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1. Let x, y, and z all exceed 1, and let w be a positive number such that
logxw = 24, logyw = 40, and logxyzw = 12. Find logzw.
Ans: 60
2. A form of amplitude modulation in which the carrier and one complete
sideband are transmitted but only part of the second sideband is transmitted.
Ans: Vestigial Sideband
3. In electromagnetic induction, this states that an induced electromagnetic
force (emf) always gives rise to a current whose magnetic field opposes the
original change in magnetic flux.
Ans: Lenzs Law
4. Date of approval of RA 9292.
Ans: April 17 2004
5. In cellular telephone system, co-channel interference can be decreased by
replacing a single omnidirectional antenna with several directional antenna
referred as:
Ans: Sectoral Antenna
6. Telemetry may be defined as ______ metering.
Ans: Remote
7. Suppose you want to store 1.00 J of electric potential energy in a volume
of 1.00 m3 in vacuum. What is the magnitude of the required electric field?
Ans: 0.475 MV/m
8. If tanx tany = 25 and cotx coty = 30, what is tan(x-y)?
Ans: 150
9. If a surface leakage current is 2nA for a reverse voltage of 25V, what is
the surface leakage current for a reverse voltage of 35V?
Ans: 2.8 nA
10. What is the voltage gain (in dB) of LM741C operational amplifier?
Ans: 100 db
11. Simplify: ei+1
Ans: 1.46 + 2.29i
12. A given function is said to be a/an __________ if and only if every
element y in Y has a corresponding element x in X such that f(x) = y.
Ans: Onto function

13. In satellite communications, what is the orbital height of LEO satellites?

Ans: 100-300 mi
14. Bluetooth radio employs which of the following techniques?
Ans: Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
15. The merging of a free electron and a hole is called
Ans: Recombination
16. Which of the following is not a web browser:
Ans: Bing
17. There are ______ articles and ______ sections in the RA 9292.
Ans: 8 Articles, 43 Sections
18. On the day his grandson was born, a man deposited to a trust company a
sufficient amount of money so that the boy could receive five annual payments
of P20000 each for his college tuition fee, starting with his 18th birthday.
Interest at the rate of 12% per annum was to be paid on all amounts on
deposit. There was also a provision that the grandson could elect to withdraw
no annual payments and receive a single lump amount on his 25th birthday. The
grandson chose this option. How much did the grandfather deposit?
Ans: P10500
19. Pre-emphasis in FM modulator can be classified as what type of filter?
Ans: High-pass filter
20. A steel rod having a cross-sectional area of 300 sq. mm and a length of
150m is suspended vertically from one end. It supports a tensile load of 20kN
at the lower end. If the unit mass of steel is 7850 kg/m3 and E = 200 x 103
MN/m2, find the total elongation of the rod.
Ans: 54.33 mm
21. Given the function f(x) = x2, determine the coefficient a0, in its Fourier
series expansion in the interval of < x < , given a period of 2.
Ans: 2/3 or 3.2899
22. Given the function f(x) = x2, determine the coefficient a3, in its Fourier
series expansion in the interval of < x < , given a period of 2.
Ans: -4/9
23. Given the function f(x) = x2, determine the coefficient b2, in its Fourier
series expansion in the interval of < x < , given a period of 2.
Ans: 0

24. An LF157A is a
25. Using Boolean algebra, simplify A + AB
Ans: A
26. What is the energy gap of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor?
Ans: 1.43 eV
27. In a small conductance
Ans: Energy is stored and released quickly
28. In digital communications, this term is commonly mistaken as bit rate.
Ans: Baud
29. What can you say about the graph of y = bx, where 0 < b < 1?
Ans: It falls from left to right
30. Simplify: [x^(4n + 1)] + x^n*[x^(2n + 1)]
Ans: 2x^(2n)*x
31. It states that two bodies are in thermal equilibrium if both have the same
temperature reading, even if they are not in contact.
Ans: Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
32. The AT&T T1 lines
Ans: use 8-bit PCM code and include 24 voice channels
33. Who invented the Ethernet?
Ans: Robert Metcalfe
34. It states that energy can neither be destroyed nor created, it can only
change forms.
Ans: First Law of Thermodynamics
35. How many four-digit number beginning with 1 has exactly two identical
Ans: 432
36. A short-circuited transmission line would have a reflection coefficient of
Ans: -1

37. Aurora (sun cycle) happens at what layer of the ionosphere?

Ans: E Layer
38. Three inductors are connected in series without mutual inductances. Their
values are 4 nH, 140 uH, and 5 H. For practical purposes, the net inductance
will be very close to:
Ans: 5 H
39. A 12-V auto battery is rated at 36 Ah. If a 100-W, 12-V bulb is connected
across this battery, about how long will the bulb stay lit, if the battery has
been fully charge?
Ans: 4 hrs and 20 minutes
40. Determine the y-intercept of the function f(x) = tanx
Ans: (0,0)
41. What is the effective rate of interest if P1000 is invested at a nominal
rate of 15% compounded quarterly?
Ans: 15.86%
42. What is the corresponding gain reduction if the power is reduced by 50%?
Ans: -3 dB
43. What is the input bias current of an LM741C operational amplifier?
Ans: 80 nA
44. What is the probability of getting the third head on the fifth try if a
fair coin is flipped?
Ans: 3/16
45. What is the title of the section 4 of RA 9292?
Ans: Categories of Practice
46. A fair coin is to be tossed 10 times. Find the probability that heads
never occur on consecutive tosses.
Ans: 9/64
47. A pipe carrying steam at 3.5 MPa has an outside diameter of 450 mm and a
wall thickness of 10 mm. A gasket is inserted between the flange at one end of
the pipe and a flat plate use to cap the end. How many 40-mm diameter must be
used to hold the cap on if the allowable stress in the bolts is 80 MPa, of
which 55 MPa is the initial stress?
Ans: 17
48. Given an RS NAND flip-flop, which of the following conditions are correct?

Ans: S = 0 and R = 0 invalid; S = 1 and R = 1 no change

49. This refers to the portion of a half wave, expressed in degrees, during
which a silicon-controlled rectifier is conducting.
Ans: Conduction Angle
50. Which of the following is not a search engine?
Ans: Chrome
51. In traffic engineering, this refers to a dimensionless unit of traffic
Ans: Erlang
52. Determine the channel capacity for a cellular telephone area comprised of
seven macrocells with 10 channels per cell if each macrocell is split into
four minicells.
Ans: 280 channels/area
53. The solid shown has a square base of side length s. The upper edge is
parallel to the base and has length 2s. All edges have length s. Given that s
= 6, what is the volume of the solid?
Ans: 288
54. In computer networks, the IP address can be classified as?

Ans: Class B
55. Given an RS NOR flip-flop, which of the following conditions are correct?
Ans: S = 0 and R = 0 no change; S = 1 and R = 1 invalid
56. It is the maximum safe stress that a material can carry.
Ans: Working Stress
57. PPM and PWM are superior to PAM systems in
Ans: Noise characteristics
58. T1 carrier systems were designed to combine PCM and TCM techniques for
short-haul transmission of channels capable of carrying digitally encoded
voice band telephone signals of data. Determine the transmission bit rate line
speed of T1 carrier.
Ans: 1.544 Mbps
59. A telecommunication company purchased an equipment for P53000 and paid
P1500 for freight and delivery charges to the job site. The equipment has a
normal life of 10 years with a trade-in value of P5000 against the purchase of

a new equipment at the end of the life. Determine the annual depreciation cost
by the sinking fund method. Assume interest at 6.5% compounded annually
Ans: P3668
60. Determine 3x4 + 2x5 if x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5 satisfy the systems of equations
2x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5
x1 + 2x2 + x3 + x4 + x5
x1 + x2 + 2x3 + x4 + x5
x1 + x2 + x3 + 2x4 + x5
x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + 2x5
Ans: 181



61. Find the filter capacitor that will provide 3% ripple voltage having a
load of 150 mA, full wave rectifier voltage of 45 Vdc and 60 Hz supply.
Ans: 267 uF
62. What is the frequency of oscillation of a Colpitts oscillator with C1 =
0.001 uF and C2 = 0.01 uF and L = 25 mH.
Ans: 33.385 kHz
63. Determine the Wronskian of the set [ex, e-x]
Ans: -2
64. Determine the Laplace transform of the following functions f(t) = (1/2k3)
(sinkt ktcoskt)where k is a positive integer.
Ans: 1/(s2 + k2)2
65. In satellite communications, what do you call the point in which the
satellite is nearest to the earth?
Ans: Perigee
66. The bandwidth of a certain channel is 200 Hz. If the center frequency of
the channel is 150 Hz, determine the lower cut-off frequency?
Ans: 50 Hz

67. Determine the drain-to-source current for an n-channel JFET with gate-tosource voltage at -4 V and a pinch-off voltage of -4 V. Assume a drain-tosource saturation current of 8 mA.
Ans: 0 mA
68. In satellite communications, what is the uplink frequency for a satellite
operating at Ku-band?
Ans: 14 GHz
69. A plant bought a machine for P200000 and used for 10 years, the life span
of the equipment. What is the book value of the machine after 5years of use?
Assume a scrap value of P20000. Use double declining balance method.
Ans: P65536
70. Lightning rods must be mounted a top structure not less than _______ above
the highest point
Ans: 30 cm
71. A cylinder pressure vessel is fabricated from plates which have a
thickness of 25 mm. The diameter of the pressure vessel is 450 mm and its
length is 2.0 m. Determine the maximum internal pressure which can be applied
if the longitudinal stress in the steel is limited to 150 MPa.
Ans: 16.67 MPa
72. Determine the coefficient an in the Fourier series expansion of a function
over the interval -2 < x < 2 if the function is defined as:
F(x) = 2, -2 < x < 0
= x, 0 < x < 2
73. Determine the drain-to-source (IDS) for an n-channel D-MOSFET with gateto-source voltage (VGS) of 1V and pinch-off voltage (VP) of -4 V. Assume a
drain-to-source saturation of 8 mA.
Ans: 12.5 mA
74. Which of the following devices has nearly the same turn-on time as turnoff time?
Ans: GTO
75. Convert the following binary number to decimal: 1001010111010011.
Ans: 38355
76. What determines the speed of an integrated circuit?
Ans: Propagation Delay
77. What is the value of the standing wave ratio when the load impedance
matches the characteristic impedance of a transmission line?

Ans: 1
78. Ten points are marked on a circle. How many distinct convex polygons of
three or more sides can be drawn using some (or all) of the ten points as
Ans: 968
79. A trough filled with water is 2 m long and has a cross section in the
shape of an isosceles trapezoid 30 cm wide at the bottom, 60 cm wide at the
top, and a height of 50 cm. If the trough leaks water at the rate of
2000 cm3/min, how fast is the water level falling when the water is 20 cm
Ans: 5/21 cm/min
80. The center conductor of a coaxial transmission line consists of copper
tubing 0.05 in. thick, with an outer diameter of 1.8 in. The diameter of the
inner conductor is 0.55 in. What is the attenuation in dB per 100 ft. of the
line at 4 MHz?
Ans: 0.058 dB/100 ft
81. A transmission line has attenuation constant of 2.0 db/100 ft. What is the
loss of a transmission line at 3m in Neper equivalent?
Ans: 0.01886 Neper
82. It is a vibration of crystal from corner to corner.
Ans: shear
83. If the fan out of a logic gate is not enough, a/an __________ should be
Ans: buffer
84. From the following specifications, determine the fan-out for the logic
I(OL) = 32 mA
I(IL) = 2 mA
I(OH) = 20 A
I(IH) = 2.5 A
Ans: high state is 8, low state is 16
85. How many 7432 OR gate can a single 7432 OR gate drive?
Ans: 10
86. An undesirable condition which may exist in a system wherein two or more
inputs change simultaneously.
Ans: race condition

87. How many J-K flip-flops would be required to construct a MOD-16 ripple
Ans: 4
88. How many D flip-flops would be required to construct a MOD-16 ring
Ans: 16
89. A register that temporarily store a word during processing.
Ans: buffer register
90. The density of ice is 920 kg/m3 and that of seawater is 1030 kg/m3. What
percentage of the volume of an iceberg is submerged?
Ans: 89.3% (Pag exposed ang tanong, 1-.893 = 10.7%)
91. A thin, square steel plate, 10 cm on a side, is heated in a blacksmiths
forge to 800C. If the emissivity is 0.60, what is the total rate of radiation
of energy from the plate?
Ans: 900 W
92. The Concorde is flying at Mach 1.75 at an altitude of 8000 m, where the
speed of sound is 320 m/s. How long after the plane passes directly overhead
will you hear the sonic boom?
Ans: 20.5 s
93. Which of the following is an example of wave equation?
Ans: 2u/t2 = c22u/x2
94. Which of the following is an example of heat equation?
Ans: u/t = c22u/x2
95. Which of the following is an example of Laplace equation?
Ans: 2u/x2 + 2u/y2 = 0
96. Which of the following is an example of Poisson equation?
Ans: 2u/x2 + 2u/y2 = f(x,y)
97. If every element of the codomain is mapped to by at most one element of
the domain.
Ans: injective (one-to-one) function
98. If every element of the codomain is mapped to by at least one element of
the domain.
Ans: surjective (onto) function

99. If every element of the codomain is mapped to by exactly one element of

the domain.
Ans: bijective (one-to-one and onto or one-to-one correspondence) function
100. Given the general form: dy/dx + P(x)y = Q(x)yn. Determine the type of
differential equation when n = 0.
Ans: Linear
101. Given the general form: dy/dx + P(x)y = Q(x)yn. Determine the type of
differential equation when n = 1.
Ans: Variable Separable
102. Given the general form: dy/dx + P(x)y = Q(x)yn. Determine the type of
differential equation when n = 2.
Ans: Bernoulli
103. In a series RLC circuit, which of these quality factors has the steepest
curve at resosnance?
Ans: Q = 20
104. Calculate the intrinsic carrier concentration in silicon at T = 300K. Let
coefficient related to the specific semiconductor material = 5.23 x 1015 cm-3K3/2.
Ans: 1.5 x 1010 cm-3
105. Calculate the built-in potential barrier of a pn junction. Consider a
silicon pn junction at T = 300 K, doped at Na = 1016 cm3 in the p-region and Nd
=1017 cm3 in the n-region.
Ans: 0.757 V