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thegazette January 29, 2010

The Price of Power

The inside story of USC campaign spending
By Mike Hayes
“It’s like drug use in sport — every- teams often only print a select num-
one’s doing it, and nobody wants to The True Cost of Campaigning ber of signs and posters before plac-
talk about it.” This has all changed in the last few ing a bulk order elsewhere.
So said former University Stu- election cycles, as new campaigns Another issue facing campaigns
dents’ Council president Chris Sinal cannibalized ideas from previous is the question of fair market value.
about what’s been called the worst successful ones. The growth of Uni- Under the election bylaws, any
kept secret of the USC. versity College Hill signs is one of work or donations candidates
The issue? Presidential cam- the more visible changes made, but receive are supposed to be priced at
paign spending limits. mascots and bag tags have also a fair market value. But under-
Every year, candidates for the increased in popularity. standing of the issue is fuzzy at best.
USC’s top position are given a firm Andrew Beach, a presidential “How do you bill for a video? Or
spending limit — five cents per eligi- candidate in the 2009 election and website design? It often comes down
ble voter. Most years this amount campaign manager for Christian to who has the friend who’s also a
averages out to about $1,500 per can- Mariyanayagam two years ago, list- web designer,” remarked John.
didate, with candidates being reim- ed many of the costs associated Beach noted the majority of web-
bursed by the USC if they receive a with a USC campaign. sites coming out often carry price
certain percentage of the vote. “An atrium banner, T-shirts, tags of hundreds of dollars –– costs
But there’s a seldom noted part giveaways, rave cards, bag tags, a that eat into the bottom line of a
of the election bylaws that deals hill sign, a website, a video […] and supposedly tight campaign budget.
with spending limits. In the event a a lot of the time people aren’t real- “I think everyone understands
candidate intentionally misrepre- istic about how much things cost,” the level playing field idea,” John
sents his or her campaign expendi- he said. concluded. “The inherent problem
tures, they will be automatically Former campaign strategist is you never know who is actually
disqualified from the race. Jack* doesn’t think the current playing by the rules.”
Does it happen often? According spending limit accurately reflects
to Jane*, a campaign manager for a the cost of a modern campaign. Bylaw 2 –
past candidate, spending limits are “These candidates have a very The Elephant in the Room
exceeded frequently, to the point difficult task in presenting a mes- Overall, USC elections are governed
where previous presidents may sage to tens of thousands of stu- by a set of rules filed under the
have broken these rules. dents,” he explained. “I think it’d be broad name of Bylaw 2, and it is the
“It was definitely happening very difficult to get a message out responsibility of the chief returning
with my candidate,” she said. “If it within the current spending limits.” officer and the Elections Committee
looks like the candidate has the But both Beach and his fellow to ensure enforcement takes place.
capability to go over budget then former presidential candidate Ash- Though the Elections Commit-
chances are they will.” ley Bushfield disagred, citing the tee does investigate on their own
Jane revealed the practice tends approximate $1,500 spending limit accord, most frequently any com-
to repeat itself. as being one that can go a long way plaints are brought to their atten-
“Most of these candidates have if it’s spent carefully. tion by other campaign teams.
run other campaigns in the past, so “Students may not buy into [the “This year we have a CRO who
they know where to get things campaign] the same way if you use has been active,” John said about
cheap and how to lie,” she said, recycled or second-hand materi- current chief returning officer Phil
adding past presidents can also als,” Beach said, “but it’s not about Sach. “Unfortunately, he can’t be
serve as an effective way to help who has the most [stuff ] — it’s everywhere at once.”
candidates figure out loopholes. about the medium you choose to “It’s in the hands of the candi-
John*, another campaign man- get your message out.” dates to play fair with their
ager, wasn’t sure of the last time When the candidates dip into finances,” Sach said. “We try to
there was a president whose cam- personal funds, some say it upsets instill a sense of responsibility in
paign ran “100 per cent by the rules.” the level playing field the election them before the campaigning
“I think campaigns start out rules are supposed to create. starts.” He also explained the USC
with a mentality of staying under As it stands, candidates in the is currently reviewing Bylaw 2,
budget, and then they run out of election have to provide a receipt though any changes will not take
bag tags,” John said. “At that point for their purchases, which the USC effect until next election.
you ask ‘do we get it at InPrint? Or Elections Committee then reviews. These actions aren’t enough to
do we go to Staples because InPrint But campaign managers through satisfy everyone, however.
was going to take four days?’” the years have worked out a pletho- “Why don’t we get a survey out
But things weren’t always this ra of possible loopholes, according there?” Bushfield asked. “Count the
way. to the former campaign managers signs — they should be calling peo-
“There were rumours about interviewed for this story. ple out on their spending. Where is
[over-spending],” Sinal said. “But Sometimes it comes down to the non-partisan representation in
the concerns never were more than having multiple receipts and only all of this?”
innuendo.” handing in some, or lying about “There’s an onus on the elec-
Sinal, who was USC president in making signs or T-shirts. tions committee to investigate this
2002-2003, recalled a simpler cam- One of the rules designed to pre- sort of thing,” Sinal agreed.
paign period. vent this practice is requiring can- “If the rules are there to be
“E-mail and websites were just didates to print enforced then you have to investi-
taking off,” he noted. “The primary campaign gate it no matter how inconvenient
costs were materials: signs, shirts, materials at or disruptive it may be.”
rave cards. Also, signs were not InPrint, but
allowed on university property.” m a n y *Name changed to protect identity
P2 ➤ news theGazette • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

Council comes out swinging

in round one of debates
By Cheryl Stone Rutledge, Mike Tithecott and Matthi- job. Park pointed out his work as a
Gazette Staff js van Gaalen — have had their first Senator, including his current work
debate in council chambers. on the mid-term policy. Van Gaalen
The presidential candidates had The USC grilled candidates on discussed motions he had success-
their first taste of the hot seat everything from which animal they fully passed, including the Remem-
Wednesday night. would be, to what they would do brance Day policy. Hyland credited
University Students’ Council about the Spoke’s current financial his self-confidence as noteworthy
presidential candidates — Marshall difficulties. experience, alongside his work as a
Goldfarb, Matt Hyland, Ray Park, Jeff Presidential candidates were Senator.
also pitted against each other when Finally, Rutledge said his finan-
Andrew Beach, Huron councillor, cial experience would be an asset in
bluntly asked: “Which one of you the next year, as many contracts
can honestly do this job and which will be coming under review. “None
of you can’t?” of us would be running if we didn’t
Goldfarb’s lack of experience believe we could do it,” he added.
puzzle solution from suffered criticism from most candi- The Spoke proved to be a stick-
page 6 dates, but he described himself in a ing point for much of the debate. At
more positive light, as a candidate one point, Tithecott described the
who could offer “fresh perspective.” financial struggles of the Spoke by
In response to Beach’s question, saying the campus bar was “hem-
Tithecott noted, “No one here is orrhaging” money.
ready for this job; you’re running a Van Gaalen suggested cheap
$22 million company.” beer nights, and Goldfarb thought
Others cited their experience on the Hype Team — a USC promo-
the Senate as preparation for the tional group — could excite stu-
dents about Spoke events. Hyland
suggested making the tavern com-
petitive with Richmond Row on Fri- day and Saturday nights. Rutledge
felt financial projections for the
Spoke were too high.
Both Tithecott and Park
explained part of the Spoke dilem-
ma was not just about revenues,
but was also about the type of stu-
dents who were using the lounge
Park wanted to create a commit-
tee composed of students who rep-
Call the Best for your resented demographic groups that
were not attracted to the Spoke, and
Super Bowl Party! allow them to discuss how the
Spoke could be made more appeal-

4 MED Pizzas S
2 toppings on each Tithecott also saw the need to
2 FREE dipping sauces attract different students to the
Spoke, while explaining he had a

NG $ 99 soft spot for the student hang out.

or 5 0
3-169 Wharncliffe Rd. S
19 090129
“My mom worked there. I would
hate to see it close,” he said.
Students will get their next
chance to hear the candidates at 12
p.m. today in the Atrium for the
media forum hosted by the Gazette.

5 43

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Kingsley Hurlington
Canadian Studies Ph.D.
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario


Friday Saturday Sunday
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theGazette • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010 news ➤ P3

Fri, Jan. 29 comedic rendition of Mozart’s Don astronomer will be present to offer
• Have a Heart for Haiti — Fast-a- Giovanni. Tickets sold at Orches- assistance and guide your view of
thon tra London box office. For more the skies. No reservations needed.
When: 4 p.m. information: 519-679-8778. Tick- Mon, Feb. 1
Where: Cardio Annex in the Uni- ets $20 for students.
• Presidential Skills Challenge
versity Community Centre Sat, Jan. 30 When: 12 p.m.
What: Games, Guitar Hero, movie • Charity Ball 2010 Where: UCC Atrium
marathon, musical jam session When: 9 p.m. What: The Gazette presents an

and more. All proceeds benefit Where: London Convention Cen- annual competition between all
Doctors Without Borders. tre, 300 York St. USC presidential candidates in a
USC Presidential Candidate Media What: A Midwinter Masquerade fierce battle for glory … and our

Forum benefiting the George Bray Sports respect.
When: 12 p.m. Association, a London program for • Blood Donation Challenge
Where: UCC Atrium children with special learning When: 12 - 4 p.m.
What: The Gazette will host and needs. Tickets $25 at InfoSource Where: Canadian Blood Services

moderate a debate between all in the UCC or $27 online. clinic, basement of the UCC by
USC presidential candidates with • Exploring the Stars Student Health Services and CHRW. When: p.m. What: Schools across Canada are
• UWOpera Where: The Hume Cronyn Obser- competing to save the most lives
When: 8 p.m. vatory by donating blood until March 31. FINANCIAL PLANNING
Where: Paul Davenport Theatre What: Go stargazing at the obser- Donate blood to enter a draw to
What: A melodramatic and vatory’s monthly open house. A host win a prize. GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
“So, do we need logistics around town.”
or should I just make it —Emily Rowe, Abroad MARKETING MANAGEMENT
up as we go along?” USC President PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
—Omid Salari
USC Speaker,
“I don’t have the exact
On how to moderate the debate numbers ... (vice-presi-
dent of university affairs TESOL/TESL Teacher Training
“First of all, chewing is Dan Moulton whispers
Certification Courses

one of my biggest pet • Intensive 60-Hour Program

to Rowe) … It’s 72 cents.” • Classroom Management Techniques
peeves, so if you could —Rowe • Detailed Lesson Planning
stop chewing [popcorn] • ESL Skills Development
• Comprehensive Teaching Materials
so loudly, that would be “For Mike [Tithecott], I • Interactive Teaching Practicum
great.” • Internationally Recognized Certificate
think his greatest • Teacher Placement Service
—Jeff Rutledge strength is his muscles.” • Money-Back Guarantee Included
USC Presidential Candidate • Thousands of Satisfied Students
—Matthijs van Gaalen
USC Presidential Candidate
“I really like the two-ply OXFORD SEMINARS
[toilet paper idea]. Make “What animal do you
it a little more like your think embodies you the
living room at home.” best […]?”
—Matt Hyland —Salari
USC Presidential Candidate

“Withdrawn, brother!” “A puppy because it’s 12:00 p.m. Elgin Hall

—Vince Cifani
really cute, loyal and ON THE WHITE OAKS MALL 12:05 p.m. Delaware Hall

always knows how you 12:10 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
USC Faculty of Education Councillor
12:15 p.m. London Hall
12:20 p.m. Departs London Hall
—Ray Park,
“[It’s] really scary … USC Presidential Candidate ttt 12:45 p.m. Arrives at White Oaks Mall
On his animal identity 1:00 p.m. Departs White Oaks Mall
which is why I’m happy
&WFSZ4BUVSEBZTUBSUJOH 1:30 p.m. London Hall
I don’t drink Pepsi … in
“A bird. I’m not sure +BOVBSZUIVOUJM"QSJM 1:35 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
what bird, but a presi- UIF8IJUF0BLT.BMMTIVUUMFCVT
1:40 p.m. Delaware Hall
—Andrew Beach 1:45 p.m. Elgin Hall
dent needs to have good
Huron Councillor
oversight.” 1:50 p.m. Departs Elgin Hall
UIFNBMMGSPNQNUPQN 2:35 p.m. Arrives at White Oaks Mall
“Where has the presi- —van Gaalen
On his animal identity +VNQPO#PBSEJUTFREE 3:00 p.m. Departs White Oaks Mall
dent been? She’s been
3:30 p.m. London Hall
3:35 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
3:40 p.m. Delaware Hall

We Give Student Discounts 3:45 p.m.

3:50 p.m.
Elgin Hall

Departs Elgin Hall


5:00 p.m.
Arrives at White Oaks Mall
Departs White Oaks Mall

Coach, H&M, Bath & Body Works, Aerie, Club Monaco and
Available to all students living Bath & Body Works Home Fragrance.
519-673-6804 OR in and around the UWO. COMING SOON:
Book On-line Airbus

P4 ➤ opinions theGazette • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

thegazette Volume 103, Issue 70

“This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.”


Ryan Hendrick Carly Conway Jaela Bernstien

Editor-In-Chief Deputy Editor Managing Editor

Editor -
Deputy -
Managing -
website at
University Community Centre Rm. 263
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, CANADA. N6A 3K7
Editorial Offices: (519) 661-3580
Advertising Dept.: (519) 661-3579

The Gazette is owned and published by the University Students’ Council.

A Costly
Look around campus. Everyday struggles forgotten, left in
There’s a distinct formula being followed by Universi-
ty Students’ Council presidential contenders. Start with
an army of bright T-shirt-clad campaigners, add a flashy
YouTube video, toss in truckloads of lawn signs and there
the wake of “romantic” Haiti tragedy
you have it –– a typical campaign. And all of it is geared to relief. It is ideally responsible for In this way, my problem with cover-
garner your support. informing the population at-large of age of the Haitian relief effort stems
Have you ever wondered how much it all costs? the major issues that need to be from the core model of media outlets as
The truth is, a lot, as today’s front-page article reveals addressed. businesses operating to generate profit.
–– and some of it potentially going above the allowed
Abid of Sense Hence, by choosing to ignore certain Media outlets should be responsible
spending limits. One glance at the spectacle of modern Abid-Aziz Ladhani issues in favour of news that is much for conveying the message that
USC campaigning alludes to the underlying dollars and News Editor more marketable, media fail to fulfill its tragedies like the Haitian earthquake
cents. But what does this mean for students, and for the purpose: delivering objective informa- are everyday realities all over the world
election process? Tragedy, it seems, has become a signifi- tion about crucial issues in the world. and are not occasional occurrences.
For one, it proves you can’t win based on your platform cant part of what media outlets deem
alone. In fact, the candidates’ actual ideas –– or absence newsworthy. Such is the case with
of them –– are effectively drowned out by the sensory earthquake-ridden Haiti, or tsunami- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
overload of their campaigns. laden Indonesia.
It also shows well-connected candidates have the upper According to most major news
hand, which typically equates to students with the most sources, an estimated 200,000 people
cash in their back pocket. Much of campaigning has to do
with networking –– countless coffee dates, regular trips to
are dead following the 7.0 magnitude
earthquake in the Caribbean island,
Respect And the
the bar, attending every USC event –– and it all costs money.
On one hand, that’s just politics. It’s a good primer for
and it’s no wonder it has garnered an
immense amount of media attention. working Gazette reader
the real world, for both the candidates and the rest of us.
Who you know, so they say, is often more important than
Haitian relief has been adopted as a
major priority by a number of non-prof- animals of the year is …
what you know. it and humanitarian organizations and
But on the other hand, there has to be a way to hold is seen as a selling point to collect To the editor: Re: “Cost of nursing tuition worth the
candidates accountable and have USC elections be as fair funds. The influence of such coverage is I ride the bus to and from my home ‘lousy pin’”Jan. 26, 2010, “Volleyballer
as possible. significant, as many across the country everyday, but someone else rides it with wants to dunk competition” Jan. 27,
To start, the USC Chief Returning Officer needs to be have mobilized to do their part for the me and it’s not a human – it’s Spirit, my 2010
diligent about inspecting campaign budgets with a fine- relief effort. Service Dog. I wanted to give you all a
toothed comb. Some previous presidents have alluded to However, my gripe with media out- lesson in proper bus etiquette when To the editor:
tighter policies in the past, so it’s not unfathomable to lets is the lack of coverage given to riding with those of us requiring the use My favourite part of the Gazette has
speak of more restrictions. events that are much less romantic, do of a guide, hearing or service dog. always been flipping through and
Maybe this also means a more accurate assessment of not involve celebrity advocacy, but are Firstly, stop pushing me out of the reading the captions under all the pic-
the fair value of labour involved in campaigns, where just as tragic. way to get on the bus, everyone will get tures. For awhile last semester, it had
everything –– from time spent filming a cute video to the Genocide, resource-based wars and on and if you don’t, wait for the next seemed that the witty, comedic caption
hours someone takes to build a website –– should be the recruitment of child soldiers are all one. Second, watch where you put writer that I had grown to love had dis-
accounted for. issues that have fallen out of media cov- your feet — it hurts when you step on a appeared — but he or she is now back
Unfortunately, it’s a slippery slope. Cracking down on erage but remain arguably more tragic dog’s tail and or paw. Thirdly, move. amid backlash from some nurses and
candidates could stifle the creativity of their campaigns than the events in Haiti. This can be When I get on the bus, those are cour- volleyball players. ‘$24,000 and all I get
and reduce voter turnout –– not to mention it’s near seen by the fact they were the result of tesy seats and you can stand — I can’t. is a lousy pin’ caught my attention and
impossible to trace every bit of spending. Where would man-made decisions as opposed to I really don’t see why I have to fight made me laugh, while some other cap-
you draw the line? Does pizza for your campaign team natural phenomena. If tragedy is part people to sit there. tion may have made me skip the small
count? What about buying someone a drink at the bar and parcel of content delivered by Next, stop the “drive-by petting” — article on the pinning ceremony all
while schmoozing? media outlets, it is reasonable to ques- no you can’t pet my dog or talk to her. together.
If we as a student body, as an electorate, are apathetic tion why a natural disaster is capable of Please, above all, be respectful of those I’m sure the writer has no ill feelings
–– then this is what we get. taking up hours upon hours of coverage of us with different needs and finally, towards the nursing program, nor
Candidates will appeal to the lowest common denom- while there is an ongoing mass slaugh- please put your brain in gear before thinks that tall volleyball players sim-
inator, spending money on T-shirts sure to end up crum- ter of innocents. you open your mouth about our dogs. ply couldn’t make the basketball team.
pled in a heap and signs that will litter campus once elec- The biggest problem with this pat- It’s just a dog with a vest — that’s it. So please, for the sake of hilarious cap-
tion season is over. tern of coverage is media often allow Stop staring at me. tions, can we all learn to take a joke?
We’d rather our candidates spend their time figuring governments and various organizations —Jennifer Francis —Olivia Greaves
out what issues matter to students. And as students, it’s to set their agendas with regard to inter- Engineering IV Earth Science III
our job to tell them. national development, advocacy and

Editorials appearing under the ‘opinions’ heading are decided upon

by a majority of the editorial board and are written by a member of the
Section Editors 2009-2010 e-mail Gazette Staff 2009-2010
editorial board but are not necessarily the expressed opinion of each News Senior News - Elana Abramovitch, Ryan Abreu, Fadesola Adedayo,
editorial board member. All other opinions are strictly those of the Sports -
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Warhol meets Western at weekend show Local album
UWO Style Society throws back to the 60s, raises funds for Haiti shortlist
2009 winner
revealed today
By Maddie Leznoff
Gazette Staff

CHRW has narrowed down the

competition for Local Album of the
Year. The contest promises a $500
cash prize and a live in-studio ses-
sion — and only London musicians
with a recently released full-length
album are eligible.
The Top 10 Shortlist was
announced yesterday after a jury
comprised of CHRW broadcast-
ers, music journalists and com-
munity members voted on the
The jury will vote once more this
week, and the winner of the 2009
Local Album of the Year will be
announced today between 3:30 and
6 p.m on CHRW during The Cross
Hairs show, hosted by program
Gazette File Photo director Michael Brown and per-
THINK RICH, LOOK POOR, MAKE CLONES. Western student Amy Shuh poses for some pop art shots promoting the UWO Style Society’s Andy Warhol- sonality Alanna Mager.
inspired fashion show happening this weekend. This is the third time the contest
has been held. Olenka and the
By Lauren Pelley fashions may be modern, she adds, “A lot of [the male] models are Koziar says the Haiti connection Autumn Lovers won the title and
Gazette Staff but there is a vintage twist –– rock people we’ve recruited [… ] at first garnered instant support. Now, the the prize last year, and Basia Bulat
’n’ roll belts, combat boots and they typically thought we were hit- club is hoping students will be sup- won in 2007.
Andy Warhol might not be watch- high-waisted swimwear will all be ting on them,” adds Koziar with a portive too.
ing from the sidelines, but that has- seen on the runway, set to a mix of laugh. “You don’t have to donate every Top 10 Shortlist:
n’t stopped the UWO Style Society 60s music and electro. Over 35 models are partaking in dollar you have. Do whatever you Bill Durst —
from adopting his “think rich, look “Our main goal was to promote the show, making it bigger than last can do,” Koziar says. The Great Willy Mammoth
poor” mantra for their annual fash- a lot of the boutiques in London,” years’ event. The show has expand- Attendees will be treated to appe- Baptized in Blood — Gutterbound
ion show. Koziar says. ed in other ways, too, with 12 back- tizers and complimentary cham- A Horse and His Boy —
This Saturday, fashionistas and The clothing comes from a vari- stage hands this year versus four pagne, along with an after party with A Horse and His Boy
hipsters will be lining the runway at ety of locations, from chains like the year before, and an expected the models and organizers –– all tak- Sam Allen — Landscapes
the London Taphouse to witness Gap, to local vintage shop Mesh, to attendance of around 300. ing place within Taphouse. Awkward Paws — Awkward Paws
student models sashaying down the racks of Value Village –– a level Bigger is definitely better this UWO Style Society’s “Think Rich, Bryan Pole — Work Ethic
the catwalk in the stylings of local of diversity intended to open stu- year, since the club has chosen to Look Poor” fashion show is happen- The Joys — Unfold
designers. dents’ eyes to fashion opportunities donate all the show’s proceeds to ing this Saturday at the London The Riderless — Auction
The Warhol-inspired show will outside of Masonville Place and Haiti through Western’s Free the Taphouse. Tickets are $5. Club cover Staylefish — Colour by Numbers
feature pop art backdrops and an White Oaks Mall. Children club. waived with purchase. Doors open Light of the East Ensemble —
Edie Sedgwick-themed bathing suit In keeping with the local focus, “The government is going to at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8:15. Beyond Our Shores
scene, says director Magdalena all the models are Western students match every penny Free the Chil-
Koziar. — some club members, others just dren comes up with for Haiti,”
“[Warhol] impacted society and regular students found on campus notes Di Biase.
culture in such a big way in terms –– says the show’s head stylist, While sponsors were reluctant
of pop culture,” she explains. The Stephanie Di Biase. to sign on to the show at first,


A portion of the article “Guns ‘n
Roses still know how to rock” appear- Applied Math, Computer Science, Mathematics
ing in the Jan. 26 edition of the and Statistical & Actuarial Sciences Starts TODAY Rated
4 20
Gazette should have read as follows: 14A

Openers Danko Jones and Sebast-

OPEN HOUSE Rated matinees

ian Bach set a disappointing stage Wed., February 3, 2010 PG

with unoriginal songs that didn’t Western Science Centre - Rm 248 SPECIAL STUDENT PRICING
quite excite the audience for what
was coming next — they certainly 4pm-6pm
tried, asking the crowd to “take Our degrees open doors to: business, finance, evening
videos for YouTube,” and to “make a research, gaming, health care, software

mosh pit, mothertruckers!” engineering & more. Intent to Register is
around the corner, plan your future now.
The Gazette regrets any confusion. two toonie



yo u r Refund cheque pick up in the UCC Gym

pi c k u p
WED, Feb 3 to FRI, Feb 5
BUS PASS MON, Feb 8 & TUE, Feb 9
R E F U N D Please bring 9:30 am to 5 pm
CHEQ UE your Student
Identification Card
and Valid Bus Pass.
P6 ➤ arts&entertainment theGazette • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

Charity Ball more inclusive, interactive this year

Western’s Most Eligible will be revealed at Midwinter Masquerade
By Jonathan Forani mittee member Rebecca Trautwein. chance to experience otherwise. and the videos have been posted on campus can be involved with,”
Gazette Staff “We wanted to stay within the The committee also decided to YouTube. Trautwein says.
London community this time and make this year’s Charity Ball more Online voting was held until this In previous years Charity Ball
Want to relive all the glory of your support some smaller organiza- interactive. Last semester, the com- past Wednesday to decide which has been seen by some as an
prom? Western’s annual Charity tions — because of that, our dona- mittee held a release party at The male and female contestant will be event exclusively for sophs and
Ball, taking place this Saturday at tion will make more of an impact,” Barking Frog, and last Wednesday crowned the most eligible at the ball. other campus groups, but this
the London Convention Centre, she says. Taphouse hosted the Charity Ball Big Purple Couch host Phil year it aims to truly be an event
gives you the opportunity. This year the annual formal is Fashion Show to great success. Pro- Pallen will announce the results. In for everyone.
The event has involved a lot titled the “Midwinter Masquerade” motions were also held at the a Bachelor-style rose ceremony, the “We’re trying to make this your
time and effort on the part of the and all ticket proceeds will benefit Spoke’s popular Rick McGhie night. contestants will be narrowed down Charity Ball,” Trautwein says.
organizers. the George Bray Sports Association. The biggest addition this year to to two winners. Tickets are on sale at InfoSource
“University Students’ Council’s Since 1968, this non-profit orga- improve the interactivity of the Unlike residence or faculty for- until Friday at 5 p.m. for $25 or
Charity Ball committee began plan- nization has provided young people event is the “Western’s Most Eligi- mals, Charity Ball is a Western-wide online until Saturday afternoon for
ning the event back in May when with special needs the opportunity ble” contest. Ten men and women event. $27. To learn more about the event
they decided to revise the criteria to play hockey, a popular Canadian were chosen to compete. The com- “[It’s] a great opportunity to visit the Charity Ball website at
for choosing charities,” says com- pastime they may not have had the mittee interviewed each contestant attend something that everyone on

Gazette Marketplace
Housing Housing Housing Housing Housing
1 OF 4 spacious bedrooms. Available May 1st. $425 1,2,3,4,5,6,7&8 BEDROOM EXCLUSIVE homes and 2 BDRM STUDENT Renters. Stop throwing your par- 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS for rent. Live on Rich- 4 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with
inclusive. Student area, 2 1/2 baths, 5 appliances, apartments $400-$450/mnth. Great Locations in ents money away on rent. Western students put thou- mond, near the gates, just south of Masonville or Western’s most reputable suppliers of off-campus
large living/dining room. Parking, close to UWO, Cher- Prime Student Rental areas. Steps away from UWO. sands of dollars each year into the pockets of land- right downtown. With a variety of options for you, we housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest
ryhill Mall. 519-204-7499, Large bedrooms, spacious layouts – many options to lords. You and your parents can save on these can meet any student’s needs. Most units are newly homes in the best student areas. Western students choose from. Minutes from everything. Washer/Dryer expenses by getting you access to investment prop- built and come with all 5 appliances. Call Zach at 519- should be concerned with their studies- not house
1,2,3&6,7,8 BEDROOM EXCLUSIVE homes and & Dishwasher included. We’ll pick you up & drop you erties. Call 519-495-7903. 854-0505 anytime to view. problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look af-
apartments available near UWO gates & Downtown - off! Call 519.933.9331 ter all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519-670-
2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS close to campus. Lo- 3 BEDROOM BROUGHDALE on path between
$395-$475/month. Prime student rentals in great lo- 2 BDRM #1 Redbrick rentals. These newly renovated 0327.
cated in UWO student area. Minutes from bus routes. Med/Syd. Newly renovated, 32” Sony flat screen
cations. We’ll pick you up & drop you off! Call 519- units are within walking distance of campus and on a Utilities included, a great deal. Call Graham anytime mounted on living room wall, glass brick, 2 showers, 4 BDRM BEST house. Many locations and great lay-
933.9331. great bus route as well. Amazing price includes utili- at (519) 719-1848 to book a tour. massive 17’ rooms. $385, 416-835-5293, outs. We offer everything. Just call us519-933-9331
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steal! Call for more details anytime (519) 859-5563 or 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX, Colborne/Cheapside, wood thing!
for rent. The large new red brick buildings adjacent to
email floors, wood stove, parking, laundry, microwave, on 3 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Richmond
campus and downtown. Really large bedrooms and 4 BDRM BRAND new red brick townhouses, apart-
bus route, utilities included, $850.00/month, 12 month near Masonville. 10 minute walk to campus, right on
closets, all appliances, high speed networking, well 2 BDRM CONDO, 695 Richmond Unit 708. 2 bed- ments and single homes for rent. Most feature 5 brand
lease, mature students, available May 1. Call 519- bus route to campus and downtown. Great location,
maintained. Many to choose from, All price ranges. rooms/2 washrooms, 1400 sq.ft. 1 parking, furnished. new appliances, huge rooms and closets, open con-
666-3423 or leave message near all amenities. All new appliances including
Call Jon any time 519-852-7993. $1700 inclusive(or best offer). Fridge, stove, cept kitchen/ living room, free parking and networked
washer/dryer and dishwasher. Call John any time
1,2,3,4,5,6 BEDROOM LUXURY homes and apart- washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher, sofa/loveseat, 2 BEDROOM, PRIME locations and top condition, for high speed internet! Located in great student ar-
(519) 859-5563 to book a tour or
ments available downtown. Situated right in the heart dining room, beds. 416-818-8555,call collect. close to campus and downtown, on LTC bus routes. eas. Act fast- these won’t last. For more information
Hassle-free living. See us first! Refer a friend for $100. email
of the action. Call to view, these don’t last. Best loca- TO WRITE A CLASSIFIED AD THAT SELLS call Zach at 519-854-0505.
tions in London, rides available. Refer a friend for 1. Use a KEYWORD. This immediately tells the Rides available to view. Call us today at 519-495-7903. 3 BEDROOM, PRIME locations and condition, down- 4 BDRM HOME with gigantic deck, behind the Ceeps,
$100. Call 519-645-7368 or Jamie 519-860-5777. reader exactly what it is you have to sell. 2 BEDROOMS AVAILABLE, $660 plus $80 utility town and near UWO, on LTC bus routes. Must see! beautiful floors, modern kitchen, great room sizes.
package that includes heat, hydro, water, internet, Rides available to view. Refer a friend for $100. Call Surrounded by student homes, great area with a great
home phone, long distance. Free uncovered parking, Dustin 519-495-7903. atmosphere. Steps from Richmond row. Refer a friend

newer building, on-site management, close to West- 3 BR. SPACIOUS & modern with 5 appliances. Bright for $100. Call Dustin 519-495-7903.
ern and bus routes, steps from Richmond St. For & clean. Close to campus and plaza. Old Norgaard, 4 BDRM HOMES around the university in various lo-
more information please call 519.858.2525 or go to 519-657-6911, 519-878-3008. cations. Well maintained, many newly renovated with new kitchens and bathrooms. These are some of the
3&4 BDRM. ADJACENT to campus. Large /equal
2, 2 BEDROOM apartment styles to choose from. Lo- rooms, large closets, all appliances, networked for in- best student rentals available. Call to view, rides avail-
cated very close to campus. Hardwood floors, free ternet, parking. Newly constructed, very clean and able. Refer a friend for $100. Call 519-495-7903

parking, laundry, and free snow and lawn care. Call spacious. Call Jon anytime 519-852-7993. 4 BDRM TOWNHOUSES near all amenities. These
Bill anytime 519-670-0327. 4 bedroom townhouses are 3 floors and 2 wash-
3&4 BDRM. APARTMENTS and townhomes. These

Free pi off
are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, very rooms for 4 people! Bedrooms are spacious, bright
2, 3 BDRM ADJACENT to campus. Newly built, su-
spacious, and so close to campus. All appliances, and have huge closets. Free parking and property
persized rooms, all appliances, very clean, parking,
and dro PRIME RENTALS very clean and well maintained. For more information management. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505.
networked for internet. Call Jon 519-852-7993.
or showing please call Jon anytime 519-852-7993.
2,3,4 BEDROOMS available at Varsity Commons lo- 4 BDRM. #1 Redbrick rentals. Newly built red bricks,
cated at 75 Ann St. just steps from Richmond Row. 3&4 BEDROOM HOMES available May 1, 2010. New-

519 933-9331
right across from campus on Sarnia Rd.! Almost sold
Enjoy great amenities such as our cardio centre, 24 er appliances and updated throughout. Easy access
out already. Dishwasher, washer/dryer include. Huge,
to campus. Free utilities. From $429.00 www.andyscot-
hour laundry facility and game room. On-site man- spacious rooms with massive closets. Networked for
agement. For more information please call -go to “listings”. Call Andy 519-657-7000
Internet and cable with free parking included. Almost
519.858.2525 or go to 3, 3 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to choose gone. Call John anytime at 519-859-5563 or email
2,3,4 BEDROOMS available at Varsity Commons, from. Our accommodations were recently constructed
London’s best student community for fall 2009. Enjoy to fit the discerning taste of UWO students. These
4 BDRM. LONDON’S Best Student Rentals. Beauti-
great amenities such as our cardio centre, movie the- large, open-concept apartments feature laundry, dish-
ful red brick apartments and townhouses minutes
atre, and game room. Free uncovered parking, on-site washer, free parking, oversized closets, and full time
from campus! All include washer, dryer, and dish-
management. For more information please call property management. All of our newly built red brick
washer. Large living area and rooms. Parking is in-
519.858.2525 or go to buildings are located either right next to campus, or in
cluded. Live in style! Call Graham at (519) 719-1848
other areas that are popular with UWO students.
3 AND 4 bedroom apartments and townhomes. These for more details.
Safe, new, comfortable, and reasonably priced, these
are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, very apartments will give you the finest off campus expe- 4 BDRM. TOWNHOUSES on Oxford. An ideal loca-
spacious, and so close to campus. All appliances, rience available. Call Bill anytime 519-670-0327. tion with only a short walk to campus, and on bus
HOW TO PLAY very clean and well maintained. For more information
or showing please call Jon anytime 519-852-7993 routes to both campus and downtown. Large rooms
and closets with two full bathrooms! Include washer/
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 3, 4, 5 bdrms at 217 Sarnia. Live at one of the most dryer and dishwasher. Call Graham anytime at (519)
through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and 3 BDRM #1 Redbrick rentals. Newly built red bricks, popular student corners in London. Within steps of 719-1848 for a tour.
right across from campus on Sarnia Rd.! Almost sold campus, you can’t get closer. All of these units have
experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. out already. Dishwasher, washer/dryer include. Huge, 4 BED TOWN house, absolutely new! Located be-
big common rooms and spacious bedrooms. Live in
spacious rooms with massive closets. Networked for tween Oxford and Cheapside right off Adelaide St.
style with 5 appliances, free parking, free mainte-
Frosh, Soph, Senior, Grad Student Internet and cable with free parking included. Almost nance and full time property management. Call Zach
This town house has an open concept living space
with 2 full bathrooms, private deck, washer and dryer,
gone. Call John anytime at 519-859-5563 or email anytime at 519-854-0505.
and a parking spot. Available immediately or May 1st.
Today’s difficulty level: GRAD
3,4 AND 5 Bedroom apartments and houses just out- For viewing and questions, please call 519-319-9057.
For solution, turn to page 2 3 BDRM APARTMENt $415/room inclusive, near side the Richmond gates. Close to school and down-
4 BEDROOM AMAZING. Newly built large luxury
Cherryhill, Internet, parking, laundry, heat/hydro, bal- town, a perfect location! Many with dishwasher, and
apartment. Super central location backing onto park,
cony, spacious rooms, walk to grocery store. 519- washer/ dryers. Parking included. Call Graham at
2 bathrooms, ceramic and hardwood floors, hi-speed
659-9646. (519) 719-1848 to take a look.
internet, 5 new appliances, parking, 2.3 km to cam-
3 BDRM APARTMENTS close to shopping and on di- 3,4 AND 5 Bedroom apartments and houses sec- pus. $485 /bedroom. Call Wendy 519-667-0047, view
rect bus route minutes walk to Richmond row. No onds from front gates on Richmond. Direct bus route at
need to take cabs from these places to the bars. to campus and downtown. Most include washer/dryer 4 BEDROOM HOUSES at Oxford & Wharncliffe.
computer program at:

Great luxury apartments. Refer a friend for $100. Call and dishwasher. Call John @ (519) 859-5563. Available May 1, 2010. Clean, spacious and carpeted
519-495-7903. 3,4 BEDROOM apartments available at Varsity Com- with skylights, fireplaces, dishwasher, laundry & park-
3 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with mons, London’s best Student Community. Enjoy great ing. Call Jim Lovell at 519-691-5891.
Westerns most reputable suppliers of off-campus amenities such as our cardio centre, movie theatre 4 BEDROOM HOUSES with skylights, fireplace, hard-
housing? London Property Corp. offers the newest and fun events. From $485 inclusive per room. For wood floors, laundry and parking. Available, May 1,
For Solution, tips and

homes in the best student areas. Western students more information please call 519.858.2525 or go to 2010. Call Jim at 519-691-5891
should be concerned with their studies- not house
4 BEDROOM LOFT Apartment, downtown, steps to
problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look af- 3,4 BEDROOMS FOR rent. Fully-furnished rooms Richmond Row and all the Action! This one is luxuri-
ter all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519-670- and house, lots of appliances, close to bus route, ous, 5 appliances, open concept Call Dustin 519-495-
0327. downtown, groceries, Oxford and Wharncliffe. Avail- 7903
3 BDRM TOWNHOUSES and apartments. These able May 1. $360 +utilities. Ask for George 905-827-
4 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Oxford. 10
units are just steps from campus at the corner of Sar- 2701,
minute walk to campus, right on major bus route to
nia and Western road, right next to Perth and Essex 3,6 BEDROOM UNITS. 468 Castlegrove. Newly ren- campus and downtown. Great location. Three floors,
residence. These units all have spacious bedrooms ovated, great new appliances, spacious rooms!Walk two full washrooms! Huge rooms and closets. All new
and common areas. All come with free parking, main- or direct bus to classes, laundry. Great neighbour- appliances including washer/dryer and dishwasher.
tenance and full-time property management. Call hood, close amenities, great value at $450/room! Call: Call John @ (519) 859-5563 with questions or to
Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. Pat 519-870-9941 book a tour or email
3 BDRM. LONDON’S Best Student Rentals. Beauti- 3-BDRM APT John Street. near Barking Frog $500 4 BEDROOM, PRIME locations and condition, close
ful red brick apartments and townhouses minutes per month/bdrm, utilities included. older. main floor, to campus and downtown, on LTC bus routes. Don’t
from campus! All include washer, dryer, and dish- completely renovated. Priv. laundry and parking. Avail. wait - these units go fast! Rides available to view. Re-
washer. Large living area and rooms. Parking is in- May 1st, 2009. Call Dave at 657-4836 Pics at pur- fer a friend for $100. Call now, 519-495-7903.
cluded. Live in style! Call Graham at (519) 719-1848 under housing. 4 BEDROOMS, GREAT landlord. 10 spacious rooms
for more details. in century home. Includes hydro/parking/laundry, car-
4 BD A+ spacious layout. Modern updated 3 level

3 BDRM. RED brick townhouses near Masonville on townhouse in a private student community. Lots of peted study, 6 appliances. Wow! $475-$400 inclu-
Richmond. Perfect location, close to campus and min- room, dining area. Living room with wood flooring, sive. Call Gerry 519-200-6260.
utes from the mall! On bus route to both campus and IKEA kitchen, 2 bathrooms, dishwasher. Bus stop 4 BR FIREPLACE, very modern kitchen, 6 appliances,
downtown. Washer/ dryer and dishwasher included. near the house (Dundas 2). $430/mnth. Includes Util- walk or bus to campus. If you like clean, this is for you.
Call Graham at (519) 719-1848 for more details. ities! Call Jason 519.495.8717 Ole Norgaard, 519-657-6911 or 519-878-3008.
3 BEDROOM ADJACENT Western campus. Live in 4 BDRM ALL prime locations. Upscale living all 4&5 BDRM. homes and townhomes, Live in the awe-
the new red brick ones next year! Super sized rooms. around UWO, hardwood floors, large bedrooms, 2 some red brick ones next year. So close to campus.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12-4 pm All appliances, very well maintained. Fully networked bathrooms, dishwasher, laundry, many options! Free Super sized rooms, all appliances, parking, prewired
UCC Student Health Services Resource Centre for internet, parking. So close to campus. Call Jon for pick-up and drop-off. Call 519-933-9331 or www.ex- for internet. Many to choose from. Call Jon 519-852-
more information or showing 519-852-7993. 7993.
theGazette • FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010 sports ➤ P7

World-class fencers come to Western

CONTINUED FROM P8 unforced, instinctual. Like breath- cated, fencing is a lifelong sport. As
ing. Lu explains, that may be it’s great-
rience in fencing,” she said. “It’s dif- “I have fenced from the time I est appeal.
ferent from other sports, because was seven years old. It has been “Fencing is beautiful because it
it’s so fast, but you cannot make any with me my whole life. It’s who I doesn’t matter what age [you are].
plan before you do it. It has to be all am,” he tells me. It’s not all physical, and not all men-
instinct. That’s what I try to help Under the mask, he’s not what tal. It’s a combination, so anyone of
with, making it so [fencing] you’d imagine a French trained any age can come in and apply
becomes like [breathing].” sword master to be like. Less their strengths to the sport and
Across the room is perhaps the D’artagnan, and more average uni- make it work for them.”
brightest light in the coaching staff versity student. Only his French From the teenaged students to
for this camp — Alex Frapsauce, a accent speaks to his background. the experienced coaches to the for-
Canadian fencing master, fresh “It’s been a lot of fun,” he tells mer competitors watching from the
from four years of training at a pres- me of his experience over the week- sidelines, it is a love of fencing that
tigious academy in France. end. “But it’s also been hard work has gathered them all here. And if
As he spars and works with for [the students]. We did push Christie has her way, it will be love
another student, I come to under- them physically, and skill-wise too.” of fencing that brings them all back
stand even more what Lu was In talking to these fencers, one each year for this one of a kind
telling me. His moves are natural, thing becomes clear. For the dedi- training experience. Courtesy of Carol Christie

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Housing Housing Housing Housing Housing

4, 4 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to choose 5 BDRMS. LIVE steps from campus in a 5 bedroom 6 BDRM. LONDON’S Best Student Rentals. Beauti- 7 BEDROOM STUDENT renters. Stop throwing your NO. 1 STUDENT Housing in London. 2-7 bdrms.
from. Our accommodations were recently constructed apartment or townhouse. Live in style in a modern build- ful red brick apartments and townhouses all around parents’ money away on rent. Western Students put Popular redbrick apartments and townhouses, plus
to fit the discerning taste of UWO students. These ing, all built within the last few years. Huge kitchens campus and downtown! All include washer, dryer, and thousands of dollars each year into the pockets of houses in various student locations. Come with 5 ap-
large, open-concept apartments feature laundry, dish- come with tons of cupboards and counter space, and dishwasher. Large living area and rooms. Parking is landlords. You and your parents can save on these ex- pliances, huge rooms and closets and are networked
washer, free parking, oversized closets, and full time centre island eating areas. Spacious bedrooms and included. Act quickly as these units go quickly! Call penses by getting you access to investment proper- for internet. Call now! These rent on a first come first
property management. All of our newly built red brick huge closets. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505 and Graham anytime at (519) 719-1848. ties. Call 519-495-7903. serve basis. Zach 519-854-0505
buildings are located either right next to campus, or in view one of these units before they are gone!
6 BEDROOM BOTH sides of campus, and some 7, 7 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to choose NO.1 ALL BEST locations in student housing. 2-7 bed-
other areas that are popular with UWO students. 5 BEDROOM ADJACENT and very close to campus, downtown. These are the awesome red brick ones. from. Our accommodations were recently constructed room units in the best students areas around campus
Safe, new, comfortable, and reasonably priced, these or downtown. These are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, all appliances, sprawling room sizes. ex- to fit the discerning taste of UWO students. These and downtown. Houses/apartments and townhouses
apartments will give you the finest off campus expe- Really large room sizes, all appliances, networked for actly what you thought off campus was going to be like. large, open-concept apartments feature laundry, dish- available. All in great shape and include dishwasher and
rience available. Call Bill anytime 519-670-0327. internet, parking. Call Jon for more information or Ready to be seen. Call Jon anytime 519-852-7993. washer, free parking, oversized closets, and full time washer/dryer. Call John anytime at (519) 859-5563 or showing anytime 519-852-7993.
6 BEDROOM HOME. Modern, located on Walmer property management. All of our newly built red brick email for more info.
4,5 AND 6 Bedroom units, close to Gates and down- buildings are located either right next to campus, or in
5 BEDROOM HOMES. Modern, great locations in Grove near to campus and bus. This home has many
town, large bedrooms, dishwasher, parking. Brand other areas that are popular with UWO students. NO.1 AMAZING HOMES outside the gates. These
the near west area on Paperbirch Cr. Close to bus, extras such as: deck/patio, 2.5 baths, Jacuzzi tub,
new, Rents from $425-$500, Call 519-643-6014. Safe, new, comfortable, and reasonably priced, these homes are in great student areas, very well maintained
easy to walk, all the amenities. $400/month utilities in- large bedrooms, family rooms, parking, 7 appliances.
Check them out at Will rent fast! apartments will give you the finest off campus expe- and spacious. All types of configurations, please call
cluded or $350+. All large bedrooms, living room, $350/month+ or $400/month utilities included. Check
4-6 BDRM HOUSES and town homes for rent. Units rience available. Call Bill anytime 519-670-0327. and get to see a few options instead of just one home.
family room, 6 appliances, parking and more. Check it out at or call Dave at 519-
are modern, clean and close to campus. Get every- Refer a friend for $100. Call 519-495-7903.
it out at or call Dave at 519- 471-8126 for an appointment.
thing you could ask for, with 5 appliances, free park- 471-8126 for an appointment. NO.1 HOMES AND condos, quiet areas, great newly
ing, spacious bedrooms and common rooms and full 6 BEDROOM OLD Victorian home downtown behind 7-8 BDRM. All prime locations. Upscale houses with
5 BEDROOM HOUSES and apartments on bus route the Ceeps. Newly renovated, new appliances, hard- 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. Large bedrooms, hard- renovated homes in high end areas. These are defi-
time maintenance. Bedrooms are network for internet. nitely not your typical student homes. Be the envy of
to campus and downtown. Large rooms and closets. wood floors, 3 bathrooms, great porch to hang out on, wood floors, fireplace, dishwasher and laundry. Free
Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. all your friends. Refer a friend for $100 Call 519-645-
Most with new appliances including washer/dryer and big rooms and huge common area. Refer a friend for pick-up and drop off. Call 519-933-9331, www.exclu-
4-BDRM APT John Street. Near Barking Frog $500 dishwasher. Call Graham at (519) 719-1848 for details. $100. Call Dustin 519-495-7903 7368 or Dustin 519-495-7903.
per Mth./Bdrm, utilities included. two floors, com-
pletely renovated. Priv. laundry and parking. Avail. 5 BEDROOM HOUSES and townhouses for rent on 6 BEDROOM, PRIME locations and top condition, 8 BDRM ABSOLUTELY best location and best con- NO.1 LOCATIONS downtown. Luxury homes behind
May 1st, 2009. Call Dave at 657-4836 Pics at pur- all sides of campus. All places have free parking, free downtown and close to campus, on LTC bus routes. ditions.On Epworth and Ambleside, all large bed- the Ceeps. Different types of apartments and homes. under housing. maintenance and full time property management. See us first! Rides available to view. Refer a friend for rooms, 3 levels, 2 kitchens,hardwood floors. Don`t These go very fast! Come check them out now and
Units are rented on a first come first serve basis. Call $100. Call 519-495-7903. miss out, new listing. Call 519-933-9331 or www.ex- save yourself the hassle of house hunting. Refer a
5 AND 4 Bedroom houses and apartments right on ma- Zach at 519-854-0505, friend for $100. Call 519-495-7903
jor bus route. Great locations. Huge rooms and clos- 6 BEDROOM- BILLIARDS, recently renovated Uni-
ets. All new appliances including washer/dryer and dish- 5 BEDROOM Town Home living at Varsity Mills. versity Cres. house. Pool table, large rooms, 2 full OXFORD /RICHMOND Sydenham St. $359+, 5 bed
8 BEDROOM, PRIME locations and condition, down-
washer. Call John @ (519) 859-5563 anytime. Amenities include: on-site laundry and air condition- kitchens & bathrooms, large glass sunroom, hard- /security alarm /gas FP /rent freeze /rides. Beautiful
town and near UWO, on LTC bus routes. These large
ing. From $495 per room plus $85 utility package (in- wood floors, tile, fireplace, large backyard with patio, open kit -liv girls only. See pics /info www.frigginland-
5 AND 6 Bedroom houses, close to Gates and down- properties go fast so call Dustin 519-495-7903.
cluding long distance in Canada). All students. 1 Beau- BBQ. $385, available May 2010. 416-835-5293, Rob & Janet Heffernan 519-657-1202
town, large bedrooms, dishwasher, parking. Brand fort St., easy walk to class and bus routes, roommate AN AMAZING NEWLY built 4 large bedroom luxury
new, Rents from $425-$500, Call now 519-643-6014.
matching services available. For more information, apartment. Home-like setting, backing onto park. 2 RENT RENT RENT Complete list and photos:
Check them out at Don’t miss out! please call 519.858.2525 or go to 6 BEDROOM58Westchester: 5 minute walk to cam- bathrooms, ceramic and hardwood floors, high- speed
5 BD A+ Inclusive price. Modern updated 3 level town- pus, bus, huge rooms, lots of parking, tile/hardwood internet, $485 /bedroom. Call Wendy 519-667-0047.
5 BEDROOM, 3-FLOOR townhouse in all-student
house in a private student community. Lots of room, throughout, washer/dryer, kitchen w/all amenities, View at WESTERN RD. /PLATTS Essex St. $359+, 5/6 bed,
area near UWO. $385 plus utilities or $435 includes
dining area. Living room with wood flooring. New IKEA place will go quick. ContactBrandon,519-494-8959 security alarm, rent freeze, rides, clean, spacious 10
all utilities.Large common room, 3 bathrooms, laundry, ATTENTION UPPER-YEAR STUDENTS, Newly built
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washer, free parking, oversized closets, and full time
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P8 FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010 Mustangs Weekend Home Schedule
Mustangs raise funds for Haiti Friday, Jan. 29
W VBALL — UWO vs WSR 6 p.m. @ AH

The Mustangs volleyball teams are hosting the M VBALL — UWO vs WSR 8 p.m. @ AH
Windsor Lancers during the “White Out” fundrais- Saturday, Jan. 30
er tonight starting with the women’s game at 6 W HOC — UWO vs YORK 4 p.m. @ THOM
W VBALL — UWO vs GUE 6 p.m. @ AH
p.m. During the games, the teams are asking M VBALL — UWO vs GUE 8 p.m. @ AH
fans wear white and donate money towards the Sunday, Jan. 31
Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. W HOC — UWO vs UofT 2 p.m. @THOM


Living by the sword

Mustangs prepare for OUA
qualifiers with professionals
By Elton Hobson “We have had a great turnout,”
Gazette Staff Christie says, noting each session
averages anywhere from 30 to 80
New Yorker writer Malcolm Glad- fencers.
well once commented that achiev- “It’s really a thrill. We invite
ing greatness requires at least fencers from all over Ontario to
10,000 hours of practice. Take your come down, and we offer this real-
pick of sports — it doesn’t matter. ly unique training experience to
All athletes go into training camps them that you can’t find anywhere
to improve their skills, sharpen else.”
their fundamentals and challenge Students face each other in one-
themselves against the best. on-one duels in segmented areas
But finding that practice can be throughout the gym. Coaches
hard. You need good teachers that hover nearby keeping score and
can give you the proper guidance, offering advice in between rounds.
and good training partners that can A sudden movement and it’s all
match your level of skill. Simply over, the buzzer showing a hit for
practicing on your driveway against one or both fighters. A slight pause, Courtesy of Carol Christie
a cardboard standup won’t make a second of readjustment — and it THIS IS A BIT DIFFERENT THAN HOW IT HAPPENS IN PRISON, NO? Ian Fan (left) lunges at Mark Jones (right)
you a better swordsman. begins again. in men’s epee competition at the UCC gym this weekend. The Mustangs fencing team was receiving training
Luckily for fencers here at West- In the far corner, Kyle Foster from master fencers and Olympians ahead of the OUA qualifiers Jan. 30-31 at McMaster and the OUA cham-
ern and across Ontario, Carol keeps a close eye on a pair of stu- pionships Feb. 13-14 at Carleton.
Christie, head of the Western fenc- dents, doling out advice and criti-
ing team, agrees. cism in equal measure. A former als and finals,” he says. ing, but three — the foil, the epee Foster is far from the only
This past weekend, the Mustang fencing coach and competitor for Despite not coaching the West- and the sabre — each with its own coaching luminary present at the
Sword Club in association with the Western, Foster is now the presi- ern team for some years now, he is rules, focus and style. As he camp. There’s also Alice Lu, who
Ontario Fencing Association held a dent of the Canadian Fencing still a presence at their tourna- describes it, fencing is as much a apart from being the head fencing
three-day competitive fencing Academy and vice-president of the ments, offering his advice and game of mental acuity as it is phys- coach at Ryerson University, also
training camp in the main gym of Ontario Fencing Association. experience to the team. ical prowess. represented China as part of its
the University Community Centre. “I do whatever I can to promote “He has been instrumental to “It’s like chess that way. You national fencing team.
The camp offered world class fencing at Western. I’m here to helping me run this camp,” Christie always have to be thinking three “I love to give students my expe-
coaching and competition to chal- make sure the Western team has a said. moves ahead of your opponent to
lenge fencers of any calibre. great showing, both in the section- There’s not one sword in fenc- win,” he said. PLEASE SEE WORLD-CLASS P7


Mustangs volleyball sends York home winless

OUA-leading men’s streak hits 10 Women knock off OUA champs
By Kaitlyn McGrath while setter Matthew Gibson was also instru- By Kaitlyn McGrath Jenna Thompson, also produced a great per-
Gazette Staff mental, contributing 25 assists to their win- Gazette Staff formance, leading the team with 34 assists
ning effort. and earning herself player of the game.
The streak survives another game. However, the Lions weren’t ready to throw The Western women’s volleyball team proved “We played really clean; we didn’t make a
The Western men’s volleyball team was in the towel just yet, as a re-energized lineup they can compete with the best. lot of errors,” Thompson said. “We were
victorious Sunday afternoon as they pre- came out in the third, ready to make Western The Mustangs took on 2009 Ontario Uni- attacking at all different angles, and they did-
vailed over the visiting York Lions in three work hard for every point. versity Athletics champions, the York Lions, n’t know how to score on us.”
straight sets. This latest win extends the Mus- “We have been struggling a little bit this on Sunday afternoon at Alumni Hall. Trying to avoid the sweep, York kept it
tangs’ winning streak to 10 games; however, year with finishing strong,” Mighton said. “They are always a tough team to play close in the third set, which saw both teams
they insist it’s not something they are think- “That is something we are going to continue against so we’re really happy with the way we exchange the lead several times. Finally with
ing about. to work on.” played today,” Mustangs head coach Dean the score deadlocked at 23-23, Screaton
“We don’t talk about it very much,” Mus- Despite a back-and-forth set, which saw Lowrie said. delivered a monster kill gaining the set point.
tangs assistant coach Jesse Mighton said. “We York claim its first lead of the game, the Mus- Thanks to their strong two-way play, it was Western was able to capitalize on the oppor-
just approach it one game at a time. We are tangs were able to fight back. the Mustangs who came out on top, beating tunity and took the thrilling set by a final
always looking towards our next game.” Mustangs’ middle, Matthew Waite, who the Lions in straight sets and earning their score of 25-23.
The Mustangs came out looking like a led the team with 14 points, showed compo- second win of the weekend. “They showed a lot of grit, determination
team that wanted the win, as they were able sure at the net, delivering three kills late in the “Western did a really good job of putting and desire on defence in the third,” Tran said
to dictate the play on the majority of the set to propel Western to a 26-24 set victory. us under pressure the whole match,” York about his team. “Give credit to Western, they
points, never allowing York to gain any Mustangs’ middle, Phil James, explained Lions head coach Nick Tran said. “They never never gave up.”
momentum. that despite York making it close in the third, gave us a chance to get comfortable.” The Mustangs have had to battle the
“[Western] was very well prepared and his team wasn’t about to hit the panic button. The Mustangs started the first set on the injury bug this season, but after the pair of
they were on their game particularly in the “We continued to [rely on] our simple right foot as they were able to take the early 6- wins it looks like a healthier Western squad is
first two [sets],” York head coach Wally Dyba abilities like serving, strong passing and 1 lead. However, the Lions battled back hard, returning to their winning ways.
said. “They did nothing wrong and they real- aggressive hitting,” he said. “In the end we but ultimately clutch serving from Western’s “We were in first place a couple weeks ago
ly got us off our game.” pulled it off.” substitution Rebecca Oxland closed out the until we had all those injuries,” Lowrie said
After taking the first set with a convincing With back-to-back wins on the weekend, first set 25-19 in Western’s favour. after the game. “Now we are battling our way
25-13 win, the Mustangs were able to contin- the Mustangs improve their record to 12-1 The Mustangs came out swinging in the back up the standings.”
ue their dominance in the second set as they and have moved into the top spot in the second, and were once again able to benefit The Mustangs picked up four points from
again pounced on the early lead. The Lions Ontario University Athletic standings. The from the quick start, staying ahead at all tech- their weekend sweep, allowing them to climb
were unable to generate any kind of offence, squad hopes that they can continue their nical timeouts and finishing with a 25-19 set up the leader board, and now sit tied for third
as they were held to single digits on the score- supremacy for the remainder of the season, victory. place with the University of Guelph.
board, losing by a score of 25-6. leading to a successful run in the playoffs. “The girls started and finished each set “We put ourselves in a tight spot so that
“The goal is to play really well against any “If we continue to have that drive to win really strong,” Lowie said. “We played good now we have to actually worry about making
kind of opponent,” Mighton explained. “If we then for sure, I think we can win the [cham- defence and I thought our attack was pretty playoffs,” Thompson said. “It’s nice to come
play really well on our side of the net then it pionship],” James said after the game. clean.” out of this weekend playing well and feeling
should be a quicker game.” The Mustangs will have a chance to fur- The Western attack consisted of timely kills good about it.”
The Mustangs were a force from the line ther extend their winning streak this week- contributed from all their hitters, especially The Mustangs will try to carry over their
serving up six aces, with four coming from end, as they take on the Windsor Lancers and Elaine Screaton and Sarah Johnston, who led success into next weekend, as they host the
captain and player of the game, Eric Simon, Guelph Gryphons at Alumni Hall. the way with 13 points each. Mustangs’ setter, Windsor Lancers and the Guelph Gryphons.