, but you dont have access to their world, he
can enter to your dimension, but you cant enter in their dimension,

There is no orginal shape of a Jinn, this brings us to an another point, most of the Legends are
baset upon the Jinn, many stories that we hear, they acutally come from theh Jinn, for example
"the Shape Shifters" an entitify that can go in any shape that he want (its very common in
many civilisations), the Jinns can appear in any shape, fashion and form, they can also appear
in the form of dead people, becasue there is an Hadith of Prophet (saw), in Sunan Ibn Majah,
Vol 5, Book 35, Hadith No: 3905: " It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah
( )said: Whoever sees me in a dream has (really) sees me, for Satan cannot imitate me.
o That means the can duplicate any form, exept of Prophet Mohammad (saw),
We as Muslims dont belive in Ghosts, we are beliving in Jinns, our Soul does not return to
this world the soul of the Human goes to the Barzakh, the soul of a Human will and can not
return to the Alime Dunya, it cannot return to the world of a wakefull man (in that we are right
now) , it can return to a sleeping man, but we dont go to that Question, because Allah says in
the Quran in Surah 3 (Al-Imran), Vers 185:

Every Soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall your
paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire admitted to the
Garden will have attained the object (of Life): "For the Life of this world is but
goods and chattels of deception,



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From the Seerah we also now, that the Jinn can come and pretend to be Human, that they can
intermangle with human and the human dont know that this is a jinn or not, we learn this
from the Seerah, there are so many incidents from the Seerah, for example the Night of the
Assination of Prophet Mohammad (saw), when the elite of the Quraish gatheret together and
and decide fiinanly one and for all that they will assasinate the Prophet (saw) there was a
knock on the door an old man from the Areas of the Najd look like the chieften of the uppar
north tribe, they belive him that they was one of the Elite and it turns out that this was Iblis
himself, and he was that said the Plot that, why dont you send every Man that they attack,
that there will be chaos and no one person can be blaime and Iblis pretended to be an old man
from that Region,

We also learn from the Battle of Badr, that the Shaytaan had fear of Allah that Allah explicitly
said: in the Quran in Surah 8 (Al-Anfal) Vers 48 -

Remember Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them, and said: "No one
among men can overcome you this day, while I am near to you": But when the two forces
came in sight of each other, he turned on his heels, and said: "Lo! I am clear of you; lo! I
see what ye see not; Lo! I fear Allah. for Allah is strict in punishment."

Hadith of Abu Huraira (it is in Bukhari and Muslims):
That the Prophet Mohammad appointed him to guard the Zakah (the Money), Prophet
Mohammad said to Abu Huraira to Guard the Money for tonight, that nobody came
inside and take something away, Abu Huraira said: I heard something, slinging and saw a
man, and caught him, and said to him; "How dare you steal the sadaqah money, are you
not ashame, he begged and said he have children, and keep on speaking, until Abu
Huraira said: "I let him go" , the next morning the Prophet (saw) asked him (because
Jibreel informed him) How was your visitor last night, and Abu Huraira said "i will caught
him for shure and take him to the Prophet (saw), the next time he came again, Abu
Huraire jumped, caught him and Shaytaans sweet tonque works again, he let him go
again, one again, the Prophet Mohammad (saw) talks to him again, and 3rd time he
promised, OK, and Prophet Mohammad "What when I give you an advise, that will held
as long as you live, very benefial advise, before you go to sleep recite Aytul Kursi, that
will protect you from Shaytaan", Prophet Mohammad said (Huwa sadaqata Huwa
Qasoob) : He told you one truth, but he is a habitual, perpetiual liar" , that shows us first
read "Aytulkursi" before you go to sleep, he (Iblees) has told that to us, that Hadith told
us that the Shayateen and the Jinn can come or can appear infront of man,

Ibn Tayymiyah told us , he mentioned he knows for a fact that , this in specialy trutht in the
Mystical Groups that they belive that there Sheikh has holy powers, Ibn tayymiah says, I can
tell you so many stories a group seeing there sheikh multiple at the same time and he gives a
very bizzare story, one day i visited a group in a another city they told me they called upon me
(Ibn tayymiyah) and I call to them to answer their needs and deeds, I never come to you, that
was a Shaytaan, pretending to be me, in my image and form, this is even happening to Ibn



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taymiyyah, himself, he is coming to you in a wakeful state, in real, the point is that jinn can
appear infront of man, if they jinns wants to appear,

Even Prophet Mohammad mentioned it himself, one he was praying in Salah, 3 times he said:
"Auzubillah Him Minka" and he Took 3 times a step back (every time he said "Auzubillah Him
Minka" and in one version he is even pushing his hand, then heh took a step forward and said
"Bismilahi Alla Anuka Bin Lanati Bilah ("In the Name of Allah I course you") they said: "What
happened" Rasullullah says: "One of the Ifrid of the Jinn came to me and attemptet one of the
branches of fire, and to destrect my in the Salah , then I said that, then I held on him by the
colour so that i could feel the coolnes of his breath, and I thought let me tie him up so you can
see him the next morning, but then I remembered my brother Sulaiman said to Allah "Wa Qala
Rabih Habali Mulqalah Baqhiri Ahadin Min Bahdi" -Let me have give a Kingdom that nobody
have after me, and so I let the Shaytaan or the Ifrid go", so Sulaiman had control over the Jinn
(Allah gave him the Power) Theh Prophet (saw) didnt want to compete with that, because it
was a Dua of Sulaiman,

We also learn form an another Hadith that they can come in other forms, that once a young
man of a Sahaba was newly married, he was ready to go on a expedition and he comes to the
Prophet Mohammad (saw), armed and ready to go, he asked permission to have one last visit
to his beloved wife, so the Prophet Mohammad (saw) gives him that, the permission, so he
comes back and sees her (his wife) in the house clothes at the door (and of course this is
immodisty) than he got so in rage, he was almost to strike her and she says: "Before you do
anything, see whats happening inside" so he goes inside, there was a massive snake on their
bed, so he takes out their sword, they two of them get in a battle, and the narrator of the
Hadith says, we dont know who killed the other first, but both of them died, then Prophet
Mohammad (saw) when he heard the news said: "There are a group of jinn, they accepted
islam in Madinah", so if one of you come across a snake, then in 1 version give him 3 days and
an another 3 warnings before you kill him", the Jinn appear in the form of a snake, (Hadith is in
Sahih Muslim and it si specific to Madinah, )
o The Jinns can appear in the Form of an Animal, that the Man can see them, when the
Jinn want to do so, not when the Human whants to do so,

The Jinn marry and have children, they ingage in intercourse outside and inside of the Marriage
and they have marriage and this is proven in so many evidences of them the Vers in the Quran
in Surah 18 (Al-Khaf) Vers 50:

Behold! We said to the angels, "Bow down to Adam": "They bowed down execpt Iblis.
He was one of the Jinns and he broke the commend, of his Lord. Will ye then take him
(iblis) and his progeny as protecters rather then me? And they are enemies to you ! Evil
would be the exchange for the wrong doers!,

So Allah mentioned that they has (iblis) has ZURIYAH, Children (his progeny) they have
intercourse outside and inside of the Marriage, and they have marriage and they have children,



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Also the avidence that the Jinns engaged in Intimacy there is a the Quran Ayah in Surah 55(
Ar-Rahman ) Vers 39:

On that Day no question will be asked of man or Jinn as to his sin.

That means that the Jinn have the capacity to be intimate but, the entitiys in the Jannah (The
Huruliyyn) are not touched neith for a man or a Jinn,

The also eat and they drink, because at there is an Hadith in Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol5, Hadith
No: 3905: "It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said: " Do not eat with
your left hand, for the Satan eats with his left hand."
That means that every created object needs something, only Allah needs nothing , Allah is Al-

Also a charecteristic of the Jinn, is in theh Story of Sulaiman (a.s.) with the Queen of Sheeba,
what did he say "Who will bring me her Throne before she manages to come to me", so
Sulaiman (a.s.) is in his temple, his Masjid, that the Masjid was considered to be the most
manificant structure ever build by man in point in time, it wasnt build by Man, it was build by
the Jinn, tall towering walls (we called it Minarets as well) massive slabs humanly was not
possibly to do, that was beyoned recognisition, and the Queen of Sheeba had a thronen that
she was proud of, it didnt compete with the temple of Sulayman, (Walahunn Arshun Azeem)
the Hudhud (the Yahoopi) considered her throne to be magnificant, (Walahun Arshun Azeem)
but that really shows, that throne was not magnificant, so Sulaiman (as) want to show, who
has Allah protectim him, so he says to his entire Army , birds and Jinn and Men, and Animals,
he is serving his entire army, and he says who will bring me her throne, the first entity to stand
up was "Qala Irfritum Minan Jinn" An Ifrid of the Jinn says set me free and I will bring you the
o This story is mentioned in the quran and is taking the time of Sualaiman and that this
Jinn is the world record, that is Jinnly possible, that goes to this Ifrid that this is the
pinnacle, you can go beyoned this, at is at a Time, when al of the Jinn are absorviant to
Sulaiman (a.s.) , this is the SUPER JINN,
This Story summarysis most of the charaterstic of the Jinn,
All of the Storys of Jinni, Jinni in the Bottle (Aladin) comes from the Story of
Sulaiman (a.s.) , that originate from this time, because sulaiman (a.s.) sits on
a carpet and the carpet would fly, and go 1 month journey back and fourth,
And another thing that we learn from this, the speed of travel and the strength to
lifted up, the Jinn has the capacity to transform matter into Energy (E= mc) , take
that Energy at the speed of light and rebring it back to the way it is was (this is like
Star Trek, Beam me Up, Scotty) , Sulayman is in Jerusalem, and the Queen of
Sheeba is in Yemen, the city is Saba, and the distance is the entire Arabian
Pennisula, by plane it will take 2 1/2 hours, this is teleporting from our perspective,
we are living in a time, that we are thing about that it is possible, but not for a
human, 50 years ago it was bizaare, now (thanks to Albert Einstein) we understand
that, but some of the jinn can do that,
This is an another phenomanen , that the Jinn are able to bring physical
things into your house and take it out from your house, without you see
something moving in your house, the jinn have the capacitiy to transform
something physical and convert it into energy and build it back at transform
it back, that is very bizaar for us,



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One final thing that we can learn (also from the story of Iblis)
Intelectual/Emotional Charateristics: the Jinn are very different then us and
Allah has blessed us with more, intelligent, wisdom and Akl then the jinn, the
jinn has more phyiscal capibilitys then us, they are faster, stronger and
invisble to us, they can transform energy and matter back and forth, but we
have more wisdom then they have and wisdom trumps physical power, the
CEOs are paid more then we have in minutes or seconds, brains over brons,
this is the reality, eventough Iblis was created from Nar and Adam was
created from Turab, Allah (swt) blessed Adam over Iblis, intilectualy we are
at the TOP and so we win, so Allah (swt) told to Iblis to prostrate to Adam
not the other way around, this also shows us another point, that is that from
the very beginning Iblis was jelous of us, because he know that Adam was
blessed over him, and his jelousy caused him blind with anger, (it is one of
the pety and ridiculous emtions to have, may allah protect us), what
happend when you are jeleous, you show that you are better,this is show
off, because you have an infeority complex, iblis and his progeny have
aninfeority complex to us, they always feel to prove to themselves, and in
this proving themselves, this is were they take advantage to some amongst
us and the other way, this is the intersection of magic,

They have also evestrop on the angels, the evidennce are well know to all of you,
the Quran is very explicit, in Surah AL-Jinn (72), Vers 9 Allah says:

" We Would sit up there, in Stations of Sitting and in order to Listening"

And In Surah Tabark and so many Surah, at least 6 Surahs in the Quran about the
evestroping of the Jinn, and this also shows us that the world of the Jinn and the
world of Angels is a similar world, this is a different parallel universe to ours if you
like, the world of energy, the jinn and the malaika are inhabiting that type of the
world, So they can sends oneanother and they can hide oneanother like we can
hide ourselves from oneanother with a pysical barrier, so that is what the Jinns are
doing, they are hidding (in a way that we never understands) behind soemthing, a
PHYSICAL BARRIER; so the Angels can see them, that means, the Angels have their
own sense perseptions and the Jinn are able to utelise that and listens and than
what happens, Allah says in the Quran, with the coming of Prophet Mohammad
(saw) that was closed, (the Sama ad Dunya would looked up), the Jinn can only go
with great difficulty to the other world, because Allah says in Surah Al-Jinn, "We
used so sit there all the time" and then also in Surah Al-Jinn (72), Vers 9:

"We used to sit there all the time, and however trys to do it now, he used to find a
firy ball against him" So The Jinn also evestrope upon the Angels, and the Jinn will
die and will be reserectad and face reward and punishment, so they Jinn are
"Mukalaf" the Jinn are abliged to be rightous and those who are rightous will be



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rewarded and those who are not will be punished so the Jinn and us share this
reality mentioned in Surah Adh Dhariyat (51), Vers 56:

"I have only created Jinn and Men to worship me",

So Jinn will also get Jannah if they are righthous, and Jinn would punished in
Jahanam if they they are not rightous, and they are so many evidence for this, but
we dont have time, to go into that,

The Characteristics of the Jinn

The Evil Jinn love to inhabit Evil places, the filthy Jinn love to inhabi filthy places,
we learn this from the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (saw), it is in Sahih Al
Bukhari, Book 4, Hadith 144:

Narrated Anas:
Whenever the Prophet ( ) went to answer the call of nature, he used to say,
"Allah-umma inni a`udhu bika minal khubuthi wal khaba'ith i.e. O Allah, I seek
Refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things (evil deeds and evil spirits).

Of the characteristics that are not in the Quran and Sunnah but we learn that from
Folkore and Legends, from have conversation with the Jinn, but we cant be 100%
sure, of the characteristics we learn from them is that, that the Jinns have much
much longer lives then us, maybe even 100 of years, because for them time is not
for them that, that is for us also we learn (not in Quran and Sunnah) that they are
quanitiy wise that they are much more then us, because they not occupied
physical space, so a Jinn can have thousands of children and the quantity of Jinn
can far suprases the quantity of Man, and this is a evidence in the Quran that some
have used, eventhough this is not explicit in this regard, Allah says in it : Surah Al-
Anam (6), Vers: 128:

One of the way to translate that vers, (it is not the obvious way to translate that
verse) is: "Oh groups of Jinn, you have faar excited groups of Men" - And that is
something that we also learn from folkore and from the cultures, that the beeings
live much more longer than that of man,

Types of Jinns

How many quantities or types, species are, this is much then that is written here, it
is pure folklore, so I will minimize thisi very much, because oneystly we really dont
know the Hadith tell us one thing, the Quran tells us another thing and put
together we get some very basic chategories, of the simplest chategories is that
there are Muslim Jinn and Non-Muslim Jinn (this is very clear), there is a very clear
verse in the Quran in Surah Al-Jinn (72), Vers 24:



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"There are some who are Muslims and there are some who are fallshort and they
are Evil"

and Allah says also in Surah Al-Jinn (72), Vers 11:

"Some of us are good and some of us are lower than good"

We are "Salih" and we are not "Salih" - So clearly there are some Muslim Jinns
and there are Non-Muslim and this is also proven ins Surah Al-Ahkaf, where Allah
mentioned in the Quran and this occured if you remember when the Prophet
Mohammad (saw) return from Taa'if and the Night before he entered Makkah,
bleeding and blodded and ambrusied, he stood up in TAHAJJUD and Allah blessed
him, with a Miracle, "that the People of the World might have rejected you but
even the other world will accept you" and Allah mentioned in the Quran that
(Quran Surah AL-Ahqaf (46), Vers 29:

"And [mention, O Muhammad], when We directed to you a few of the jinn,
listening to the Qur'an. And when they attended it, they said, "Listen quietly."
And when it was concluded, they went back to their people as warners."

And they told to their People, we heard of a Book, that comes after Musa affirming
what Musa said and "Oh my People accept this new Messenger" that has come,

So clearly we find Muslim Jinns converting and preaching to their fellow Jewish
Jinns (notice) - that says in an another point, we learn from folklore, we learn
from legend, and the Quran gently hints at this, the Religions of the Jinn are the
Religions of Men, you have Christian Jinns, Buddhist Jinns, Hindu Jinns and
Muslim Jinns, the Religioins of Man are adopted by the Jinns and its not the
other way around, we dont adopt their religions, they adopt ours, what is that
means, intelectually, we dont learn their langugages, they learnd ours to
communicate with us and you will have Jinns that speak in Human Languages and
thats well documented, - the Movie Emily Rose is based on a actual story, which
we have tape recordings to this day, Intelectually the Jinns are not so high as us,
they must learn our languages to communicate with us,

They are different ethnicities and tribes, like we are, they might be Desi Jinn and
Arab Jinn, I dont know man, (laughter), they have different ehtnicities and tribes,
how do we know this, (Quran Surah Al-Ahqaf (46), Vers 30:



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"Oh, our Qaum, our People", so they have a Quam, that is seperate from the other
Jinns, so clearly they have different, ethnicities and way their dividing themselves,
what thous things are, we have absolutely no idea, something that is "Ilm Al-
Ghayb" , we never would know that,

Also there are certeain types of Jinn that the Quran and Sunnah mentioned, i will
only mentioned the two that the Quran and Sunnah mentioned, otherwise folklore
mentioned 10 or 15 and I will leave all of that, the Quran only mentioned 1 special
type of Jinn, Ifrid - Qala Ifritum Minal Jinn, and the Sunah also mentioned Ifird by
the way, that the Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, in the Hadith of walking 3 steps
back and 3 steps forward, in 1 versions he says: "An Ifrid of the Jinn came to me"
and what is an Ifrid of the Jinn so what we can gather from the Quran and Sunnah ,
an Ifrid is an specially evil and specilly strong Jinn, he is a type of Jinn that strenght
above and beyoned the other types of Jinns have, and it has an evil nature, it is
above and beynoed the evil of the average shaytaan, which is pretty low bar
anyway it is going beyoned that, we know this because the Ifrid challanges the
Prophet (saw), imagine how evil you must be, and the Ifrid is the one who is saying
to Sulaiman (a.s.) "I can bring the Throne" perhaps , some have said that, the
Western calls him a Damon type of a spirit, and the other Jinns you have the
regular Jinns,

So in many cultures you have this destinction of an specially Evil entitiy, so we
learn this from the Quran and Sunnah, that there is a specially malevelant, a
specially violent, specially and that seems to be rare, not so common and they are
not so common as they are, there is an Hadith in Musnad Imam Ahmad (it is
different from the Authencity) that bascially mentioned in Arabic is "CHOOL" from
this we get the English, Ghool, so there is a type of Jinn, there is CHOOL, they are
just iritating, this are actually only the 2 types, that are mentioning in the Quran
and Sunnah,

Folkore mentioned so many types of the Jinn, but we dont know, because it is ilm

But there is one Hadith that is very fascinating (but we cant understand it,
because it is Ilm-Al-Ghaib) and it is an authentic hadith, our Prophet Mohammad
(saw) said: "Al Jinnu salatha" - Jinns are of 3 types, Nr1 some are snakes and dogs,
Nr2 some are "Yatiruna Fil Hawa" - Flying in the Air and Nr3 some are "Yuhiloon"
they camp and they live and they go away, these are cryptic, but what can we
genericly say, there is a categoriy of Jinn, that typicaly appears in the Form of
Animals, this is the first category, and to animals the Jinns typical love to appear in
- SNAKES and DOGS (but sometimes are other animals) it common, but this is not
mean, that they never appear in an another form, they could have other forms as
well, the Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, thee first are "Hayat" and "Kilab" -
Snakes and Dogs, the 2nd categories are "Samha Yatiruna Filhawaa" some are
flying around in the Skys, and perhaps those types of Jinns have nothing to do
with us, perhaps they are cut of from us, and AGAIN this is ILM AL GHAIB, we



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would never know, but maybe those are the majority of the Jinn, and the 3rd
types of jinn they come and they go, this type want to irritate us, want to frighten
us, want to come in to our lives, so the majority of the Jinn have nothing to do with
us, they are living their lives, the reason they become animals is to get access to
our food (the physical Food) and then they become the Jinn again,

Last Topic: have the Jinns have their Prophets or not ?

"Maybe all of the Shayateen are chainend on Ramadan" Ibn taymiyyah comment
on this Hadith and said that this is not true, only the Marada of the Shayateen (the
opstinant, the one who are going to harm you especially) or a seperate category
(like the Ifrid) - because theh Ifrid seems to be a different species of the Jinn, a
different clan, it could be that the marada of the Jinn could be the Ifirid, and the
problem comes again - ALL of this is ILM AL GHAIB,

Final point:
Are there any Prophets of the Jinns?
And there is a lot of Ikhtilaaf on this Issue, majority of the scholars of our tradition
have said that there are no Jinn Prophets and Messengers, Prophet and
Messengers are only Human, Ibn Abbas held the possition that Prophets and
Messengers are human, but the Jinns have an another entity, and that is "Nudur"
so there is something called the Nudur for the Jinn and this is based on Surah
Ahqaaf , Vers 29 that Allah says: "

We went back to their people as Munzir, as warners,

And the 3rd opinion, which is Ibn Hazam, he said, "No, there are also Prophets and
Angels even amongst the Jinn", so he said, we have Prophets and the Jinn have
Prophets, but he was resoundly refutet,

All Prophets and Messengers are Men, and this also demonstrate the suppeority
over Jinn of the Man, no Prophet and Messengers are even gone to the Jinn
there is a evidence: in Surah Yusuf, Vers 109 Wa Maa Arsalna Min Qabliqa Rijalan
Hi Minal Qura, :

"We have only sent before you "Rijal" Man, like Human, that they have inspired,



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And the entire Quran is full of storys of the previous Prophets all of them where
MAN, not a single with of a Jinn Prophet, and also our Prophet Mohammad (saw) is
clearly saying: "I have been sent to Ins and Jinn" AL Mablucia Thaqalayn, and
culture tells us, they are Jewish Jinns, Christian Jinns, we learn that form folkore
and culture, that the Jinns have Religions that are known to us, the fact that all of
their Religions are our Religions demonstrates what? That they are following our
Prophets and therefore because of this we also conclude, that the Jinns are
abliged to belive in the Prophets, they have their same theology then us, they have
their same Arqaan Al Imaan, but we also learn, that their Fiqh is different,

Our Prophet Mohammad (saw) went to them on the famous incident that is called,
"Laylatul Jinn" some scholars even says that happens 6 times, that are evidence
that says it happens one in Makkah and one in Madinah - Laylatul Jinn was a Night
that was dedicated to the Jinn and Ibn Masood narrates a number of Hadith, when
you put all of this Hadith together, they couldnt have taken place in 1 night, and
thats why scholars says, that is multiple times happening, 1st time it was in
makkan face, that Ibn Masood said that: "We search for the Prophet Mohammad
(saw) and we couldnt find him anywhere, maybe he had ben kidnapped or
assasinated", we had the whorste night of our lives, and in the next morning he
walks into the town, and we have embraced him, where you have been Ya
Rasullallah", So he said: "Atani Ati Minal Jinn" The Jinn came and he told me that I
have a group there, that want to meet you" so he took me to their camp, so he
took Ibn Masood and a group of the Sahaba, the a camp of the Jinn, and he
showed them, the remincance of their camp, - this show that the Jinn have their
own, acuivilant, they also have their animals, btw, there are animals amongst the
Jinn (bahaimul Jinn) this is mentioned in the Hadith as well, that is totaly
interesting of us here, Allah didnt just create the Jinn in their world, that world
has its acuvilance, of our world, - its not the same, they are not "Muqalaf" their
not gona have the "Jannah" and the Nar" the Jinn have their own "FIQH" as well,
That showes us, Allah has told him, to suppiority of the Jinn, eventough he is a

Protection from the Jinn

The Jinn has no power over you, unless Allah has will it, the Jinn can only harm you
in a manner that is physical, but it is beyoned your physical understanding, Jinns
are not super powerful, the Jinn have limited strength, limited knowledge, the only
thing is you can see them, if you would see a Jinn, you would fear them like a
predetaor, thats all, they have similar physical powers, not infinant physical
powers, but you have the advantage of the brains, and the most important is, that

Follwiing the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), follwing the commandments of Islam: if
you eating says Bismillah, drinking doing with you right hand, making duas to Allah
(swt), 2nd extra ISTIAZAA, specially saying "AUZUBILLAH" when you read the
Quran, "FASTAILLA MINAL SHAYTAAN NURAJEEM"; when whe enter into the
Bathroom "Allahuma Azubika Minal Khubusi Wal Khabais" when we are angry
"AUZUBILLAH" , when we have a bad dream - Turn around and say "AUZUBILLAH"

Do extra ZIKR, says: "SUBHANNALH", "AUZUBILLAH" "BISMILLAH" in the night the
Prophet (saw) said: " When in the Night a person sleeps, shaytaan tighs 3 knots on
them" and shaytaan says may you have a long sleep, dont wake up for Fajr" - so



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the Prophet said: "If the Person wakes up and remembers Allah, (ZAKRALLAH) 1
Knot is broken, as soon as you wake up, you are supose to says, BISMILLAH" ,

Also in a Beatiful Hadith: A lady was a on a camel (or it was a mean i forgott) and
the camel or the horse weared up, and this Lady said: "TAISA SHAYTAAN" basically
may shaytaan be cursed, why is he irritating my animal, so the Prophet
Mohammad (saw) said: "Dont says TAYSASHAYTAAN" may this entity be curese,
rather says "Bismillah" because when you say TAYSASHAYTAAN you make
shaytaan feel very important, and he becomes bigger then a house, he swells up in
pride, that you blame me and when you say Bismillah, you make him feel so
insignificant he become smallaer then an ant,

And to says: "Shaytaan did it", specially to the Pakistani/indian People here, in our
culture: "Shaytaan ne kia yeh" right, (laughter) we need to calm down, because
when we ascribes things to shaytaan, what happens, shaytaan feels proud, right,
btw this is in contexts,

You may ascribe a past sin, to the shaytaan, "shaytaan made me do that" , nothing
right now, that you are giving him power, like the brothers of Yusuf said: That was
shaytaan, that wasnt you guys" so in some context, its useful, but never in the
present here and know, you say like the Hadith say "BISMILLAH"
1. Following the comandmans,
4. Specially one Zikr if you leave the house, that is important,
5. Adhan
(Because the Shaytaan, make fun of the Adhaan, he make evil noises),
(our Bismillahi Alla Tawaqaltu Allallah, Walahaulawalayuata Illah Billah),

o So our Prophet (saw) said that whereever says this Dua, when he leaves the house, Allah
said to the Jinn" How can you get at a man, who is guided and taking care of and are
protected" specially this dhirk,
o FINAL POINT QURAN, QURAN; QURAN nothing protects against the Jinn, like the Quran,
that right from the mouth of Iblis himself, recite Aytulkursi, our Prophet (saw) recite
Falaq and Nas, our Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: "A Shaytaan can never enter a house,
where Surah Al-Baqarah is recited" ,

So all of this shows us, nothing is more powerful like the Quran to get a protection from the
Jinn, Jinn is nothing to be feard like you fear a phyisical harm, Jinn is nothing that you would
scared of Supernaturaly, only Allah (swt) is the one that you are truly scared of and the more
scared you are of the Jinn, the more power the Jinn has over you, listen to me carefully, the
more terrified you are of the Jinn, the more you are handing over the power to the Jinn and
the more, that you are brave against the Jinn, automatically you will make the Jinn weaker, you
simply tell the Jinn, if "LAQADARALLAH" you are sure, - I have to point out here, 99% is that
you are heare a screaping noise, maybe its you fridge you must fix, I SPEAK from experience,
look the jinn have something better to do, like to scratsh their nails on the walls, OK, WALLAHI,
the majority of the Time it is you imagination, but in a very blue moon (may Allah protect us)
something genuanly happens that, you can sens and you can feel (and yes there is a sense) that
here is an entity that is evil here (a presence) ist very rare, or laqadarallah you see an entity to
terrify you (that very rare) and in my many years of doing this, I dont think anybody has come
to me of a wakefull entity is coming, in sleep that is common, in sleep the jinn would terrify
you, when you are awake, I have never met somebody like that,



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DREAMS are more commond, irritation WASWAS (Wispering),
Jinn have to earns assastinance as well, they must feed their families, Allhamdulllilah learning
the Quran and Sunnah would callm as down, power us, will make us less and less scared, and
the perfection is not to be scard of this entities at all, because they cant hear your thougs,
they cant reach you minds, there are physical creations of Allah they have different
characteristics then you, thats all it is,

In OVER ALL you have the advantage over them, in brains, in IMAAN and if you have these 2
combined, then inshallah, that can never harm you,

When the Jinn takes the Form of a Human, it has to downgrade his powers and it is physical at
that point and time and there are athaar, there is a athaar of a sahabi, reselling with a jinn and
overpowers the jinn, when the jinn was a human, the sahabi dont know that this was a jinn,
when it turns out, the sahabi beats him, in a physical form, when the jinn becomes a human,
the limitation becomes a human, and allah knows best, they must take some effords, they
cant innstiantanialsy become a jinn, we dont know, and that is when Abu Huraira can
physically graple with a jinn, and if a jinn enters into a body, its not easy for the Jinn to leave
that body, its not that simple, the issue of Possesion, ist very difficult to get the jinn out, im
taking about "E=MC2) its not that easy, and the ifrid is taking about the max, the 2nd thing is
how prophet mohammad (saw) its doing it that is Alim Al Ghaib,

The Quran dont mentiones the Throne of Iblis, that is in the Hadith literature mentionend,
Iblis is so arrogant that he want to compete with Allah , LAHOLAWALAQUATAILLABILLAH, so if
Allah has a throne, iblis made his own throne, this is in a hadith,that he have a throne of some
water, a body of water, but we dont know where,

When you have a cup of water, you only say BISMILLAH, and cover it up, food over them you
say BISMILLAH, their barriers are different then our barriers - because Prophet Mohammad
told us that,

There is also an Hadith, when you close the Door- Shaytaan is not able to open that door,
Shaytaan cant open up a door that is closed .(Muwatta Malik, Book 49, Hadith 21)

You are suppose to close, the doors at night, you are suppoed to cover to food up and
shaytaan will not have access to it,

Kids are specially affacted by shayateen at the Maghrib time, around maghrib time, around 20
or 15 minutes -, thats when the shayateen are let go, they like to irritate, and tese - this is a
authentic Hadith of the Prophet (saw),



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