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Instituto Politcnico Nacional

Escuela Superior de Cmputo



Teacher: Alfredo Salinas


Presentarse a s mismo y presentar a terceros mencionando informacin
personal bsica durante el proceso; describir, de manera general, a s
mismo y a personas cercanas a su entorno; pedir y dar informacin
necesaria para satisfacer necesidades bsicas inmediatas; comprender
rdenes o instrucciones, orales o escritas, expresadas de manera simple
y directa.

Present simple
Prepositions of time
Verb patterns: like, love,
enjoy, hate, cant stand
Frequency adverbs

Everyday activities
Days of the week
Free-time activities
Types of music
Types of films

Discussing actions and
Talking about jobs
Talking about free-time
Expressing likes and dislikes

A. Choose a, b or c.
1. Wheres the remote
a. channel
2. I often
a. go
3. We
a. make
4. Rita usually
a. rides

b. control
b. drive
b. have
b. uses

c. show
the underground.
c. use
Chinese lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays.
c. do
her motorbike to work.
c. drives

Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box.
a. How often do you come here? b. Do you listen to that kind of music?
c. So, what do you think of this place? d. Would you like to come?

1. Beth I have tickets for a concert tonight.


John I dont know. What kind of concert is it?

Beth Its a jazz concert.

John Well, not really. I fall asleep when I listen to jazz.

Beth Oh, then its not for you.
2. Mark (3)

Tina Its brilliant! A caf with a DJ and R&B music. I love it.
Mark Me too.
Tina (4)
Mark Once a week only. You see, I finish work late during the week,
so I only come on Saturdays.

B. Complete with prepositions of time.

1. I like reading magazines with my friends
2. Ted has a karate lesson
3. John studies late

my free time.


7pm every day.


4. What do you usually do

Sunday mornings?

A. Circle the correct words.
Alex and Victor are university students. (1) In / On the morning, they (2) take / takes the
bus to university together. After their classes, Alex (3) walk / walks to work and Victor (4) go
/ goes home to study. They sometimes meet (5) at / in about nine and
(6) go / goes out with their friends.
B. Complete with the Present Simple of the words in brackets.
1. Olivia

(not like) football. She

2. Martha and Ian

(not read) the newspaper in the morning.

3. A: What time
B: I think it
4. A:


this sitcom
(finish) at seven oclock.
the girls

(go) to bed late on

B: Yes, they do.

C. Complete with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Emma enjoys
2. I want
3. Would you like
4. Helen cant stand

(watch) adventure films.

(become) a nurse.
(play) video games with me?
(stay) at home on Saturday evenings.

D. Complete with the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. A:

the boys

(play) basketball on

Tuesday afternoons?
B: No. Jeffrey

(play) tennis and Paul

(sometimes / go) jogging then.

2. Kathy

(not iron) but she

(always / do)

the washing.
3. A:


(use) the underground

every day?
B: No, she

(usually / take) the bus.

4. My wife and I
5. A:

(not watch) reality shows.


(listen) to the radio in your car?

B: Yes, I do.
6. I

(get) home late on Fridays.

E. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

1. tennis / Ian / plays / never / .
2. at / sometimes / gets / James / 8:00 / home / .
3. a / doesnt / take / taxi / Jessica / usually / .
4. often / get / late / up / I / .
5. breakfast / doesnt / Nancy / always / have / .

Read and write T for True or F for False.
My name is Darcy Smith and I am 20 years old. I live with my flatmate Sally and our dog, Rex.
Sally and I are good friends but I have a problem with her. Sally thinks she does all the
housework but shes wrong! I do the washing-up every night after dinner. I hoover the living room
and do the washing every Wednesday. I also take the dog for a walk every day. Sally never does
that! On Saturdays Sally and I usually tidy the house. Sally sometimes irons her clothes but she
never irons my clothes!

1. Darcy and Sally have a cat named Rex.

2. Sally thinks Darcy does all the housework.
3. Darcy walks Rex every day.
4. Darcy hoovers the living room every night.
5. Darcy and Sally tidy the house at the weekends.

Write a short paragraph about your daily routine.