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The Beauty of Nuclear Power.

How harmful can nuclear energy be? Its clean and renewable but why
the debate?
By: Brian Lay

Nuclear energy, the controversial issue that has taken the Environmental
Committee by storm. Delegates in the environmental committee have been
busily debating with one another over the controversial issue of nuclear
power. The resolution submitted by the delegate of Rwanda was a heatly
debated topic that was intensely debated by several delegates that were for
and against the resolution. Nuclear power has been a deeply concerning
issue as there are many nuclear reactors that are located in worrying
proximity to a large concentration of people. Many delegates recognised the
benefits of nuclear energy however they also felt that the negative impacts
such as nuclear radiation is a major negative factor against the resolution
being passed.
The delegate of Rwanda believed that all governments should be more
accountable for the safety standards in nuclear reactors being operated in
their country. However, delegates such as the delegate of the Democratic
Republic of Korea felt otherwise. They felt that the usage of nuclear power is
a global effort and countries should rely and help one another in terms of the
usage of nuclear power. The delegate of Rwanda rebutted the delegate of
the Democratic Republic of Koreas statement by appealing to all delegates
to allocate subsequent amount of environmental and energy budget towards
research and development of alternative energy production methods. The
delegate of Rwanda suggested the usage of energy such as solar energy,
wind energy, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, in the long-term
outlook of gradually decreasing the importance of nuclear energy in a
countrys production and favouring more environmentally sustainable
energies alongside nuclear energy.
Clause Twelve: Strongly urges that the UN, regional organisations and
nations-states enforce strict sanctions on rogue states refusing to comply to
the inter nation nuclear energy regulation. For example, the limiting trade
embargoes, visa bans for these states people and the freezing of their
international banking accounts and assets. - Delegate of Rwanda
The delegate of Fiji, once again showed his intimidating presence by swiftly
convincing a majority of the delegates to vote for his amendment that
encouraged all countries and businesses in possession of nuclear reactors to
pay more attention to the disposal of nuclear waste that is created in the
nuclear reactor through methods such as geological disposal. The delegate
of Fiji felt that waste should be disposed of correctly and efficiently as a poor
disposal of nuclear waste can devastate the environment, the corruption of
clean water and soil quality. Therefore, this can result in a long-term negative

impact on human healthy such as a rise in cancer and death due to exposure
of nuclear radiation.
The Environmental Committee ended the debates on a high note with all
delegates comfortably voting ________ (for/against) the resolution. The
delegates of the Environmental Committee were a wonderful bunch of
delegates and it was my privilege to have been given the opportunity to
write about them. Their professionalism and involvement in debates of high
quality and their never-ending passion in wanting to resolve a problem that is
encountered by the current human population. The delegates of the
environment committee should be commended and applauded on their
never-ending enthusiasm and passion for the environmental committee.
I would like to personally commend and praise the delegates of Luxembourg
for his enthusiastic and insightful approach towards the debates, the
delegate of Fiji for being a continual intimidating presence in the debates,
the delegate of Australia for his cheerful and funny personality that
enlightened the serious atmosphere of the committee room and the delegate
of Afghanistan for his never-ending passion to wanting to extend debate
times. The environmental committee was an astounding committee that
made significant progress in fixing problems that affected the world and it
was a pleasure witnessing their debates. I would also like to commend the
chair and co-chairs of the environmental committee for their never-ending
patient in maintaining order within the environmental committee.